Monday, June 30, 2008

Astronaut Theology: Face the Facts

This post has been kicking around the queue for quite a while now. But after trying to wrap my brain around the whole topic, I thought I'd revisit the issue after reading that the whole Council of Nine group were involved with the whole Mars controversy, and that some had claimed that the Face had been seen by remote viewing several years before the Viking missions.

Of course, Jack Kirby seems to have remote-viewed the Face in 1958, as seen above. In honor of Kirby, the Face also has a place of honor in this blog's masthead. I spoke to the group at Esalen about this remarkable synchronicity, which again ties back to the Nine. In Jeffrey Kripal's book on
Esalen, we learn that in one of the stranger episodes in its history, a medium claiming to channel the Nine essentially took control of the institute for several years in the early 80s. Much to Michael Murphy's chagrin, I might add.

There's been such a flurry of activity in the news subliminally linking Mars and Egypt, I thought it would be an opportune time to revisit the controversy.

Here is the object commonly known as "The Face on Mars," as photographed in 1976. Of course, it caused a whole big hullabaloo and became the subject of a number of books. Picknett and Prince allege in The Stargate Conspiracy that somehow someone may have actually looking for this structure at Cydonia, based on the sequence programmed into the Viking satellite.

However, in the late 90s, NASA send up a new satellite to photograph Mars and made a big to-do about photographing Cydonia.

This is the picture of the Face that was released to the press in 1997. Richard Hoagland screamed bloody murder over the doctoring (and indeed it didn't match the rest of the images for quality), but the mainstream media just laughed it all off and that was the end of it for most people. Then the Mars Global Surveyor went up and took a whole new set of photos.

Now I had to go looking for this Surveyor image, which- of course- wasn't widely released to the press. And this is a cropped version of a huge landscape of the Cydonia region, where the Face is one of many features.

And more recently, the ESA created a bunch of computer generated cartoons of the Face based on new satellite images. How they get those interpretations - and why this feature continually needs to photographed (and rendered via CGI) at odd angles is beyond me. But I'm not interested in the facial features per se, I'm interested in the symmetry. I did that graph in a few minutes by tracing the contours of features on the left side and finding they matched up with features on the right. What's more, the whole thing strikes me as strangely geometric, particularly for a "natural" formation. The fact that this structure has been sitting on an extremely violent planet without a protective atmosphere might account for the facial features- if ever there were any- becoming badly eroded.

Whatever the case may be, what should really draw our attention are the weird games being played with this issue- the manipulations, the weird CGI images, the odd angles, the clandestine releases. But also the fact that the space agencies are suddenly awfully horny to put people on the surface of Mars - a planet very far away and presently extremely inhospitable to human life- during an worldwide economic downturn.

What's more, the Face is not the only strange object on Mars by a long shot. And the other conundrum here is if the Council of Nine's psychics saw this thing before it was photographed in 1976, did NASA go looking for it solely based on their advice? What does that say about the influence of a group that most people could be excused for dismissing as a bunch of gullible New Agers? A remote viewer wouldn't necessarily know if this this thing was artificial or not and given my other investigations into Jack Kirby's predictions, it's a good bet he could have remote viewed it as well.

One thing I am absolutely sure of- there are some very strange goings-on when it comes to Mars, and I have a feeling our experience with Martian weirdness is just beginning. Especially when you consider that last Friday the Economic Times- the world's most prestigious financial newspaper- barked out "Will Religion End on Mars?," concluding that "religions would, therefore, have no choice but to modify their dogma to bring extra-terrestrial life into their creation beliefs."

Easier said than done.

Seeing that having hundreds of millions of religious people having their entire cosmology thrown into doubt would cause an enormous problem for the world's governments, one wonders if that might not be a motivation for some of the tomfoolery we see around the Mars issue. Religion has always been the single most powerful tool of social control the power structure has, there are no two ways about it. Billions- if not trillions- of dollars are spent maintaining the world's major religions every year. You'd better believe that they wouldn't tamper with that on a lark, or some New Age wish fulfillment fantasy.

So why all of the interest in Mars now? I can't remember a time when the issue has been more front and center. No matter what is being told to the public, it's been obvious for a very long time that some very powerful people see Mars and ancient Egypt as being intimately linked. As with the Council of Nine situation- which all began a quarter-century before anyone in the public knew anything about it- you're talking about a large group of influential people who in fact believe in these things. And indeed, have often gone to great lengths to hide that belief from the rest of us.

I can't pretend to understand what the Cydonia situation or the Council of Nine situation is all about. I only know that it's definitely not what some conspiracy theorists - all of whom are phenomenally unqualified in every applicable field - would like to dismiss it as. The idea that you could fake an alien landing in a media-savvy time such as ours is simply not credible to me. The first thing everyone- from Boston to Bangalore- would think is that it was all a publicity stunt for some new Michael Bay movie.

The fact that Mars is suddenly at the top of the agenda reminds me of how Iraq was such a fixation for so long. There's the oil of course, but there's also the archeological remains of Sumer and Babylon. Let's not forget one of the first orders of business following Saddam's defeat was looting and ransacking the Baghdad museum. Now that that was accomplished, Mars has become suddenly incredibly interesting to all of the major powers.

Don't think for a minute that's by accident.


  1. Good post Chris, but when you mentioned the article on religion ending on Mars, did you forget the Vatican announced a couple weeks ago that it's ok to believe in E.T.'s?

    As science goes, it is a definite go to Mars in the scientific community.

    Perhaps the big secret or big goal you alluded to in the Star Trek series of posts as to why the push for militaristic exploration in Star Trek episodes, or what the purpose was...perhaps its the exploration of Mars and the new technology that may enable us to reach Mars. It could be actual stargate technology, or cold fusion, or some other space travel prize. If any of these things are on the line then an international race to harness this power is definitely on...similar to the international arms race.

    Have you ever seen such a nation as N. Korea acquiesce so quickly to demands that it destroy its nuclear program? And not many know that the U.S. paid millions for that demolition of the cooling tower that was played on video all over the networks. Also, of note are the moon explorations by China. The current explorer mission is named Chang'e 1 (too close to Obama's Change campaign slogan). Nevertheless, a space race appears to be afoot and Mars is the prize.

    On a more mundane note, Mars may simply be resonating with us for the "war" aspect. Mars=Aries=God of War. With Israel staging mock attacks on Iran, a world war is a possibility.

    I am personally excited at the prospect of a new world to populate. We could go all the way back to Sir Francis Bacon or any NWO agenda to explain the Mars fixation. Even John McCain mentions it on video at the Jeb Report. He wants to see a man on Mars as Kennedy said he wanted a man on the moon. Regardless, within the next 100 years, it will be possible for man to be on Mars. It will be a wonderful thing for future generations to look forward to providing the colonization is done equitably and not based on some NWO agenda. Sorry for the long comment.

  2. WOW. Wow Chris. That's absolutely mindblowing. It is impossible for Kirby to have known about the face on Mars in 1958, unless he'd remote viewed it, as you said, or had inside info of someone who did. The odds of him simply digging this out of his imagination I think, are very, very small. So does this mean that some of the other "fantastic" stories he wrote in comics could have come from a similar source? Could they hide other subtle truths? Man..this is big, big question. Big enough to make my head start hurting!


  3. Can you find out from your friends at Esalan why it is that the entire files/archives which were left to them by Terence McKenna were destroyed by fire, when nothing else in their temporary storage was destroyed? Do they hold an inventory? If not, why not? And could any of this be related to McKenna's explorations of telepathy ("distant viewing")

    I am not sure if you are referring to the "Project Bluebird" when you make a point of denying the notion that the "Mass" Media could fake anything to the public. Do you really think the public is able to resist the Medusa-like stare of the electronic media? Since a majority of people either believe people like "McGiver" either exist or that they actually "know" the people who are acting the parts. "Who is 'Jen's' new bf?" I don't have excessive confindence in the ability of the public to see through hoaxes. Hells, at the baseball game I attended the other week (30K in attendance?) it "floated" that we were in Iraq to save us from "terrorism."

    I don't believe i understood the reference you made to hoaxing something from the Mars planet. I *do* believe the elite is holding knowledge from the public/educated public. I *do* believe NASA is cover for military and "Nazi-s" but I'm not sure I disagree with you since I don't think I completly understand your point with the "the public can't be hoaxed now." statement.

    All the best.

  4. For me, the fact that this second flyby over Cydonia managed to keep the hype focused on the 'face' at all and completely avoided the 5-sided pyramid nearby it also in the Cydonia region - speaks volumes in and of itself.

    If I was asking the questions there, I'd have said 'nevermind the 'face' - what about the 5-sided pyramid?' The face is disputable - just because it's not massively clear to all that view it. You can't argue with a 5-sided pyramid though and claim it just happened to form that way naturally.

    For what it's worth, I'm of the opinion that the likes of what is writ about Mars' past in the Flower of Life books is pretty accurate - all the stuff that doesn't quite fit here on Earth and isn't in cohesion with nature here, comes from bad science that wrecked Mars; whether that has or happened yet, doesn't matter, cause time-travel is doable and it's been done already.
    What's important is to realise these things exist, and have / are taking place, then you can't be sucked in and fooled and played by all the false-linearity they intend to playout here.

    Truth is, going by a lot of what exists here now openly, and the manner in which supposedly clever people intend to apply their knowledge - it's almost a certainty that most of them would take part in say, experiments in which they go back and forth in time, to other planets and whatever else, and wind up being the causes of how anything went the wrong way here at all.
    If you gave them a time-machine now, damn straight they'd go back and see what whatever was like when.

    They'll end up on Mars, and they'll devolve and build big faces and worship them; then they'll destroy what's left of their civilisation there with some thermonuke type of device; and some of them will escape, and they'll go back in time to like Mu or Lemuria or whenever on Earth - & cause the destruction of those places here, end up here in these times yet again after x amount of reincarations / cryo-immortality-whatsits, and they'll still repeat it all all over again thinking that 'this time, it'll be different!'.

    Nu-uh, it's always the same - you're in a loop of your own making.

  5. I wish my view of the common person was as optimistic as yours is, Chris. I feel like most people are sleep walking zombies under hypnosis and mind-control of every manner and shape disconnected from each other and their environment and even themselves. But, you're right- this in and of itself is not enough to prepare people for the grand illusion. First we need a series of catastrophes- economic, environmental, military, etc. Without this it won't work. But, we seem to be well on our way to placing these final pieces of the puzzle into place. I wish I could see evidence to the contrary.

  6. Thanks for the comments, everyone.

  7. Don't know where to really post this observation, but I noted that Jeffrey J. Kripal wrote "Esalen: America and the Religion of No Religion." Now we're reading about Mars ending religion AT THE SAME TIME that Big Sur, where Esalen is located, is threatened by fire.

  8. the latest theories were that face was half humanoid and half lion. look at the face and mirror image each side to see the complete versions. but it was somewhat a play o the sphinx being half lion and half man

  9. Hi Chris are you aware that the world's longest running sci fi tv program BBC's Doctor Who had an excellent 4 part episode called Pyramids of Mars and invloved the good Dr thwarting the attempts of Set to free himself from the prison he had been placed in by Horus. It also postulated that the Egyptian Gods were powerful E.T.'s

    Always an interesting Blog


  10. Is it just me, or does that "surveyor" image of the "weathered" face look like a lion's face?