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Mindbomb: The Gulf Wars and the Gate of the Gods, Redux

I don't know if John Lilly's version of the omniscient Orbital Machine Intelligence (OMI) which he named ECCO (for "Earth Coincidence Control Office") is as true or as real than any other OMI fever-dream.

But I do know that when you really dig into the study of Synchronicity-- when you peel away all of the simple coincidence and happenstance and approach the phenomenon with a brutal rigor-- it becomes very hard not to begin to see it as the provenance of a force or an intelligence that is definite.

 Which is to say not a nebulous, pie-in-the-sky, touchy-feely "energy" or "consciousness," but an agency.

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Mindbomb: Things That Should Not Be Known

The "Moon as Alien Base" meme might not be the most popular meme out there, but it's one of the most persistent. Astronomers were seeing anomalous goings-on on the Moon over a century ago, and some UFO researchers claim that hostile alien action is the reason that NAZCA NASA never went back to the Moon, or in some cases the reason that footage and photography of the Apollo missions was faked (in some cases by Stanley Kubrick).

But there's another reason that NASA would not want the public to know what the Apollo missions were really up to.
Richard Hoagland has written and spoken extensively on his beliefs that NASA is covering up the Moon missions to hide alien artifacts found by the Apollo crews. While his theories are well known through his appearances on Coast 2 Coast and other programs, less known-- and even more interesting -- is the fact that two unmanned moon missions indeed discovered enormous obelisks on the Moon's surface, arranged in a geometric design.
Four years ago, Russia's Luna-9 and America's Orbiter-2 both photographed groups of solid structures at two widely separated locations on the lunar surface. These two groups of objects are arranged in definite geometric patterns and appear to have been placed there by intelligent beings.

Since American space officials have chosen not to publicize these findings, our readers are probably not aware of their existence.

The Luna-9 photographs, taken on February 4, 1966, after the craft had landed in the Ocean of Storms, reveal two straight lines of equidistant stones that look like the markers along an airport runway. These circular stones are all identical, and are positioned at an angle that produces a strong reflection from the sun, which would render them visible to descending aircraft. --"Mysterious "Monuments" on the Moon," Argosy Magazine, August, 1970 
Volume 371, Number 2
Which goes to show you that you don't have to do much to bury a story that you don't want to get out there-- you simply don't talk about it. I'd never have heard about had I not read about it in the oracular grimoire men call "UFO Flying Saucers" in hushed, forboding tones.

Did you know one of the earliest
comic books was an alchemical text?

In addition to the endless mysteries unveiled in UFO Flying Saucers, there's also the startling prophecies of one Jacob Kurtzberg, better known as Jack Kirby, the King of Comics. Longtime readers know that Kirby knew way too many things he shouldn't and foresaw things that no one else could see.

We've already looked at the very aptly -named "The Great Moon Mystery" in the context of its startling similarities to Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, which are especially stunning given the story was drawn in 1959 and sat in a drawer at the Harvey Comics warehouse until seeing print well after 2001 was in production. Here's a refresher:
The story "The Great Moon Mystery" has a TV production crew stumble on an alien artifact (an obelisk, in this case) on the moon, which immediately captures them in a force field. A team of astronauts try to rescue them and shoot at the obelisk, but are transformed into beings of light and send on a journey across the vast reaches of the Universe (see page at top). The journey ends in Wizard of Oz-like fashion when the astronauts visualize themselves back on the Moon.
What I didn't realize at the time was that Kirby was also remote-viewing the Moon obelisk back in 1959, perhaps even unconsciously foreseeing that the obelisk would be photographed a couple months before the story was published. It wouldn't be until a few years after that the obelisk discovery was leaked, and it never made the mainstream press as far as I can tell.

Even more remarkable was the fact that the same day I posted yet another Kirby/Kubrick/Moon story the news of a monolith on Mars' moon Phobos broke, along with some typical Masonic doubletalk from Bu33 Aldrin.

OK, so what? This is all just more of that weird nexus of junk culture, Fortean hijinks and occult toomfoolery, right? Of course there's nothing on the Moon-- aren't several space agencies planning Moon missions as I write?

Well, yeah.

But with one giant mother of a caveat. From the Old Grey Lady:

NASA would like to keep the competitors away from the Apollo landing sites, and it wants to create a no-fly-and-no-drive zone above and around them, especially where the first and last manned Moon missions — Apollo 11 and Apollo 17 — landed. The risk is that dust kicked up by a successful landing, or a crash, could disturb the traces of our presence on the Moon.

There is no mention yet how the rules would be enforced. But they do give rise to some interesting thoughts. In the realms of science fiction, the universe abounds in the relics of civilizations scattered among the stars. These landing sites are the first, fragile relics left by actual humans on a nonterrestrial body.- New York Times, "That Old Heritage Moon"
I don't know about you, but I don't believe this nonsense about "disturbing historical sites" for a millisecond. If NASA was so worried about them they wouldn't have left all that equipment up there unprotected, if in fact they actually did land there (I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt).

I don't what it is exactly, but my gut tells me NASA is hiding something. And both the Apollo hoax crowd and the alien artifact crowd should be all over the no-fly zone story. It's so unbelievable that there has to be much more to the story than what we're being told.

Syncs and prophecies are one thing, but when it all crosses over into real world drama is when I sit up and pay attention.

For instance, here's another story from UFO Flying Saucers, a sensationalistic rewriting of the 1975 UFO disappearances in Oregon. The story made the national news at the time, since over 30 people fell from sight for over two months, leaving their friends and families in a state of near panic. It was later revealed that the missing persons were enlisted into a millennial UFO cult.

The leaders are called "Her" and "Him" in the story but were none other than Bo and Peep, aka Ti and Do, aka Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles, founders of the Heaven's Gate suicide cult. As you can see the artist was fairly successful in capturing Applewhite's likeness, not so much with Nettles.

Heaven's Gate was a classic millennial cult in the Essene/Gnostic model and their desire to escape their meat-prisons led them to extreme acts like castration in order to overcome the desires of the flesh. Compared to many other gurus, Applewhite was nearly benevolent, which is not to say the Gate wasn't as totalizing and authoritarian as other, similar cults.

Suicide seems to be the inevitable result of the kind of total denial of the physical world that the Gate immersed themselves in, and Applewhite cited the mass suicides at Masada during the Judean Wars as precedent.

However, the Gate didn't believe they were killing themselves at all. They believed they were dis-incarnating, so that a passing mothership traveling in the wake of the Hale-Bopp comet would be able to "beam them up" (this cult watched a shit-ton of Star Trek) and take them to the level above human.

Here's where remote viewing enters into the picture again; the Hale-Bopp UFO was "viewed" by Major Ed Dames (who was the basis for Kevin Spacey's character in The Men Who Stare at Goats) who claimed that it was coming to spread mass death on Earth, which was the basis of Applewhite's vague warnings of a planetary cleansing that his followers were to escape.

OK, this is all nuts. Dames is a laughing stock even within the paranormal community, Applewhite was a nut who couldn't deal with his sexuality and found a bunch of lost souls to play the avuncular minister/father-figure to. Hale-Bopp came and went without any noticable apocalypse.

Except one tiny, little detail keeps nagging at me...

At the same time the Heaven's Gate cult was preparing to exit their vehicles (so to speak), one of the most notorious UFO flaps of our time was unfolding just a few hundred miles to the east in Phoenix. As thousands of citizens watched, enormous triangular craft scoured the skies for several nights, allegedly. The usual, attention-starved, zany hoaxter types have come forward to claim responsibility, but none of their claims have stood up to any kind of scrutiny. The event remains a mystery.

So just as alien moon base and Apollo hoax theorists can point to the bizarre "no fly zone" rule NASA has proclaimed as proof things are not what they seem, Hale-Bopp UFO theories can't totally be dismissed in light of the Phoenix Lights. As with all of the paranormal, no side can truly claim victory, though they usually do.

Like so many other things, the truth remains elusive. As its designed to be, I'd argue...

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AstroGnostic: The Evolutionary Triad

Hidden Experience host Mike Clelland! recently found himself channeling The Secret Sun. I (along with many others) was so deeply impressed with the results that I asked Mike if I could repost it here. After several passes and revisions, Mike passed along the code and I'm republishing here for The Secret Sun Nation.

Longtime readers will know the drill, but visitors might want to check out this post for links to the "Nightmares in Camelot" series, which touches upon some of the same issues Mike explores here.

Don't forget to check out Hidden Experience for more, as well as many excellent interview-based podcasts with the cream of the UFO research crop.

Without further ado, let me pass the mic to Mike. Sit back and soak it in...

the evolution chamber


The drama of evolution is played out in the book of Genesis, as well as in Kubrick’s 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. And the drama of synchronicity is played out seemingly everywhere, and things can end up getting intertwined in mysterious ways.

The Dawn of Man

Kubrick’s film begins with the Dawn of Man, where proto-humans encounter a mysterious alien force that spawns an evolutionary leap. The middle part of the film involves modern man who re-encounters this same mysterious force.

Fetus / Star child / gray alien

All this reaches a climax with an apotheosis where a human fetus is the culmination of our next evolutionary change. We see three distinct evolutionary stages.

These three stages show up elsewhere too, they are in the UFO abduction literature.
Below is an excerpt from Raymond Fowler's 1991 book, The Watchers:

Fowler goes on to point out that the human fetus can look eerily like a prototypical gray alien. Big head, big prominent eyes and a spindly body. (Ray isn't the only one to notice this!)

A human fetus as seen in a sonogram, looking a lot like the cover of Communion giving us the finger.

Strangely, the fetus of a chimpanzee looks very human. The Chimpanzee is our closest genetic cousin, our genetics are so similar (about 95% the same) that one has to ask, why aren’t we chimpanzees? Perhaps we are, at least we are their fetuses.

In his book The Watchers, Raymond Fowler speculates about this odd likeness in the fetuses in us and in chimpanzees, and an interpretation of this curious procession. I’ve included a series of pages from this book (linked HERE and below), and this should be required reading to anyone who wants to dig a little bit deeper into this stuff.

Are modern humans some sort of genetic alteration using a chimpanzee fetus? If we go one step further, are the gray aliens a genetic alteration using the human fetus?

Chimpanzees are born with smaller heads than us humans, and they don’t experience the same sort of pain we do during the birth process. It’s our large heads (and larger brains) that separate us from the chimpanzee.

Does the bible give us a clue to this species tinkering?

In fact it does, when God kicks Adam and Eve out of The Garden, he bestowed only two punishments, we would feel shame (and we would then want clothes) and from this point on we would experience painful child birth.

Were Adam and Eve happy Chimpanzees living lives of bliss in The Garden? And who was this “God” that changed us? Were we genetically altered so that now we're burdened with bigger heads?

a prototypical gray alien

The gray alien seems incapable of child bearing in the way we presently understand. Their huge heads and their tiny hips would make this all but impossible unless they're up to something unfamiliar, like employing some sort of artificial womb. This is something that is alarmingly common in UFO abduction reports; we hear repeating stories of tanks filled with fetuses and some sort of liquid, and often we hear about rooms filled with lots of these tanks. What is happening? Is there really some sort of breeding program where humans are getting up-graded?

Following this line of speculation, we must scrutinize these three distinct phases of evolution: Chimpanzees, modern humans and the gray alien. The narrative of 2001 mimics the conjecture that Raymond Fowler puts forth in The Watchers.

When Betty Andreasson Luca asked her little gray abductors who they were, they replied, The Watchers.

Both Betty Andreasson Luca and Ray Fowler are devout Christians, so I feel it’s appropriate to quote the Bible again.

This sounds suspiciously like the opening lines from a modern day UFO abduction report.

Adding to the overall strangeness, the author and researcher Raymond Fowler came out as an alien abductee himself. He shared his own direct experiences in a 2002 book titled UFO Testament: Anatomy of an Abductee. While this might seem like a bizarre claim coming from a respected UFO researcher, it is instead very common. I have come to the point where I suspect that most researchers in this field have had some sort of contact experience, either remembered or suppressed.

His most recent book is about being plagued by synchronicities and their odd intertwining with the UFO phenomenon (a subject near and dear to my heart), this 2004 book is titled SYNCHROFILE.


The Book of Enoch uses The Watchers as a way to describe the fallen angels. But they show up in comic books too.

God-like alien with a big bald head on the moon

Jack Kirby and Stan Lee created a character called The Watcher to describe a race of God-like aliens, and he is drawn with a huge bald head and vague facial features. He looks suspiciously like a fetus, or the prototypical gray alien.

Genetically enhanced super-apes traveling in space while trapped in weird glowing orbs. Does this seems familiar?

The mystical Watcher named Uatu reveals himself to the Fantastic Four and makes them battle the Red Ghost (an evil Russian) and his Super-apes for control of the Moon. Again, this mimics some of the narrative elements in Kubrick’s 2001.

Christopher Knowles has written extensively at THE SECRET SUN about how Jack Kirby was tapping into something profoundly mysterious.


This story of The Watcher hit the comic book racks in April of 1963. The same year as The Outer Limits episode THE SIXTH FINGER. This story is also obsessed with the dilemma of human evolution. We again see the three distinct evolutionary stages starting with apes, moving to modern man and culminating with a mystical being with an over-sized bald head.

Again, Christopher Knowles has written extensively on the mythic power of The Outer Limits, and it's overtly prophetic plot points describing the alien abduction lore.

THE SIXTH FINGER - the complete episode from 1963

In this mythic Outer Limits episode, young Gwyllm Griffiths, played by David McCallum, jumps at the chance to be the first human subject to step into a secret machine, anything to escape the drudgery of life in a Welsh mining town. The experiment succeeds and Gwyllm is “evolved” into the future. He emerges from a chamber with a much larger head and a sixth finger on each hand. He has progress to a human future of Godlike powers.

Scientifically enhanced evolution allows apes to do office work

Modern man

Science controls evolution (I LOVE this image)

God-like, alien-like, big-headed and bald.

THE SIXTH FINGER resonates the the same ape/human/God triad as 2001.


2001 isn’t the only movie from 1968 with apes and astronauts. Another masterpiece of cinema premiered that same year, PLANET OF THE APES.

Taylor emerges from the sea

Charlton Heston plays astronaut Taylor, a parallel to Keir Dullea’s astronaut from 2001, Dr. David Bowman. Both transcend time and arrive at a mysterious place. The script was written by Rod Serling, no stranger to the mythic and metaphoric.

This movie is steeped in secrets about the evolution of apes and humans. Dr. Zaius (Zeus?) is the rule-maker in this world, and he is also the caretaker of the hidden knowledge about the evolutionary history of his planet. He plays the role of Heywood Floyd from 2001, both are the keeper of secrets and at the heart of a grand cover-up.

Taylor lies in his glass chamber, arms crossed like an entombed Pharaoh.

Proof that a inverted evolution took place, in three distinct layers.

We see three distinct evolutionary phases in PLANET OF THE APES, they are most clearly seen in the archeological dig inside a cave. There are three distinct layers, with our present day modern man at the lowest level. This film is upside down compared to 2001.

When Taylor meets with Dr. Zaius in his chambers he asks, “How in Hell did this upside-down civilization get started?”

Zaius replies, “You may call it upside-down, because you occupy it’s lowest level!”

PLANET OF THE APES begins with space travel through a psychedelic star gate, and 2001 ends with a similar transition. The narrative path is upside-down compared to it's sister movie.

Dr. Zaius and the cursed doll.

At the lowest level in the dig site, Cornelius (Roddy McDowell) has un-earthed an ancient human baby doll. This doll resonates the big headed alien/fetus meme. This doll is the key to unraveling the cover-up held in place by Dr. Zaius.

At one point the chimpanzee scientist Zera (Kim Hunter) shouts at Dr. Zaius, “The proof, the doll!”

The film culminates with Taylor riding off to find “his destiny,” to quote Dr. Zaius. This transformative destiny involves meeting Isis in the form of the Statue of Liberty.


Now here is where things get really weird.

When Jared Lee Loughner shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson, one of the first Doctors arrive on the scene was DR. DAVE BOWMAN. He attended a wounded 9-year old girl who just happened to be born on September 11th, 2001. She died that day, and her name was Christina-TAYLOR Greene.

Charlton Heston was an astronaut named TAYLOR in PLANET OF THE APES, and Keir Dullea portrays astronaut DR. DAVE BOWMAN, who returns to earth at the end of 2001 as the fetus like star child. To make things even stranger, Gabrielle Giffords is married to an astronaut.


I have been trying to make synchro-connections with two movies, a TV show, a comic book, a UFO abduction account and a political assassination attempt. In doing so, it seems like attempting to rein this stuff in with any kind of linear logic is useless. So I’m just gunna list some odd interrelations (in no particular order) with bulleted points.

~ PLANET OF THE APES premiered on April 3rd, 1968. And 2001: A SPACE ODDESY premiered just 3 days later on April 6th, 1968.

~ PLANET OF THE APES begins with a psychedelic star gate/worm hole sequence, and 2001 ends with something very similar.

Lake Powell at the end of the worm hole.

Lake Powell at the end of the worm hole.

~ Lake Powell in Utah (Uatu?) is featured in both PLANET OF THE APES and 2001. In each of these movies it appears as the culmination of the trippy star gate voyage through space.

~ Lake Powell was used as a location in 1965 passion play, THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD. Charlton Heston plays John the Baptist and baptizes Jesus in these same waters. Roddy McDowell plays Mathew and David McCallum plays Judas Iscariot!

Charlton Heston is back in Lake Powell, wearing firs instead of a space suit.

~ 2001, PLANET OF THE APES and The Watchers are each, at their heart, Ancient Astronaut stories (and on some level, so is THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD).

~ Charlton Heston also played Moses, where he brings down tablets from God to usher in a new-age. A tablet-like monolith appears in 2001 (from God?), again to usher in a new-age.

~ In 1995 there was an odd bit of black & white 16mm footage suposedly showing an ALIEN AUTOPSY, it proports to be a being that was found in the Roswell crash. The film is easily dismissed as a hoax, but the entity shown has an oversized bald head and six fingers.

~ Roddy McDowell emerges from a Welsh mining town in John Ford’s HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY, and he eventually plays the role of Cornelius (a chimpanzee) in 1968. David McCallum emerges from the very same Welsh mining town in THE SIXTH FINGER, the film-makers re-use stock footage from the 1941 film.

~ Young British actress Jill Hayworth plays the beautiful love interest in THE SIXTH FINGER in 1963, and in 1967 she plays opposite Roddy McDowell in a Hammer wanna-be horror film titled IT!

~ Also in 1967, McDowell guest stars in the TV series THE INVADERS as an astrophysicist who has proof that aliens are invading the planet.

Roddy McDowell as Cornelius

~ Roddy McDowell read the audio-book for Whitley Strieber’s 1987 best-seller Communion. Let me add that listening to this reading of Strieber’s first person narrative is absolutely wonderful. In essence, Roddy McDowell is playing the role of Whitley Strieber!

Charlton Heston and Kim Hunter re-enact the first steps of a hybridization process

~ Kim Hunter (Zera in PLANET OF THE APES) also played the role of an alien abductee in an episode of The CBS Radio Mystery Theater. The set of plot points closely matches many of the elements of the typical UFO abduction account (including mind control, telepathy and implants). The original air-date was November 25, 1974, well before the proliferation in the media of abduction accounts.

Archangel Gabriel and The Blessed Virgin Mary

~ It is the Archangel Gabriel that appears to Mary. He tells her: “And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb...” (Luke 1:31) This immaculate conception story sounds curiously similar to some of the accounts shared by women who claim alien abduction experiences; these accounts are full of mysterious pregnancies. Often when the woman is NOT sexually active. This certainly parrallels the virgin Mary.

~ The name Gabriel certainly parallels Gabrielle. Also, some New Age exponents portray Archangel Gabriel as female.

~ There was another Gabriel involved in the shooting in Tucson. Gabriel "Gabe" Zimmerman, age 30, was a member of Congresswoman Giffords' staff and was killed that afternoon.

~ The name Gabrielle Giffords resonates Gwyllm Griffiths. Gwyllm is the evolutionarily transformed bald being in THE SIXTH FINGER.

~ Gabrielle Giffords miraculously survives being shot in the head, and ends up bald, like her astronaut husband.

~ Giffords' astronaut husband (Mark Kelly) has an identical twin brother (Scott Kelly), who is also an astronaut! Scott Kelly was a pilot for space shuttle Discovery, and that's the name of Dr. Dave Bowman's spaceship. Scott Kelly was in space during the shooting, and offered a moment of silence on 1-11-11. (more from Loren Coleman)

Issue dated Feb. 21, 1964

~ The twin astronauts were born on Feb. 21st 1964. Here is the LIFE magazine cover from that very day showing Lee Harvey Oswald. Many researchers of the JFK assassination claim that this photo is faked. Also, Oswald had a double (or twin) impersonating him in 1964 and LIFE magazine had well established ties to the CIA. Oswald shares the name LEE with Jared LEE Lougner.

~ I have to assume that the NASA astronaut corps are briefed about the reality of the UFO phenomenon. It sure seems like they would be trained in advance that they might see something odd out there. The picture that gets painted is that these folks are privy to some seriously insider info about UFOs.


~ PLANET OF THE APES and 2001 both feature cryogenic suspended animation chambers, and these are seen as death chambers in both movies. Glass chambers are also pivotal to THE SIXTH FINGER and to Ray Fowler’s The Watchers.

Evolution in a glass chamber

~ THE SIXTH FINGER starts with an ape who has made an evolutionary leap (using a glass chamber) and ends with a modern human making a further evolutionary leap and emerging as a proto-God with an oversized bald head.

~ The imagery of the suspended animation glass sarcophagus shows up a lot in the UFO abduction lore. (see the drawing by an abductee above) Some researchers conclude that there is an ongoing genetic project to create geneticly enhanced alien/human hybrids using advanced technologies.

~ An abductee tells of seeing this clone nursery (see above illustration) and it depicts alien/human hybrid fetuses floating in glass tubes. The color of the fluid in these tubes is consistantly reported as blue. When Taylor enters his glass chamber in the first minutes of PLANET OF THE APES, the image fades to blue and then there is a star-gate sequence.

~ The illustration below was drawn by Betty Andeasson Luca and it depicts a series of glass tubes, and they show their own evolutionary scheme. Even Jesus is included!

Illustration © Betty Andreasson Luca.

“The aliens have spliced into the human seed to prolong the form... so that nothing will be lost when the last shall come.”

“The people of all races and times encased in clear rectangular receptacles” for preservation by the non-human beings... called The Watchers, who have monitored the Earth for thousands of years.

Excerpt from The Watchers
Betty Andreasson Luca, Abductee

~ In the pulp science fiction illustrations and magazine covers of a bygone era, the image of the glass tube is a repeating image, albeit for a tawdry psycho-sexual obsession. Lot of images HERE. This rather comical pattern was noted by the late great Mac Tonnies.

Naughty thoughts played out in a glass sarcophagus


Why do these resonant parallels emerge out of the ether? Is reality a sort of echo chamber where ideas and memes bounce off each-other in a way that forces them to emerge in a weird synchronistic manner?

I suspect strongly that there is something more to the horrendous tragedy surrounding Gabrielle Giffords. If there are such strange reverberating plot elements to that story; it makes me think that there simply must be a reason behind it all. What that might be, I have no idea. I am left to wonder if powerful human events simply create their own synchronous magic?

All that said, my only rule for deciphering synchronicities is to pay attention.

Keir Dullea, gone tomorrow.


This long-winded post would not have been possible without the inspiration from Christopher Knowles and his Elusive Companion Hypothosis. And thanks to Alan Abbadessa and all his synchro-mystic pals.

Excerpt (below) of selected pages from The Watchers by Raymond Fowler (available HERE):

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Looking Forward: The Readers Speak Out!

Judging by the feedback, it seems people are as excited about the idea of a podcast and/or interview regimen for The Secret Sun in 2012 as I am.

There are a lot of people who I'm interested in talking to and the readers had a lot of their own suggestions both her and on Facebook. Readers also seem to be excited about exposing some of far-right infiltration of the alt-research community, as well as rooting out some of the destructive assumptions that have crept into the counterculture.

For my part I believe there's a time to talk and a time to listen. And since I spend so much time in relative isolation I have to find alternative ways of seeking out interesting people to listen to. For those of you out there who are passionate about issues that you don't feel are being addressed, take it upon yourself to do the research and share your findings with us. Maybe there is a calling for you to fill a void that only you can.

Think about it.

In the meantime, here's a sampling of the feedback left on the best comments section on the Internet on the previous post.
Anadae suggested: I think that your having dredged up the Hollow Earth conundrum yesternight in facebookland as it dovetails with the Elusive Companion Theory merits more attention. Go hog wild. Here's Theo Paijmans' Mundus Subterraneus blog, which sought to chronicle all HE lit, whether fictional or alleged actual, ever committed to the printed page.
The ECH is definitely something I want to explore further, particularly in context of the HE lore.
Anonymous said: Maybe I missed it, but I don't recall seeing the follow-up to the ever-so-intriguing Introduction to the Secret Language post from 5/25/10.

Huh- I could've sworn I did post a follow-up, since I think I had one written. Must have gotten distracted. As usual.

Laurence writes: Look into Branford Keeney and his large collection of shamans / rites from around the world.

Will do. Maybe a series on shamanism and contact narratives.

Idiot Savant wrote: whatever comes i earnestly look forward to.

I'm humbled. Cheers.
Kandinsky writes: Your mention of the 'Fascist and/or Fundamentalist assumptions under-girding so much of Conspiratainment' will ensure I keep reading the blog. These guys deserve attention as many are adepts at seeding negative, paranoiac memes into the sub-culture of ufology, conspiracy and who knows what else?
Indeed. Fear is the ultimate weapon and the ultimate means of control. I do think that people will be paying less attention to the paranoia pimps as things get worse in the real world.

Justin suggests I look up Erik Davis, Joscelyn Godwin, Joseph Farrell,
Alan Moore, Michio Kaku, Professor Brian Cox and Jacques Vallee.

Some of these are certainly possible, but Jacques is always busy and Michio might be too big for The Sun.
Cindy writes: I wish you could do a pod cast with the pope, I'm still wondering if he's a warlock or a wizard. I guess there's little chance of that though.
How about a serial enabler of crimes against humanity? That probably wouldn't fly either.

Anonymous recommended James Power and Tristan wants to hear some more Hollow Earth stuff. Ted wants to hear from Gnostic scholar John Lamb Lash, who I'd love to ask about Gnostic themes in Star Trek.
Anonymous writes: I would love a well researched piece investigating links between various "conspiracy researchers" of the right wing patriot militia variety (such as alex jones g. edward griffin etc.) and the john birch society and cnp. Would also like your take on David Icke and Michael Tsarion who I believe pose as somewhat "New Age" but essentially promote the same line. Also continue the Secret War Against the New Age series.
As would I. If you know anyone who's researched this please let me know. It's long past time the hidden agendas at play are brought to light. I just want to hear from someone who's put some serious time into it.
Raksha is interested in the Gnostic themes explored here and writes: But I'm still interested, still very curious about new developments and rediscovered old ones, and endlessly fascinated with new ways of connecting the dots.
I think John Lamb Lash would fit Raksha's bill.
Venus writes: However, it alarmed me to hear that you are siding with the SRA hoax disinfo that the CIA-funded False Memory Syndrome promoted because, with all due respect for someone whose research I admire greatly, you are out of your depth here.
I think Venus might want to abstain from dictating what is and is not out of my depth, since I've been researching this for a very long time now. It's my belief that the MONARCH hoax is textbook disinfo (as did the late Jim Kieth and many other MK researchers) and the SRA hoax was created to bolster the credibility of skeptic groups like the FMSF (which someone once referred to as the "Pedophile Mutual Aid Society"), since SRA was vigorously promoted by media sleazeballs like Geraldo Rivera and then largely fell apart once actual investigations were done.

"False Memory Syndrome" is indeed a lie and a hoax (the Massachussetts Supreme Court recently tossed it out as a defense), but there are other lies and hoaxes that muddy the waters and do real victims no favors.

SRA also helps obscure the clear, documented and unambiguous reality that the overwhelming majority of the documented non-family abuse cases take place under the aegis of the established mainstream religions (and their various cults). As well as the fact that this problem is far more widespread than the mainstream media would have you believe.

For instance, the media might cover some of the more egregious cases with Catholic priests (and in some instances the Orthodox Jewish communities) but completely ignore the problem in the Protestant and Evangelical denominations.

Why would they possibly do that?

I recommend the SNAP website as well as the Religion News Service site, which is run by a Dutch Christian group who are serious about exposing evil within the churches (ie., the plank in their own eyes).

Jason recommends Michael Tsarion, Lash, John Greer (whose latest book I blurbed), Brian Bates, Jan Irvin (who interviewed me a while back) and Gary Lachman, who I talked to when I did the Lucifer Rising piece. Of these, Lachman is first on my list. He's done some excellent research that I think a lot of you would dig.

Anonymous is quite a prolific commenter and weighs in with these nuggets:
I often wonder if much of the modern conspiracy movement is funded by intelligence services or big business as a way of diluting possible political rebellion. While there's certainly conspiracy researchers of all political hues out there, the famous ones seem to be in peculiar agreement on a number of issues that coincide with the big business & religious fundie agenda.
Absolutely- look no further than Ron Paul and his extensive connections to the fascistic Christian Reconstructionist movement, whose "Libertarianism" (sic) is the brand Paul is actually peddling. Continuing...
Also by contending that the control systems of the planet are led by a supernatural New World Order this makes it seem that ordinary citizens have no hope against corrupt politicians other than by immersing themselves in a theological belief system.
Agreed. Which is why you never see these guys at protests. In fact they will twist themselves into pretzels explaining how OWS or the Greek uprising is all orchestrated by the Globalists, a claim strongly debunked by the police response thereto. More:
However looking at the conspiracy scene they're fixated on encouraging their followers to arm themselves to the teeth way beyond what one would expect for self-defence. The justification being they can fight against the New World Order. But what if its the other way around? Arm different political factions so they never get together and end up in a balance of power where nothing changes or simply fight against each other leaving big business & religion alone?
Or as we saw in South and Central America in the 70s and 80s, these radical right factions make nice ready-made death squads to do away with people who the plantation and factory owners saw as threats to their bottom lines.
The same ultra-right political ideas emerged in the UFO underground occasionally, especially in the 1980s and it effectively destroyed any serious interest in the topic. One of the top 'whistleblowers' at the time was William Cooper - who is now seen as a martyred conspiracy god by believers.
I think you mean "lifelong Naval Intelligence asset William Cooper." Yes, there are many reasons not to mourn the passing of an organized UFO underground. If you know of any researchers- or if you want to go out and do the research yourself- let me know.

Dayzero asks when an Incal film is coming out to which I say "hopefully never." Dennis recommends Jack Sarfatti, who at least judging from his Facebook page has become a bit of a angry, hectoring neoconservative. How about Russell Targ or Ed May? I met those guys at Esalen and they were very cool.

Venus checks in again with some very saliant responses to Anonymous' suspicions about the corporate self-help movements and Libertarianism. To which I say, "why don't you two get together and do some research on this and then come talk to me about it here?"

Laurence recommends something on British scifi soundtracks. Justin R recommends some old-school conspiracy researhcers like Jonathan Sellers, Justin Boland and Terry Melanson. Terry used to be a regular commenter here but the last I checked hadn't updated his site in a while. He's done some good work on the Bavarian Illuminati which is a nice corrective to the silly Illuminati mythology you see pimped by the YouTards. Doug Rushkoff and Chris Hedges are good ideas as well.

Raj checked in but kept his suggestions to the FB thread. Raj, if you want to repost here, feel free. Greg T suggests "Bill Deagle, Michael Hoffman, Tom Horn, David Flynn, Dan Burisch, Benjamin Fulford, Andrew D. Basiago, Sorcha, Monarch And Bluebeam proponents." I doubt most of those people would want to talk to me but if they're ever in the mood for a knock-down, drag-out donnybrook they know where to look.

Winding down Nick Redfern asks if he saw me on the VH1 series Metal Evolution, specifically the early US and early UK metal scene episodes. To which I plead guilty. Check the series out- it's an amazing bit of history with some awesome footage.

Venus checks in again, writing:
Where we may part ways is with my belief that the mystery religions, most formally preserved through the upper echelons of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, have been involved in refining predatory mind control techniques as well, and that ultimately there may be many connections between the two opposing camps (Vatican/P2 masonic lodge money laundering scandal, anyone?). Of course, "satanism" is a modern invention so the idea that some ancient brotherhood has been practicing it for centuries is absurd.
To which I reply, "Why not stop looking for hidden scapegoats and cabals and put the blame squarely where it belongs- on the abusers and the hierarchies that shelter them?" I realize it goes against our cultural conditioning and hence the need to disbelieve the unassailable historical fact that the clergy have never believed that the law applies to them too, but isn't breaking out of cultural conditioning what we're all about?

The founder of modern Fundamentalism Billy James Hargis didn't talk about Adam Kadmon when he was seducing choirboys- he cited David's relationship with Jonathan as Biblical precedent, which I'm sure is pretty common with the Abrahamic abuser crowd.

Finally, Chuck suggests Goro Adachi, who's also popped in around these parts in the past. Goro, if you're out there, drop me a line.

All in all great stuff, both here and on the Facebook page. I feel like you lot are putting the wind in my sails and I am already laying the groundwork for this new adventure. Thanks to everyone who pitched in.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Looking Forward...and Back

2011 is drawing to a close and it's been another wild year here on the Sun. There's been a lot of changes in the way I've been blogging. The Facebook page has freed me up from the updates and need to post daily (I tried to use the Solar Satellite as a news ticker for a while, but running two blogs simultaneously is ill-advised, especially when you're not making money off it), inspiring me to dig more deeply into the topics I'm looking at.

It's also allowed me to interact with you guys in a more natural and immediate way. I love and treasure your comments-- one of my points of pride with this blog is the uncommonly high quality of commenters it's blessed with-- but responding to them was getting to be as much work as writing the actual pieces. The format is awkward and unnatural for conversation on my part- cutting and pasting and hoping people can follow the thread. If you aren't on the FB group, I hope you come join us. There are some really smart and self-directed people there, and the same cocktail party conversationalist ambiance you've come to expect.

What I've been doing over the past year is treating the Sun more like a magazine than a newspaper. Much longer, much more in-depth pieces like the Star Wars Symbol Cycle, the Nightmares in Camelot series and the Another History of the Knights Templar mega-epic have been the backbone of the blog and these pieces have definitely resonated with a lot of readers out there.

Looking forward to the coming year, I feel like I want to spend less time talking and more time listening. The Nick Redfern interviews have been huge hits here, and have been very intellectually satisfying for me as well. There are a lot of people I'd like to talk to, and not just the usual guests working the alt-podcast circuit. Artists, political and religious thinkers, Synchromystics and anyone else who lives the life of the mind. I've already put out feelers and will continue to do so in the weeks ahead.

I haven't decided whether I'd like to continue with the prose interview format or throw in some occasional podcasts (which a lot of people have asked me to do). That's a whole other discussion, because when I think "podcast" I start thinking about music and sound and all sorts of ideas that could get me in a whole lot of trouble. So don't quote me on the podcast thing quite yet (it also depends on what interviewees are more comfortable with).

Either way I'm excited about using the blog to interact with interesting thinkers and hopefully introduce some new thinkers and ideas to the world at large. There are a lot of different ideas I want to explore and hope to use them as a launching pad for my interviewee search. There'll be the usual Secret Sun type topics-- SciFi, mystical geekery, psychedelia, Gnosis, AAT-- but also some new ones.

One topic I want to explore are the Fascist and/or Fundamentalist assumptions under-girding so much of Conspiratainment, and just how many Wehrwolves in alt-media clothing there are out there.

In many ways it will be a eulogy, since I do believe the worm is turning and people are quickly wising up, but I'd like to find some people who've done work exposing the SRA and MONARCH hoaxes and can illustrate how these hoaxes are used to lure people into the most audacious and far-reaching mind-control program in the history of this planet-- religious fundamentalism. The evil genius of this is that it's the clergy who are the most prodigious abusers out there, and it's under the auspices of the religious establishment that the overwhelming majority of legitimate abuse cases have been documented.

On one end of the spectrum I'd also like to explore the Bernays school of using symbolism and psychology as a tool of social control, EST and the infiltration of the human-potential movement, the Establishment's bloody war on rock 'n' roll in the 50s and 60s, and the ongoing chipping away of artistic, religious and personal freedom.

On the other I'd like to explore the history of British sci-fi TV, Underground comix and the SF scene, the Surrealist revival and people involved in serious entheogen research.

All of this is intimately related in my opinion. It's all about the frontiers of the mind, whether they are expanding or contracting.

So what you guys out there can do to help is suggest guests you'd like to hear from, whether well-known or deserving of wider attention. My wish is to keep things accessible and entertaining to as many intelligent and open-minded people as possible. Bear in mind that I have a distinct right-brained bias (I'm pretty sure I don't have a left hemisphere) so I'll have to pass on more esoteric sciences and whatnot. There are other interviewers far more qualified than myself for those topics.

So send me your wish lists and I'll get on it. I'm really looking forward to all of this, but don't worry-- I'm sure I'll still be posting your usual Solar fare when the spirit moves me.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

2011 Overview: The Elusive Companion Hypothesis

The work of Stanley Kubrick continues to spark debate and inspire interpretation, particularly when it comes to films like 2001:A Space Odyssey. For my part, I've long felt that all of the symbolic and allegorical interpretations pale to the actual plot of the film, which hits you with some pretty straightforward AAT, depicts an elaborate government coverup of proof of alien contact, and most importantly taps into the weird narratives of "alien abduction" recorded in very obscure UFO journals in the Fifties and early Sixties.

This all ties into a theory I'd been kicking around dealing with the Elusive Companions- those strange creatures who've had contact with humanity since the dawn of history, using a series of culture-appropriate disguises.

The dumbed-down modern depiction of fairies, sprites and genies tends to overshadow the darker and more compelling contact narratives recorded in folklore from all over the world. As well as obscuring the remarkable consistency among them and the stunning similarity to "alien abduction" accounts.

The blueprints for the Pyramids of Giza, revealed at last
in Doctor Who: The City of Death (1979)

In many ways, the ECH is similar to the Ultraterrestrials that John Keel talked about or Mac Tonnies' Cryptoterrestrials but the ECH is tied directly into AAT and the idea of the Watchers, or the fabled stay-behind race/class of monitors keeping an eye on the project for the ancient bioengineers.

All of which seeks to explain why remarkably similar accounts of strange encounters and "abductions" have been recorded all over the world and all throughout history, some of which formed the backbone of powerful religious traditions in the ancient world.

Mike Clelland and I mulled it all over in a freewheeling discussion (included above) which touched on details like the oddly-lit white room, the Roswellian aspects of "The Dawn of Man" in 2001 and the distinctly non-physical character of abduction accounts throughout histroy that were explored in detail in the following posts:

These are some of my favorite posts of the past year and a lot of readers grokked them as well. All worth a re-read.

In related news, Tim Binnall has Bruce Rux back on Binnall of America for a talk on ancient Egypt and ancient astronauts and much more. Rux tells tales out of school about Zechariah Sitchin and reveals strange taste in sci-fi comedy. Highly recommended.

BONUS: A lecture on Jungian views of the UFO phenomenon.