Saturday, June 07, 2008

Back From The Edge of the World...

Well, I'm back in muggy, grimy New Jersey after a week in idyllic Esalen, which is perched precariously on the edge of the world. Very intensive seminar, (or maybe I'm just a wimp who's never done one of these things) doing these heavy sessions in the daytime and working on my own presentation every night. Incredibly impressive crowd- people with laundry lists of credentials, not the least of whom was one of my heroes, Jacques Vallee and Russell Targ, who ran the Remote Viewing program at Stanford Research Institute for over 20 years. I was literally stunned listening to their presentations, wondering how some two-bit blogger like myself ended up in such Olympian company.

I also had some very nice conversations with both Jacques and Russell (who are gentleman scholars of the highest order) and am considering further investigating my own RV potential with Russell at the Omega Institute in the summer (I passed a RV test, which is doubly astonishing since I was resolutely agnostic on the subject beforehand). I'll be going into greater detail about the seminar, and will be linking to the notes once they go up on the Esalen website.

You'll all be happy to know that I proudly flew the Synchromystic flag before all of these heavy-hitters, and all and sundry were duly impressed. My talk was entitled "The Synchromysticism of Jack Kirby" and I shared the information covered here on the blog, as well as some new revelations kicked loose by listening to the other speakers. I have to give full props to Arlen Schumer, whose tour de force presentation on Silver Age Comics and the Counterculture in the Huxley Room on Wednesday night sowed the seeds for my own presentation Thursday morning.

I'll be going into much greater detail on the Esalen experience and the roundly impressive roster of presenters, but first let me give shout-outs to the men who made this all possible. First of whom is Jeffrey Kripal, a super-mensch of the highest order and a living, breathing, modern-day saint, Michael Murphy - co-founder of the institute itself - whose wisdom and charity is second to none, and my main man Tanner, who made this impossible mission run like clockwork.

And to think the day before flying out to this adventure I spent the afternoon interviewing my all-time hero.

Plenty more to come....


  1. Congrats on the presentation, that sounds awesome.

    This weekend i am in a similar situation overseas, wondering how i ended up being with the seriously high-caliber people i'm hanging out with and dumbfounded they actully think i have something worthwhile to say.


  2. Synchromystic flag?
    I hope it looks like a cross between Jimi Hendrix's freak flag and that crazy White flag the Masons took to the Moon.