Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Like I Said, Their Sun is Different...

It turns out that Ra might be even more unusual than we've previously assumed. Dwardu Cardona writes on Thunderbolts:
Consider further the motion of the celestial object called Ra. In a statement found in one of the Coffin Texts, the deity is addressed with these words: "You shall go up upon the great West side of the sky and go down upon the great East side of the earth." Is not this contrary to what the present Sun does? Does the Sun today "go up" in the west? Does it "go down" in the east? Nor is this particular Coffin Text the only one in which the motion of Ra is in reverse to that of the present Sun.

More than that, when sailing in his boat, Ra is said to move down at dawn and "upstream" at night, which is again contrary to what we see the Sun doing in our sky at present.

One does not have to be an astronomer to realize that a celestial body described as being green, shedding a green light, shining at night, encircled in a ring or series of rings, "going up" in the west at night and "going down in the east" at dawn cannot have been the Sun. Mythologists, who usually gloss over these characteristics when they do not ignore them altogether, owe us an apology for having presented Ra as the Sun and Sun-god of ancient Egypt.

Other attributes of the Egyptian Ra also contradict identification with our present Sun, but the above should suffice to make the point. The question, of course, is: If not the Sun, what could the celestial object that the ancient Egyptians venerated as Ra have been?
Um, how about the alien sun from where these god-beings came?


  1. The light from anything in the sky does depend on what is in the atmosphere, but maybe it's possible some scribes / orators to them were colourblind? It would seem colourblindness is a lot more common than full-spectrum-light see-ers might have guessed.

    (btw, I suspect that when art is being rubbished as a worthwhile pursuit, maybe the folks saying such things are not able to see it? I don't think this ever gets mentioned, but it would explain a lot.)

    Another neurological & perception related possibility - there is a 'condition' (name escapes me, and I can't find reference to it online) where people see the world flipside to how it appears to most people. There's a similar one where they see it upside down, and some people have both those. It rarely is noticed because it doesn't impair you at all if you have it - to you, the world is as normal as it is for how most folks see it.
    It tends to be noticed if the persons that see it that way are in an art class, and they paint or draw 'upside down' or 'flipside' relative to the others (eg - if there's a still life being painted), and in those kinds of situations where orientations of view come into play (eg - merely showing a picture to them & asking them to identify things in it wouldn't reveal any seeing things differently).

  2. Well that's rather interesting. I also read your link to the alien sun gods for the first time - excellent work - I heartily agree that the powers that be are working from a different script to the shabby re-write we've got.

  3. During near death experiences I would be curious to know if the location of 'the tunnel of light' had any relation to the position of the sun; perhaps even being the EXACT same location (the sun as a "soul-ar" conduit?) Or, if perhaps, one had died outside that they would see the sun and the tunnel as two different things. If it is night time, do they see the light coming from a position below the horizon? I need to find out how to get in touch with these people to ask them.

    Also, I just ordered Crossing the Event horizon ( by Nassim Haramein, rogue physicist, and he mentions the functionality of the sun as a feedback loop between the self-ordering universe and its creation. The electric universe people at also have some unorthodox views on the sun's true nature.

  4. One explanation is offered by "Saturn Theory." It seems *really* outlandish at first, but what it explains!

  5. sinner, interesting you say that! On the resource page I found this:

    God Star By Dwardu Cardona

    Drawing on ancient sources and recent discoveries in the sciences, author Dwardu Cardona describes an ancient sky remembered around the world, when early nations worshipped the planet Saturn as the first “sun” and the original “supreme god.” 518 pages.

  6. This begs the question- where would you be looking at Saturn where it rises in the west and sets in the east every day?

    The ring in question could be a corona or a parhelion...

  7. The boat of RA was the reflection of Sol off Saturn as viewed from earth.

    For a few thousand years, the earth orbited the Sol under the electrical and gravitational influence of Saturn. Earth was located "under" Saturn, in a polar alignment. This configuration gave rise to the "myth" of the world mountain or the world axis. The duration of which was "The Golden Age" or "Zep Tepi."

    This was visible all over the Northern hemisphere and is documented in stone all over the world. The dissolution of this configuration was catastrophic to (Middle)Earth and gave rise to more "myth" about the battles of the gods. The ultimate resolution of which finally gave rise to Solar worship.

    Sol was not first. Saturn (Ra) (El) was first.

  8. Could 'Ra' have actually been a satellite or orbiting something?

  9. I thought I should mention to you that the Schwarze Sonne mosaic in the Wewelsburg castle is green in color.

  10. If Saturn is Satan, then god casting Satan out of Heaven could be the sun eclipsing Saturn as the major sky god. This would also make the "secret sun" worshipers Satanists.