Friday, June 13, 2008

Study: Nature Scenes Can Reduce Stress

Newswise — Technology can send a man to the moon, help unlock the secrets of DNA and let people around the world easily communicate through the Internet. But can it substitute for nature?

Apparently not, according to a new study that measured individuals’ heart recovery rate from minor stress when exposed to a natural scene through a window, the same scene shown on a high-definition plasma screen, or a blank wall. The heart rate of people who looked at the scene through the window dropped more quickly than the others. In fact, the high-definition plasma screen had no more effect than the blank wall.


  1. Gurdjieff updated the neo-platonic chain of being as follows:

    The Absolute
    All Galaxies
    The Milky Way
    The Solar System
    Earth's Biosphere
    Human Civilization
    The Moon

    Each of these descending levels operates under more and more "laws," that the Gurdjieffian gnostitician is trying to get out from under. So getting out into Nature, and away from civilization, is always a spiritual good.

    I've mentioned this insight of G.'s to several New Age/Pagan faithful of Northern California, and the response has been, unanimously, "duh."

    Anyway, cool to see some "confirmation."

    Gurdjieff also thought electrico-magnetic waves were malignant, and he could be proved right on that one, too.

  2. Interesting indeed, Tanner- do you or does anyone know anything about the Rocky Mountain Mystery Schools?

  3. Telling that the Moon is last on the list; few people seem to realise the odds-against the Moon just happening to be able to exactly eclipse the Sun.

    Statistics even, will show that violent crime rates are highest when the Moon is full, and it would seem that a large percentage of certain birthrates coincide with the same Moon phase patterns (what that means is that most people have a certain aspect in their birthcharts, the angle between the Moon and the Sun, because they are conceived at the same times every month).

    The Moon controls how and when-how much water plant roots will uptake, it controls the tides, the oceans themselves.
    These are all hard scientific facts and findings.

    There's some very interesting historical tidbits and accounts that suggest the Moon is a lot newer than most say; not it's rock age, just when it was orbiting Earth from.
    Perhaps at least some aspects of DNA itself are only here in those forms because there's a 'Death Star' holding their forms in place.