Monday, May 05, 2008

Astronaut Theology: Heavenly Insemination

Over the years I've come to see the imagery used for promoting the film Stargate not merely as a design element, but as a extremely serious religious icon. The film is an ancient astronaut parable, explaining high civilization as the result of extraterrestrial interference. We have the Stargate itself, which is pictured as a phallic beam composed of a viscous fluid not entirely unlike male ejaculate. This could very well be interpreted as a more radical form of Panspermia. In this case, it's higher intelligence that is being seeded, not biological life.

It's my belief that the Pyramid is a maternal symbol, with the triangle pointing towards the sky representing the female pubic area. Even the most orthodox Egyptologist will tell you that the point of tomb pyramids was the cosmic rebirthing of the Pharaoh. Inside the Great Pyramid, we see chambers and shafts corresponding to the female reproductive organs. The beam or shaft of light in this iconography is a fairly obvious representation of a cosmic phallus, seeding Earth with extraterrestrial intelligence and technology. The Stargate itself brings to mind a certain device which is best left unmentioned.

The heavenly insemination in the NASA/Disney co-production Mission to Mars comes in the form of a band of helpful Freemasonic astronauts, who travel to Mars in order to wake the red planet from its slumber. "You shall be as gods" is literalized here, as the Freemasons become the creator gods of a foreign biosphere. John the Baptist ascends to the heavens in place of Woody/Jesus, who takes John's place and floats in limbo for eternity. Make no mistake, the over-riding obsession of the Masonic faithful of NASA is to revive Mars, in imitation of Jehovah and the other gods of Genesis.

The heavenly insemination is literalized in The X-Files. The abduction in question is that of Isis/Hathor/Demeter stand-in Dana Scully, who is abducted and inseminated using alien technology, creating a human/alien hybrid. Here a modern house becomes the pyramid/pubis, referring us to the fact that the ancient astronauts have returned and are at work again in the The X-Files universe. This domestic imagery reminds us also what The X-Files is really about- dealing with the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. Scully's direct encounter with the ancient astronauts' technology would result in the birth of her Horus analog, William.

Enki Bilal's Immortel dispenses with the allegory all together and gives us Horus in the flesh. Here were see the Pyramid of the Netjer themselves hovering over a future Empire State Obelisk. We see a glow emanating from the pyramid, but the inseminating beam is redundant- the Space Gods are here and are openly interfering in human affairs.

Independence Day, a gut-punchingly blatant Templar ritual drama, gives us a disturbing image as the death beam envelops the Empire State Obelisk in an anti-insemination. The star shape and the aperture of the ship bring connotations to mind inappropriate for a family-friendly blog.

For Deep Impact (which itself sounds like a porn title), the ESB shows up again in imagery remarakbly similar to the ID4 poster. This film is rich in mystery symbolism, as we will see in a later posting. Are these films some forecast/conditioning for the Coming Culling? You can't help but get the same feeling from all the non-biblical Rapture brainwash out there as well. Were groups like the Solar Temple and Heaven's Gate plugged into some prophetic channel on the Collective Unconscious waveband?

The poster for Red Planet superimposes the heavenly beam over the face of the film's Horus, played by Val Kilmer. Note the Trinity (and "Trinity") and the womb-like depiction of Mars, a reverse of the deathwomb of ID4. The beam here is going two ways, as Kilmer's prostrate form is the dying figure in the dying/rising cycle. Mars is a primitive, prehuman planet- the Space Gods are the modern astronauts, who have become as gods.

Taking us to Starman, which brings the Eternal Drama back to Earth. In the film, the risen Starman impregnates his earthly lover before he returns to space, as did Osiris.

Here we see a repeat of the heavenly beam/Trinity on the ancient astronaut parable Star Trek: First Contact. Here we see the cybernetic trinity of Data, the Borg Queen and Locutus. The assembled Borg almost resemble the Djoser pyramid. In this film, the heavenly insemination comes in the form of the Vulcans, who raise a post-apocalyptic Earth to its future Masonic glory by interfering in the human race's technical evolution.

Brilliant Trek parody Galaxy Quest uses the inseminating beam to transform earthly actors into cosmic Templars, similar to the message of First Contact. In Galaxy Quest, however, the Vulcan characters are quivering, gullible wimps rather than the detached Olympians of Star Trek. Notice again we see a Trinity immersed in the beam.

The Dune-iverse proposes a militaristic alliance and syncretizing of the Templars, Jesuits and Assassins in order to destroy the forces of runaway mercantilism and imperialism. Here we see the heavenly beam inseminating Arrakis, resulting in the birth of the reincarnation of the Baptist/DeMolay figure Leto Atreides in the form of his grandson.

The sequel to the Atlantis/Dionysian parable Cocoon features the film's John the Baptist, Jack Bonner (yeah, the Steve Gutenberg character, believe it or not) receiving the heavenly beam, which as with all ritual dramas symbolically reverses an unhappy historical outcome...

...that being the anointing of Jesus by the heavenly beam in place of John. The most popular telling of this historical revision appears in the non-synoptic Gospel of John, which is itself filled with malappropriated Alexandrian Mystery cult symbolism. Note however, that John is elevated visually over Jesus in this tableau. Their true viewpoint always hides in the subtext.

Similarly, the Dove was a symbol of Hathor, symbolising Jesus' annointing as the Christ, or Horus-King (re: Christ comes from the Greek khrein, or k-hr-ein, "to have the Ka of Horus").

The modern conception of movie aliens began with Spielberg's Close Encounters. Here we see a breathtakingly blatant heavenly insemination, as the highway/pubis is penetrated by beam from the alien ship. The phallic symbolism is driven home with the mass encounter at Devil's Tower, where these inseminating aliens lift their earthly prophets to the Heavens.

So, that's a sampling of the Hollywood take on the Heavenly Inseminating Beam. What does any of this have to do with the real world?

A lot, as we'll see on Wednesday.


  1. Oh man, awesome! Pretty much every sci-fi movie of importance in one article. As you've noticed, it's impossible to talk about this stuff without bringing up sex. Hat's off to Hollywood for doing it in PG movies.

    Star Trek III: The Search for Spock features the Genesis device, with Star Masons playing the Creator role.

    Looking forward to Wednesday!

  2. Cheers, Michael. It only gets weirder!

    You know, it just occurred to me that Jung broke with Freud over Freud's insistence that everything was based in sex. Meanwhile, Jung spent a good deal of his time running around having sex with a whole host of different women.

  3. Chris- a confession, then a question. I'm 44. So when the first Apollo moon landing happened, I was a five year old boy. I vividly remember sitting in front of the TV, that night, watching the astronauts walk around on the moon. I've been in love with the space program and science fact AND fiction ever since. Now all the movies you just listed on your blog, I've seen many, many times ( brilliant post BTW ). So, question: Do you think any of the major sci-fi movies produced in the last thirty years has really been just about scientific curiosity and "man's need to explore the cosomos and ask the big questions", or has it all been a flashy collection of Masonic ritual? Am I just a sci-fi lover, or have I been a hidden FreeMason all these years?!

  4. I think you're making the same mistake Freud made! I never see any such things like that at all; these things (sci-fi etc machinery) have to be some kind of shape. I suppose they could make them shaped like pollen molecules or whatever, but maybe its also about not changing something just because there's a presumption it's meant to look like whatever else.

    Plus, taking all species into account that are definitely known of, a very tiny fraction of them reproduce the same way humans do, so I don't think that - to borrow a Jungian term - the collective mind is going to unconsciously keep making references to something relatively recent in terms of how DNA makes copies of itself.
    However - I do think that if you tell people enough times that all cylindrical shaped things are phallic symbols, and all openings are vaginal symbols, plus you instill in them culturally that genitals are something to giggle naughtily over or be ashamed about, then they most definitely will become completely obsessed with putting that symbolism everywhere.

    Props for including Immortel! Only way I was able to get a hold of that was via piracy, it's such an obscure film - also probably the reason it's the only one there that's so different to the others mentioned. Or also because it's accurate - I guess it's not easy owning up to selling your soul in exchange for being a puppet. Maybe if some people bothered to make an effort at all they could argue that they don't deserve to be worn like the empty shells they are..

  5. Hey, d'you think ol' Siggy was thinking of his phallic/cylindrical theories when he was doing lines through a tube?

  6. So, question: Do you think any of the major sci-fi movies produced in the last thirty years has really been just about scientific curiosity and "man's need to explore the cosomos and ask the big questions", or has it all been a flashy collection of Masonic ritual?

    Well, Anony, I think it's a little of both. I wrote a big giant book about it that I had to go back and rewrite as this stuff springs to mind.

    Most of these films are great and can be enjoyed on their surface level. I think all of the symbolism and whatnot just makes them more fascinating.

    As to you being a hidden Freemason, well, only you can answer that! =)

  7. Zuppie, I'm not concerned with other species or whatever. I'm concerned with an apparent human theology expressing itself through symbol. I've no expression off the plant so I'm not qualified to speculate. =)

    I'm by no means done with this symbolism- nor are they....

  8. Another great post. I never really thought of the "heavenly beam" as inseminating, but it makes sense! The first time I remember seeing it was the great Star Trek: The Motion Picture movie poster:

    And there you have another trinity of Kirk, Spock and Ilia, a bald, slightly androgynous but sexually advanced alien! The tagline--"The Human Adventure Is Just Beginning" takes on a whole new meaning in this light.

    The movie features other heavenly light beams -- a probe from Vger that abducts Ilia, and the new Ilia-Probe appearing in a sonic shower beam.

    Then, you think about the "climax" of that movie (sorry, couldn't help myself), with the the Voyager "probe" (with its upward-facing antenna dish) merging with Decker and Ilia in a brilliant shaft of light. Wow! Well, Gene Roddenberry was a horny guy, after all.

    I always felt like ST:TMP, flawed though it was, was somehow important. Obviously, important for reviving the franchise, but I always felt that the IDEAS in it were important, too, and I spent a lot of time as a kid trying to parse out what it all meant, just as I did with the 2001.

  9. Cheers RDBie,

    A commentary on that ST poster is, uh, coming, along with many others!

  10. Check out ATU XV in Crowley's BOOK of THOTH tarot. Its the Devil card , but might fit here

  11. I've tried to rent Immortal twice over the past several years, but both times i'm given defective disks and they don't have any other copy....

    Interesting list.

    As far as Children of Dune is concerned, technically Leto II had all of his previous ancestors awakened within him, going all the way back to "ancient" history. His grandfather was his namesake, but he was actually a "reincarnation" of all his ancestors. He actually chooses to pattern himself after an ancient ancestor named Harum, though actually, all of his ancestors (his genetic code) have a voice within him.
    Also interesting to note that both Paul Atriedes and Leto II establish brutal religious dictatorships. Leto II, in fact, singlehandedly directs the known universe for thousands of years in his "sandworm" form. Whereas the first Leto Atriedes was more of what we would call "democratic."

  12. Thanks for the quick answer Chris-
    As far as my earlier query " Am I just a sci-fi lover, or have I been a hidden FreeMason all these years?!"
    I think I might have to answer yes; in this sense: when a person is exposed over and over to certain kinds of programming, it could be considered that that person has been "initiated". In that way of thinking for probably most of my life. Soon I began to believe what they believed, although at first I didn't realize that that was so, or even why it had happened. Upon reflection, I feel sure that I've held the Masonic view regarding the universe, and I bet many of my generation has, as well!

  13. Nice one Chris!

    When I first spotted that Stargate poster/cover I thought "hmmm thats interesting" how the round opening was over the "pyramid point".

    You should check out Gavin's post at Atlantean Times about Fisher and the Parental Stargate, he's onto a deep dark Hollywood secret for sure!

    Nice article and looking forward to the rest! Thanks!

  14. Fifteen is El Diablo? Never. You're 'aving a laff int ya?

  15. "I'm by no means done with this symbolism- nor are they...."

    I only have one thing to say around that:

    Burn! Hollywood, Burn! Hollywood, Burn! Hollywood, Burn!