Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Space/Gods: The Pyramid of Apollo (UPDATED)

As we seen in regards to the Orion 17 mission, the 17 enigma extends all the way to the Moon. Mankind's first direct contact with an extraterrestrial body happened with the Apollo 11 lunar landing at 20:17 UT. And the last contact we had with the Moon was with the Apollo 17 mission (which orbited the Moon for 17 hours). From wiki: "Apollo 17 was the eleventh (11) manned space mission in the NASA Apollo program...(t)he mission was launched at 12:33 a.m EST on December 7, 1972."

Incidentally, the mission's full name was Apollo 17 (33). Why does that sound so familiar?

The mission patch for Apollo 17 is rife with esoteric symbolism, including the "Apollo of Belvedere," which is housed in the Vatican Museum. Astronaut Gene Cernan explains:
"... for a mission patch [we] turned our pen-scratched ideas and goals over to artist Robert T. McCall, who helped us come up with a wonderful design based on the theme of mankind, country and the future. The golden face of Apollo, Greek god of the Sun, was laid on top of a contemporary drawing of an American eagle. Red bars in the wings reflected our flag, and were topped by three white stars representing our crew. A deep blue background featured the Moon, Saturn and a spiral galaxy, with the eagle's wing just touching the Moon to suggest that this celestial body had been visited by man. Apollo gazes to the right toward the galaxy to imply further exploration, with the eagle leading mankind into the future.

--Eugene Cernan, The Last Man on the Moon

So it appears that these patches don't simply self-generate, that the symbols are carefully chosen for maximum ritual effect. And it's fascinating to me that a design representing "mankind" and the "future" features an ancient sun god. Also, you may notice that the eagle in this patch was later borrowed for the US Postal Service's corporate logo.
After splashdown, Apollo 17 was recovered by the USS Ticonderoga, the fourth ship to bear that name. It earned 17 battle stars for service during World War II and the Vietnam War. The first USS Ticonderoga (built in 1814) was a 17-gun schooner. My, my.

Robert McCall is a name that should be familiar to regular readers of this blog. I first saw McCall's work in 1998 at an exhibition of his Masonic-themed futurist paintings put on by Jet Propulsion Laboratories (aka "Jack Parsons Laboratories") at the Liberty Science Center. At the same time the IMAX theatre there was (literally) initiating schoolchildren from the tri-state area into the Egyptian Mysteries.

I'd been bouncing some ideas about the Apollo 17 mission patch around for the past couple of weeks but felt a piece was missing. That is until the gods of Synchronicty smiled upon me when I saw a link to this video on the Above Top Secret board. And suddenly all of the pieces fell into place.
The producers here credit Cernan with the sketches shown, but those are obviously McCall's drawings. And how appropriate that all of this should culminate in the mysterious photograph of a pyramid on the surface of the Moon.
I can't speak to the veracity of the pyramid image in this video. But it certainly fits in quite snugly with the overarching narrative of space colonization, Freemasonry and the ancient gods. The McCall link is simply the icing on the cake. And seriously, aren't we all expecting this sort of thing by now? It almost seems to me as if we are being fed these little disclosures, bit by bit. More easily digestible that way.
I will say this- no matter what the astronomers may think, someone out there thinks the Age of Aquarius (or Horus, more accurately) is upon us. And my gut feeling is that it's going to be more Starship Troopers than "Good Morning, Starshine."

UPDATE: Droidy has a link to a new series of Hoagland videos (17 in all!) on the Hyperdimensional Physics of the 2008 Election.

UPDATE II: Kris pointed us to this story, which will be no surprise to Secret Sun readers:
Recently Barack Obama and Michelle Obama escaped from the White House and the cares of public office to visit the Capital City Public Charter School. President Obama read to a 2nd Grade class from a book called The Moon Over Star.

President Obama's choice of reading material has observers scratching their heads to ascertain its significance if any. The Moon Over Star is a story of how the first Moon landing in 1969 inspires a young African American girl to better her own life and embrace its possibilities.


  1. Maybe this is all some kind of Pavlov conditioning.

    With the ET topics beeing so prominent and all, man cant think of anything else than some kind of contact in the near future.

    Question is, are we beeing "prepared" for that, or is our mind simply beeing softened up to accept (even a fake that serves their agenda) alien contact?

    Since most of the people think seeing is believing but dont realize that we see what we believe (believing is seeing), i fear the latter

    Greetings from Germany

  2. The youtube user who posted that video is LunaCognita

    there's 5 more videos on their youtube user page
    they also have another video with Jose Escamilla

  3. slightly off topic but the latest israeli owned tanker to be freed from somali "pirates" has 17 ukranian's on board and was carrying 33 combat tanks. a $3.2 million was paid.

  4. The 2/4 (8=1+7) fire at the Holy Name Cathedral, a 134-year-old (1+3+4=8=1+7) Chicago landmark and the seat of Cardinal George.
    at 5:30am (5+3=8=1+7)

    The Tribune says the cathedral was built after the original Holy Name Church burned down in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

    Firefighter's were reported to have gained control of the fire around 8 am.

  5. Just thinking about the whole 17 thing, and clicked onto
    On bottom left under "Market Watch", there is a large prominent box displaying "692", and a line stating: "The average US credit score is 692." Brought to us by "Experian".

    692 = 17

    Good Day.

  6. Great post. The Robert McCall video is weird, I doubt microscopic life was his real motivator, and did you notice he said his career started when he was 17! Nice apron... "Glorious success may be right around the corner", he says.

    I counted up the number of 17s you typed out in your post, which was 13, which is all the signs in the zodiac (12) plus the Sun (13).

    Not to mention you posted it at 3:17, birthday of Osiris.

  7. The 3:17 was my little joke (Osiris' death-day, btw) given all of the 17s in this story. I thought it interesting how it started for McCall with the 1933 World's Fair.

    These people have a vision, that's for sure. And it's unfolding step by step.

  8. The Veil slips away...
    here's a great example in the NEWS!

    There's more contextual depth to this article but I'll focus on just one. The title should give you more of an idea what that is as the "Yankee Clippers" were a fast type of boat owned by the Skull and Bones (Scull and Bones) during the China Opium Wars)
    Clippers set for showdown with Magic
    (Sports Network) - The Los Angeles Clippers have their star point guard back in the lineup, but the Orlando Magic don't figure to have theirs available for quite some time.

    Minus the services of Jameer Nelson, the Magic will try to rebound from a recent home loss when they host the injury-plagued Clippers tonight at Amway Arena.

    Just days after being named to his first All-Star Game, Nelson suffered a potentially season-ending shoulder injury in Monday's 105-95 defeat to Dallas. The fifth-year pro left the game after colliding with the Mavericks' Erick Dampier early in the third quarter, and an MRI taken on Tuesday revealed a torn labrum in his right shoulder.

    The Magic said a course of treatment has yet to be determined and a timetable for Nelson's return is unknown. The soon-to-be 26-year-old is averaging a career-best 16.7 points and 4.5 assists this season.

    Monday's loss halted a three-game win streak for Orlando and overshadowed a tremendous outing from Dwight Howard, who poured in 35 points on 13-of-19 shooting and grabbed 11 rebounds. Hedo Turkoglu added 18 points for the Magic, who shot only 3-of-20 from three-point range as a team.

    Orlando will attempt to bounce back against a Clippers squad that's a lousy 5-18 away from home this season and comes in having lost its last 10 contests as the visitor. Los Angeles has dropped the first three tests of a current seven-game road trip, with Monday's 119-95 shellacking by Miami the most recent setback.

    Clippers forward Zach Randolph played for the first time since December 22 and led his team with 21 points, but it wasn't enough to prevent Los Angeles from its sixth straight loss overall. The Clippers are a horrid 2-20 since December 20.

    Randolph had missed 19 straight games with a bruised left knee, while point guard Baron Davis sat out 17 consecutive tilts due to tailbone and hamstring injuries before returning to action on January 28. The offseason free-agent signee compiled nine points and nine assists in 25 minutes off the bench on Monday.

    Davis, a two-time All-Star while with the Hornets, has played in the Clippers' last four games in a reserve role and averaged 9.5 points, 6.8 assists and 26.5 minutes over that stretch.

    The Magic have won the last four meetings between these teams, including a 95-88 decision at the Staples Center on December 8.

    02/04 10:34:08 ET

    (10+7=17, 08)

    I noticed this part right away:

    Baron Davis sat out 17 consecutive tilts due to tailbone and hamstring injuries before returning to action on January 28.

    If we take Baron Davis as DAVOS through a quick backward search of the daily NEWS we find that DAVOS was not prominently featured in any NEWS articles until January 28
    but has been steadily in appearing since that date.

  9. Not sure if this was discussed yet:

    "President Obama's choice of reading material has observers scratching their heads to ascertain its significance if any. The Moon Over Star is a story of how the first Moon landing in 1969 inspires a young African American girl to better her own life and embrace its possibilities. The reason why there is speculation about the choice of the book stems from uncertainty about President Obama's policy toward space exploration in the present day."

  10. can't be any Good Morning Starshine vibe while the Stealer Muun (unconsciousness) presides over the Star (consciousness)

    Starship Troopers and more gulag

    Obie's book-choice is no more Mystery than is Beest Babalon -- in-the-face waving of the Beauseant celebrating the victory of the feminine principle/blackness

    but of course that's Incorrect Evidence! how dare he impugn The Oppressed!

    bailiff, remove that Hate Crime from the Court


  11. "The 3:17 was my little joke (Osiris' death-day, btw)"

    Well, there's a detail I managed to flub... 3/17's Jake Kotze's birthday, not Osiris.... Haha.

    Just finished watching the Richard Hoagland Hyperdimensional Election video. Highly recommended. He is optimistic of Obama's presidency, and I think that is a key part of changing "destiny"...

  12. Great post, Chris.

    I was looking all over the net for the name of the book that Obama read during the school visit.

    Very symbolic.



  13. Cheers, Andre. No surprises there, eh?

  14. "The mission patch for Apollo 17 is rife with esoteric symbolism, including the "Apollo of Belvedere," which is housed in the Vatican Museum. Astronaut Gene

    Cernan explains:"

    Belvedere is defined as:

    belvedere Look up belvedere at
    "raised turret atop a house," 1596, from It. belvedere, lit. "a fair sight," from bel, bello "beautiful" + vedere "a view, sight" (see vista). Pronunciation perhaps infl. by

    Fr. form of the word. So called because it was used for viewing the grounds.
    vista Look up vista at
    1644, "a view or prospect," from It. vista "sight, view," noun use of fem. p.p. of vedere "see," from L. videre "to see" (see vision).

    Bel: - from bel, bello "beautiful"

    Vedere: yes it means vision but it means SO MUCH MORE

    vision Look up vision at
    c.1290, "something seen in the imagination or in the supernatural," from Anglo-Fr. visioun, O.Fr. vision, from L. visionem (nom. visio) "act of seeing, sight, thing

    seen," from pp. stem of videre "to see," from PIE base *weid- "to know, to see" (cf. Skt. veda "I know;" Avestan vaeda "I know;" Gk. oida, Doric woida "I know,"

    idein "to see;" O.Ir. fis "vision," find "white," i.e. "clearly seen," fiuss "knowledge;" Welsh gwyn, Gaulish vindos, Breton gwenn "white;" Goth., O.Swed., O.E. witan

    "to know;" Goth. weitan "to see;" Eng. wise, Ger. wissen "to know;" Lith. vysti "to see;" Bulg. vidya "I see;" Pol. widziec' "to see," weidziec' "to know;" Rus. videt' "to

    see," vest' "news," O.Russ. vedat' "to know"). The meaning "sense of sight" is first recorded c.1491. Meaning "statesman-like foresight, political sagacity" is attested

    from 1926.

    vindos? now that is an interesting word.

    because vinda means "to turn".


    windlass Look up windlass at
    device for raising weights by winding a rope round a cylinder, c.1400, alteration of wyndase (1293), from Anglo-Fr. windas, and directly from a Scand. source

    such as O.N. vindass, from vinda "to wind" (see wind (v.)) + ass "pole, beam."
    wind (v.) Look up wind at
    "move by turning and twisting," O.E. windan "to turn, twist, wind" (class III strong verb; past tense wand, pp. wunden), from P.Gmc. *wendanan (cf. O.S. windan,

    O.N. vinda, O.Fris. winda, Du. winden, O.H.G. wintan, Ger. winden, Goth. windan "to wind"), from PIE *wendh- "to turn, wind, weave" (cf. L. viere "twist, plait,

    weave," vincire "bind," Lith. vyti "twist, wind"). Related to wend, which is its causative form, and to wander. Wind down "come to a conclusion" is recorded from

    1952; wind up "come to a conclusion" is from 1825. Winding sheet "shroud of a corpse" is attested from c.1420.

    vindass???? im hoping this is a compound word. like perimeter. the only reason why i mention it is because of the word "ass".


    1. (nautical) A type of winch, fitted with a wildcat for hauling chain, or a gypsy for rope.
    2. (nautical) An apparatus in which horizontal drums or wheels are operated by means of a steam engine, pneumatic engine, hydraulic engine, or electric motor for

    handling heavy anchor chains, hawsers, etc. (FM 55-501).


    Etymology: Middle English windels or windas, Old Norse vindass, from vinda, "to wind", + ass, "pole". Confer Icelandic vindilass.

    so ass means pole ?

    so after thumbing through all the ass-in-nine (I as Seth where A is one but more importantly the OX Osiris.)

    so i find this:




    1. axis

    Sixth-declension noun singular plural
    nominative ass asis
    genitive ass asu
    dative asij asim
    accusative asi asis
    locative asi asis



    1. sharp




    1. is




    1. out

    Now an axis.... that WOULD be a "pole".

    therefor VINDASS means "to wind pole"

    to wind the axis?

    what are talking about here?

    not to mention we got weaving in here.... such that a basket is made of.

    would it be too much of a stretch to say that if i were to scramble up the word vedere i would get verde(e) which is green?

    not to mention so so close.

    but i find the fact that ASS to mean AXIS / POLE in the LATVIAN language has come from Sumerian. as in the AXIS MUNDI. the Latvian language is incredible!

    im just cant help but wonder about a magnetic shift of poles. are we talking earth poles? or north and south poles of the heavens?

    why have all these people only to destroy them every 25920 years?
    i dont understand that....

    its like a puzzle? that we are to solve before the time is up? and we are supposed to be outta here? really i dont get it. are we suppose to say a magic word and it all

    go away? are we suppose to connect to something so it doesnt happen? so we are "saved"?

    are we being kept from this connection that *could* happen in the next few years? something that would TURN events around? at least that is how im seeing it.

    though is this Loki or is this for real?


    summative value for ISIS is 470.
    ive only found one word that its summative value is also 470 and that is YNDEE.

    as in indy ana jones indi ana.


    and if Y is a VI than i can definitely see a relationship to


    DENEY (denny's?) EYE-ND

    Y=WHY WHYNDEE windy?
    "wind ten"=89 (this really could be nothing but who knows this is quite spontaneous for me and ill look more later)

    considering the EYE is 11.66 and EYE means TO SEE
    im curious even more to what ISIS and YNDEE could mean!

    vedere TO SEE
    EYE = SEE



    ASS IN NINE would that then be ASS S ASS S = AXIS S AXIS S = POLE S POLE S

    does anyone really know how to say ISIS? iceis? IZIZ? EYES EYES?
    to see to know and be wise?
    ISIS TO IS TO EYES ??? EASE US? IS to the power of two?
    two axis? backwards that would be "six a owt"



    Osiris her partner dead on 3/17? (sirios) march MARK
    giving birth to Horus? ( hours? time? horizon? which says ZERO ONE which you need to start and continue before two and after nine)
    hmmm thought note : "zero" scrambled "roze"

    The Goddess Isis is the Goddess Throne in hieroglyphics. and throne does spell north. so Goddess North is what? the POLE? the AXIS?
    the ASS? this all sort of making sense how things got TWISTED and WOVEN into a mess!!!

    but ASS is I and is the AXIS/POLE in Lativian which is a direct descendant of SUMERIAN.

    so Goddess is NORTH on her THRONE as the AXIS POLE.
    thats what im going with until I find differently.

    from :
    DESS=4+19*19=365 and
    so that is Z365 or Z366 which is NORTH? so when you sleep go north on the last day of the year? either 365th or 366nd?
    Osiris was born in the winter solstice? 22nd? that is the 356th day of the year.
    and look: if we divide 356/2 we get 178 and 178/2=89 and OSIRIS=89
    three days later we find christmas at the 359th day of the year. only in leap year is christmas on the 360th day.
    March 17th is the 76th day of the year which has been mentioned as a death date for Osiris.
    I just want to throw out in the mud that if I were to treat this like a normal pregnancy time I would have to give his CONCEPTION date as March 17.
    356-280=76, 359-280=79 (that would be the vernal equinox)

    anyway without going overboad in the mud here...ill do that later...:) ....i just wanted to bring those few things into the comments.

    i just get the feeling there is: turning, sleep, wise, to see and know and the axis all wrapped up into this and im sure i missed a few that im not thinking about right at this moment.


  15. wow

    i clicked on the link for the watchin the first on on dedroid's site and im 41:55 into it as i do some work, and he is EMPHASIZING the turning and rotation as opening up higher dimensions to retrieve its knowledge.

    dang.... turning

    to turn, to see, to know, be wise, in the dark (sleeping/astral)

    what else do we add to that and how do we do it lol because this involves the tree of life and the 26? and PI?



  16. twisting......weaving.....turning....



    TORA ---- SION


    but this is something to do when you are meditating!

    when you are "sleeping" so its your personal dark/sleep/astral traveling


    to reconnect?



  17. i feel compelled to take heat if i must but i need to remind people to be careful of this:

    PART 2 of Richard's vid link timestamp 31:24

    and compare it to this :
    Jordan Maxwell's, " Pictures With A Message" - Page 1

    1) ... and we wonder why governments treat us like cattle.

    we can not depend on one person to open all of the windows for us.
    maybe he can open a few but the most important thing is that we stay in tune with OUR OWN CONNECTIONS. the personal ones.
    and if there are people out there reading all of this thinking that this "super hero" will rescue everyone and -here-is-the-proof-for-such, then i gotta say whooooaa doggie!

    knock knock

    for one person to say WE
    and mean you me and 6 billion + other people are two different "WE" factors.

    why does it matter what he thinks?
    you know in your own intuition what exists out there and that we are a small part of our higher self.

    TRUST your intuition and listen to life.


    i also would like to ask a kinda far out question, but here it goes anyway...

    do you think that an "echo" of the energy that is FEROCIOUS to implement such drastic changes, could be trickled down through violent acts and NOT mind control?
    for example, say this energy wave coursed through a certain thread and it happened to be one of your threads connected to your high self. it zaps you with this energy and you suddenly are filled with an excruciating hunger of energy and you freak out. not knowing what to do with it you ... like i stated...freak out...and murder...break a bunch of stuff or set things on fire.

    could that happen? i mean i know altering someone to do these kinds of things but isnt nature a little more violent and demanding when IT sends it vibe through? a huge mass versus a tiny thread? it would have an echo effect to an individual personally. i think anyway...and i also think this could work in a "non violent" way as well. and **maybe** since this person hasnt been in tuned with this higherself and would otherwise know how to handle it better....the person did not.

    thanks for reading and as always this is such a great blog thanks for sharing and i mean that to you and everyone else expressing whatever must come out.


  18. I agree with being careful about our sources.

    But when it comes to Hoagland I don't know. What hes talks about is so inspiring but hes ego based no doubt. And coast to coast is 'fishy' of course. I was reading a post over at The Synchromisticism forum the other day and one user told me some simple information that makes good sense. You find allot of Alex Jones on youtube and limited Hoagland. Lesser of two?

    I just really enjoy Richards stage presence. Hes a good speaker. Considering the things hes trying to convince us of!

    "Man from Mars" is his title.

    Take a stab at that.

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