Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Big Sur Wildfires

Looks like I got out of Big Sur just in time- a freak "dry" electrical storm is the culprit behind the latest California wildfires, which have spread all throughout Northern California. They have a number of major streams and springs running through the property at Esalen, I hope that prevents the fires from spreading there.

As if Highway 1 wasn't terrifying enough, there are fires running up and down of it. All of the hills south of San Francisco are all brown this time of year- this freak storm system is extremely bad timing, to say the least.

Hope all of my friends and readers in the area are safe and well....

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  1. The land does that naturally in Cali.(fire triggers certain seeds..indians would do controlled burns). Explains why the population was so low to begin with for HST and Henry Miller to be attracted to the sol-it-ude in the first place....Y-a-a-r !