Monday, March 31, 2008

Hathor Locklear

The name Heather is said to come from the Middle English hather, which decribes a flower once used in the brewing of beer. But knowing as we do that Druids were merely a branch of the Egyptian Solar priesthoods, it makes sense to assume that this flower was originally named in honor of Hathor, to whom beer was sacred. So we have another name to look at during Hathor Week, though seemingly less charged with significance than Ka-Athyr-Ein.

Heather Locklear's first notable role was on the unintentionally hilarious cop show, TJ Hooker, forming the third part of a trinity with Adrian Zmed and Bill Shatner (a Secret Sun saint, who will make a very important appearance here soon). The late Bill Cooper noted that Shatner's signature role as James T. Kirk had symbolic import. Kirk's initials were JTK, the reverse of the initials for Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem. Kirk's predecessor was Christopher Pike, whom Cooper claimed was named in honor of Albert Pike, the Masonic grand poobah of poobahs. Cooper didn't note that the Enterprise's registry was NCC-1701, or that James Tiberius Kirk could be seen as a cipher for "Supplanter of The Roman Church," the all-consuming goal of the Knights since 1307.

Speaking of unintentionally hilarious, this scene were Heather displays her somewhat boyish young figure and awkwardly dances while posing as a stripper certainly fits the bill. But seeing that Hathor is the goddess of music and sex, this display seems almost obligatory.

Following a stint on Melrose Place (Melrose means "barren heath") Heather was hired on ABC's Spin City, playing opposite noted time-traveler Marty McFly as "Caitlin Moore." Caitlin is yet another variation on Ka-Athyr-Ein.

Another blonde Hathor emerged in Holy-Wood in the 90's, Heather Graham. She first caught my notice as Rollergirl in Boogie Nights, which starred Mark Wahlberg (I tend to pay extra attention to symbolism in Wahlberg movies since his family lives a block from the house I grew up in). She then appeared in Steve Martin's Scientology parody Bowfinger with alleged androgyny enthusiast Eddie Murphy. It's generally believed her character is a satire of Anne Heche, who claimed to have hosted an extraterrestrial persona named Celestia and gives voice to Lois Lane in the Superman: Doomsday animated film, a blatant dying/ressurrecting Solar parable.

But Graham hit the semiotic bullseye with From Hell, the Masonic conspiracy film based on the Alan Moore Jack the Ripper graphic novel. Though seriously trimmed down and altered from the original source material, we do see a depiction of Moore's unlikely theory that Jack the Ripper was the decrepit, elderly surgeon William Gull (a 72 year-old stroke victim at the time of Mary Ann Nichols very violent death). But the film does give an interesting look at English Freemasonry, believed by many observers to be an elitist corruption of the original Masonic ideal.

Sadly, Hathor Graham's career zoomed towards the b-list in fairly short order. One straight to video extravaganza she starred in was Blessed, a blatant Rosemary's Baby ripoff filmed in Romania, co-starring James Purefoy (Rome), Andy Serkis (aka Gollum) and David Hemmings (Blow Up). Rosemary's Baby seems to have inspired a few knockoffs in the past few years. None of them star John Cusack, who was born the same day as the original baby in question.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Seeing that Hathor is the goddess of music and sex, I nominate Ka-Hathor-Ein Bush (you can call her Kate) as one of her most preeminent incarnations. Throughout her career Kate has demonstrated an obsession with all manner of spiritual and sexual phenomena, as well as an utter mastery of music and dance. And she was heart-stoppingly gorgeous in her prime.

And of course there's her magnum opus, Aerial, which is a musical love letter to the Sun...

The Ka of Hathor, Continued

While looking at the Hathor and the Queen archetype she represents, it's worth nothing that a strong candidate for future Queen of England is Prince William's on-again, off-again consort Ka-Athyr-Ein/ Eloah-Isis-Beth Middleton, better known as Kate Middleton.

Which reminds us that Ka-Athyr-Ein/Eloah-Isis-Beth Blanchett played the Queen of England in two separate films. Here we see the lovely Aussie collecting her Ausur® for her portrayal of Ka-Athyr-Ein Hepburn in The Aviator. Blanchett-as-Hepburn sported an androgynous image in the film.

And Kate Hepburn's most celebrated role was in The African Queen, which of course Hathor herself is.

But it must be said that the only English queen I can get behind is Queen Adreena, fronted by the frighteningly psychotic Katie Jane Garside.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Fine Art Friday: Hathor

It turns out my suspicion that Saint Catherine of Alexandria was little more than a usurpation of Hathor might have some justification. Legends of Catherine's death have it that when beheaded milk flowed rather than blood. Of course, Hathor was associated with the cow, so this myth would make sense in that context. Also, Catherine was said to be betrothed to Jesus in heaven, just as Hathor was betrothed to Horus.

Modern scholars believe Catherine probably never existed. The Catholic Encyclopedia is itself skeptical of the legends of Catherine, though it doesn't go far as to deny her existence.
Unfortunately we have not these acts in their original form, but transformed and distorted by fantastic and diffuse descriptions which are entirely due to the imagination of the narrators who cared less to state authentic facts than to charm their readers by recitals of the marvellous.
Further evidence that Catherine is merely Hathor in cognito is given by the fact that the Knights Templar held her in particularly high regard...

X-Files Friday: Mulder Ave. and Scully Way

The truth is in here: Why Mulder and Scully meet in Ottawa's east end

Laura Drake, The Ottawa Citizen

While the suburbs creep out many urban loft-dwellers, sending shivers down their gentrified spines, only one intersection in this city can be described as positively paranormal -- Mulder Avenue and Scully Way. For years, the signs have mystified residents of King's Pointe, the development in the city's east end that is home to the supernatural street signs."People ask about it all the time. It's the first thing they comment on," said Judy Letourneau, who bought her house on the corner of Mulder Avenue and Scully Way five and a half years ago, when it was brand new. For the uninitiated, FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were the two main characters on The X-Files, one of the most popular science-fiction television series ever.
I took a look for this fateful intersection and was not the least bit surprised to see the closest numbered highway to it was Route 17.

X-Files Friday: NEW X-Files 2 Movie Trailer

Watch before it's yanked!

UPDATE: Yanked. Check out the Wonder Con version here.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

John Cusack, Superstar: The Ka of Hathor

Syncromysticism buffs will surely know of the Pleaides, the constellation known as the Seven Sisters. Billy Meier's alleged alien friends Semjase and Asket hailed from this constellation, and there's been a lot of speculation concerning the link between the Pleaides and the Stargate.

Interest in the Pleiades is apparently nothing new. One Stargate theorist quoted a 19th Century metaphysician named R.G. Haliburton (!) who...

...was able to gather sufficient information to offer some rather dramatic thoughts about the Pleiades. He believed that, a world-wide tradition of relating to the Pleiades had its source at a distant, beginning point in the history of humankind. An era when the constellation represented the "central sun of all religions, calendars, myths, traditions, and symbolism." Haliburton recorded that "the ancients believed that Alcyone of the Pleiades was the center of the universe ~ that Paradise, the primal home of humankind and the abode of the Deity and the spirits of the dead, was in the Pleiades".

What some of you may not realize is the Egyptians referred to the Pleiades as "the Seven Hathors." If you haven't already, I'd recommend reading up on Hathor. I believe this fascinating archetype is going to be very important in the years to come in the Symbolsphere. It is the functional thesis of The Secret Sun is that the Osirian Age is over, and the Age of Horus is in full swing. Accordingly, the symbols that manifest themselves in our lives and in our media are going to be much different. Some of this will be by conscious design, some of it will not.

She was originally a personification of the Milky Way, which was considered to be the milk that flowed from the udders of a heavenly cow (linking her with Nut, Bat and Mehet-Weret). As time passed she absorbed the attributes of many other goddesses but also became more closely associated with Isis, who to some degree usurped her position as the most popular and powerful goddess. Yet she remained popular throughout Egyptian history. More festivals were dedicated to her and more children were named after her than any other god or goddess. Her worship was not confined to Egypt and Nubia. She was worshipped throughout Semitic West Asia, Ethiopian, Somlia and Libya, but was particularly venerated in the city of Byblos.

She was a sky goddess, known as "Lady of Stars" and "Sovereign of Stars" and linked to Sirius (and so the goddesses Sopdet and Isis). Her birthday was celebrated on the day that Sirius first rose in the sky (heralding the coming innundation). By the Ptolemaic period, she was known as the goddess of Hethara, the third month of the Egyptian calendar. - Ancient Egypt Online

As I wrote previously, I believe that the name Catherine is actually derived from Hathor (or Athyr as she is alternately known), through a Greco-Egyptian Mystery cult code- Ka- Athyr-Ein- meaning "to have the Ka of Athyr." I believe that this name will be associated with queenship (I just read an article referring to Catherine the Great in relation to the Spitzer scandal), and I've seen the many variations of Catherine- Kate, Cate, Kathryn, Karen, Kaitlyn, Kathleen- repeat themselves over and over in my studies of Symbology, particularly as it relates to Hollywood. Let's look at a few examples.

The current wife of one of the (if not the) reigning kings of Hollywood is Kate Capshaw.

The wife of the future king of Hollywood (that is, when the Church of Scientology inevitably takes complete control of it) is Katie Holmes.

Our friend John Cusack has experience with several Ka-Hathor's, perhaps the most important being Catherine Elise Blanchett, whom we looked at on Monday. We'll be looking at Pushing Tin in far greater depth in the near future, but this reference in the film that Cusack's character's house is empty without her ties in neatly with the fact that Hathor's Egyptian name is Het-Hert, meaning "House of Horus." This scene takes place right before the film's last WTC fly-by.

Another Cusack film we'll be looking at in detail in the future is Serendipity, co-staring Kate Beckinsale. Notice how Cusack finds his Hathor in an area ringed by stars. This film also featured Tom Brady's former flame, Bridget Moynihan.

Just a few short weeks before 9/11, Cusack starred with Catherine Zeta-Jones in America's Sweethearts, which also featured Julia Roberts, who played the girlfriend of Solaris star George Clooney in Soderbergh's Oceans 11, 12 and 13 movies.

Clooney's Cybele in Solaris was the delightful Natacha McElhone (also of Revelations fame with Independence Day star Bill Pullman), who plays David Duchovny's wife Karen in Californication. Natacha means "Christmas Day." This is not Duchovny's first ritual drama, of course, and this July we'll see the return of his first Hathor...

...Dana Katherine Scully.

We looked closely at Catherine Keener's role as Cybele in The 40-Year Old Virgin and this Hathor also co-starred with Cusack in Being John Malkovich, written by Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind creator Charlie Kaufman.

...and of course Eternal Sunshine starred Kate Winslet.

The ritual drama called Red Planet, which we looked at in relation to Baptist symbolism, features Carrie Ann Moss as Kate Bowman. Moss is better known for her work in The Matrix films, but her most important role is as Natalie (Natalie also means "Christmas Day") in Memento, which we'll also be looking at in the future.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sometimes the Symbols Write Themselves

Jung saw Synchronicity as the "Hand of God." Myself, I've found that Synchonicity can be used as sort of a divination tool. You can pose a question to forces unknown, and oftentimes an appropriate Synchronicity will be your response. Or other times it can used as sort of a reverse divination, confirming a conclusion you've already made for yourself.

Joe Linsner and I were just discussing my Pushing Tin post and trying to parse the motivations behind the Symbols. Joe, who's more of a mystical bent than myself, offered that Symbols seem to be a force unto themselves. I was struck by this because I had been working on this very article earlier in the day and had intended it to put it up for today. Joe then postulated that there's a stream of consciousness at work- sometimes you tap into it and sometimes it taps into you.

The fact that the Symbols have their own volition and intrude into seemingly unrelated narratives came to mind when I was watching another of my favorite films, The Royal Tenenbaums. The Horus Cycle of Symbols- the Falcon, 3/17, 22, Egypt- all seemed to manifest themselves in a subplot focusing on Richie Tenenbaum (played by Luke Wilson), his tennis career and his pet falcon, Mordecai. First we see that he turned pro at 17...

Then we have the three to complete the equation...

Then we meet his falcon, Mordecai, a name derived from Marduk (it means "servant of Marduk"). Horus and Marduk were very similar deities in the ancient world.

Next we see Mordecai and the Horus-identified "22" which we looked at yesterday.

In the film, Mordecai disappears after Royle Tenenbaum (played by Gene Hackman) leaves the family, but returns when Royle begins to reconcile with his children. Here we see Mordecai, Richie and Royle going to help semi-adopted Tenenbaum Eli Cash (played by Owen Wilson).

Eli is seen here the next scene snorting cocaine with a group of Egyptian men...

...and discussing different Pharaohs, who of course were all incarnations of Horus. And just to make me crazy, listening to...

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Torch

Let the Games Begin....

John Cusack, Superstar: Lord of the Skies

Sometimes the Symbols turn up in obvious places, sometimes they pop up where you least expect them. In the case of a film like Pushing Tin, a 1999 film starring John Cusack, Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, it may seem like this romantic comedy would not harbor much potential for high initiate symbolism. But the theme of air traffic controllers and their chaotic lives takes on significance not only because of the godlike motif of flight but because of the added impact of 9/11. And the stunning foreshadowings to that fateful day hit you in the center of the forehead like a hammer blow in the very first minute of film. Computer generated planes are seen buzzing around the Manhattan skyline like hornets, with a particular emphasis on Lower Manhattan...

Here we see a plane bisect the Twin Towers, just two and a half years before 9/11. Note the A, L and I superimposed over the Towers. A+L+I= 22 in English Gemetria, and the 22nd Trump in Tarot is the Fool, associated with Horus.

More disturbingly, Ali was the name of Muhammad's successor...

In this shot, a plane flies over the WTC from the north and crosses paths with another plane coming from the opposite direction.

The film's title card flashes as a plane zooms over the Empire State Building. Just in case we overlook that particular obelisk's presence, the skyscraper is circled and the title is superimposed over it.

Here is the mural in the lobby of the Empire State Building, clearly announcing that this edifice on 33rd St. was clearly intended to be an obelisk, in the truest Solar fashion.

After the title card flashes, the plane makes its way to fly over the WTC, perhaps on the way to Newark Liberty Airport.

We meet Nick Falzone, air traffic controller extraordinaire, who hails pilots with the greeting, "welcome to my skies." This parallels exactly Horus' identity as Lord of the Sky, as does the extreme close up of his right eye with a radar map reflected upon it.

Nick is wearing this unsubtle tribute to Isis when we meet him, just in case you miss the Horus symbolism.

Speaking of Isis, his wife Connie is played by Hollywood's favorite Virgin Queen, the always breathtaking Catherine Elise (read:"Ka-Athyr-Ein/Eloah-Isis") Blanchett. Aside from Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings films, she played Queen Eloah-Isis-Beth, not once but twice.

We've also got the requisite 17 symbolism- Nick's street address is 5480. 5+4+8+0=17.

Later Nick makes 17 free-throws in a row at a barbecue.

We also have a symbolic castration, as Nick's finger is burned in a game of chicken with lit matches.

Of course, then we also have an androgynous character played by Vicky Lewis, whose very name is both female (Vicky) and male (Lewis).

Oh, hey look- wonder of wonders, we've got the requisite Baptist symbolism. Here Nick meets Billy Bob's character Russell in a river to have his sins washed away. Russell is wearing a John Prine cap, just in case you missed the symbolic message.

The film ends as it started with a jet liner flying past the Twin Towers. Note the lens flare (Stargate?) at the base of the South Tower. We'll look deeper into the incredibly deep and elaborate symbolism in this film in the near future, but suffice it to say that the 9/11 foreshadowing in this film give its super-abundance of high initiate signifiers an added charge...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Ishtar!

The Teletubbies- Anglo/Celtic Druid Fertility Religion for Beginners. The perfect companion to this Anglo/Celtic Druid Fertility holiday. And so close to St. Osiris' Day...

Easter has deep roots in the mythic past. Long before it was imported into the Christian tradition, the Spring festival honored the goddess Eostre or Eastre. The name is pronounced Easter. She was the ancient Anglo Saxon goddess of the dawn and the Vernal Equinox. Her name venerates the sun rising in the east. Easter Sunday sunrise services continue the sun-worship aspect of the holiday. The equinox is when the days begin growing into the long sunlight that will be Summer. This increase of daylight makes crops possible, hence the theme of fertility.

The annual event in honor of Eastre celebrated new life and renewal. The superstition about wearing new clothes came later, but echoed the commemoration of the new. Eastre is in the lineage of Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess of love and fertility. Other names for this archetype include Inanna, Aphrodite, Diana, Isis, Venus, Astarte, Demeter, Esther, and Freya. Freya is specifically honored on Good Friday, the day named for her.

The Easter Bunny is a continuation of the reverence shown during the spring rites to the rabbit as a symbol of abundance. The honoring of such emblems of fertility extended to eggs. The egg serves as a representation of new life.

Jonathan Young, Vision Magazine

Then look at Easter. What means the term Easter itself? It is not a Christian name. It bears its Chaldean origin on its very forehead. Easter is nothing else than Astarte, one of the titles of Beltis, the queen of heaven, whose name, as pronounced by the people Nineveh, was evidently identical with that now in common use in this country. That name, as found by Layard on the Assyrian monuments, is Ishtar. The worship of Bel and Astarte was very early introduced into Britain, along with the Druids, "the priests of the groves." Some have imagined that the Druidical worship was first introduced by the Phoenicians, who, centuries before the Christian era, traded to the tin-mines of Cornwall. But the unequivocal traces of that worship are found in regions of the British islands where the Phoenicians never penetrated, and it has everywhere left indelible marks of the strong hold which it must have had on the early British mind. From Bel, the 1st of May is still called Beltane in the Almanac; and we have customs still lingering at this day among us, which prove how exactly the worship of Bel or Moloch (for both titles belonged to the same god) had been observed even in the northern parts of this island. "The late Lady Baird, of Fern Tower, in Perthshire," says a writer in "Notes and Queries," thoroughly versed in British antiquities, "told me, that every year, at Beltane (or the 1st of May), a number of men and women assemble at an ancient Druidical circle of stones on her property near Crieff. They light a fire in the centre, each person puts a bit of oat-cake in a shepherd's bonnet; they all sit down, and draw blindfold a piece from the bonnet. One piece has been previously blackened, and whoever gets that piece has to jump through the fire in the centre of the circle, and pay a forfeit. This is, in fact, a part of the ancient worship of Baal, and the person on whom the lot fell was previously burnt as a sacrifice. Now, the passing through the fire represents that, and the payment of the forfeit redeems the victim." If Baal was thus worshipped in Britain, it will not be difficult to believe that his consort Astarte was also adored by our ancestors, and that from Astarte, whose name in Nineveh was Ishtar, the religious solemnities of April, as now practised, are called by the name of Easter--that month, among our Pagan ancestors, having been called Easter-monath.

Alexander Hislop- The Two Babylons

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Clownshow 2008: Live By The Symbols...

Democrat Barack Obama's big national lead over Hillary Clinton has all but evaporated in the U.S. presidential race, and both Democrats trail Republican John McCain, according a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Wednesday.

Obama gave a speech on Tuesday rebuking his pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, for sermons sometimes laced with inflammatory tirades but said he could not disown him and it was time for Americans to bind the country's racial wounds.

The poll showed Obama continues to have strong support from the African-American community but that he is experiencing some slippage among moderates and independents.

Pastor Jeremiah Wright, who has become part of the national political dialogue in recent days, is viewed favorably by 8% of voters nationwide. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 58% have an unfavorable view of the Pastor whose controversial comments have created new challenges for Barack Obama's Presidential campaign....

Most voters, 56%, said Wright's comments made them less likely to vote for Obama. That figure includes 44% of Democrats. Just 11% of voters say they are more likely to vote for Obama because of Wright's comments. - Huffington Post

More so than other politicians, Obama's candidacy is built on the manipulation of symbolism, and with the recent imbroglio over his pastor's rants it seemed the symbols were beginning to turn against him. It's inevitable- national elections have nothing to do with policy, since policies are all determined in think tanks and NGOs and politicians really do nothing but engage in phony debates before implementing them. National elections are simply referendums on what symbols will be held sacrosanct in the national discourse.

It's amazing how well these symbols are wielded to entice people to vote against their own interests. It's hard to believe but there are still some politicians out there holding forth about meaningless issues like flag burning and school prayer, along with more recent chimeras like Islamofascism and gay marriage. It's hilarious- the same politicians screaming about these symbols are always the ones who are always the first to sell their constituents down the river, or get caught cruising internet chatrooms for fresh chicken.

I remember reading about Evangelicals in Ohio voting against Kerry over his meaningless set of symbols while they were bearing the brunt of Bush's outsource jobs/import cheap labor policies. But perhaps they were right, Kerry would have probably continued with these policies (after all, they began in earnest under Clinton) and left them without even the comfort of Bush's empty symbolic pandering. Well, at least some half-empty Rust Belt outposts won't have all them there gays comin' in from them sin-ridden cities and gettin' married all over the place in plain view of decent folk, and draggin' in a bunch of Pottery Barn's and Subaru dealerships in their wake.

One wonders if Obama can recover from these symbolic transgressions in the general election scenario. Maybe it's all part of the script, like a political version of Rollerball. Build up a "hero of the people" so you can knock him down and put the voters in their place. But then again, McCain is the weakest GOP candidate I've seen since Ford, and it's a long, long time until November. And Obama's foes have a nasty habit of having their filthy, dirty laundry aired close to election time.

Stay Tuned...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hilarity- 10 Most Inaccurate Movies

10,000 B.C.
"Director Roland Emmerich is usually a stickler for realism (see: sending a computer virus via Macintosh to aliens in Independence Day). So we hate to inform him that woolly mammoths were not, in fact, used to build pyramids."

This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while- read it here.

Fine Art Friday- Eternal Heloise

Abelard and His Pupil Heloise, (1882) by Edmund Leighton

Queen of Queens

If you haven't yet, check out the ritualistic ABC production of Cleopatra, which originally aired on May 23, 1999. I can't help but thinking of this production of Cleopatra when seeing Hillary Clinton's mug in the news incessantly. Jake's recent post on the JFK thing made me think of history's great King-Kill, that of Julius Caesar. Cleopatra milked the tragedy for all it was worth, depicting herself as the widowed Isis all over Egypt's temples. You'd almost think she herself orchestrated the whole thing with Antony.

The Spitzer story reluctantly got me thinking about Bill Clinton again. When I find the file, I'll post my semiotic analysis of the Clinton Impeachment ritual drama, which I had written back in 1998. That whole thing was a joke, and replete with all manner of symbolicist mischief. Suffice it to say, "the meaning of is is" is "Isis." In that light, it's best not to bet the farm against the Iron Lady quite yet. Maybe she and Obama can run on the Cleopatra/Caesarion ticket.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for any use of Isis/Cleopatra symbolism in her campaigning.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Montauk is for Lovers: Eternal Sunshine, Part 2

One thing that other researchers have noted about Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is the centrality of Montauk in the storyline. Most people will have no idea why this is significant. As someone whose spent more time than I probably should trying to parse the Montauk "mystery," I can say that the setting is indeed significant to the film. Eternal Sunshine is primarily about the transcendent power of the Dreaming Mind when confronted by technological mind control interference.

I've been reading about the whole Montauk thing for over 10 years now and I still have no idea what is supposed to have actually happened there. It's one of these things that's gone totally meta- as in metastasis. Adam Gorightly tried to sift through all of the various Montauk literature and came away as perplexed as I am:

But as much as the Montauk Mythos seems naught — to many observers — but a pile of happy horses**t, it continues to attract serious researchers and spiritual searchers into its endless stream of mysteries. As Montaukian Investigator/Experiencer Chica Bruce related to me: "What I've come away with is that everything is true and that nothing is true… Any story (not just about Montauk - EVERY story) is ultimately irrelevant and useless to me outside of what it can teach me about Creation and the empowerment of humans via insights about how reality works. To this end, the study of the wacky world of Montauk has been extremely useful…
But Gorightly also seems to think that the fact that so many major memes in the world of high weirdness- ritual abuse, UFOs, mind control, time travel, interdimensional physics- seem to have grafted themselves on to the Montauk mythos is evidence of some sort of convergence of some kind of energy:

“It is cosmically humorous to me that a story so full of seemingly deranged allegations does contain many valuable, penetrating truths about consciousness and the nature of reality. The Montauk mythos is repugnant to current consensus world-views and it puts off mentalities that are fundamentally invested in conforming with the hegemony.

Those who feel a need to bash the Montauk story are failing to understand what it is really about and are revealing their unflagging allegiance to certain stodgy mind patterns and core beliefs…”

What I think Gorightly is trying to say- and what I would agree with- is that the Montauk lore is significant because of the significance that so many individuals have invested into it. This brings us back to Jungian territory again- the Dreaming Mind component of conspiracy research. When a constellation of anxieties takes form in a complex (many would say convoluted) group of beliefs and suspicions about governmental black magic, Montauk becomes a sigil of sorts- a symbol triggering associations of an eternity of occult malfeasance by our so-called leaders.

The kernel of evidence behind the Montauk Project began with an actual series of radar invisibility experiments aboard the naval vessel the USS Eldridge in 1943. According to the legends, the experiment didn't work but the tests allegedly produced a sort of superweapon that alternately could drive enemy soldiers insane, bridge dimensional gateways, enable time travel, etc. etc. etc. Most of this work on this superweapon was allegedly done at Camp Hero, a military base in Montauk. It’s worth noting that the word ‘hero’ is almost certainly derived from Heru, the Egyptian rendering of Horus, and that Montu, the hawk-headed Egyptian god of war, came to be identified as an aspect of Horus in Egyptian religion. Which is kind of a no-brainer when you look at the two of them.

The Mystery school synchromysticism doesn't end there. There was an actual radar station in Camp Hero, which was operated by the 773rd Radar Squadron. The station and the 773rd were both deactivated on July 1, 1980. Interestingly, the sum of 7+7+3 is 17. And July 1st is notated as ‘1/7’ outside of the United States. The full name of the ship involved in the Montauk Project was the USS Eldridge DE-173. The “173” recalls the day of the death of Osiris, which occurred on the 17th day of the 3rd month of the Egyptian calendar, Athyr (named so for Hathor, of course). The Philadelphia Experiments began in 1943. 1+9+4+3 equals 17. It’s also worth noting that the word ‘Eldridge’ is roughly homonymic with ‘Eldritch’, a term referring to the supernatural powers of Elves.

I like the bit about it being "the 17th"

The alleged time travel properties of the ‘Montauk Project’ were fictionalized into a book in 1978 and then a film in 1984, both called The Philadelphia Experiment. It's all a hell of a story- I'd love to believe it. Unfortunately, even as far as conspiracy theories go, there's hardly a speck of evidence for any of it. But these things don't need to actually be true to make an impact on the Dreaming Mind. In fact, it often helps when they aren't.

The mind-erasing properties of Dr. Mierswiak’s device and the ‘reversal of time’ motif used in the storytelling of Eternal Sunshine tie in too neatly with Montauk Project and mystery school lore to be coincidental. I'm thinking that Kaufman ran across information on the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk, and thought a memory-erasing mind control machine would be a great plot device in a romantic comedy. Which sounds pretty typical for Kaufman, come to think of it.

Either that or the CIA spooks who he encountered while writing Confessions of A Dangerous Mind fed him the inside scoop for this movie as well. I'm open to all possibilities when it comes to these films.

To Be Continued

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wibbley Wednesday: Big Top Skippy

Want a ticket to Wibbley World? Ask about commissions...

Dark Ivory # 1 Hits the Stands Today!

Joe and Eva's goth/glam magnum opus hits the stands today! I've read the first issue and it's a corker! Get in on the ground floor as comics history is made!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Arthur C. Clarke 1917-2008

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - Arthur C. Clarke, a visionary science fiction writer who co-wrote "2001: A Space Odyssey" and won worldwide acclaim with more than 100 books on space, science and the future, died Wednesday, an aide said. He was 90.- Associated Press

Yahoo! video obituary here.

Montauk is for Lovers: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

In the ancient myths, Hermes and Aphrodite were lovers and she bore an androgynous child to him called Hermaphroditus. However, in some tellings, their son was Eros. This frieze depicts Aphrodite presenting Hermes with Eros, who is well known to us as Cupid, the god of Love. To him our modern Lupercalia- Valentine's Day- is dedicated.

It's no surprise then that Charlie Kaufman's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind opens on (and revolves around) Valentine's Day. But the meeting between the film's Hermes and its Aphrodite takes place in semiotically-charged Montauk, Long Island, not in Egypt. Our Hermes is Joel Barrish, played by Jim Carrey. He self-identifies as Hermes by constantly writing in his journal.

These modern mythological love stories seem to need a symbolic castration to summon the goddess of the story and Eternal Sunshine is no different. Here Joel digs in the sand with a stick underneath a cloudy sky. Much to Joel's frustration the stick breaks...

...and sure enough, in the very next second Aphrodite emerges out of the sea-foam, bringing the sunshine with her. This is Clementine, played by the luscious Kate Winslet. Take note of her orange sweatshirt, it pops up again.

The orange sweatshirt is reminiscent of the orange cloak Aprhrodite is draped in by one of the Horae as she herself rises from the sea-foam in her kteis. Unbeknownst to Joel and Clementine, this is not their first encounter.

This is, which we see towards the end of the picture. And again, Clementine is seen emerging from the surf, clad in orange.

Since this part of the story is told at the end of a reverse narrative, we see the castration symbolism after the two of them meet. Here, "Clem" takes a chicken drumstick from Joel's plate and takes a bite. Ouch.

This scene is from when Joel and Clementine unwittingly reunite after encountering each other on the beach at Montauk. Here Clementine asks Joel to show her the constellations, an act which has a precedent from Hermes and Aphrodite's reconciliation.

"Mercurius [Hermes] stirred by Venus’s [Aphrodite's] beauty, fell in love with her, and when she permitted no favours, became greatly downcast, as if in disgrace. Jove [Zeus] pitied him, and when Venus [Aphrodite] was bathing in the river Achelous he sent and eagle to take her sandal to Amythaonia of the Egyptians and give it to Mercurius [Hermes]. Venus [Aphrodite], in seeking for it, came to him who loved her, and so he, on attaining his desire, as a reward put the eagle in the sky [as the constellation Aquilla]. - Hyginus, Astronomica 2.16
But castration symbolism is not incidental to this film. Rather, castration is encoded into the very title of the film itself.

The title which is taken from a line from a poem by the English Freemason Alexander Pope, called "Eloisa to Abelard," published in - wait for it- the year 1717. Yes, that's the same year the first Freemasonic lodge was officially established.

“Eloisa to Abelard” was an elegy to Pierre Abelard, another of the countless great thinkers oppressed by the Church in the Middle Ages. In fact, Abelard was actually castrated for his love for a young student named Heloise, a name not-coincidentally derived from Helios. The relationship of Abelard and Heloise is mirrored in Eternal Sunshine by the love affair between Dr. Mierzwiak and his earnest young assistant, Mary. Charlie Kaufman also referred to "Eloisa to Abelard" in Being John Malkovich, which starred Hollywood's favorite Horus, John Cusack (more on him in the coming weeks).

That takes care of castration, now what about androgyny?

Like Andy in The 40 Year-Old Virgin, Joel's androgyny is expressed through his passivity. Clem is the active initiator in the relationship. Many critics made reference to the reversal of Carrey and Winslet's traditional roles. One even referred to Carrey's performance as "maidenly." Clem often calls Joel by the feminine diminutive "Joely."

Joel is so passive that Clem at first is unsure of his gender preference. When he tells her he lives with "someone" she asks if someone is a man or a woman. The non-specific pronoun motif becomes important later in their relationship.

Viewers unfamiliar with the courtship rituals of geekdom might wonder what Clem sees in the child-like, shrinkingly-passive Joel, but I've seen similar couples at conventions and Ren-faires. It used to baffle me as well, until I figured out the mechanics of Jung's anima/animus archetypes. Most guys are attracted to vivacious boho chicks like Clementine (especially if they're as adorable as Kate Winslet), but girls like that often prefer passive men who won't challenge or upstage them.

Clem's own androgyny is expressed in verbal hints strongly suggesting a casual or opportunistic bisexuality. Here Clem and Joel break into a summer home in Montauk belonging to "David and Ruth Laskin." Clem announces that that will be their identity and asks Joel which of the couple he'd like to be. She makes it known her gender identity can be flexible, which is consonant with the Boho neologism "heteroflexible."

We're then led to believe that Clem is indiscriminately promiscuous - or that Joel at least believes she is- and the conversation dealing with her suspected infidelities uses ambiguous pronouns in relation to gender. Their last argument before their split took pace after Clem returned home drunk at 3am and was over whether Clem f**ked some-one, not some "guy."

And true to form, Joel infers that Clem uses sex to get "people" to like her - again, a gender non-specific pronoun. Joel later expresses his fear that "she'll sooner or later go around f***ing everybody." Joel is irritated that she was out late but doesn't seem too shocked by the prospect that she'd be out having sex with a stranger. Perhaps he assumes it's a woman.

Another of Clem's personality traits is her drinking. This is reminiscent of the Egyptian version of Aphrodite, Hathor (or Athyr). It's this writer's opinion that the name Katherine (ostensibly meaning "pure" in Greek) is ultimately derived from "Hathor."

Katherine can be broken down to Ka-Hathor-Ein or Ka-Athyr-Ein -- ein being the Greek suffix mean "to have" or "to be," and Ka meaning spirit or life force. Ka-Hathor-Ein would translate into "To Have the Spirit of Hathor." Saint Catherine is identified with the Sinai, which also housed the Cave of Hathor. The name "Kate" is the diminutive for Katherine.

Kate Winslet's middle name is Elizabeth, a name of ultimate Egyptian origin. It's ostensible translation is "My God is My Oath," but could also be a contraction of Eloah-Isis-Beth, meaning "House of Isis the Goddess."
But Egyptian word puzzles bring us back to Montauk, which is either an Indian tribe name or a convenient, crypto-Masonic codeword meaning "Montu the Hawk." The logo there is from a rollar coaster ride at Busch Gardens, but Montauk itself is ripe with portent.

To Be Continued....