Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Astronaut Theology: Unknowable Flying Objects

If we are to believe ancient and Medieval artists, the Heavenly Beam that we've looked at followed Jesus around for his entire life. Here we see Jesus' birth heralded by the Heavenly Beam in almost exactly the same fashion as the covert depiction of the birth of Mithras at Rockefeller Center.

What is fascinating is that in many of the traditional depictions we see what we could interpret as some sort of Stargate opening during Jesus' baptism by John, which might have an esoteric interpretation of extraterrestrial intelligence being bestowed upon Jesus. Of course, there was no scientific language for such an event in Biblical times, and there are other interpretations to be made of passages describing the parting of the clouds and whatnot, but when you step back and begin to see the larger patterns at work, thematic anomalies sprout like mushrooms.

John's very name traces back to the concept of a doorway. Alternative scholars believe that the name John, or Johannes, is derived from Janus, the god of gates and doorways, and then to Oannes, who is himself associated with the water, just as is John and Osiris. And Oannes leads directly into modern Ancient Astronaut theory through Robert Temple's book The Sirius Mystery. So we have this situation where things that seem scattered, random and unconnected might actually be linked quite intimately once you begin to look past surface appearance.

Jesus becomes part of the Heavenly Beam during his Ascension into Heaven, which in many depictions has echoes of some highly unusual gate or doorway being entered. The Ascension iconography has also become part of UFO abduction imagery as well. One can argue it comes from old science fiction, but how did it get there to begin with? Contrary to some skeptical opinion, art is not some arbitrary process of spontaneous generation.

In many cases, the Heavenly Beam in Christian iconography is probably a vestige of pre-Christian sun worship. We've all seen the Sun's rays burst through the clouds in a concentrated beam. It's quite a sight. So much so that you can see it all over greeting cards and calendars and the like at Christian bookstores. But not all of the heavenly beams we see look that way.

We also see a lot of Heavenly Beam imagery in the iconography of Mary's Ascension, as well as the Annunciation, which wouldn't necessarily lend themselves to explicit solar imagery like we may see with the depictions of Jesus. No one ever seems to question exactly why flight is so important in all of this religious imagery either, or why people would believe the gods were in the heavens or that stars were themselves gods. In my mind, it's counter-intuitive for agrarian societies to look up for these characters, since what they were relying on came from the ground or the water.

Chris Carter brilliantly references the Ascension in the X-Files episode, "The Red and The Black" when the genetically-engineered abductee Cassandra Spender is taken up to a waiting spacecraft. I could write a book simply on the semiotics of casting in The X-Files; Cassandra is played by Veronica Cartwright, who was not only in the brilliant 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, she was also in the first Alien movie, The Right Stuff and in The Witches of Eastwick, which was filmed in Cohasset, Mass (which was my other hometown). And, of course, The X-Files brings us to the topic of UFOs...

Now, maybe I need glasses, but from where I'm sitting that's a picture of Jesus being taken up to Heaven enclosed in a flying disk (that looks a lot like a giant iris and pupil). This image is by no means unique, and of course bears a strong resemblance to the winged sundisk, the brand logo of the mysterious Shemsu Hor. A lot of people might tell me that the disk is actually some sort of representation of the Sun. To which I would reply, yes, exactly.

The semiotic gumbo I'm serving up here at the Secret Sun has savory chunks of ancient astronaut theory, sun worship, shamanic experience, and Synchronicity, seasoned with all sorts of other zesty ingredients like rock 'n' roll and comic books. Around here, sun worship and anomalous technology aren't mutually exclusive, they're very much part of the same continuum.

And I'm not sure exactly how else this 1710 painting ("Le Baptême de Jésus dans le Jordan" by Gelder ) can be interpreted other than as depicting a hovering disk shooting down beams of light while Jesus is being baptised by John. How are we to dismiss this? Was the painter somehow influenced by ET or Close Encounters, or seeing too many Weekly World News headlines in the checkout line at Piggly Wiggly?

Here's a French site with some links to some more eye-opening UFO images in Medieval religious art. I love how some skeptics all of a sudden become clairvoyant when confronted with these images. They always seem to start in with the "oh, that's just..." routine when slapped in the face with evidence contrary to their fourth-hand reductionism. Their minds can travel through the centuries and divine what the artist was really trying to depict.

After hearing Jacques Vallee- a man who's been studying the UFO phenomenon for over half a century - refuse to make any sort of definitive conclusion on the origin of these objects, I began to think UFO should stand for "Unknowable Flying Objects." The fact that they show up in antique religious paintings is proof enough for me that they were flying around back then and made a profound impression on the people who saw them.

It's certainly not a news flash for most people reading this blog that what we're dealing with might be something truly alien- maybe something that comes from another dimension and doesn't follow the laws of physics as we understand them. My interest in it is that we see these images in places where they shouldn't be showing up, like Medieval and Renaissance religious art, and certainly in shamanic hallucinatory experiences undertaken by individuals who haven't see Close Encounters or The X-Files. And that all of these allegedly random memes are starting to look not-so-random in the Google Age.


  1. What's truly weird though, is This.
    How did This, with its people unknowing of their true origins or somehow having some vast conspiracy not to ever mention what they do know, get to be at all?

    It seems so implausible that anything as backward as how things are here could possibly happen, and at that go so un-noticed or uncared about by anything outwith it. It is impenetrable even to the likes of angels say, in most circumstances.
    Like what that AI said to Philip K. Dick when it viewed the world he was in: "this cannot exist".
    The Horror, indeed. The likes of the majesty of nature aside as you mention, it's just so f-ing shit here. How is that possible; it's all based on money and you can't get money unless you spend all your time soul-less and working for others, doing pointless tasks.

    Just a note on Jesus' and the other beams: those are like what are called galactic chakras, so there's a permanent link from the physical bodies soul to outside of here. It'd be like having a permanent thinking/being outside the box consciousness.
    Jesus would also seem to have had that link from 'day 1' since it'd be how the Wisemen located where he was born (the star).

    There's truly a good deal of mention in the Bible (both testaments) of all variety of paranormal occurances. The Chariots mentioned are the chariots in the Kabbalah; these are what nuts-and-bolts UFOs emulate. I found it interesting that Scientology allegedly says people originated from clams; because one thing that is wrong with This now is that the shells (UFO / merkabah-chariot EM field) are missing.
    People are soft, pinkish (and other assorted shades), and not at all protected from the environment around them.

    Some sort of outside of here existence, where your 'shell' beams down what manifests here as your physical body, then beams it back up again when you leave.

    And yeah sure, there'll be people that'll say things like, 'ah the shells are there, you just can't see them' ; true, if you can see auras then you can see those and a whole lot more. But - they still don't armour you against the actual physical things that exist here in a nuts-and-bolts way.
    It's not like we have advanced medical anything that can magically fix any physical body problems.
    Try to realise that: you know who you are, you who have those spiritual-explanations that aren't in the least bit practical so therefore do not apply here.
    Yeah I've felt invincible many a time, but then I stub my toe or get a papercut or have to go see the dentist, and realise how pointlessly fragile human biology is.

    Stop teaching til you figure it out properly; your teachings do not cover This, only what may exist outwith-beyond it. That don't explain nothing.

  2. Interesting to note PKD- who got zapped with the pink beam. Those who argue he had a psychotic break can't account for the clairvoyant diagnosis of his son or the upward turn in his career after it...

  3. Well those favouring such 'explanations' as that tend to be exactly the same people who are covering up what his 'psychotic break' revealed about the nature of reality, regardless of how even PKD may have interpreted it.

    I mean, the fact that he interested government agencies and weird cults because his sci-fi novels so accurately described what they were actually up to, that it appears they took him to be some pawn or player in their oddball world chess match, is quite enough evidence for me.

    So! Anyone up for a game of Spot the Ball in the homeopapes. Oh don't worry, they no longer match it up to 'those things'. But don't worry NWO, we really REALLY like your 'owl'.

  4. Hey Chris,

    Gospel of John, 8:23(!):

    "And he [Jesus] said unto them [the Pharisees], Ye are from beneath; I am from above: ye are of this world; I am not of this world."

    That's the King James Version, but the Greek is unambiguously clear. I guess you can argue about what a first-century Jew meant by KOSMOS ("world"), but the fact that it comes right after the simple prepositional phrases "from beneath" and "from above" kind-of makes the meaning clear to me.

    And although I appreciate the Jesus-as-alien trope, my favorite take on the Man is here:

    "The Psychology of Prophetism"

    Of course I don't have a problem holding the two ideas (Jesus is an alien; Jesus is a schizophrenic) simultaneously either.

    Great blog, Chris, looking forward to much more electronic discussion,


  5. Right on, Tanner- good to hear from you! I really enjoyed our discussions last week.

    And let me just lay it on the line for everyone, I have no idea what happened in the first few decades of the common era in Roman Palestine. I'm trying to figure out what people thought or believed- or subconsciously or psychically processed. That's all we really have access to. I know I don't always make that clear, but my main objective on this blog is to see what art and culture might be telling us between the lines, as it were. As I told Jeff Kripal, I think that what we are processing consciously is such a miniscule part of what is happening inside our brains on a daily basis.

  6. You can see clearer photos of the paintings here:

    Which makes it clear that the Gelder painting is the Holy Spirit in the form of a Dove.

    The Birth of Jesus Christ having anything to do with UFOs is something I don't believe in.

    I believe the Star of Betlehem (the Star who shines at day) could be related to what the Christ said: "I am the Morning Star." Or relating to some other similar description.

    But I do believe in visitors from outer space.

  7. You can see clearer photos of the paintings here:

    Which makes it clear that the Gelder painting is the Holy Spirit in the form of a Dove.

    I doubt the Birth of Jesus Christ having anything to do with UFOs.

    The Star of Betlehem (the Star who shines at day) could be related to Venus. As Christ said: "I am the Morning Star."

  8. The superimposition of the dove over the flying disk is completely consistent with other UFO depictions using birds or wings to show that the disk is flying.

  9. You have to take into account the influence of psychoactive substances - in food (ergot), drink (fermented) or straight out the ground. Poor food hygeine and poisoning in ancient times led to all kinds of visionary outbreaks (and was proven as a forensic cause for the Salem Witch trials). Have you heard of 'Jerusalem Syndrome? <'>

    I've seen a lot of people lit up by their 'auras' - but usually with the help of acid, mushrooms, dope etc. I think the human capacity to think in comlplex symbols derives from the prehistoric use of such substances.

    The danger is to take visionary experience as entirely literal - like monotheistic fundamentalists do the world over. Discs, moons, suns, light, archetypes etc. overwhelm the mind easily in a highly altered state (or as a pre-literate child; I used to obsess over 'things' as platonic 'forms' when I was pre-schooler).

  10. Oh, I definitely do take that into account, As I write:

    The semiotic gumbo I'm serving up here at the Secret Sun has savory chunks of ancient astronaut theory, sun worship, shamanic experience, and Synchronicity, seasoned with all sorts of other zesty ingredients like rock 'n' roll and comic books.

  11. There's no question that you are on the right path Chris.

    I'm digging your gumbo! (I initially wanted to say sunbo but I thought that might be a bit too silly)

    Here's a bit of a synchro moment for you...

    Submitted by lilly_von_marcab on Wed, 2008-06-11 15:43.

    Full text of article:

    Scientology founder: "Christ was an alien mind control implant." Secret cult recording leaked.

    A "classified" Scientology cult recording of founder L. Ron Hubbard from Oct 3, 1968 has been leaked to Wikileaks. Contrary to public Scientology statements about the compatibility of Scientology and Christianity, the recording shows that Scientologists believe that, "There was no Christ" and that the stories of Christ are alien mind implants.

    The 48 minute recording, in Hubbard's own distinctive voice, expounds Scientology's alien creation myth, whereby the earth is populated by the evil "Galactic overlord" "Xenu" (or "Xemu") and human beings are parasitized by alien spirits called "body thetans".

    Scientology reportedly exposes the alien basis to its beliefs to only 10% of its followers. As recently as 2008 Scientology spokesperson Tommy Davis denied the connection on CNN.

    The recording plainly shows Hubbard to have a disturbed personality, not only merely by the content of his speech, but by his manner.

    Scientology threatened Wikileaks with legal action over its release over similar handwitten notes by Hubbard, citing the material as "unpublished, copyright".

    Wikileaks believes the recording, given its clear authenticity, must be seen as the final nail in the coffin of Scientology's long attempts to pass itself off as something other than what it is -- a militaristic alien mind control cult that exploits the innocent with endless scams and manipulations of international corporate, banking and tax law.

    To listen to this leaked recording, visit Wikileaks.

  12. Thanks for that link, D! Sadly, it's going to take a lot more than leaks to bring down the Selfosophists. Fascinating document, though. I like the bit about Apollo, since I jut finished a bit on the A-man.

    Will be looking at El-Ron soon here...

  13. Nice Millennium reference! Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense was a great episode. I also particularly enjoyed Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me.

    Those were the days...

    What is it with magic and guys named Chris anyway :)

  14. wow it finally fits somewhere

    "Chris Carter brilliantly references the Ascension in the X-Files episode, "The Red and The Black" when the genetically-engineered abductee Cassandra Spender is taken up to a waiting spacecraft."

    im not sure if this fits but i think it does? im pretty sure it does? the picture you have with it looks like space/water

    i was looking stuff up one day and ran into an interesting fact on color. red and black by so many sea creatures are seen in the water as the same color.

    ive wondered why.


  15. I'm not sure what lead me to you blog Chris but oh my word, am I glad I found it. This is soooo up my street.
    Your something else you are. One of a kind.

  16. I'm not sure what lead me to you blog Chris but oh my word, am I glad I found it. This is soooo up my street.
    Your something else you are. One of a kind.

  17. Ah, PKD and Valis.
    After doing Internet search after internet search, I thought I found a Clue to "liquid pink light" .

    Alas, it seems to be a false lead.
    Anybody here, wide awake , sober, daytime good-lighting, not ( or never) on psychadelics, seen the 'liquid pink light' ...fall from nowhere, and splash?
    < What kind of light has viscosity, surfacetension, mass, and respects gravity? >

    Anybody here feel like they were hit with the leaden doomy **IT NEVER HAPPENNED** ray?
    Damn, that was *so much wierder* than having my work splashed with transparent pink goo. By a factor of 10,000..

    Links to these phenomena would be great.

    Just throwing it out there....

  18. Its wholly false that the general scientologist < the 90% who haven't heard confidential stuff. At this rate its more like 50%> doesn't know the COS opinon on other religions.

    There are scores of non-confidential books, and tapes where L Ron Hubbard claims all the major religious iconography and common religious feelings , in all the major world religions ( except perhaps Theravade Buddhism ) are the result of brainwashing implants by aliens. It isn't a secet at all.

    Scientologists see abductees apparantly having their minds messed with, gettng weird, devotional and starting (other ) cults as proof its an ongoing process. ( Mormonism? )
    Even Judaism looks like a UFO cult if the Torah is taken literally.

    Scientology isn't the first group to say Jesus was nonhistorical. They differ in overtly lying about it for PR purposes, and then teaching people "man on the cross" heaven, hell, angels, devils, saints, anf almost every religious symbols power is due to deep ancient brainwashing to keep Earth divided. I find it to be a rational-albeit weird-explanantion.
    Whether its C.G. Youngs superconscious archetypes, or Scientologys aLien implants . Otherwise rational humans seem to be able to be programmed. In predictable patterns against something in their unconsconscious minds.

    There is a book by a scientologist called "Gods of Eden" that ties together Stitchin, Ancient Astronaut theory, occult conspiracies, and UFO abductees and brainwashing.

    What scientology keeps secret isn't the alien programming at all. They promote it havily to all levels of members. In facts that's the weird glue, with past life therapy, that keeps the machine humming along. What they keep secret is the teaching that people are supposedly infested with crazy, sick and psychotic alien ghosts that underlies these things. Yet plenty of new age groups teach about "attached-spirits" . Or elementals.

    Crucify Scientology for making false or unproven claims, and charging people exhorbitant fees for these under high pressure tactics. Speak out against child labor and exploitation, breaking familes and bankrupting people, and risking thousands of lives on an Asbestos ridden cancer trap boat

    But its hypocritical to attack It for its weirdness. Its weirdness is just fine. Its the assholery you should have a problem with.
    "Freezone Scientologists" don't do any of these things, and are attacked ruthlessly for being independant by the same fascist "Church" that claims it is being persecuted.

    Scientology has always been weird. From teaching bored housewives all their problems stemmed from accidental brainwashing from latent prenatal traumas in 1950.
    To claiming that everyone is a lost latent decayed god that's been brainwashed into needing a body in 1953. It goes all the way back.