Friday, April 05, 2013

The Illusion of Change

I think I need to amend Knowles' First Law, or add a new paragraph thereto. The First Law has it that any controversy over symbolism in the media is created to disguise another symbolic message altogether. The classic example of this is the controversy over MIA's middle finger at the Super Bowl, which disguised the grotesque display of pseudo-occult militarism of Madonna's halftime show.

But the past several weeks I've been waiting for the harsh reality that the gay marriage controversy was meant to distract everyone from, and now with the dismal employment numbers, the ongoing damage of the Sequester and Obama's plan to sell out Social Security the other shoe may well have dropped.

Since the election we've heard no end of crowing about the death of the Republican Party and the rise of the new Democratic majority and the inevitable triumph of "social justice" and multiculturalism and all of the other new and inviolate sacred cows. Obama is the "New Reagan" who will form a new politics that will change America to suit the wishdreams of hyper-privileged white "progressives" in the media and academia and we'll all live happily ever after.

The only problem is that all of it is bullshit; new window dressing on the same old scam.

The ultimate grail of the dictator is the illusion of change- the harmless controlled opposition that will generate a lot of heat but no light. It's a magician's trick- a deceptive diversion much like all the phony symbolism in the media. It's why "progressive"- a term borrowed from the Marxist concept of linear progression towards a utopian society- replaced "populist." It's why "social justice"- essentially a synonym for divide and rule tactics repackaged as identity politics- replaced the idea of economic justice.

You see, most of what passes for a Left in this country- almost entirely based in the university/NGO/media axis- are in fact the children of wealth, often extreme wealth, and privilege. Though they may be too stupid to understand it consciously, somewhere in there they probably realize that fighting for economic justice means money coming out of their own pockets.

As I write, Obama- who any sane, intelligent person realizes is perhaps the ultimate Democrat in Name Only, a Wall Street created, funded and sustained Rockefeller Republican (perhaps more so than Nelson Rockefeller himself) offers up a diversion of essentially symbolic social and cultural issues while doing every single thing that the billionaire hedge fund managers who own his soul demand he do.

The Sequester- this insane austerity program that will ravage working families in this country in a way that may well be irreversible- is perhaps his ultimate con.

His Treasury secretary dreamed it up and then sold it to the House GOP, who temporarily allowed Obama to wash his hands of it, a la Pontius Pilate. But once the knife starts cutting into America's bone that blood will likely stain, Lady MacBeth style. Not that Obama cares- he's looking at a Clinton-styled future of hobnobbing with the transnational ultra-rich and setting up ego-inflating Obama-brand NGOs that will help open up new markets, most likely in Africa, for his corporate patrons.

And now Obama is offering up Social Security for sacrifice to his dark lords, an act that will plunge millions of Americans, especially the sick and the old- into abject desperation.

Now you see the utter obscenity of this Obama scam- he was put into place to stick knives in the backs of his people (and with the drone program, other people as well) that no white politician could ever get away with.

It's the Nixon Goes to China gambit- none of the hippie-hating working class Democrats who voted for Tricky Dick could ever dream he was fixing to cut their legs out from underneath them by opening Communist labor camps to American manufacturers. Oh well...

The scamsters rely on the identity dodge to feed their left/right dichotomy. Divide people who otherwise might find common cause and unite against economic injustice, based in the rapacious and deliriously corrupt securities exchange and banking rackets. Destroy the middle class so everyone is weak and powerless. Keep the working classes ever on the defensive through a bewildering host of hoops and hurdles.

And not to upset the almost invariably all-white staffs of "progressive" sites like Salon, but no, in fact nothing changed at the Election.
At all.

Congress doesn't represent its voters, it represents its donors. Period. And the Republicans are still have actual control of the House and de facto control of the Senate, thanks to the weak, semi-senile and compromised Harry Reid.

And they have their mole at 1600 Penn, doing the work a President Romney could never have dared. So it's a trifecta for a party who is only playing dead.

I got wise to this technique some years ago, when a British police chief was asked why bobbies don't carry guns. He said that the idea was not to project a threatening image that people would react against, but to "make it look like you losing when you were winning." Indeed, the bobbies borrowed LA police chief Daryl Gates' trick during their riots- let the yobs and the thugs run rampant. That way no one will stand up for their families when the budget ax comes down, which it most certainly did.

Pity poor Salon editor Joan Walsh- a veritable posterchild for the hyper-privileged white "progressive"- she keeps writing or commissioning these impotent pleas for the GOP to roll over and play dead because Obama won the election. I actually truly believe that Republicans piss themselves laughing reading that stuff in the morning. If you see some troglodyte Senator with a particularly amused look on CSPAN it could well be that he just read some whine on Alternet or Salon.

Come to think of it, things have changed since the Election- they've gotten worse. Never mind all of the "social justice" window dressing coming out of the White House- divide and rule and rape and pillage proceed unhindered.

"Progressives" are constantly brainwashed- literally every single day in the media- to accept everything that their favored media organs tells them is the truth. Questioning any of it- a single jot or tittle- makes you a "conspiracy theorist." That will surely earn you a dirty look or two down at the local Starbucks, which is all the discouragement status conscious "progressives" need.

I'm sure questioning just whose interests the Democratic Party really serves is every bit as verboten.

Cui Bono?

UPDATE: Amitai Etzioni, a guy whose work I believe has been misinterpreted and many times unfairly attacked, schools the liberals on Salon.