Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yahooccultism: The Week in 17

I wonder if there's a synchromystic mole on the Yahoo News team who's also hip to the 17 tip, because there was an interesting sequence of stories on their video ticker. 

 The high point of the past week was the Boston Celtics winning their 17th championship on the 17th. Celtic green resonates with St. Patrick's Day, another big day in Boston also on the 17th.

Yahoo also gave us video on the Conception Conspiracy in which 17 teenage girls made a pact to get pregnant at the same time, which also coincided with the birth of Maddie Brian to Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney's much prettier 17-year old sister. 

I love the line that the baby's father is a pipe layer. I also love the giant, golden eye of Horus- the miraculously-born god-king whom 17 represents- looming in the Masonic blue background as the two newsies discuss the scandal. 

 Secret Sun reader Just Me alerted me to the pregnancy scandal, which took place in my old summer stomping grounds, Gloucester, Mass. ( I previously made reference to Gloucester in one of my Masonic Manhattan posts, which ironically dealt with Virgin symbolism)

WBZ's Yahoo site (The Eye of Horus is Always On, don't you love it?) also reported on a tragic accident at the Hyannis airport. The plane in question had the numbers 656 in its registry, the sum of which is 17. 

The airport is near the Kennedy compound. Remember now that JFK Jr.- born 17 days after his father was elected president- was first reported missing on July 17, 1999 (those pesky nines again).

The same day that the NASA Mars Phoenix Lander - which should just be called the "NASA Horus-Horus Lander" - discovers ice on Mars, we also read the earth-shaking news that George Michael is touring the US for the first time in 17 years. Call (619) 224-4171 for tickets.

This week also sees a spate of news stories proclaiming the death of the suburbs and their attendant sprawl. I wish. I've lived in the 'burbs my whole life- pretty much against my will, I might add- and I think the runaway development of the past 15 years is an abomination- spiritually, economically and environmentally destructive. 

When I first moved here I essentially lived in the woods- now I am surrounded by chipboard palaces. But I digress. Along with whatever agenda is being promoted with the 'burb alarmism, we see Jamie Lynn again and a story on Nibiru, the so-called 10th Planet. I know that story is a crock o' crap, because the last I heard there are 17 planets...

June 17th was also Download Day for FireFox 3. Hmm, 3 and 17...sounds familiar. Anyhow, the promotional artwork is a semiotic bonanza, especially for Secret Sun buffs. If you still have doubts that 17 has solar significance maybe this will help you out a bit. 

There are so many levels of possible meaning here- the Eye of Horus form, the solar phallus represented by the condom, the anal sex inference drawn from the back pocket. It's like something out of Crowley... is the phoenix here which allows you to reclaim your "inbox." 

And it's all about the 17...