Sunday, December 30, 2012

Memento Mori: Filip Coppens

 Sadly, the Archons claim another bright spark...

Filip Coppens passed away in Los Angeles after fighting a rare form of cancer that was only merciful in that it did not prolong his suffering for too long. Some of you may now Filip from his appearances on Ancient Aliens but his work goes much deeper than that extremely reductionist presentation of AAT.

In fact, Filip recently wrote The Ancient Alien Question, that delved into the topic in a balanced, open-ended and dare I say skeptical fashion. His work on the topic- and all things weird and wonderful- is far more rewarding and challenging than the series itself. It was certainly a welcome corrective to the "flesh 'n' blood extra-treshtruls" mantra that has reduced the show to a laughingstock for so many.*

If you aren't familiar with Filip's work, please take this opportunity to delve into his website, which is a gemstone in the Reality-Based High Weirdness crown. Knee-jerking was anathema to Filip, who always erred on the side of open-minded caution.

Filip always realized that habeas corpus wasn't just a legal formality, it was vital that alt.researchers end each sentence with a question mark until you can deliver the goods. Even if the Establishment never has to play by those rules (nor do hysterical Creationist shills, for that matter).

Filip, like Mac Tonnies, left us far too soon. But his (and Mac's) work remains and if his way-too-early passing brings it to your attention for the first time, then take the opportunity to enrich your life with it. The bulk of Filip's work deals with the secret history of ancient Europe and South America, and he spent a lot of time actually visiting the sites he wrote about.

The alt.research world is most certainly faced with some major challenges and there's no sign on the horizon that it's going to weather the coming storm front. There are a lot of dark forces with a lot of dark money who see it as a rich mission field for the gospel of fear, and it seems that their investment is really starting to pay off. In that, Filip's passing seems like an omen.

I have never been more pessimistic as to where the field is going, particularly with the rise of Conspiricianity, which has the terrible gravity of a black hole and is sucking the feeble-minded into it like so much space-dust. Of course, all the fear-worship repels the same people Filip was trying to reach, turning them off to unconventional POVs, perhaps forever. Which is almost certainly the idea.

But perhaps the question becomes one of delivery. As I wrote recently, I was gobsmacked to see how dominant the high and the weird has become in Geekdom, even if it has to sneak through the back door, unannounced. But maybe the truly revolutionary thought contagions always do.

Either way, Filip Coppens left this Samsara but not before leaving behind a few cheat-codes for those who truly want to hack the reality mainframe. Take advantage of them.

* Even still, Filip didn't shrink from rebutting the deliberately-misleading, crypto-Creationist disinfo recently released by two longtime apparatchiks for the totalitarian Dominionist-Reconstructionist syndicate (which Sun readers realize was spawned by doctrinaire fascists like Jerry Falwell and Sun Myung Moon). Their "work" is explicitly produced as part of their ridiculous "ministries"; they won't tell you but they'll tell their "brethren" that their agitprop is about proselytizing not scholarship. The dictionary definition of shilling, in other words.

Filip didn't shrink away (like too many others, out of ignorance or something else) from pointing that inconvenient truth out. I don't know if the disease took hold before or after that confrontation- and I certainly hope that one has nothing to do with the other- but Filip's energy and attention to detail is always second to none.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Tenth Planet rises on the Solar Satellite.

There's no business like fearporn business. But the industry might suffer a serious setback if December 21, 2012 is just another dreary day under the yoke of the New World Odor.

You've all heard the predictions over the years that Nibiru aka Planet X would come crashing into the Earth on that dreaded day, but you may not realize that such a scenario was the stuff of vintage sci-fi long before bored suburbanites were transformed into apocalyptic seers by our Reticulan space brothers. Or that a fly-by of the tenth (or ninth, if you go along with the Pluto downgrading) planet was the plot of a classic British sci-fi film of the early 1950s.

The Man from Planet X is barely over an hour long and yet it packs a more resonant punch than most of the garbage being dumped on our heads by Hollywood these days. Yet another sci-fi film that veers into the netherworld of the occult, it has all the mood and mystery of a classic Gothic thriller.

I can't quite explain why but these ostensible science-based narratives feel downright magickal to me, and reach into deep and strange reaches of my brain in a way that so much of the paranormal huffing and puffing out there can't begin to equal. It feels as if there's a parallel communication going on just beneath the surface here, a phenomenon I've been attempting to understand since 2001: A Space Odyssey blew my brains out.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Walking Dead and the New Nihilism

That is your purpose in the Culture of Surrender...

Pop culture is in the grip of an epidemic of Nihilism and the zombie craze shows just how deep the rot goes. The new suicide culture is explored in the context of The Walking Dead, the runaway hit TV show engineered to inject its audience with the virus of surrender. Whose agenda does all of this serve?

Find out on the Solar Satellite.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

The Return of the Irrational on The Solar Satellite

Continuing the exploration of classic occult cinema and the deeper societal and symbolic strains therein, "The Delicious Subversion of Burn, Witch Burn!" looks at the return of the Irrational at the very moment when it seemed that the Enlightenment's triumph was complete.

Because the 60s Counterculture acts as a kind of distorting lens, we tend to overlook at how rationalist materialism was by far the dominant point of view of the Western establishment in the post-War years. We forget that even such human impulses as passion and enthusiasm were seen as dangerously subversive, never mind such domains of the irrational such as witchcraft or UFOlogy, both of which were essentially invisible outside the realm of the drive-in movie.

Fly over to the Solar Satellite for an in-depth review of a must-see film, as well as a streaming embed of the film itself.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Exploring the Cinema of the Weird with Mike Clelland

Mike Clelland and I got down to it for a marathon, three-hour podcast on some of the mind-bending movies we've been digging into lately. From there the discussion travels down some very strange roads and covers some very weird ground.

Many people recognize the 1970s as the Golden Age of American Movies, but fewer realize that it was also a golden age for the cinema of the strange. The Internet has unearthed some long buried gems and Mike and I are there with our treasure map to help you discover some of these resonant, rewarding and downright magickal movies.

From Hidden Experience:
There is an almost forgotten genre of film-making that emerged in a narrow chapter of the early 1970's. Within this sub-set is a messy blending of creepy occult, ancient aliens and UFO abduction, and many of these were made for TV movies. Something weird emerged that seems quite evocative looking back on it now. 

We talk about The Stranger Within, The Cage (and lots of other Star Trek episodes), The Crimson Cult, Hangar 18, Night Slaves, Stephen King's Tommyknockers, Simon King of the Witches, Beneath the Planet of the Apes, In Search Of, the evangelical documentary Ancient Aliens De-Bunked, a series of 70's UFO documentaries with Rod Serling, the Stargate series, Mission from Mars, author Bruce Rux, the complicity of NASA in this weird mess, The Outer Limits, Night Slaves, Jeff Kripal, Jacques Vallee, remote viewing, Russel Targ, The Norrlis Tapes, The Invaders, Quinn Martin, The Mephisto Waltz, God Told Me To, Bedeviled with Louis Jourdan, Bill Cooper, Jack Webb's Project UFO and the genesis of the X-Files. (Whew!)