Thursday, May 15, 2008

John Cusack, Superstar: Who is Like the Beast?

Grosse Pointe Blank climaxes with a gun battle between John Cusack's character Martin Blank and Dan Ackroyd's character Grocer. Even if you've seen the film, you may not have noticed this little snippet of dialogue, paraphrased from Revelation 13:

Not sure what the intended message of that recitation was, but it's worth noting that this exchange was not in the original script, and that John Cusack was born on the exact due date of Rosemary's Baby....


  1. Kooky. I've seen this movie many times...i recall the scene but not the content of the monologue...just goes to show how easily things can slip by you. Good catch!

  2. This is one of my favorite movies, and i've never really understood why, being that it's totally unlike my usual taste in movies. I've always found John Cusack to be particularly inscrutable, like he's got alot more going on inside of him than he ever lets on. I'll have to read your other blogs on him, maybe make some sense of it...

  3. Yea, inscrutable is a good word. He was excellent in The Grifters for that reason. His connection to the alien star child (Martian Child) is interesting.

    The plot of Grosse Pointe Blank reminds me a bit of Terminator - First incarnation of Arnold tries to kill the heroine (and her "holy" seed), second one tries to save her. OK, that's a stretch. :-)

    Something about that name Martin that keeps pinging in my life. Odd.

  4. We'll be looking at JC a lot more in the future, but does anyone know if he wears a hairpiece or not?

  5. re: hairpiece-

    I lost touch years ago, but a former classmate was close friends with one of JC's exes. She would know. Alas...

  6. MORE preoccupations with physical appearances? Dear dear me.

    re: the beast. What is 'the beast' meant to be exactly? Generally the 7 heads 10 horns descriptor is interpreted as refering to a collation of nations, eg people said it was the G7 countries....except now they're the G8.

    Of course these things are always interpreted as just happening to refer to whatever time is now or is just coming up soon. Back in the year 1000, they said Revelations was describing what was going on then, and about to occur.

    It may be nothing, but I've often thought that this beast is just what a human is, or at least some of them - the 10 refering to Sephiroths and the 7 to chakras.

    Are there any actual renditions even, of some mythical creature that actually has that amount of heads and horns? And comes out of the sea? Maybe in a more recent Godzilla film?

  7. I had a John Cusack dream last night. Not that kind of dream, you pervs, haha. I believe it was inspired by this blog, so i thought i would share...
    Dan Aykroyd, John Cusack, and I were at some kind of club. I pointed at Dan Aykroyd and said "You've written books about aliens, you're the Ghostbuster, and you outed John as the Beast in Grosse Pointe Blank." Then i pointed at John and said "You're the Beast, you're the Father of the Martian Child, AND you're Rosemary's Baby!"
    John glared at me with a typically inscrutable look, and walked out of the room. Then Joel Gretsch, (the actor who played the "defender of the 4400" on the USA show 4400) ran into the room and attacked me.

    Then I woke up.