Sunday, June 29, 2008

Star Trek: The Emissary of the Nine

Secret Sunbather Keith alerted me to a recent Dave Emory podcast in which he discusses the Nine, as well as the Nine's involvement with Esalen. Let me just say I'm not a big fan of Emory; I think he does some important research, but his theory that all the big power players of the world are sitting by helplessly while Germany takes over the world isn't terribly convincing to me. I've also got problems with some of his crypto-authoritarian socialist leanings, but his program is an effective counterbalance to a lot of the crypto-Nazi rantings we're seeing on conspiracy sites lately.

Most of the podcast has Emory reading from Picknett and Prince's Fortean Times article. I've read it several times, but didn't notice that one of the quotes from "Tom" (the entity claiming to be Atum), which used the term "emissary":
I am the beginning. I am the end. I am the emissary. But the original time I was on the Planet Earth was 34,000 of your years ago. I am the balance. And when I say "I" - I mean because I am an emissary for The Nine. It is not I , but it is the group…We are nine principles of the Universe, yet together we are one.
Remember now that Benjamin Sisk-O-bama was called the Emissary of the Prophets in Deep Space Nine, the Prophets being the alien entities who were nearly identical to the Nine. You can be forgiven for believing that the Nine had some sort of influence on the Star Trek production team other than just Roddenberry's work-for-hire scriptwriting.

Check out the podcast here. It's interesting to note that it's episode 639 (do the math) and it's mainly a rebroadcast of episode #170.


  1. Hey chris cool find, I remember quoting that "I am the beginning. I am the end. I am the emissary." in the comments of one of your first articles on this topic.

    Did you see my first contact write-up:

    guess what the borg queen says: "I am the beginning, the end, the one who is many... I am the borg." hehe.

  2. Droidy, I left a comment on your post- cheers!

    More on Trek and the Nine to come...

  3. Ha! I got a "There were 9 errors opening this page" message when i opened the comments for this post, and then it just quit. I'm starting to think Safari is not a synchro-friendly browser.


  4. I'm using Seamonkey as a browser now, being a Netscape user and all. Finally I can see sites I couldn't see before (cause they're all obsessed with using security-risk javascript thesedays, which doesn't work on a lot of browsers).


    The guy in the blog entry - that's not Emory Cranston is it? by another name, he reminds me a little of Noble Drew Ali also. But I'm not familiar with the website there.

    The Germany thing could be of interest to lookup; I saw that film The Kingdom, and I hadn't realised how much the Saudi oil timeline they show directly relates to WW2s beginning and end.
    Hitler is Chancellor since 1933 in a landslide win - but not until 1939 is there the war, which just happens to be the year following the Saudi oil finds.
    Looks like WW2 was just about who got the Saudi oil after all - the Wahabi's mentioned in the film, they were part of the SSs units towards the end of the war.
    (the guys in the Fez's - jar spoon spoon jar; nah, sorry - but you know what I mean).

    I'd drop all those plates to catch that one too.

  5. "But the original time I was on the Planet Earth was 34,000 of your years ago."

    34 = 17 + 17

  6. Gotta love the old Egyptian pantheon... with 9 major dieties and all. JUST like the Mayan "Popul Vuh" creation story with '7 Gods, of whom 1 has 3 aspects, making a total of 9 perspectives (principles).'

    And then there's Tesla's quote of something like "...if only you understood the significance of the 3, the 6, and the 9 - you'd know all there is to know in the universe..."

    True 'nuff, Mr. T. True 'nuff.

    Lux et Veritas,
    Brendan Bombaci

  7. Brendan, are you part of Colin's B.A. abusive rantings from primary school, cause if so then you must have *heaps* of relevant facts to impart to us as to how those kinds of things are able to happen? That would, you know, explain all of those seemingly mysterious things that conspiracy people seek to uncover and say they can't possibly know anything about; no it must be those famous people in high-up places that are behind it all.


    Then to me spoke HE of NINE saying:
    Aeons and aeons have I existed,
    knowing not LIFE and tasting not death.
    For know ye. O man, that far in the future,
    life and death shall be one with the ALL.