Sunday, June 08, 2008

Written in the Stars

After discussing the Kirby prophecies during my Esalen presentation, I was asked a lot of questions about Synchronicity and precognition. I had to disclose that I don't really focus on predicting the future, per se, it's more that the symbols sort of guide you along in a hard-to-explain manner. They allow you to see the patterns inherent in past events and also to give you a sort of framework for the present. I use Synchronicity as a decision-making tool all the time, in that I look to see what the symbols might be saying while making major decisions.

But here's how it usually works. On the flight home I was thumbing through the United Airlines magazine Hemispheres. Of course, I look for the horoscopes and am amused to see that rather than predicting the future, my horoscope (for Cancer) describes my past week to an exact T. Add to that the fact that I wasn't originally supposed to be on Flight 88, which is the same number of the page the horoscopes are on.

So how do I approach this information? Usually, I start looking for a broader message to come.

I was very tired and it was about 85 degrees out Friday night with about 85% humidity. I had to drag my luggage over to the parking shuttle, since long term parking is a squillion miles away from the terminals now. I'm the first one on, but soon this big, biker-looking guy gets on. He's wearing a long-sleeve T-shirt with a flame design on the sleeve, but also with Greek letters. I'm thinking, hmm, it looks like something you'd get from a biker meet, but the symbols don't exactly line up. Well, whatever.

So, the bus fills up and the big, biker-looking guy offers his seat to a black woman. And I think, that's interesting. She wasn't old or infirm and this guy has a shaved head and a goatee and I've made an assumption of his character based on his appearance, because I'm an idiot. So he turns his back to me and what do I see on his back? Why, the Masonic Square and Compass.

Ah, yes, I'm in New Jersey, of course. I'm not in the heart of New Age California anymore, I'm back to the place where occult symbols slap you in the face on a daily basis. Sometimes I think the only reason I still live in Nova Caesarea is because it's just so friggin' interesting decoding all the mass occult rituals that are going on all the time here, hiding in plain sight.

Since I'm obsessive-compulsive, I want to take a picture of the shirt because I need proof for everything, or else I have anxiety attacks. But then I realize I wouldn't enjoy having that big, meaty fist smashing into my face either. I notice that the design says "Oasis Lodge #52" so I make a note to myself to look it up.

I then start to realize this is who the new Freemason will be- unambiguously masculine guys who want a refuge from the creeping feminization of society. Just as it was 100 years ago. As present social arrangements pull apart and reform, I expect that Masonic lodges will be filled with "guy's guys" looking to unite and take back a place for themselves in the culture. The Freemasons are going to have a big comeback in the next few years- I'm sure if you're reading this blog, you sense that as well. It will start in the major metropolitan areas and spread out. Whether that's a good thing or not, I don't know. It made me a little nervous when I heard a few years ago (from an admittedly second-hand source) that at least one NJ police force required their new recruits to become Freemasons.

So "Oasis" gets my attention, because it's the term that OTO lodges use for their retreats. I look it up and there's the usual message that I find with these compound synchronicities- that is, something to do with my name or birthdate or whatever. Don't ask me to explain it, but I can usually smell it before I find it.

Anyhow, there it is- the Oasis lodge is located either in or directly adjacent to a part of Tucson called "Kingston Knolls Terrace." Knolls is a gimme, and of course Christ roughly means "King," yadda yadda.

What does it all mean?

Well, I'm not entirely sure yet. But it means something, and getting to the bottom of it is what The Secret Sun is all about. What I do know is that body work, or veganism or world music or meditation - all that very worthy and worthwhile Californian somatic-type stuff- is not what the future is about. What it's about - for better or worse - is ritual magic, occultism, secret societies, and esoteric symbolism. There are more people involved in these activities than any time in modern history, perhaps any time in history itself. And the hell of it is a lot of these people don't even realize it.

I haven't even scratched the surface when it comes to parsing all the stuff in the media right now. And the kind of alpha males who will gravitate to things like Freemasonry will be doing so because it's a time-tested way to get a bigger slice of the pie, not as a way to get in touch with their chakras or whatever.

In other words, the future is going to look a lot more like New Jersey than California.

This was all floating around in my head already- I talked about it with several people this past week. I think this kind of Synchronicity is basically a sign that I'm on the right path. That's usually how I read it.


  1. Hey, Whats up? How are you? Great web site... Lets talk sometime.

  2. Being on the right path in my book means paying attention. Being alert as much as possible. If you want to get spiritual this means letting the universe experience itself more vividly through yourself.
    When this is happening noticing synchronicity and entraining with the phenomena is inevitable.
    Thank you for sharing

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Leon.

    Jake- I'm with you all the way, my man. What we are dealing is part of the essential architecture of the Universe itself. And more and more people are switching on to this every day.

  4. There is a GAY Freemason lodge in my neighborhood (didn't even know such a thing existed, but then again, there ARE gay Republicans out there...).

    They openly (obviously) promote themselves as the RAINBOW lodge, lol. Outside their HQ, we see a sign with the twin pillars and a rainbow arch above.

    And not to self-promote, but you might want to check out my 3 or 4 latest articles on my site. Your comments would be appreciated, thanks.

  5. Hey JBie,

    Sure- male exclusivity, simply in a different form. I'm off to the MoCCa expo but will definitely check out what you're working on when I get back.

  6. Wistfully I imagine O-A-SIS inviting Omega-Alpha-Sister.
    The A on the ticket - 9A :
    Its shape unusual for a regular A looks like an 11 with a triangle/capstone dividing it, making a 911 + pyramid.
    The 88 = the 88 constellation, keeping it astrologically inclined.


  7. Dude. I very much enjoyed this excerpt in particular. Don't have time to tell you all the reasons why right now..
    But you're right. The future most definitely is all about ritualism, occultism, secret societies and esoteric symbolism. I became aware of these elements about four years ago. I even began to notice that violent or shocking events would happen on the world stage on what I called " occult days" using specific numerology. Thing is, this now happens so often, I've given up trying to keep up. And the pattern shows no sign of letting up. Glad someone else has noticed. And it's refreshing that you have such an eloquent way of saying so. As always, thanks for the great read.


  8. Not Tucson, AZ?

    You know the lyrics for The Beatles 'Get Back'??!!

    As for that part about not being able to explain the personal references made to you; I know exactly what you mean. That happens to me all the frickin' time.

    It would seem to be coming from this sort of thing: some people have the 'blank / empty' side of their soul / minds occupied by a certain type of unconscious. This happens to them because they do not actively work on understanding reality, and their own inner-mind workings. So when you deal with those people, or things they have to do with, you are always interacting with the same background noise generated by a lack of purposeful intent.

    It's like an autopilot their minds work on, and of course unless you are big into looking at the workings behind surface things you probably won't notice it.
    However, there are some people who are actively orchestrating it, and they are negative! and manipulative sorts. They've definitely changed the autopilot so that it is less natural and on-point than it should be.

    Plus - they know if you know they did so! And then they split off into like two heads: one continues to talk to you 'normally' while the other one tries to eat you in the aethers. Fools!