Thursday, June 12, 2008

Astronaut Theology: "Making This Magic Begin"

Ever wonder what an Olympic ceremony would look like had it been produced by Aleister Crowley? Well, neither had I until an Red Ice interview with Rik Clay turned me onto this unbelievable video from the 1984 Summer Olympics. Now, of course, there's no earthly reason to assume this was some mass-scale occult ritual, but boy, it sure plays out like one. We have an announcer imploring the audience to hold up their (Masonic) blue lights in order that they can do "magic," under a full moon, no less. And we have "Also Sprach Zarathrusta"- which was inspired by the book written by Crowley's hero, Friedrich Nietzsche - blaring as a UFO hovers over the stadium,

Now, I admit I'm not a big fan of the Olympics, but what the hell do UFOs have to do with anything? Remember, this is the closing ceremony to the biggest sports event in the world. And to top it all off, we have a Lam lookalike come out of the ship (and out of Crowley's "Amalantrah Working") and address the crowd while standing in front of a obelisk, all in a stadium designed with a repeating arch motif.

The music here adds multiple layers of strangeness to it all- 1984 was the year the Russians and the Soviet bloc countries boycotted the games, and it also saw the release of the second part of Arthur C. Clarke's ancient astronaut manifesto, 2010: The Year We Make Contact, which also dealt with US/Soviet tension. The book the film is based on also brings us the alien transformation of Jupiter into "Lucifer," the new sun. The book actually uses "Lucifer Rising" for a chapter title, which again ties us back to Crowley. The release dates for these films are fascinating: 1968 was 33 years and 1984 was 17 years before 2001.

Now, that wasn't a real UFO or a real alien, which is why this plays like a ritual and not a working. But you had however many billion people watching this and absorbing this witches' brew subconsciously, which is undoubtedly the largest audience for what looks a devil of a lot like the largest explicitly magical invocation in history.

If you know anyone who still believes that only cranks and backwoods yokels believe in UFOs or ancient astronaut theory, show them this video and then have them take a gander at Picknett and Prince's The Stargate Conspiracy. Maybe I'm wrong, but I can't see how you can hit all of those semiotic bases by accident, or stage something like that just for giggles and grins. That looks like someone was making a statement.

EDIT: Michael S. noted that the alien is a giant, and I noticed that at 09:00 we see an ejaculatory firework explosion shoot from behind the obelisk the giant alien is standing in front of. Ah, subtlety.

Check out Clay's blog for more UFO/Olympic symbolism.


  1. The alien is also a freakin' giant!

  2. Chris-
    that was almost too weird for words. But if you want to see another serious occult ritual in progress, check out the Opening Ceremonies of the 2004 Olympics. All the Greek gods and goddesses come out, with cupid (EROS?) hovering overhead, above. It's a frikken occult parade. I was AGHAST when I sat and watched it the night it aired. Actually, Goro Adachi did a very nice job of breaking some of the symbolism down later, on his website. this 1984 deal makes me think of the 2004 event all over again. Revelation of the Method indeed!


  3. Yeah, that's pretty wild, Thrace. But it at least makes sense in the context of the Olympics!

    Bonus factoid- the stadium opened on Beltane back in the 20s!

  4. Considering the TWIN boycotting - MOSCOW 1980 and LA 1984 - I wonder if there wasn't some other odd ritual going on, or perhaps the same one.
    I read at Wiki , the Torch was carried through 33 states .
    Britain , of course, took the opportunity of appearing in both, needed the medals
    Reagan initiated the Strategic Defense Initiative [ Star Wars] on March 23, 1983. Perhaps a veiled celebration and snub to the Sovs


  5. Reagan's also the guy who banged on about the "alien threat" at the UN!

  6. I expect we will witness more high weirdness at this summer's games and I suspect Rik may be on to something regarding a staged contact at London 2012.

  7. This may be off topic a bit, but the shade of blue used for those flashlights in the first video is the same shade of blue Bush uses for his tie whenever he promotes starting new wars. He wore that shade of blue tie in his meeting with Tony Blair and Jose Mario Aznar in the summer of 2006, as well as the night he broadcast the invasion of Iraq. It also happens to be 'UN' blue, and is analogous to the throat chakra's blue as well. Perhaps this is all nothing to be concerned with, but the whole 'ritual' aspect seems to 'tie' in with me for some reason.

  8. Chris, you astound me at every turn! It's gonna take me years before I will have reached the level of symbolic competency that you've achieved. I must also praise our fellow bloggers as well. There are some wonderful minds at work here.

    Regarding aliens in art, have you seen this site yet?

  9. I haven't seen that page, but I've seen those images. And there's a lot more besides.

    And we're all in this together, D!

  10. Plus, these are the 23rd Olympiad...

  11. That all sounds either entirely cringeworthy-D'OH level of ceremony, or some kids starved of actual-reality trying to inject a bit of the divine-real into global media showmanship.
    It depends on the intent behind it.

    Is it a wish for what ought to be (or indeed, ought to be obvious that it is, has been, and always will be regardless of induced obscuration / mind-control) all along anyway, or is it the desire to exploit manipulate corrupt and drag the heavens down into soul-sold corporate evil.

    What would anyone do if they were charged with producing an opening ceremony of that type - go for popular archetypes, avoid them as much as was possible, attempt to tap into the mass-hallucinating dreaming unconsciousness that longs for freedom beyond its workslavery. I don't know; I just know that someone like me, who is able to think coherently, wouldn't ever even have a chance to apply for that kind of job if I even wanted to.
    Which pretty much sums up the whole sham right there; if the idea did come from kids they wouldn't have been paid for it.

  12. Like I said, Zuppie, read up on the Nine and all the rest of that and it all becomes crystal clear.

  13. Ahh the reds, the blues, the full moon within the "city of Angels" no less and the magickal ceremony with an actual WTF working UFO? I guess I was not watching the Olympic Games that year... those lasers look a bit "hypnotic" wonder if the effect was more so being in the audience.

    Great dig Chris thanks for this! Now I am off to quest watching more Olypic Game introductions!

    Later bro!

  14. Hey Skaggsie- that's exactly what I was thinking on the lasers- some form of hypnosis.

  15. I must have missed where you mentioned the Nine - do you mean the Council of Nine, or the Ennead more specifically, or that related Nine from The Only Planet of Choice? Or some other 9...

    Gawd, that reminds me of that film The Nines. That started out ok then became the most stupidest movie yet. Talk about desparately trying to control & suggest beliefs about reality.
    When will they realise the target of all that has always known better, all along.

    At least it's going to be funny watching them get the VR and immersive environments all up and running, as if it has a chance of tricking anyone worth their salt that it's somehow the same as real life. Even real life lacks so much you know that's been tampered with. Losing another three senses ain't going to cut it.