Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sia Saturday: A Voice Spun from Gossamer

I waited years waiting for Elizabeth Fraser to drill a musical hole in the center of my forehead like she did back in the day. But Jeff Buckley's death ended the Cocteau Twins and practically speaking, ended her career.

Sia popped out of nowhere and gave me a lot of what I'd been waiting for from Liz- that ecstatic celebration of pure voice. Of course, there are considerable differences between the two, not the least of which is that unlike Liz Fraser, Sia is actually a Terrestrial. And Sia's music is grounded in traditional pop idioms. At its best, her music sound like the great old 70s hits you remember but never actually heard.

This video ingeniously works around the inconvenient fact that Sia is not pretty. And she's also goofy, gawky and slightly unhinged. And what's more, she doesn't care that she is not pretty or that she comes across like Jim Breuer doing a mean-spirited Jim Carrey impersonation.

Of course, when you have the Voice of God herself you don't need to do anything but let it loose. It's the Tracy Thorne school of divahood. God gives these girls vocal chords spun of celestial gossamer secure in the knowledge that they won't squander their gift rolling around on the floor signing some regurgitated dance pap.


  1. Don't forget 'Muse'. Look up their song 'Exo-politics' and more to see that maybe..maybe, they are aware of those controlling their industry.

  2. I think Sia is beautiful in a very real way. Her body is gorgeous. So she has a crooked tooth? Her songs kiss ass and take names so to speak. Thanks so much for introducing her to me- now to find a CD..

  3. Sia is great, i especially enjoyed her early work with Zero7. She also covered the Radiohead song "paranoid android". Muse recently did an interview with Alex Jones, the lead singers uncle was killed by the IRA. Muse is amazing and their videos and music sync up perfectly with matt's lyrics.