Saturday, June 28, 2008

"For Seventeen Days..."

The 17 Enigma deepens- The Olympic Games run for 17 days, both Winter and Summer.

Now go watch that 1984 Olympics closing ceremony again...


  1. Moon is green......

  2. haha jesus..did it have to be mendela? seriously..
    17 would also be appropriate for a phoenix themed event.

  3. Awwww...such warm fuzzy music as we get to enjoy the genetically engineered Eugenic supported super athletes...and Nelson "Mandala" no less presenting us with our 17...

    Such kookyness! Wonder what they have in store for us for opening/closing ceremonies!?

  4. Michael, speaking of genetic engineering- how is it that Russian girls all of a sudden got so frickin' ridiculously gorgeous? Most of the guys have faces like catchers' mitts.

    So what's your theory on Mandela, Terry? How do go from radical revolutionary to globalist grandfather figure?

  5. is that a trick question? lol. i think u need to find his middle man(Connects). I feel same way for Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Jesse Jackson etc. Although my history is very brief on this subject, i wouldnt trust them one bit.

  6. We know who Ghandi's was- The Theosophists. Mother Theresa was in bed with Eastern European fascist cliques. Jesse Jackson is a 33º Freemason. I guess Mandela is in with the "International Community." I love that phrase- I don't know if they still use that but NPR would always refer to the International Community as if it was a single entity. Here's what's fascinating- they weren't talking about the UN.

  7. figure's, what else is new. UN is just another front group for the criminal enterprise. I just dont see how everyone looks to these people as leaders when there frauds. To my knowledge Ghandi is still racist, Theresa is a phony and Jackson is a no good, yes sir and im sure the list could go on.

  8. Eugenics my friend! Why for a New Atlantis, do you think they want to look at fugly women? Of course not, you think the Russian women are beauties, look at some of the Ukranian women from Nikolev! They put Ms Jolie to shame!

    Later bro! Keep it real.

  9. 17 strikes again pun intended.The 17-year-old park visitor was killed after scaling two 6-foot fences around the Batman roller coaster, said a statement issued by park spokeswoman Hela Sheth. He was struck by the coaster and killed, she said.

  10. Famous or not, or just not allowed on TV cause their faces don't fit or something; it all breaks down into the same thing -

    the ones in the public eye get their 'transmissions' as to what to focus upon from the same places as all the conspiracists saying they are exposing them. By and large; now and again you get some folks famous or not, who know about that so they play it differently.

    Haro and welcome to Blucies pray your cards right!

    Didn't he do well.

  11. Here, this bunch of replies mostly reads like you wandered into a grand villains gathering like in the 60s Batman movie, or you were hiding in Scunner Campbell's house and overheard a bunch of ne'er doer wells plotting:

    'bah! Mother Theresa, don't like her. Jesse Jackson - Reverend nothing. Mandela - he's another one, and I can't go that Ghandi at all. Always trying to liberate people.'

  12. "Nelson Mandala" ?!

    Stan Darsh.

  13. on the order of public national displays:


    With 11 rescue vehicles, no less.

    Reported (on Daily Mail) at 11 AM.

    Why. {{?}}

    Light and Truth,
    Brendan Bombaci