Friday, May 30, 2008

Cargo Cults of the Gods

OK, so the same day we're promised a glimpse at a real-live Grey we get pictures of a very exotic looking undiscovered tribe in the Amazon. An expert tells us this tribe is trying to remain hidden, and I can't look at those pictures without thinking of the Cargo Cults that got Van Daniken started with Chariots of the Gods.

So what are we to make of this conjunction? Freeman believes that the Greys are no extraterrestrial but subterranean, which ties in quite nicely with the camera-shy tribe. Are the Greys like these Indians? Are they our cousins, who merely took a left turn when the ret of the world went right?

I'm quite agnostic when it comes to the UFO thing, to be honest. There's too much evidence for it to be a hoax or something, but not enough for me to believe these are aliens. I kind of like the subterranean explanation, and maybe this strange conjunction is pointing us in that direction. 

When it comes to the Greys, their reported behavior does seem more like some sort of alternate race native to this planet, who take a somewhat furtive stance to their hominid relations.