Friday, June 27, 2008

Yahooccultism: Tut Tots

Awww, look at little Demetria (Demeter) and Angelica. Buying their tickets for the Tut exhibit on St. John the Baptist's Feast day. The show opens on October 3rd. 

Ring a bell? It should. October 3rd is the Gregorian calendar equivalent of the 17th of Athyr, or simply 3/17. Show ends on May 17th, of course. Get your tickets now. The museum is at 1717 N. Harwood Street in Dallas. While you're in Dallas stop by at the Museum of Nature and Science and go see the Mars IMAX movie. 

 UPDATE: Best Headline Ever- "Mars could grow asparagus."

 The Secret Sun Institute of Advanced Synchromysticism is open for business and accepting applications. Come join us.

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And don't forget the all-night 90s lotus party over at SHRR.