Saturday, June 28, 2008

Big Sur Fires rage on

This is awful. The fires seem to be centering on Big Sur, and apparently only 3% of the blazes are contained. This is like Paradise Lost. Truly one of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen in my life. Fortunately, Nature and the people who live in the area are hardy folk. Esalen appears to be untouched by the fire, which gives me a great sense of relief.

Maybe I should stay out of California. I was in LA working on the Aladdin marketing program at Disney two weeks before the Rodney King riots...


  1. Hi Chris,

    Buddhism based philosophy helps me deal with loss in positive ways. I believe death is graduation through reincarnation and suffering is the ultimate learning experience. Through it we give ourselves the opportunity to learn to react gracefully, without perpetuating the cycle of hardship. It may come down to this: 'if you don't have it, here's a chance to live up to not missing it.' Is there evil, or just character development? One of the best things I noticed about living in synch is that as I learn to remain relaxed and secure no matter what happens, great things happen.

    Around 15 years ago I lost my house in one of the worst Caribbean hurricanes on record. I had been living there alone for two years but the storm forced me to seek shelter at my neighbor's. That night I fell in love with my neighbor's brother in a scene right out of the movie 'Speed' with Sandra Bullock. As the supermarket crashed into our place, we kissed under the sofa. Of course we didn't care that electricity was out for four months and all manner of suffering had befallen: we were in love... It all hinges on perception.

    BTW, I love the star trek videos. The homemade one is sweded elite. The alien at the Olympics was a fun flashback...or presage?

  2. Very powerful and inspiring insights, Musie. Thank you.

  3. Chris,

    Check this out!!!! This story seems to be a continuation of your 17 post.

    Crazy stuff here, man, crazy

    Let me know if you can't open it.

    17 year old, the new batman movie - the heath ledger 'sacrifice' - the number six also appears many times (see my 6 post). 911 crops up, as does the number 58 - tim russert's age when he died, which is at the end of the article.


    I know this has nothing to do with Cali, but I got excited and had to get it to you.

    I don't know if there is malevolence here or not, it seems like and accident, but who knows anymore.

    Love to get your thoughts.


  4. One more thing,

    The 911 center was FLOODED with calls. Flood imagery is HUGE right now. I dreamed of floods all last night. Obviously, they are in the news, but they are also flowing around the collective hive mind.



  5. Thuthie, that story was on Yahoo. It's f**king awful. Sadly, teenaged boys do stupid stuff and get themselves killed. I don't think there's anything more to it than that. But an interesting- though tragic- synchronicity.

  6. Dumb 17 years olds = Yes.

    Tragic = ABSOLUTELY.

    Ritual Sacrifice = I got to call it like I see it, while still always appreciating and looking for your opinion, and the idea that we live in a world of probability - I know there's soooo much I don't know. But I do know there's room in the synchroverse to all sides of every story. Perhaps my metaphors of the world have slipped toward the dark side? Despite my efforts to the contrary.

    I'll be more topical in the future. I promise. Thanks for putting up with my unruly comments.




  7. Believe me, I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm saying I don't see any evidence of it. I usually like to exhaust all the mundane possibilities before I look for the arcane ones.

    That being said, I will definitely keep an eye on the followups to the story, if any.

  8. Like there aren't enough wild landscapes and forests being destroyed - every year they have to go burn down loads more.

    No prizes for guessing what happens to the land after these fires ruin the whole area. As in who gets the building contracts, and would they otherwise have been allowed to develop in such places. Ditto for a ton of other "natural" disasters.

    Forests and woodland are by their very being, not that dry beneath the canopy that the sun beating down and maybe sparking some kindling-like material is going to spread to that extent. I haven't checked the rainfall in that area preceding the fire, but I can say that where I've had direct experience of there being no rain for a good while and a lot of spindly woodland unmanaged by any humans - the fires that occured there were all started deliberately, by people who never lived there.

  9. Zuppie- you don't know what you're talking about. Big Sur is owned outright by the ultra-rich- the average house price there is in the mid six figures. And it's nearly impossible to develop because it's all mountains. AND it was dry as a bone all the way from Big Sur to SF.

  10. I have to wonder about many recent (since 1990) "wild" fires... here's some synchro for ya:

    warmer weather creates dryer climates for otherwise wetter areas. dryer climates create dryer life and more static buildup in atmospheric conditions. the slightest move, either natural (like lightning) or unnatural (like a dumbass) can start it ablaze. the blaze is known to cause weather modification by altering hygroscopic particulate matter in the local area, and further up into the slipstream. Pinatubo was a shining example of that; after the volcano went off, the world experienced 22 times the "pollution" in the upper atmosphere than it has today - and - major wet weather periods engulfed the whole world for two years or more. the NOAA and WMO and other cronies (I have my reasons, *achem Raytheon*, for the slander) including, but not limited to, the National Forest Service and Department of Reclamation (both operated by the Department of COMMERCE)... whew... ALL KNOW THESE THINGS AND COORDINATE SOME 'CONTROLLED BURNS' TO ALTER ALBEDO AFFECTS AND CLOUD SEEDING OPPORTUNITES.



    Serious. Read my blog on MySpace. (there's many, but if you do the 'view all' bit and 'find' the words "weather modification" you'll know what's up)


    Light and Truth,
    Brendan Bombaci

  11. Another art to life synch about the Six Flags horror. Just yesterday I was watching Final Destination 3, about teens meeting gruesome preordained deaths. The dialogue borrows quite a bit from synchromystical lore about deadly premonitions, but the main plot is lots of good ole gore. Here is an edit of the roller coaster death scene. Of course the movie also offers plenty of head crushing and splattering.

    Create the imagery and watch it bounce into reality. I wouldn't call it a conspiracy, more like a self-fulfilling prophecy of mainstream culture.


  12. Oh, and then there's this: I just looked at my notes and a client is asking for throw pillows made from a fabric with the annoying name of 'Six Flags Cocoa'.

  13. Jeez, all - how about the Siberian Tunguska Event rehash in the news today?? (it's centennial mark)

    BS. Why don't people just admit that it was freakin' Tesla and his Wardenclyffe Tower? The guy even admitted it in an autobiographical compilation, and, stated that he had a friend check it out years later on an Arctic expedition only to find that his coordinates were off due to miscalculation (he tried for the ice cap and missed)!

    Wow. Keep guessing, guys. Keep guessing.

    Light and Truth,
    Brendan Bombaci

    ps: glad we're not the aim of some new "Project Starfish" or HAARP "research" idea! What kind of weather could that thing stir up, I wonder? Hmmmmmm....