Monday, June 23, 2008

Astronaut Theology: Their (Green) Sun is Different

"Secret Sun" goes back to my childhood. It refers to a recurring dream I've had since I was very young in which the Sun comes out in the middle of the night, but only a select few know about it.

I actually coined the term sitting in the 33rd St Path station one day in 1996 because my publisher (Sirius Entertainment) told me I had to come with a personal imprint name for my comic, Halo, An Angel's Story. A woman was reading a Gabriel Garcia Marquez book that looked like it had an eclipse on the cover, and suddenly the phrase popped into my head. But I've been never able to find the book cover in question after all these years.

It didn't occur to me until very, very recently that there may in fact be a secret sun hiding behind all of the Mysteries and Masonry and all the rest of it. Now, I'm not necessarily saying such a thing exists, I'm saying the symbols seem to be pointing to a belief in such a thing. And it would be a secret because it's where the gods came from.

This whole bit with Ra and his green sun that we looked at the other day has opened up a major can of worms in my already-overcrowded brain. It fills in a lot of gaps in this ongoing mystery story. And on Saturday, I suddenly realized it ties right into Exhibit A of the Masonic character of our ruling class, which even schoolchildren know about today...

To recap, a blogger delved into some Egyptian texts and realized that Ra's sun is green, ringed, and travels from west to east every day. The ringed bit caused some readers to assume this may be Saturn, which is a fair guess. But this is a sun we're talking about, and Saturn has different correspondences altogether. The Egyptians probably also knew about about "sundogs," or parhelions, since they are a rare but not unknown occurance, as we see in this Renaissance painting.

The description of a green sun with a series of rings might be complete fabrication, of course. If in fact they describe Saturn, we're up against a mystery once again, since history tells us Saturn's rings weren't discovered until 1610. We have no record of telescopes being used by the Egyptians and yet we have a heavenly body surrounded by rings described in Egyptian myth.

I know this is impossible and everything, but what the green sun and the rings might describe are the atmospheric conditions on an alien planet, which cause the Sun to appear green and ringed.

Horus and Ra are often syncretized, but in fact are two separate entities in mythology. Horus was said to be an earthly king who instituted the dynasty of the Horus Kings as well as being a Helios-type solar embodiment. Here we see Horus with his father Osiris, whom we'll look at in a moment. Horus is obviously a young man, dressed in the garb of an Egyptian warrior.

Here is Ra: also hawk-headed and wearing the Sun Disk, but an obviously older and more august figure. Noticed the checked pattern of his tunic as well as the black and white design on his chest-piece. Remind you of anything?

Now, we know that Ra is not on Earth- he returned to his home in space where he looks over the Netjer. Of all the gods, only Ra and Osiris are in "The Heavens," meaning outer space. And we know now that Ra symbolizes the green sun...

..and Osiris himself has green skin. So why green? We see green today as representing the Earth; why would it be associated with the two heavenly figures in Egyptian mythology? Note the candy cane crook, which Jake has written about, as well as that alternating dark-light block pattern again).

Ra is also symbolized by the Udjat, the "All-Seeing Eye," as is Horus. Why would this important symbol - which symbolizes monarchy - represent two different characters? Maybe there's been a long-standing misinterpretation- there are two different udjats representing two different suns. One is our yellow sun, and the other is, of course...

...Green. There's your green sun, right there on the back of the dollar bill.

Which poses a question: is this the Eye of Horus or the Eye of Ra? The phrase Novus Ordo Seclorum, which made the news again when Nancy Pelosi was sworn in as Speaker of the House, might be interpreted to argue in favor of Horus. It comes from The Aeneid, written by the Roman poet Virgil:

"The last prophecy has come to the Cumaean Sibyl; a brand new great order of the ages is born; for now the Virgin and the age of Saturn have returned; now a new Child has been sent from the heavens."

But the seal is a jumble in some ways- we have the invocation to Horus, son of the Virgin and Saturn (Osiris), but Annuit Coeptis comes from an invocation to Jupiter. But Jupiter was also identified with Amun, who also later came to be identified with Ra (as Amen Ra). Religion was very confusing back then.

I do think this Eye is Ra, since the headline there has the Jupiter bit, and the announcement of the "coming child" is addressed by the reverse of the seal...

...this is Horus, the war bird. Note the arrows are in the left hand, which reminds us of the "left hand path" and Crowley's conquering Horus of The Book of the Law. We see the same identification of the eagle with Horus (through 17) on the golden dollar.

Now remind yourself again we're talking about the Great Seal of the United States, which we are supposed to believe was founded as a "Christian" nation. It doesn't matter what nonsense your history teacher sold you, these symbols are not vague and amorphous civic niceties, they all had very specific meanings and correspondences in the pre-Christian world. This is all sun god stuff we're looking at, there's no question about it. And it's also all colored in green.

So why is the dollar green? No one seems to know. But the Eye of Ra and all of the rest of Masonic symbolism might be pointing to Ra and his green sun. In a purely mythological fashion, of course.

But it begs the question: what is the real lost secret of Freemasonry?


  1. and recently carried stories about planet X, or Niburu if you prefer.

    X is supposedly a gaseous giant or even a dwarf star that has a highly eliptical orbit and passes Earth every 3600 years. If X is real, the ancient Egyptians would have known of it, and depending on how close it came to Earth, it may well have lit up the night sky as a second sun. I don't know about the doomsday scenario with it supposedly passing in 2012 being true, but evidence such as a gravitational irregularities suggest something being out there. Signs of it in Synchromysticsm would be the scene in one of the latest Star Wars films in which Obi-wan says something like "All the evidence for a planet existing in that spot is there, but it is not on any of the maps." and the Youngling says "Then someone removed it from the maps."

  2. I found the Time Magazine cover you display on your site to be a correspondence to the theories and trains of thought I've been exploring for the last 10 years.

    People who ask some fascinating questions are at, and The best synthesis I have read, to date, is at No one of these resources is perfect or flawless, but the are produced by people who believe that there is more to know than what is presented in our history and science books. And they believe there is good evidence.

  3. I really appreciate the connections you're making. You are showing me how look at things from a very different and unique perspective. Thanks!

    I also enjoyed the comments about your recurring dream. It's amazing how a simple dream can affect the direction of one's life.

  4. Well, thank you kindly, Lady D. The only problem is that my brains are starting to overheat a little...

  5. There is some kind of evidence that the ancient Egyptians had optics such as telescopes, it's detailed in the book The Crystal Sun by the same man that wrote The Sirius Mystery, Robert Temple.

    There's descriptions in it of the likes of large polished lenses that are on display, I think it's in the Cairo Museum.

  6. I think if you're looking for the real secret kept by the Masons it would be this: act like you're keeping a really big secret and pretty soon people will respect and fear you for it. It's a version of Nietsche's will-to-power only applied to one's self first and then upon the world afterwards.

    If there's any arcane knowledge kept within Freemasonry I would wager it's been dragged along by the survivalist instincts of the organization as opposed to actually being useful to humanity at large. Because if any of what they profess to be secrets had any real value then they would be used as bartering chips with the rest of us.

  7. Hah! Brilliant, Magnie! But I did say "lost" secret...

    I think the secret most Masons are looking for now is the secret to daily continence.

  8. i concur.
    they are cowards

  9. I just realized when Obi-wan got his revealation from the youngling, instructing the youngling to answer the question was Yoda, another "green man" LOL

  10. 9 Strings, 10 Tuning Pegs

    There's an unusual instrument, no?

  11. Si!

    Ed, I'll be posting my Indy 4 review on Thursday, speaking of Lucas. That movie should be called "Indiana Jones and the Secret Sun."

  12. In the ST universe, the Borg is associated with green light, same as the Matrix green.

  13. I'll be looking forward to it.

  14. About the Marquez book, it wouldn't happen to have been this one, would it?

    That's the copy I have, thought of it as soon as I read your post...

  15. Actually, I think it might have been this one...

  16. darn! you should have posted that last one @ 11:17pm, Chris! You'd have been the 17th poster.


  17. "I think if you're looking for the real secret kept by the Masons it would be this: act like you're keeping a really big secret and pretty soon people will respect and fear you for it."

    That's exactly what I was thinking as to all this myself. Which again, was all predicted to unfold exactly as it is justnow, when all of these topics first became uncovered public knowledge turning up in popular books and so forth. If you look at websites like redice, they're really just whooping up a focus upon seeing certain obvious scientific facts from a perspective that makes them seem mysterious and unable to be grasped by 'mere mortals'; when really, there's just been a type of d-notice slapped on the collective unconscious for x amount of years, hoping to try to make enough people forget the obvious and be distracted by technology and workslavery, that when the sh*t begins to hit the fan they'll actually entertain the idea that shady networks control every aspect of knowledge.

    All shady networks do / have done, is alter things in some respect so that enough people are willing to wreck the planet to get them short-term gain of its resources. The fact that they do that proves that they don't actually have any knowledge worth knowing about. If you're enlightened, then you would never take the path they took.

  18. I'm starting to believe there are no secrets anymore- just unconnected dots.

  19. Further to that, it's important to note that the orchestrators of all that actually believe that us engaging in dicussions on these topics means they own us or in some way have captured parts of us. They really haven't got a clue about how things really are at all.

  20. I know I replied this here before someplace, but the idea of a secret sun probably just relates to a star that this local sun is in orbit with; that doesn't mean it doesn't relate to another solar system that some explorers or migrants /whatever had naturally evolved on before they headed out this way and came to live or visit here.

    The important point being, without sounding blase about it, none of those concepts ought to be show-stoppers. Indeed, looking back over the oldest known tribal cultures here on this planet (no conspiracies required to uncover said facts), it's always been common knowledge that it's possible to travel around this timespace, and it makes complete sense there'd be other places that lifeforms like exist here could exist on. Cultures around the whole planet have explicitly stated that is the case, going back as far as any forms of communications are known to exist.

    It's an exercise in mass mind-control, and probable clone-production, how anyone could fake a system where that isn't common knowledge. The irony being, in order to believe you could pull that off indefinitely (or even at all; after all this 'ignorance' bit of history isn't really that long even just compared to this planets lifetime so far) you'd have to remove your own brain and knowledge.
    It's like someone here just made a bunch of clones of itself, so it'd look like they all believed a pile of idiocy.

    It's also like when in a group of people, there's a noisy loudmouth one that - when they proclaim anything they say it as if everyone else agrees with them, or that what they think is somehow the-truth; but they've never consulted anyone else as to what they think. There's just this huge big assumption with them that they are speaking for everyone else, rather than voicing their own opinion based upon whatever they have done and considered to arrive at that opinion.
    They also think that if nobody vocally disagrees with them - it means that nobody actually disgrees.
    It never occurs to them that their rules don't apply outside that small part of their brain they are able to access and use.

    The well-known, in this current timeframe here, thinking about WhereWeAreAt, is just the same as that loudmouth. And it's obvious to anyone with reasoning ability that they've put no thought at all into arriving at their opinions.

  21. I made a post over at the garden about a "green man" that you might find interesting.

  22. In regards to Jupiter and Saturn, there are rumors that they want to ignite them and turn them into suns. I've searched for why they'd want to do that you've posited that Saturn and Jupiter are one and the same as Osiris and Amun who are part of a sun worship pantheon, it makes perfect sense. Aslo, I read some time ago that Green is the devil's that makes sense too!

  23. That's probably being planned to warm Mars and maybe some other heavenly body in the news lately...

  24. I think the Kybalion might be what the 'real' secret of freemasonry is/where it came from.

    Also, freemasonry has probably become on of the main tools of the IHS.

  25. Halfway through your post I decided to write about something I've been thinking about for some time now.
    After I finished reading your post/comments I realized wat I was writing about, could be a 'lost' secret if you will.
    Man, I now understand why some of You Guys' posts are so long sometimes, it just keeps on syncin'.

    Let me know what you think.

  26. One Hundred Years of Solitude, the book with the Eclipse.

    I think it has a new cover now, but this is the one I found.


  27. You've had that dream too? Nifty.

  28. Your dream was about the coming of Jesus Christ. I know this may sound out there but as an intellectual I know you can appreciate a non-coincidence. I encourage you to research Jesus the way you have mythology and find that there are SEVERAL scriptures that describe your dream. I hope you don't find this inflammatory because it is written with love and hope.

  29. *Emerald* Tablets

    Green Lantern <-- Makes sense now.


  30. Today you bagged on the Police and rightly so for Synchronicity, but they are sort of why I am here. And seeing how I have yet to see that you have mentioned The Police I figured this maybe a sync and I would share why.

    In the early 80's I started having a dream that the sun was out at night. Sometimes I would look out the window and then to a clock and see it was after midnight. 12:12 to be exact on a digital clock which the Single and Album "Ghost in the machine"(X-files) covers were digital glyphs.

    The Dream would re-occur throughout my life as would the brain sync with digital clocks. Sometimes I would be outside and some others could see it too sometimes it just me. And I would always think in the dream WOW! It is so weird see a sun at night!

    Recently the dream came back after reading this Discovery article then noodle-googling invisible sun & Sun at night I came across your blog.

    I have always been a bit of a sci-fi, comics, conspiracy want to believer but in the last couple of years I have looking into symbols, esoteric ideas, Gnostics etc (after turning 40 of course). I will keep searching but strange things are afoot at the Circle K to be sure!

    I think there will be a second sun for awhile in the night sky either Betelgeuse or Permanently (ala 2001-10 Jupiter/Saturn) hence the invisible sun in my life. It just has not shown yet, but somehow I think soon... Anyway to stop rambling, thanks for your blog in has been interesting to say the least!

  31. Huh...maybe I forgot to add them but I did have some of the lyrics to Invisible sun. No matter.

    That was the Police sync though in case it was cut off.

    Because of those dreams Invisible Sun became an earworm.