Friday, June 13, 2008

Nectar of the Gods

It appears that Anheuser-Busch will be taken over by a Belgian/Brazilian conglomerate, which is yet another milestone in the dismantling of the illusion of American invulnerability. We're talking about one of the core brands of national identity, especially for a large swathe of Middle American working-class men who treat Budweiser as a near-sacrament.

I wonder what they would think of this advertisement from the early 1900s that features the homoerotic Rape of Ganymede with the Anheuser-Busch eagle in place of the pansexual supreme deity Zeus? The first example of target marketing (the ad was placed in a theater magazine)?

Or this ad, in which we see the Budweiser beer wagon emerge triumphantly bathed in the rays of the rising sun like Helios and his flaming chariot? I love the opening line, "Here comes the king/here comes the big number one," as we get a eyeful of Sol-Helios-Apollo- Horus. Coincidence? Maybe.

But did I mention that Busch Gardens Europe has a roller coaster called "Apollo's Chariot?"


  1. Cindy McCain owns an Anheuser-Busch distributorship. If a Belgian company buys AB, will Mrs. McCain need to register as a foreign agent?

  2. Meh, I'm from Belgium, it sucks to live in a country famous for its beers if you don't like beer :p disgusting.

    Better get used to OCP buying all.

  3. I expect to see tons of righteous indignation from a huge number of politicians who have nothing but praise for funneling trillions of our tax dollars to war profiteers, and then selling the debt to china and the middle east.


  4. I must say that I prefer Irish stouts...although porters are quite nice also :P

    Good post Chris. Let's also mention the Abu Dhabi fund is looking to buy New York's Chrysler Building for $800 million.

    Psychopathic greed is what I like to call it.

    The US is being gobbled up at an alarming rate.

    Plundering a country as it falls to its knees is not a new concept. But, I never expected to see it happen to the US and in such a bombastic manner.

  5. Maybe this is the plan- get everyone upset about all the political nonsense while the country is bought out from underneath us. But if you go back to the roots of this country you realize it was created by multinational corporations based in the same exact countries that are buying it all back at fire sale prices.

  6. OCP reference was so frickin' funny.. oh shit..