Monday, June 09, 2008

Sync Log: Esalen

Dean Radin, Ramona Fradon and Roy and Dann Thomas and I are having dinner on Wednesday night and are discussing time travel in science fiction. I bring up my favorite book from my elementary school days, A Wrinkle in Time, which becomes grist for Dean's mill, since he has some knowledge of the theory behind time travel itself.

Later that evening, the activities coordinator arrives & introduces herself to the group, since she'd been out on jury duty. We're having a discussion about the theme of the symposium and during the course of the conversation she says her favorite novel from her own schooldays was- what else?- A Wrinkle in Time.

Later that evening we meet Tony from Pennsylvania, who gravitates to the East Coast contingent of the group like an iron filing to an electromagnet. We have a very intense discussion about the creative process and it turns out that Tony is from the same small town as the first speaker, David Hufford. And what's more, it turns out he has had problems with sleep paralysis, which is David's specialty.

As I told the group, there is coincidence, there is meaningful coincidence and then there is symbolically supercharged meaningful coincidence.


  1. Always loved that book too. I note the author's name is Magdalene the Angel. As I recall, besides the cool visits to other dimensions/realities, it was about resisting the cruel tyranny of some dictatorial, nearly omnipotent being.

    "Second verse, same as the first!"

  2. Perusing the wikipedia entry, I see the characters of Sandy and Dennys Murry - ten-year-old twins, athletic brothers. Ten-Ten, or Tin-Tin. Maybe it's time to read this again.

  3. dude i guess we just missed each other. Im in Monterey right now...

  4. That's right, Kean- we went through Pebble Beach on the way.

  5. Oddly enough, I was having a discussion or two the other day that veered into the topic of sleep paralysis, and a guy named Tony that had sleep-related issues to that.

    Out of nowhere; I wasn't even thinking about the topic at all.

    I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't believe me about that. What is there thesedays, like one discussion going on the whole planet at any particular time.

    Loads of things like that recently; for one, I was wondering when a song came on the radio if a certain person liked that band, and the next day that person had a magazine with that exact band on the front cover. And it's not a recent band or a song that gets played much (I've heard it no other times on any radio station).

  6. Rightly, you should be very surprised if I didn't believe you, Zuppie! That's what this blog is all about.

    (I think I've cited about 27 separate things that this blog is "All about!")