Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pyramids Once Hidden Behind the Iron Curtain

Where do those crazy EU guys go to drown their sorrows after the Irish No vote? Send those nutty clowns to Siberia! 

Seriously! Get 'em outta here! 

Het, that's an interesting eight-sided pyramid...

...but not as interesting as this one! Zowie! You gotta love the Soviet-era name for this; Urgorian Land Pioneers Memorial. I guess "Big Spooky Heroic Peoples Siberian Pyramid" was already taken! And it's a tetrahedron! 

Wait a minute, do you mean to tell me that those nutty high-placed Hoagland fans are in Russia, too? Oh, now, wait a minute- you're taking this all a little teensy bit too far, buddy!

And Khanty Mansiysk is the future home of a giant glass obelisk, too! Wacky! And a heavenly insemination beam? Those Russkies are a panic!

UPDATE: Hey, wait a minute, you kooky Ruskies! What's the big idea with the illuminated green pyramid!

You know, they borrow our green pyramid from our dollar bill and then they're up to some kind of shenanigans with those flags! Man, laugh a minute over there!