Sunday, June 29, 2008

Star Trek: The Emissary of the Nine

Secret Sunbather Keith alerted me to a recent Dave Emory podcast in which he discusses the Nine, as well as the Nine's involvement with Esalen. 

Let me just say I'm not a big fan of Emory anymore; I think he does some important research, but his theory that all the big power players of the world are sitting by helplessly while Germany takes over the world isn't terribly convincing to me. I've also got problems with some of his crypto-authoritarian socialist leanings, but his program is an effective counterbalance to a lot of the crypto-Nazi rantings we're seeing on conspiracy sites lately. 

 Most of the podcast has Emory reading from Picknett and Prince's Fortean Times article. I've read it several times, but didn't notice that one of the quotes from "Tom" (the entity claiming to be Atum), which used the term "emissary":
I am the beginning. I am the end. I am the emissary. But the original time I was on the Planet Earth was 34,000 of your years ago. I am the balance. And when I say "I" - I mean because I am an emissary for The Nine. It is not I , but it is the group…We are nine principles of the Universe, yet together we are one.
Remember now that Benjamin Sisk-O-bama was called the Emissary of the Prophets in Deep Space Nine, the Prophets being the alien entities who were nearly identical to the Nine. You can be forgiven for believing that the Nine had some sort of influence on the Star Trek production team other than just Roddenberry's work-for-hire scriptwriting. Check out the podcast here. It's interesting to note that it's episode 639 (do the math) and it's mainly a rebroadcast of episode #170.