Friday, June 20, 2008

Star Trek: Sisk-O-Bama and the Council of Nine

Following the smash success of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Paramount created a new spinoff series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The story took place on a space station abandoned by the Cardassians, who had occupied a planet known as Bajora. The planet was crucial since it guarded an interdimensional wormhole that allowed intergalactic travel. You can call it a Stargate if you like. Same difference.

The entry at Memory Alpha tells us that "the Bajoran wormhole is the only stable wormhole currently known to exist in the galaxy," and that "the wormhole is also the home of extra-dimensional beings who are worshipped by the Bajorans as the Prophets, and therefore is also sometimes referred to as the Celestial Temple." Sounds a bit like the Nine, no? What else can we learn about the Prophets?
In normal space, the Prophets can only physically communicate with outsiders by possessing a body and using it as a vessel. The host is conscious of what is happening but has no control over its actions. The Prophets have no sense of linear time, so it is likely they live outside of the normal space-time continuum; however their existence has been recorded on Bajor for at least 30,000 years.- Memory Alpha
My mistake. That doesn't sound a bit like the Nine. It sounds EXACTLY LIKE THE NINE.

The officer in charge of Deep Space Nine was Commmander Benjamin Sisko. Sisko's origins were a bit unconventional. Broken family and all, and one of his parents was from out of town, you know. And Sisko wasn't just the guardian of the Bajorans, he was also their messiah:
In 2331, a Prophet traveled to Earth and possessed the body of a Human named Sarah. As Sarah, the Prophet married a native of Earth and conceived a child. Shortly after giving birth, Sarah inexplicably abandoned her family and later died. It is thought that the Prophet visited Earth with the sole intention of ensuring the birth of Benjamin Sisko, and it left the body of Sarah leaving her with a family that was not hers, so she left without explanation. It was no coincidence, then, that First Contact by the Federation was made by Starfleet officer Ben Sisko inside the wormhole in 2369. The Bajoran people celebrated the event and named Sisko as the emissary of the Prophets to Bajor.- Memory Alpha
Joseph Sisko owned "Sisko's Creole Kitchen" in New Orleans, and trained young Benjamin as a chef before the young Sisko left to attend Starfleet Academy. Apparently by that time New Orleans has fully recovered from Hurricane Katrina (that's pronounced Hurricane Ka-Hathor-Ein-A around these parts).

Wow, you know, the Bajoran adoration of Benjamin Sisko as Messiah kind of reminds me a lot of the adoration of Barack Obama as Messiah among many Americans. And both Sisko and Obama came from humble beginnings, and both came from mixed race marriages- well, mixed-interdimensional entity marriage in Sisko's case.

The role of Sisko went to Avery Brooks, an African American actor and intellectual and the first black commander-in chief on a Star Trek series. Like Barack Obama, Brooks is also a professor, in this case teaching theater at Rutgers University in Nova Caesarea. He first rose to fame as "Hawk" on the Boston-based cop show Spenser: For Hire, based on the Robert B. Parker novels. His character was spun off into its own short-lived show, just before Brooks got the part on Deep Space Nine. "Hawk" of course is identified with the African sun god Horus. As befitting a future warrior deity like Sisko.

The next series in the franchise, Star Trek: Voyager, starred Katherine Kiernan Mulgrew as Captain Kathryn Janeway, which of course is "Ka-Hathor-Ein/John's Way" in Secret Sun-ese. And we have that Kotzean KK/11:11 in Mulgrew's name. This was not the first starring TV role for the actress.

Mulgrew previously starred as Ka-Hathor-Ein Columbia on the short lived series Mrs. Columbo. Most of you out there are fully aware of the importance of this name, but here's a refresher on the etymology: Late Latin name meaning "dove." Saint Columba was a 6th-century Irish monk who established a monastery on the island of Iona off the coast of Scotland. He is credited with the conversion of Scotland to Christianity.

So a Hawk and then a Dove. Horus and Hathor. How about that?

Voyager also featured Seven of Nine (the Nine, again) played by Jeri Ryan (incidentally, Mulgrew got her start on the daytime soap, Ryan's Hope). Jeri Ryan is of supreme semiotic importance, because it was her incendiary 1999 divorce suit against her husband, former Illinois Senator Jack Ryan, that was the crucial factor in the 2004 election of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama to that post.
Back in 2004, when Obama was a small-time State Senator from Illinois and running for a U.S. Senate seat, his GOP opponent was Jack Ryan, a super-wealthy businessman who was actually favored in the contest -- and who had gone through a messy divorce from ... Jeri Ryan.

The divorce was a slapfight of Hasselhoffian proportions, and Jeri's allegations that Jack had forced her to go to sex clubs in New York and Paris -- and wanted her to have sex with him in the clubs -- completely ruined Jack's campaign ... and Obama went on to win the seat. And now, perhaps, the one in the Oval Office.- TMZ
The divorce was finalized on August 27, 1999. Do the math.

Let's stop to ponder all of this for a second- In The Stargate Conspiracy, Picknett and Prince argue that a disincarnate group of alien beings called the Council of Nine were psychically channeled by a group of trance mediums in the 1970s, and have since had/have a powerful grip on some of the most influential people in the US, if not the world.

Sounds crazy, right? I'm starting to wonder.

There's no doubt that Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry worked directly with the group claiming to channel the Council of Nine. Now we see that there were nine major characters in Star Trek: The Next Generation, there was Deep Space Nine and now the 1999 divorce of the actress who played "Seven of Nine" on Voyager might be ultimately responsible for the election of the next US president.

Ponder that for a minute or two. It boggles the mind.


  1. God that's good. I always loved Jeri Ryan, marching around Voyager in stiletto heals and a blue body stocking, looking all efficient and busy and haughty.

    Does that make those crazy Bajorans the Jews, or the Egyptians, or is that the same thing? And here I thought all this time that the Ferengi were the Jews!

  2. Your blog is reading like James Shelby Downward for the Spielberg generation - so outlandish its compulsive reading!

    The worlds of politics and entertainment (and religion) are so intertwined in the USA, it's not too much of a cosmic coincidence that these figures cross paths in peculiar ways. Especially when you consider 'Star Trek', which has sprawled across the media landscape for 40 years.

    Of course the rich, powerful and famous hang out together (and have a cultural/economic strangelhold on how language and symbol is used)- we call it 'the class system' over here in Europe! Don't you guys ever read Marx or Neitzche over there? Or is it easier to think in terms of 'Stargates' and 'ancient astronauts' rather than economics, linguistics and psychology?

    Also, over here Jung is regarded as a fraud who pimped his wife's fortune, kissed the nazis' ass and formed his silly theories because he was jealous of Freud getting all the attention!

  3. The Nine call the Jews 'Hoovids' if I remember right, another name might have been 'Hibiru' (Hebrew / Nibiru).

    That Mrs.Columbo thing is interesting; I heard that the detective Columbo actor has an artifical eye - which is also very Horus like, as in myth he was meant to have lost an eye to Set. In that series, you never actually get to see Mrs.Columbo.
    They do seem to be like scrambled communications don't they; little bits and pieces that appear in fiction and entertainment and graphics, spread out from one another in time and space amidst lots of junk and noise noninformation.

    There's two main ways to view entertainment; the normal way is it's something to pass the time with, a distraction away from the problems and annoyances lack of nature and noise of everyday life.
    The other way is that it becomes more than that, and consumes your thinking and resources when you are not directly using it.
    And yes it would seem that there are discarnate entities seeking to replay over and over again, their soap operatic dramas, using actors and the likes as vessels.

    Now, if the everyday world worked correctly and hadn't fallen apart to the extent that it has, I'd be inclined to believe that what they are up to is benevelont, a type of mesmeration to stop the shock-surprise of having your reality run by incomprehensible things that your language is unable to explain.
    But given how messed up things are really (you know, the whole deal about money being the basis of quality of life, and what you have to do to aquire enough of it to have a bearable healthy peaceful existence - not available to ~90% of the world population), I'd have to say that at best they are clueless and really stupid, and they just don't realise that they aren't helping at all where it matters the most.

    Also of course, it must be said that there's no artifcial entertainment that is actually more fun or enjoyable than being out in unspoilt nature. I don't think they realise how much the consciousness must be narrowed just to accomodate something as silly and limited as the likes of watching films and playing videogames. I do both; but I'm not under any illusions as to what I'd actually like to be doing instead.

    Do they know, they're just distractions to take the pain out of a too-noisy ugly reality?
    Or do they really think we care and like worship them or something?
    Yeah cheers Jesters, but alls you do is provide a slight escape from a terrible world, so don't get up yourselves and take those award ceremonies you set up for yourselves etc all seriously.

  4. Smashing stuff Christopher!

    Above and beyond all the smelly innuendo at work behind the intentions of the creators. The Star Trek show has provided much joy and inspiration through its stories. Wonder of the mystery universe, stars and all that.

    The mystery always wins over the interfering human mind.

    Be fantastic

  5. Nah-the Bajorans are Bosnian, the Federation is the UN, Kardassians are Serbs, Deep Space 9 is the Brcko District..Ferengi are albanians, etc.

    The pyramid of the sun is the wormhole..if you like.

    Jus kidding, great sync, when is the book coming out, bthw?

  6. Wow! That is so damn excellent, pretty out there too (to boldly go! :p), I'm gonna dig deeper into all of this too the coming days.

    "I am the beginning. I am the end. I am the emissary."

  7. The Ferengi were closer to the Arabs, with their females being treated as inferiors and never being allowed to leave the homeworld.

    And it should be mentionned that Seven's high heels were Borg implants, I think they allowed her to appear taller than the other drones. And the Borg Queen was a total lipstick lesbian dominatrix, so it probably made her happy too. ;)

  8. Michael, I always thought the Bajorans were the Irish (they were spunky bastards) and the Cardassians were the Brits, but maybe thats my cultural bias. It probably has some Soviet occupation connotations, given the time it came out.

    "Anonymous"- Downard? Crap, that smarts. Yeah, I think we should all read Nietszche and Marx- their philosophies did such a great job in Europe. John Milton was wrong- the 20th Century was all theirs, not his.

    Zuppie- that actor was Peter Falk, which actually rhymes with Hawk. And I'm starting to wonder if our culture is really even our culture.

    Jake- is all the innuendo necessarily at odds with the wonder? Let me tell you right now, 12 hours ago I didn't care if ever saw DS9 ever again and now I have to buy the entire series and start parsing. All 173 episodes...

    Bart- the problem is that every week or so my core thesis rewrites itself. So you're witnessing the creative process in action, my brother.

    Droidy- you know I'll be looking for it!

    JB- Any hot borg on borg action in Voyager? Don't tell me I have to buy that too!

  9. C, I hope your not 'blaming' Marx and Neitzche for Hitler and Stalin (that's like blaming Jesus for Torquemada).
    I dunno - I do find Americans willing to put a little too much mystical import into their pop culture junk. Over here we view our famous/wealthy cranks with suspicion (probably due to millenia of royalty). Rodenberry was a very rich crank. Kirby was a very famous and influential (but notoriously underpaid) crank. Words and images are flying into our heads from infancy - that they make a deep impression does not mean they have any 'higher' meaning.

    America has always produced businessmen trying to sell you shit you don't need - whether its fire water, coca cola, a TV show or a religion endorsed by Tom Cruise. Of course clever marketing will use the most primal symbols. Everyone knows what the sun is - a big shiny thing that makes us feel healthy and happy! Hence its ubiquity in commercial packaging. There not gonna use dog turd to make you buy a popsicle, are they?

    I doubt 'synchronicity' preserves ancient symbols/archetypes - they've been actively preserved because they don't call for too much 'backstory' i.e. lazy storytelling, hence so many movies based on 'pre-sold' characters.

    Our current global crisis has jack shit to do with 2012, new age, ancient prophecy, stargates or ragnarok; but has everything to do with a minority of billionaires extracting as much as they can out of us and our environment. But maybe that's just a quaint European perspective...

  10. In the 2-part episode "Dark Frontier", the Borg Queen flirts a hell of a lot with Seven. Sexy bi-borgs, f*** yeah. ;)

    It should also be noted that the actress who played the Borg Queen for most of the episodes she starred in (Alice Krige returned only for the very last two-hour episode of the series) also played the lesbian lover/ex-wife-in-a-past-life of Jadzia Dax in Deep Space Nine.

    I think Terry Farrell and that other woman making out was the very first scene of actual homosexuality in a Star Trek series ever. Unless Kirk posessed by a psycho-female spirit, flirting around with another man, counts as the first time. Seeing Shatner flame-out like that freaked me out when I was a kid.

  11. I guess we benighted Americans will have to be content to persist in our follies, then.

    Ooh, look. Shiny!

  12. Hey, no need to get sarcastic now... just throwing in a 'materialist' perscpective... still loving the blog!

  13. Chris, usually you're just very good, but sometimes, you're brilliant. This is clearly one of those times. Just a few short points. Uncanny similarities in the Obama and Sisco pics. The men are quite different but there's a hard-to-finger sameness about them. I love it!
    And about Sisco, you said "and one of his parents was from out of town, you know." Ha! That was the line of the day.You give a masterful esoteric breakdown of Deep Space Nine especially.
    I have long considered that DS-9 was the best of the Trek TV shows in terms of grittiness, originality, character development, etc. But the truth is you really can't understand what that show is can't understand any of Star Trek really, without understanding The Nine. Amazing isn't it? Till you know about the Council Of Nine, and get their message ( and then get the implications thereof) Star Trek makes sense only on a superficial level. Your observations in this regard hit the bullseye, and you've enlightened me once again.
    You rightly point out that Star Trek is deeply Masonic, and I will once again point out that I beleive that at least part of the purpose of the Trek shows and movies, is to initiate audience members into the Masonic mysteries, at least to some degree. Thanks for the fantastic exposition you always do. Finally, I'd very much like to hear your take on the apparent phenomena of the Obama Messiah meme. Where does it come from, and where will it lead those who subscribe to it, knowingly or otherwise?


  14. I'll tell you, Thrace, I didn't watch a lof of DS9. But now I gotta go back and watch them all. I knew about the Nine and Roddenberry, but now I'm thinking it wasn't just Gene involved in this stuff. The Prophets are exactly like the Nine, there's no doubt about it at all. Remember the whole idea of "prophet" came from when the Yahweh cult would "assimilate" other Semitic tribes and reinvent their tribal gods as prophets or patriarchs. You're absolutely right- you can't understand the post 60s Star Trek without understanding the Nine.

    Remember, what I am writing about on this blog is what the symbols are telling us about what others- particularly those in positions of power- may believe. You don't have to believe in the Nine at all- it's about how the Nine appear to be manifesting themselves in these stories.

    Another thing- I'm not anti-Trek, nor am I anti-Masonic or anti-military. What I do look askance at is when fantasy stories begin to morph into conditioning exercises. Star Trek depicts a completely militarized future- in which Starfleet goes so far to equip its ships with nurseries. All of the civilians are always less than human somehow, unless they are scientists and maybe even then. That's all wonderful in fiction but never seems to work out too well in reality.

    As to Obama- I'm not sure. I fell for the whole "grassroots" meme for a few minutes back during the primaries, but I didn't realize he was so heavily backed by the Real Government. (I first realized we had a parallel government during the early days of the Clinton Administration when every time he put his foot in it, Colin Powell or Jimmy Carter or Sam Nunn or whoever would zoom in and rescue him and then fade back into the background). He's an incredibly magnetic personality and scary smart, but my feeling now is that he's being pushed by the Real Government to restore America's shattered reputation. I don't expect his actual governance would be one iota different than McCain's, but I'll probably vote for him anyway. I'd like to travel overseas and not be hated on account of my president. I'd rather everyone hate me just 'cause I'm a big ol' pain in the ass.

    And I'm always brilliant, godammit!

  15. Twisting stuff abit I notice that 7 x 9 = 63, the year of kennedy's death .
    Thrace posted his comment at 11.22 , thus The full date of the assassination.
    His comment finishes with Obama-messiah and I link this with Sun King Konsept

    Deep post, though I wonder of u have any thoughts on the shape-shifter?

    At the WTC site 7 buildings were finally destroyed , maybe there's another couple to go
    7 of 9


  16. Ferry,

    Don't forget 11/22/63 also saw the passing of psychedelic prophet Aldous Huxley (tangentially connected to the Nine) and of crypto-Mithraist CS Lewis...

  17. Zupie writes:"Now, if the everyday world worked correctly and hadn't fallen apart to the extent that it has, I'd be inclined to believe that what they are up to is benevelont, a type of mesmeration to stop the shock-surprise of having your reality run by incomprehensible things that your language is unable to explain."

    Zups, maybe the everyday world is working precisely because it is falling apart. Make no assumptions about benevolence towards the masses. Ordo Ab Chao, right?

  18. Yes, even Voyager has much to say about Masonic ideas of the universe. It may not always be good theater, but it's important theater, because it is revealing the belief system of powerful and influential people. What you rightly point out is how militarized it all is - the relentless enemy. Is this just normal theater? Is it simply programming us to hate the evil "other" so that we can always be herded into another brutal but profitable (for them) war? Or... is there actually some extra-solar/dimensional force out there that they actually fear?

  19. it's been over a decade since I watched star trek in any permutation, what with having gotten sick of the sci-fi nerdery when I was about 12, but this is some ridiculous stuff: Star Trek, a TV sigil that would put Genesis P-Orridge to shame.

  20. Freaking spot on! Excellent breakdown of the facts. I'd really love to see your take on the season of the Fox series 24 which featured a black president back in the early 2000s. There must be a ton of synchromystic cues in that series.

  21. Great post Chris, really enjoyable.

    I picked up on a DS9 connection to the 'Hellraiser' films a while ago after seeing the first three in the series. The original features Andrew Robinson (Garak in DS9 - but who refused to repeat his role as Larry Cotton in the second film) and the third features Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax in DS9)

    Stargate-resonant productions all.

  22. :) Wow Again Chris.

    I have been reading your lots blogs for a few months & yet to make a comment. Ohh how I wanted too..

    You guys with these marvelous blogs with untold, continuous, neverending, eternal amount of Sync's to utterly please a soul with the need of refreshment in this maya we live in. Fabulous work you guys dooo. So it goooes to the darkest depths of infinity...woooo!

    Do you guys think that the whole Star Trek saga DID happen at some stage or with consensus reality manifesting it with constant distractions?

    "In the Beginning....was the End"

    Harun FonniC

  23. Chris - If you keep this up I'll never have time to do anything else but read your blog :)

    In reference to Kate Mulgrew, my sister-in-law went to school with her in Dubuque and they acted in the theater together.

    Also, I have to tip my hat to JM for mentioning the Hellraiser series. Clive Barker is a master storyteller.

    I get the distinct feeling that this is all leading up to something very important.

  24. The funny thing is that this post- like most of my other big epics- started off as just a little goofball thing about the new ST captains.

  25. I have no idea what Ordo Ab Chao means, but I was going to comment on something one of the anonymous comments mentioned that's related to the rest of what you wrote anyway -

    while I in no way support corrupt individuals owning most of everything (as implied; if they do have the power they are thought to, then it means that they're the ones allowing all the problems to have begun & persist), the fact is they can't do anything without the 'little man' working for them willingly in the first place.

    It's sad that anyone has to point that out, and remind that there are some choices in life and a real responsibility; you don't have to keep bringing people into a world that is clearly beyond any salvation if it's allowed to continue going the wrong way.

    I'm not sure if you understand what I meant Chris in regard to this falling apart; I'm not meaning the reality tunnel that is sold wholesale to most minds is looking like it's collapsing, I'm meaning that the situation whereby the quality of life began to decay and be corrupted to begin with was when it all went completely wrong from (ie - that it was possible to ever sell anyone such a fake reality tunnel, meant that the system that had worked or had a chance to work out, had failed).
    I've never bought 'this', it's always been an obvious fake to me, but at the same time - it's an obvious fake that is causing real pain and suffering to billions of other species and lifeforms, and the original humans that do have a right to be here (they are the ones that have had their land stolen, by a culture / species that has been given alien technology to go around destorying the planet with, and building corrupt pointless 'civilisations').

    However I'd add that there are two distinct types of alien (alien as in 'not naturally evolved, but given out readymade) technology; one is the noisy dirty inefficient polluting biological-harming kind, the other does no harm and you wouldn't even know it was there.
    Whatever came here and stole the planet from the natives, it is only able to use the former kind of technology.

    It's very possible that in trying to own and posses what 'the gods' had, some people - through networks of cults and societies etc - have tried to emulate what they can of the proper technology, based on stolen or wrongly aquired tech, and that's why what we have here now is built upon destruction pollution and blood money only.
    Apparently, these 'gods' go away for thousands of years at a time; well it'd seem that they don't check up on who they left in charge and what they have been up to in their absense.

    I think 'the gods' would be / are as abhorred as I am to see and hear what has been allowed to happen here on Earth. It's everyday people who treat nature violently and abusively.

    If you can watch something like agent orange being dropped over rainforests, and not instinctively realise how wrong that is and that there's no justification or forgiveness for it, then it means there is a massive problem with a reality that allows those types of people to exist and to have the power to use and posses that kind of technology.

    How is that intended to be juistified that it ought to be permitted to happen? Why give some people so much control that they are able to override the free will of others, and so many other species, and murder them - because of some military political beliefs they have.
    It's pointless; this is real, it's not some fairy tale where the bad people will realise the suffering the have caused, and that somehow makes it ok that they were allowed to cause it.

    You know, they're the ones making up those types of stupid stories, in the hope that if anyone believes them it means they get forgiven.

    It's one thing to grant the free will to choose to do evil, it's a very different matter to allow those choices to be executed.

  26. Chris, I echo I echo all the "Wows" for you on the comments. This is good stuff going on. Also, these are the most diverse comments I've seen in the synch-blog-o-sphere. The Star Trek material is such a strong magnet for all that you're uncovering. It must be that you are really "The One" to bring together all these raging thoughts from diverse groups.

    Perhaps, your "Sun Worship" posts are resonating with your "Secret Sun" blog name. Your "sun" light is brilliant.

    I like the Obama link and how true and weird is it that Obama did receive the Sen. Ryan seat. I remember the events but could not have possibly applied it as you did. Perhaps I'm a bit immature by being wary of Obama- and what I see when I think of his impending presidency is the fact that Morgan Freeman was the black President in the movie "Deep Impact." I can thank Goro Adachi for that!

    From the first Anonymous European comment: "Of course the rich, powerful and famous hang out together (and have a cultural/economic strangelhold on how language and symbol is used)- we call it 'the class system' over here in Europe! Don't you guys ever read Marx or Neitzche over there? Or is it easier to think in terms of 'Stargates' and 'ancient astronauts' rather than economics, linguistics and psychology?"

    I agree that we Americans name our fears and observations different things. Yes, we substitute stargates and ancient religion for everything. After all America was founded as the New World (Adachi again!)with Sir Francis Bacon's Manifesto and all.

    From the Ellis Taylor blog in which he states that all things are based on centuries old religious practices that may not be ours: "Is nothing sacred?... Or should it be (sic)Does everything have to be sacred?"

    Europe operates on a whole different reality setting when it comes to collective thoughts. Perhaps because of their deep injuries from World Wars and other traumas that Americans were removed from during past conflagrations.

    European Anonymous' comment is valid and reminds me of my email a couple of years ago to Henry Makow (the inventor of the board game Scruples and sometime conspiracy writer) in which I stated, "I also hope the "conspiracy" is as banal as centuries old greed instead of the truth about our civilization."

    Makow's response seemed a European consensus:

    Re: "Jewish Banker Conspiracy"

    "Believe me ... (sic), there is nothing simplistic about my explanation. Suggest you peruse my website"

    Again, great work, Chris.


  27. Thanks for the kind words, Soapie. As to our European friend's comments- Europe is not immune to any of what we are looking at. In fact, I'd say look for a very powerful esoteric revival in Europe once all of the old 60s Marxists who've dominated intellectual discourse start to die off. I'd say look for a very overt and widespread study of esotericism in Europe (as opposed to the largely unconscious immersion in America). Look for it to be very much wed to nationalistic and traditionalist movements and to be in many ways the shadow side to what we will see emerge in America. It's happening already.

  28. I never said we Europeans were 'immune', but as Soapfan pointed out; our experience of two world wars (especially in starting them) has kicked a lot of that out of us. Crowley and Jung may have their followers here, but were far more welcome in the US. The more cultish aspects of their thought arouses suspicion.
    Esotericism is well-studied across Europe already (especially as fallout from the more intense subcultures: hippie, punk, rave). You may have a point about the occult entering mainstream politics - but that will be a result of economics - ie. 'Americanisation' of our economic life, the decline of national cultures and the new age fog that political opponents are getting lost in. My guess is this 'neo-wave' will come from Russia and Eastern Europe... and probably combo with pseudo-science and racial hatred.

  29. great, as always. I LOVE the Nine connection. The more I learn about the architecture of the synch-verse, the more THE NINE makes sense to me.

    I'm curious about this:

    "There's no doubt that Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry worked directly with the group claiming to channel the Council of Nine."

    I can see why you would say it, and I'll believe it, sure. But have you read anything more about this? - or perhaps you could write some of your theories about this. I'm VERY interested in anyone that might have info about people in today's society communicating with this group.

    Thanks Christopher!


  30. Hey Thuth- that's not theory, that's established fact. Check out Joel Engel's unauthorized Roddenberry bio for proof. He was quite a character- bigger than life. I can't wait to see those remastered TOS DVDs. It's interesting to note that TOS is a lot more macho and yet a less much less miltaristic than the later series. Militarism is merely the enforcement arm of corporatism. I think there's a difference between the military and militarism. Just like the difference between the easy going Irish cops I knew as a kid and the quasi-military cops today.

    We haven't heard much from the Nine in a while. I have no idea if that project is still active.

  31. I had been checking out Peter Levenda audio as of late and stumbled across some great stuff on The Nine. I also read your other great Star Trek posts. Cool!

    I go along with the idea that synchs are symptomatic of a self-conscious universe that we are all a part of. With that in mind, an idea like THE NINE doesn't really seem that far fetched.

    The connection to Star Trek floors me, though. It's like another light veil has been lifted.


  32. Sorry to revive an old post but I had to comment...

    I'd say look for a very overt and widespread study of esotericism in Europe (as opposed to the largely unconscious immersion in America). Look for it to be very much wed to nationalistic and traditionalist movements and to be in many ways the shadow side to what we will see emerge in America. It's happening already.

    You're absolutely right about traditionalism and nationalism in Europe. I've been following the Euro New Right for a while now. Mainly associated with Alain de Benoist and GRECE, they've set out to oppose universalism and egalitarianism, taking their cue from the Conservative Revolutionary movement in pre-Hitler Germany. Part of opposing universalism is opposing Christianity as the father of totalitarianism (both democratic capitalism of the West and communism of the East is seen as totalitarian by the New Right)--many New Rightists are explicitly neopagan, but not in the vulgar form of the long-haired bearded druid types, but a considerably more intellectualized form. The political stances of the New Right tend to cut across the left/right divide and echo the early days of fascism before the pacts with big business shifted the movement into establishment territory and necessitated the reining in of fascism's radically pagan, anti-liberal roots. The New Right isn't so much a political movement as a philosophical-cultural one--they take their cue from Gramsci and the New Left and seek to overthrow Marxism's dominance and framing of discourse--of course, beyond Marxism they also want to demolish (classical) liberalism.

    Practical application of these ideas has generated the National-Anarchist movement, which blends individualism, mutualism, and distributism with white separatism, neopaganism, fascist semiotics, and the New Right philosophical outlook.

    Check out this:

    You're gonna laugh when you see the image. Or maybe cry.

    Catch you later,
    - Gene

  33. confession!! my skeptik azz'd think this stuff as hooey until something of an epiphany -i've just numerated barack hussein obama 32+94+36=162 whidh compounds as yep!! u damn right! NINE

  34. Passing shamanic hobo...2:16 AM, August 29, 2009

    Two things:

    "... esotericism in Europe ... in many ways the shadow side to what we will see emerge in America. It's happening already."

    Biggest mistake is to think everything is in polar opposites, eg that America is something, of which we in Europe are the opposite. Only a coin has two faces, and a coin's a symbol for reality, not the reality itself.

    What was the nature of the acquisition that caused the fall portrayed in Genesis, that took us all out of the garden (metaphorically, but still)? Think about it.

    "And I'm starting to wonder if our culture is really even our culture."

    You're nearly there! :o)

  35. Mr. A is right... there is a strange resemblance between Sisko & O... but what does Memory Alpha have to do with reality... on the other hand... and it took some finding coz your link is outta commission there is this:

    Sirius: In 1973, Gerard de Sede claimed in La Race Fabuleuse that the Merovingians were descended from beings from Sirius, thus irrevocably linking the PoS mysteries to the "Sirius Mystery". Sirius is a complex subject in the world of esoterica. Antonin Artaud wrote a play about the "Dog Star" in the 1920s, called "The Broken Firmament", suggesting it was of interest to the Surrealists. Since the 1970s, a number of people have claimed contact by the Sirians - Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary, Philip K. Dick, etc., shortly after the publication of Robert K. Temple's Sirius Mystery, claiming that the Dogon tribe of Mali had been given knowledge of this binary star by "Nommos" from that solar system. Crowleyans like Kenneth Grant claim that "Lam," the being that communicated the Liber AL, was from Sirius. And Sirius, in the form of the "Ennead of Heliopolis," also talked to Andrija Puharich, Uri Geller, and a group of channelers organized by Puharich. However, to find the weird links between this group and what the authors term "The Stargate Conspiracy", a fascist plot to make the planet believe that the gods of ancient Egypt were extraterrestrials who created our civilization, you should read the book by the same name by authors Pincknett and Prince. The Order of the Solar Temple also expected to be reborn near Sirius...

    Yikes. Well your text above is a bit strange... it seems to weave itself out of the surreal and the glow from the outer limits. And I stumbled across The Stargate Chronicles by McClelland... something I dont know anything about... though I wonder if he is any relation to Mike... still your text is in its own strangness a weird tour de force ...