Saturday, June 28, 2008

Star Trek: Thou Art Revenged

My favorite scene from my favorite Star Trek movie. I can't help but thinking that Picard's speech was actually addressing a much, much older grudge than what we see on the screen. What do you think this is all meant to symbolize?

Watch the film again sometime and see if you don't spot any interesting symbols lurking in the background. Or in the foreground, for that matter.

Interesting to note this comes from a film dealing with alien contact, time travel and the Apocalypse. Also interesting to note that the Alfre Woodard character has a Barack Obama haircut.

All I can say about this version is...genius.


  1. "Or what? You'll murder me like you did ensign Lynch?"

    Ensign Lynch reminds me of Jessica Lynch the private who was used by the military for propoganda purposes to further the control of the "collective consciousness."

    The overall message of warning against blind vengeance is an old one. I remember the saying "Those who seek revenge should dig two graves."

  2. I love Picard's code to authorize the auto destruct...47 Alpha-Tango, the 47 we saw in Hitman: The Movie at Pseudo Occult Media(mind kontrol), also 4+7=11 (master number in Numerology and meaning is Universal / Water/Divine Inspirational Flow),and Alpha being 1 and Tango is 2 then Beverly's is 22 Beta Charlie (22 another Master Number in numerology meaning Universal / Fire /Divine Direction Active) Beta is 2 and Charlie 3.

    Whats your spin on it Chris your the Trek expert my man...

  3. Michael, 47 is Masonic- it comes from the 47th problem of Euclid. AT strikes me as standing for Aten. 22 is like 17 associated with Horus- the 22nd trump of the Tarot is the Fool, which is also marked as zero, both of which correspond with your numerological citations. It could well be a code for "Aten Before Christ." The entire film is a solar parable in my interpretation- dueling sun gods like so much literature throughout history.

    But the film also corresponds with HG Wells Things to Come, where the old system is destroyed through war before the new system- a military dictatorship just like the Federation - is instituted.

  4. I like it! That's a great interpretation and another twist that helps see the big picture. Thanks.

  5. I don't know if Piccard is a Mason, but Patrick Stewart is a known Stonecutter. Attatch the Stone of Triumph!!!

  6. Chris-
    would you talk more about that very, very old topic that Jean-Luc seems to be adressing? "This far, no further." Great line in context, but if you think it's about another, older situation, I'd love to hear you elaborate on that a bit. I agree with you by the way, that is THE best Trek movie.


  7. There's a big clue right out in the open there, Thracie...

  8. This scene is essentially an argument between "angels". "The Enterprise" is a planetary operation - spaceship Earth - the time and place where the line in the sand is drawn - high noon. "Battlefield Earth", as Star Templar Scientologists see it.

  9. Two years later Stewart plays Ahab in a made for tv movie of moby dick.

    Dig those shiny golden ships.

  10. Come on now, nobody's even mentioned the massive big synch there - 47 and Lynch!

    "You have been assimilated into the borg."

    OH NO

  11. Had to go lookup what Euclid's 47th is - turns out it's what you learn in high school maths, a2 + b2 = c2.

    The '2's there being 'squared' of course; there may be a way to enable superscripts or formulae posting here but I am not aware of it.

    Is there anything some people won't ascribe symbolism to?

    Maybe I'm not seeing something but I wouldn't have thought anyone needs proof of a right-angle in the old-days building sense; you just put a line horizontally and then vertically, or make a small square and align the perpendiculars to that. Ooh, a cross!