Friday, May 02, 2008

Seventeen Minutes

On Beltane's Eve, David Blaine reenacted the Death of Osiris in a custom-made watery sarcophagus. The cover story was that he was trying to break the breath-holding record. However, the tell was the 17 minutes he spent underwater.

Bonus factoids: Oprah's show is filmed at Harpo Studios, located between Washington and Randolph Streets in Chicago. Harpo comes from Harpocrates, meaning "Horus the Child." Randolph means "wolf shield," and Osiris was associated with the wolf.

And of course, Washington is the Masonic Father of our country.


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  2. Harpo is also Oprah spelled backwards.

  3. More about the David Blaine special....

    If you provide each letter in the alphabet with a number value (so that A=1, B=2, C=3, etc), then the letter combination associated with 17 is "AG," the chemical abbreviation for silver. David Blaine and his assistants are wearing silver-colored suits.

    Also, the ancient Egyptians represented silver as a semi-circle and David Blaine's human fish tank is balanced on several inter-connected semi-circles.

    And the date of the ceremony itself was 4/30/2008.... 4+3+0+2+0+0+8 = 17.

  4. Oprah has addressed the fact that her Studio is her name spelled backwards. Me thinks you might be reaching just a little for this one. And I'm a true believer in the knowledge of the Ancients among other things. It seems whether spelled backwards or forwards, all roads lead to oprAH/HArpo(AH-HA being the middle ground of speculation) & are connected by that oh so familiar magical yellow brick road(or in her case gold brick road) ~)O(Isis)O(~

  5. Funny nobody picked up on this.

    Most people might see a heart on Blaines chest but the symbol is a split Spade with arrow pointing down. If the arrow is pointing down would mean that it is telling something about someone who is usually far away or NOT IN THAT LOCATION...

    As far the split spade well he was just advertising Or maybe something more sinister since the deck came out 2 years before and there are letters written on the Deck specifically...Drowned and Saved...

    Of course that whole deck is just a bit Creepy

    But we are talking about magic here even if it is stage magic…

  6. Going to throw a bit more numerological value into the mix here...the group number on the periodic table for the color silver is 11<---also the number associated with the Goddess Isis(wife to Osiris), Take the numbers for David's name...
    D+A+V+I+D B+L+A+I+N+E
    4+1+22+9+4 2+12+1+9+14+5=83=8+3 =11(the number of the Goddess & of Silver) =1+1 =2(the number associated with the color blue, the element of water & the High Priestess in a Tarot deck in which she is often represented wearing a crown like that associated with the Goddess Isis)... ironic how that works out isn't it.