Friday, May 23, 2008

WTF? Friday: Funnybook Follies

WTF? On what planet do jackals look like that? And why do junk culture types always cast Anubis as a villain, anyway? If you're going to use this symbolism, do your damn homework. The rest of it? You'd have to ask Fredric Wertham, not me. 

Oh, crap; he's dead. Never mind.

WTF? Nothing I can say here can top the actual stupidity of this cover. Never mind the Freud, these guys just plain stopped trying by this point. Marvel was eating their lunch, sales were in the crapper, the hemmoroids were acting up- ahh, who gives a crap, print it and put the damn thing out already.

  WTF? You have the archetypal 60s DC Valium-inspired drawing style meant to inspire confidence in uptight parents along with absolutely insane subject matter. I don't know exactly what the projectile quills subconsciously represent. 

Or maybe I just don't want to know. 

 There's plenty more where this all came from. You could do an entire blog on this stuff. The great thing about these comics is that they are so laden with subtext and produced with such utter unselfconsciousness you can spend endless hours wondering how they were ever published. It's no wonder that the Hippies went so nuts with their art and comix; they cut their teeth on these nutty comics.