Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Virus From Outer Space (UPDATED)

This video is so filled with Synchromystic import I'm not even going to bother pointing any of it out. I wanted to use this as a break from all the Heavenly Insemination heaviness, and in true Jungian fashion was slapped in the face by the actual imagery on offer here.

The not-great song isn't the issue, it's all in the visuals.

UPDATE: Here's a few captures from the video: the opening shot of the Black Sun rising, a frequently-repeating K2 resonator, airplanes falling from the sky and a heavenly lightning bolt striking K2, and, of course, the magic numbers.

I had never seen this video before working on the Heavenly Insemination series.


  1. Did you notice the black and white imagery, the checkerboard background, and the woman in a red dress walking by?

  2. Chris...I sent you a copy of my Mothman Photographer II book. When you get it, you will notice an image on the back, of a winged figure. That figure is a terroristic character I came up with in the 1980s, called "Wiz," who flew around scaring people at national monuments. Yes, I actually drove around the country photographing Wiz at national monuments... This was done in conjunction with Lee Friedlander's "American Monuments" photo book.

    Anyway, when I was at Virginia Commonwealth in 1984, I painted a special backdrop for Laurie Anderson's performance there. It was an enormous painting of Wiz, hovering behind Anderson. This is essentially another 9/11 synchronicity, since Wiz was inspired by my 1967 precognition of that event (thanks to Mothman and my friend, Tommy B.). Also, Laurie's first single in 1980, "Let X=X" (which was a plastic 45 inside of Artforum Magazine), makes allusions to planes and terrorism as well.

  3. This video is part of the excellent (and not available on DVD) Home of the Brave concert film. Totally worth the torrent download.

  4. you're an amazing blogger and synchie

    i think I can explain why artist are such strong resonators in sychro circles, but the point I will make is generally understood. Professor Gamal El-Zoghby at Pratt Institute teaches that the brain operates on five major frequencies. The lowest frequencies is Evolution, Construction, System Science, Structural Philosophy, and Art. In that order a primordial base of evolution is the major frequency but the rest are hierarchal. So Art is the highest frequency attainable in the human mind. This is as I understand Truth, as such Art and Truth are interchangeable. Morphology is discussed and an evolutionary link between apes, humans and alien greys is also discussed. He's real interesting and comes from the Raymond Abraham style, such as Geiger did.

  5. Interesting stuff, James- I'll keep an eye out for his theories.

    Cheers for the kind words, too.

  6. This song is talking about how even our words are laced with SUN worship.Any word with (tion) in it is to remind us of the sun and in fact a type of prayer to Lucifer.The English language has many words that are SUN worship.

  7. 'Mothman' is sort of Ahrimanic in how it operates; if you pay attention you can see how technology (electronics, electrical communications) makes it easier to access foreknowledge of future events; they are potentialities.
    It's all cause and effect, but what a Mothman is able to do is, use technology to communicate to this space where time flows forwards, where there is a choice as to what decisions get made and what way things go.

    It's no different to having a birds eye view of someone driving on the ground - if you have a means to communicate to them, you can tell them what is coming up ahead. They otherwise won't know what is coming up ahead, so they'd be unable to avoid it or head towards it.

    It's like a railtrack or a circuit board - there's certain routes that if you go down them, you cannot avoid what is coming up; you have to stop and go back.
    People can stop and retrace their steps etc, because they have the ability to choose to do so.

    There's things that trigger other things to occur, like in the boardgame Mousetrap but more elaborate and not obvious. That is what the really dark Masons know all about - what links to what. The 'Mothman' can see all this as plain as day, so they can see if some event is sprung by some choice made or action taken.

    Of course, this tends to be used for bad purposes...this is because if you have malintent you tend not to be intelligent enough to realise that some 'demon' or whatever doesn't really care about you, so you'd never wonder as to how you get the information you do.
    And if you're good - well, it's usually too much to deal with knowing about, in order for you to comprehend it and use it correctly. Because you have to take on board the knowledge of just how many are abusing it, in secret, and how many are part of that big lie, and how long they've all been doing it for.
    So good people tend not to listen to these warnings and so forth, because they avoid that whole area altogether.

    Or, they might just think 'well fuck it anyway - if all that evil is allowed to go on, who cares about some disaster then'.
    There's no disaster event in-context of the truth that is anywhere near as awful as some of the truth...