Thursday, May 01, 2008

Masonic Manhattan: Beltane Edition

Canadian researcher Alan Watt is a charming old curmudgeon with interesting insights on the nature of power structures. He's essentially the Internet version of the old cat in the bar who'll spin you some wild yarns if you buy him a round or two. Like those types, he also wings it a lot, but I think he has nailed it when it comes to the guiding religion of the ruling class. I'm paraphrasing, but during one blurb he said something to the effect that ruling class is not Jewish or Catholic or Protestant or Islamic- it is Masonic. To that I would simply add that it's not Freemasonic, per se, but the ancient Masonic system we've looked at here in the past. By this I mean a system in which promising young people are tapped and groomed into an initiatory system in which power is gained through a graded series of steps, acknowledged by a corresponding series of rituals- awards, citations, etc.

Again, the fraternities, think tanks and senior societies are all based in this model, and are far more powerful and influential than the Freemies, who were essentially created for the servant and middle classes.

What brings all of this up? Well, if you have any familiarity with Masonic symbolism at all, you will be punched in the face with it when you spend any time in the cities of power of the Western World- New York, Washington, London, Rome, Paris, etc etc etc.

I spent some time in New York on Wednesday night (Beltane Eve) for a business event. I was late for said event because, as Synchronicity would have it, there was a fire in the tunnel for the 33rd St PATH train. I had to take a detour to- wait for it- the World Trade Center. Now, I haven't been to the WTC since a week or two before 9/11. Lower Manhattan was a major part of my psychic landscape and the events that surrounded 9/11 threw my entire life into chaos for several years. It sounds ridiculous, but I couldn't bear to see Ground Zero, especially now that I am aware of the incredibly powerful mojo still at work there (which is the topic of a future post). But Fate forced me to face my fears, probably because I needed to see this...

...the hundreds of Eye mosaics at Chambers Street Station. I don't recall those being there before 9/11. I'm not sure what the official explanation of them is, but the esoteric meaning is unmistakable. In any event, I walked by Ground Zero and saw just another construction site. I feel weirder now about it than I did when I was there.

Anyhow, I ended up at Columbus Circle, which I hadn't seen in ages. It's now home to the gargantuan Time Warner Center, which is a hell of a lot more impressive than in this photo. Notice how the center building lines up with the obelisk in the fountain. A brief glance at some of the Timer Warner logos should tell Secret Sun readers all they need to know...

Breathtakingly audacious, aren't they?

I don't believe the Columbus Circle location is remotely accidental, either. In addition to the obelisk we see there, there's also the extremely puzzling Maine Memorial, an ostensible tribute to the USS Maine that was extremely controversial in its day. Here we see an angel holding the globe looking towards the Maine Memorial, which shows a goddess barreling towards the obelisk. Who is the goddess?

That's actually a good question. On the face of it, she appears to be the virgin goddess Athena, identified with war. But the goddess on her chariot also bears a strong resemblance to Cybele, who we looked at in the analysis of The 40 year Old Virgin and Solaris. The shell shape of her cab identifies her with Aphrodite, who we saw in relation to Eternal Sunshine. She rides with three horses, perhaps indicating that this is a Masonic variation on the Triple Goddess.

As always, I recommend that any Synchromystics go and see these landmarks for themselves. It's an entirely different experience to see this symbolism lording over the everyday hustle and bustle. I can't imagine Imperial Rome was much different at all.

Anyhow, my journey took me down to the Christopher St. Station, but the PATH was still closed. I ended back down at the WTC, and was somewhat chilled to notice the klieg lights and the sounds of heavy machinery at a late hour. For some reason, I flashed back to the silly midnight seances I took part in as a kid in the Gloucester Cemetery. I have no idea why.


  1. Dear Christopher - fascinating observation on the Maine Memorial ( and on the Masonic religion as well. Been trying to explain this one to friends for years- that the founding fathers weren't Christians, they were Masons..their artifacts are everywhere. it's tough for people to accept, till they're ready to open their minds ) As for the memorial, I figure you've stumbled on Mathtew Delooze before. Really compelling writer. Check out his take on war memorials, if you haven't already :
    Goes a long way toward explaining that the goddess present at these memorials is responsible for war and death itself. The memorials turn out to be a horrific form of gloating over it all. Yeesh! Thanks again for a good read.

  2. Some very intriguing finds...these types of "real life" field reports always intrigue me!

  3. Thrace- thanks for the tip, I didn't know about that guy. As to the Founding Fathers, that's the least of it. The so-called Pilgrims were just indentured servants to gigantic corporations. I strongly suspect that the religious wars of the 16th and 17th Century were engineered to create a massive refugee class to settle the American colonies for the big companies on the cheap.

    Todd- nice to have you back!

  4. Nice to see another NYC symbolic road show.

    Speaking of monuments, have you seen the Irish Hunger Memorial in Battery Park?

    Wouldn't want to be there on Samhein.


    This is a web-page I put up a while ago. Yes, the eyes were there before hand ( before 9/11).

    I lived on the street , Central Park South, shown on the post and became aware of the two towers at the east end, the obelisk dedicated to "columbus" (really "colon") which means "the Dove" - I assume which referred to the white dove of christ, "the holy ghost?"

    The memorial to the sinking of the Maine - a known false flag attack, I thought interesting. the reflecting water in the fountain in front of the building and around the oblesque, the strange sculptures of cows and other things put out there after 9/11, the Time Warner building also having two Towers. I had never reflected on the grid in the front window of the time Warner building until it was referenced in your pic.

    The eyes were in the subway station beneath the Trade Tower complex. There was also , as shown in my website as referenced above, as well, an earth map with the eye in the center floor mosaic, but the two tower Twin Tower Time Warner were not build yet as of 9/11.

    Could some group have consolidated power since then? Or gained?

    I wrote this story while living on the 22, a few years back, which references what you are talking about vis a vis the messages on this street:
    The Empire Prembogh
    "Moving up the electronic powered stairwell conveyer belt, Colly123 looked through the large windows out to the famous boulevard. Living in the capital of the Empire, in the most fantasy driven part of town, that part that must’ve somehow gone way back, meant something, in the history of the handlers. Location, location location."

    I re-worked it but didn't post the polished version.

    I recently wrote a bit about the Hearst Building (which is new and nearby there - a bout a block south). check it out (I 'm too tired to write more carefully, polish or edit this post right now) . THe new Hearst building boasts through the front glass doors and public entrance area to ziggurat like pyramids, which are stepped, with water running down them. the two escalators run up the side of them and the public cannot ride them. Creepy company and building, no doubt.

    sorry I missed you at the comic fair in NYC. I used to see Kean around (9/11 truth activism) and sorry it didn't happen for me to attend that event.

    all the best,

  6. Peggy I got a post coming up tomorrow that will put the Dove into a whole new light.

    That Hearst building is hideous- it looks like a krinkle-kut fry. Anyone remember if Congress used the Patty Hearst charade as an excuse to pass any odious new laws?

  7. About the Time Warner Towers, I knew an old friend who was artist. His name was Glenn Moosnick. I am not divulging any secrets. It was in the news papers that he committed suicide off the 4th floor of TWT. He had all the tragic qualities needed for a bohemian figure. At times he was mad as a hatter, but he had an essential honesty to him, and he was very sensitive. I think symbols spoke to him more strongly than most. He took a swan dive right in front of the obelisk. Also we should note that 2 construction workers died in building it. The lore alone is enough to give the building a certain mystique about it. Daniel Libeskind designed the TWT. He has a rather bleak vision of the world. I think of it as new Gothic in sensibility. I would not want to hire him to design a child day care center. The little tykes would need new moral uplift. Anyhow he is going to design the reconstruction of the old WTC sight.

  8. i went to school in lower manhattan in the '90s, and the eye mosaics in the chambers street station were there before 9/11. They are from portrait photos of people who live in Tribeca