Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Crystal Skull of "Knowledge"

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is one of those films that absolutely defies synchromystic analysis by shoving it all in your face, down your throat, out the other end and back again. I'm not going to go into too much detail right now, but suffice it to say that everything we've been discussing here- and at several other stops on the synchronmystic circuit - is put out there right in the open: ancient astronauts, remote viewing, automatic writing, channeling, alternative history, Stargates and on and on and on. In fact, I'm not sure I didn't fall asleep and dream all of that- is that in the same movie you saw?

I've talked a lot about my patron goddess and muse Ka-Hathor-Ein Eloah-Isis Blanchett, and she plays exactly the role I would have picked out for her myself. In fact, the entire thing sort of plays like a bunch of smarmy skeptics writing a parody of a synchromystic film, it's so completely over-the-top. There's also a scene in the film that you see a snippet of in the trailer that reminds me of the drive to Esalen.

I love the closing benediction that the real treasure is "Knowledge," ie, Gnosis. Especially what the Gnosis is of in this case. I've always seen the ancient Gnostics as mostly a bunch of poseurs, but I think the original idea came from knowledge of something tangible.

Think about it- all of the conspiracies, all of the wars, all of the time and trouble and sacrifice all of the secret societies and priesthoods and all the rest have gone through- what is it really for? Spiritual enlightenment? Is this some metaphysical secret or is this something that could be exploited- and perhaps even weaponized- if you had it? All of this stuff we talk about has something incredibly powerful and profound at its core- not something ethereal. Bet the farm on it.

Anyhow, the last film that put it all out there in the open- National Treasure- turned out to be telling another story entirely. So I'll have to sit down with the DVD and watch Indy 4 a hundred times or so before what's really being said in this film is revealed. Just the fact that we've gone from Old Testament (Raiders) to New Testament (Last Crusade) to frickin' ancient astronauts is pretty remarkable on the face of it, and I didn't notice anything offhand, but these things take time, as Morrissey once sang.

My other question is why now, and why an Indiana Jones film? I admit I hadn't paid a lot of attention and had no idea there was so much hardcore A.A.T. stuff in this film. And it's not like we've been seeing a lot of this in the movies lately. Why now, and why so over-the-top explicit? And has there ever been a human being more obsessed with aliens than Steven Spielberg?

I realize this isn't a very timely review, but I've been so busy I hadn't time to see the film until recently. I'll be going into much greater detail once I have a chance to maniacally obsess on the DVD.


  1. Hey my friend,
    Two qucick observations on the Jones film. First, a couple of the boys from work and I went to see this film together a few weeks ago. We watched, then talked with more friends later. Almost everyone felt it was like watching a 'traditional' Indiana Jones Adventure with an E.T. excerpt tacked on at the end. That last 10 minutes just didn't feel like the rest of the movie.
    However, my own personal take on the movie, isn't quite as deep as yours, but I do agree that NO ONE is more obsessed with aliens than Speilberg...and I found this to be another 'messge movie'. In other words, it seems various movie and tv writers are trying to tell us in various ways "They're Coming!" They of course, meaning THEM. The others. The aliens. Whatever. Particualrly telling I thought was John Hurt's explaination of the E.T.s. " Not from outer space...but from the space between spaces!" Interdimensionals. Most other movie dialogue isn't that explicit in explaining the nature of our soon-to-be visitors. The movie went from matinee fun to 'spook-house ominous' in the last 10 or 15 minutes.
    What think ye?


  2. I knew you would like this. And you described it perfectly. I'm looking forward to your in-depth analysis.

  3. I think when you open a movie at Nellis Air Force Base you're not looking to make a standard Indiana Jones movie. I thought the entire thing was just loaded- Mutt being the "Widow's Son," Indiana Jones in the Osirian casket and the whole transmutative atomic testing thing, the fact that the Indians in contact with the aliens are "sun worshippers," the obelisk, etc, etc, etc. The movie goes out of its way to hit all not only the ET stuff but all the Shemsu Hor stuff that we've looked at in other movies. I don't think they were trying to make a film- I think it was all this giant ritual drama with a video game sensibility. I don't know why but I had absolutely no idea it was going to be so in your face.

  4. Chris,
    I hope this one isn't too elementary, but could you please lay out your definition of a ritual drama, especially as it relates to movies and other public events? I'm fascinated...I just want to make sure I understand.


  5. Well, this is a purely subjective term, but I use it generally to describe something that only makes sense in a ritual context, ie in describing a series of events and characters that have direct correspondences to the old myths or stories. This is especially so when the story doesn't seem to make any sense on a surface level.

  6. In my opinion this thing watched (read) lilke a spoof of an Indy movie...It was as much a part of the Jones legacy as the as the smarmy, fedora clad M&Ms hawking their pancreas-killing selves are. Which is to say it was nothing more than a gigantic (bleeping) advertisement (with really poor CGI.)

    The final scenes tell the tale...Indy and crew run from the swirling vortex of knowledge-filled, transdimensional goodness (clearly the anti-Dorothy) to the safety of the Christian church and the sanctity of marriage.

    I had the same reaction, Chris. I'm not entirely sure that i wasn't ACTUALLY abducted by grey aliens and had the INdy flick inserted as a screen memory.

    I give it a two WTFs straight up.

  7. Chris,

    Can't wait to see your particular spin on this one. I sat there trying to absorb as much as I could, only went to see it once. My feeling when I left the place was the well placed Mayan references. Thinking on how you put it with Raiders, Last Crusade to Indy4 being a spiritual journey...maybe. I think it's kind of like what you said on another post about a "battle behind the scenes" except not on the political front. Celt mentions a possibility of a struggle for supremacy between Serpent and Solar cults. Thats an interesting idea...


    Thinking on that with recent movies like Indy4 and Furutama's could it be the merging of these two cults to form the one world religion we keep hearing about? Are these consciousness (I hate that word too) rituals (911 Mega and now Maya 2012) adding to the Yin/Yang of these Cults? We can see the comic books industry (I think D.C. represents Solar Cult while Marvel seems to lean towards Serpent) fraught with it, now movies too, and if we look carefully at past television series, will we see Solar V.S. Serpent there too and now we are awaiting the joining of the two? It boggles the mind as to why...but with all the mind control symbolisms revealed as of late, it's a different twist now to see whats going on behind the scenes.

  8. Michael, we can only blue-sky speculate and keep our eyes peeled. Maybe there's a three way battle between three different factions of the Solar/Serpent Fusion cult. Maybe there's no battle, just a pissing match between power players jockeying for position. Maybe everyone agrees on the ultimate goals they just disagree on the means. Who the hell knows?

    This movie is whacked for so many reasons, not the least of which is that the whole Indiana Jones thing was about trying to prove the historicity of the Bible. Then all of a sudden there's telepathy and automatic writing and ancient astronauts and all the rest of it. Huh?

    Where's all of the Priory of Sion babble- don't you think that would be an Indy 4 plot? No, because all of that stuff is- at best- allegory and at worst deliberate disinformation. It's all just Fundie bait.

    Out of absolutely nowhere we have UFO sightings- and video- coming in from all over the place. Out of absolutely nowhere we have a two hour sermon on ancient astronauts with Hathor Blanchett in a Cleopatra wig, of all things. Then we have the EU meeting in a Russian city filled with synchromystic architecture. And in the background the entire industrial financial system is falling apart around our ears.

    And it all just feels so damn contrived to me.

  9. It feels contrived because it IS contrived. What we are witnessing is the ultimate old-boy network of self-appointed elites pulling the curtain back which they built over the past few centuries since the Renaissance and showing us the iron bars in our cage - if we're willing to see them, that is. Frank Zappa said something along those lines before his demise.

    The enlightenment and everything that came since is basically the immanetization of the concept that if you want to completely enslave someone, you must first tell them you are liberating them. And so they have - they've created mental dungeons from which most will never escape. And this Apocalyspe, or 'revelation' has been predicted for longer than the plan has been in motion.

    We are being shown our cages because the elites feel we can't really do anything about it now. And given the poor ability of the general public for critical thinking, they may be onto something. I personally think that what's really going on is that the elites have inadvertently let the cat out of the bag with the internet and all the war on terror is just their way of trying to undo the potential of their slaves to do something about their bondage.

  10. I have a problem with this kind of florid language, Magnie. The bit about the Enlightenment is a red flag for me, because that's what the Religious Right is always screaming about.

    Elites usually end up spending most of their time fighting with each other, all throughout history. Megalomaniacs always want to be the one on top.

    There's something else going on, count on it. If all they wanted was just to enslave the human race they could have done that a long time ago. We really need to realize that the point of view of the religiously-driven, working class-based conspiracy culture is not our own. In fact, it is inherently hostile towards us. We shouldn't adopt its language or its eschatology.

    These times call for discernment.

  11. Hey Chris,

    FWIW, I had the feeling that the scene in the alien's collection room -- where Indy says "they were archeologists" -- had some connection to the earlier films. The crystal skull dudes had artifacts from all the cultures associated with the earlier films, so what if the Ark of the Covenant, the Shiva stones and the Holy Grail had some connection to the aliens? Some pieces of their power? Then you have sort of a grand unified theory for human mythology, mysticism and paranormal phenomena?

  12. 'Why an Indy film?' may be best answered by considering the story surrounding Otto Rahn,

    which also neatly ties in with the 'real' Rennes les Chateau - it was a large part of what Otto wrote about and was sent, sort of also by the SS, to investigate (remember the SS's archeaology dept. featured in Raiders).

    People tend to dismiss anything to do with RLC now - just shows you what a bestselling paperback and a Hollywood movie can do to a topic (going by what a recent TV prog. on the crystal skulls was bent towards, it's happening there too - previous knowledge be damned, let's all pretend it was bunkum all along because it got into popular culture).

    But there's plenty there that more than suggests there's all kinds of those interesting things going on. There's Perillos in France, there's Poussin's paintings having been commissioned by Louis XIII; there's the fact that alleged last Priory Grandmaster Jean Cocteau did paint a mural for a London church, with some kind of historical Templar grave connection, that had a black sun in it; there's all the sketches that DaVinci did on the human form and sacred geometry, and some coincidental connections to Duchamps by way of his Mona Lisa variant - generally the Priory is thought to have been a surrealist gag; but that does somewhat miss the point of surrealism in general. What is fabrication, if it's just joining dots anyway in a world that ain't quite right.

    How can anyone really claim to maintain a point of view that something has been added in later on historically, when we live in a reality where a great many things have been artifically removed and grafted in anyway when it comes to 'how we got to where this is now'.

    That said, there isn't any dispute that the Knights Templar existed - and what the Priory is actually meant to be is a type of 'secretarial wing' of the Templars - the records keeping and organisational side. The split that may have occured due to whatever reasons, seems to be involved in what happened to the Order in France when it was outlawed by the King there and the Pope.

    Many Templars did indeed escape to Scotland, and it'd seem some backed the Scots against the English, and there were links there again with the English monarchs breaking away from Rome but keeping their own form of Christianity, and other connections concerning Scots Queen Mary's links to France - that was during Elizabeth I 's reign in England & then it was the same James of both Scotland and England whose name you'll see today on all the official versions of the Bible (the many variants are all based on the King James version, unless they are related to the Dead Sea Scroll finds, or are from earlier collections say like those that include the Book of Enoch).

    Also not in dispute is that there were other versions of Christianity in cultures that pre-dated it becoming an official Roman faith - the Cathars, the Merovingians (heavily alluded to in The Matrix Reloaded even), the Visigoths.

  13. Zuppie, if you havent already, definitely check out Tracy Twyman's work on the subject.

  14. I have indeed - I'd read a fair few pages on Dagobert's Revenge many years ago.

    (the Dagobert II legend is very Horus-y isn't it - loses an eye and all)

    (while at college, also years ago and before the Dan Brown book was out, class I was in had to do an art presentation, so I did sacred geometry in paintings and the Rennes les Chateau paintings too. It was funny because nobody knew what I was talking about, and much later when I saw the DaVinci Code film - Tom Hanks' character is showing all these slides at the beginning like I did, and then later they sneak down to a crypt in Rosslyn Chapel - I did that too (but it doesn't look like what the film shows).

    Just to say, the 'Mitchell-Hedges' crystal skull is a real skull: it was tested by HP and some other science types in the 70s and it had all kinds of unexplainable features that couldn't have been made by any tools known to exist.

    It has a separate jawbone to the rest of the skull, is made from one single block of rock quartz with no tool marks, and if you angle sunlight through its eyesockets it focuses the light and can start a fire (which Mayan and other native American accounts also relate it was used for).

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