Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One Man's Trash

Childhood toy revealed as ancient Persian treasure

Handout images showing the front and side views of a gold cup decorated with the heads of two women. An ancient gold cup mysteriously acquired by an English scrap metal dealer is expected to fetch close to a million dollars at auction after languishing for years in a shoe box under its current owner's bed.

Look at that image for a while. Let it seep in...


  1. That's annoying; if anyone reads my comments to the prior blog entry they'll think I was refering to this with that mug story.
    I so hate it when that happens, which is way too often for comfort.
    Makes me feel like taking a vow of silence etc. And never communicating with anyone ever again.
    The fake forced-synchronicity strikes again.

    It also makes me think of building a time machine, and scanning the future for times when cheapo stuff now is worth loads of hard cash; then leaving for there and living a comfortable life after selling a few things.

  2. It's just the Universe saying hi, Zuppie.

  3. Chris, it's not. I can tell / feel the difference between natural and faked. The type of co-incidences I was indicating are not 'the Tao' for example, they are contrived forced things that go completely against nature, and block out the truth and the real signals.

  4. Zup ~

    I re-read your posts from yesterday - and i wouldn't be so stressed on the timing/etc.

    IMO - just 'relax' - i enjoy your commentaries and to be honest - if you look at Knowles posts/blogs - they do build on each other in many ways. So consider your posts a pre-foot-note to the upcoming one.

    I'm a drummer - so i egotistically joke this statement: Being a drummer, i'm always on time - even when i'm late.



  5. I wasn't meaning this blog, the story obviously was around already / or if you prefer, came to be around because-of whatever.

    And besides - regardless of what anyone replied in a comment anywhere, there'd be a news story somewhere that day that could be linked to something they mentioned.

    It just highlighted to me something I've been observing for a long while - there's a forced contrived un-naturally controlled consciousness, and it tries as much as it can to make a whole load of things seem to be coincidences, or be some benevolent universal force. But they aren't; compared to actual coincidences they feel really evil, and they have a distinct energy signature that makes it obvious they are in no way benevolent at all.

    I can tell the difference, it's obvious to me. The synchs that are real don't raise the hackles and fire off the warning signals. It's over-writing the real truths. I've experienced a lot of real coincidences, and they never ever feel evil and wrong.

  6. btw, if you really do enjoy my commentaries then tell that total fake dedroidify - he's been censoring all my comments there since one I wrote about an entry he did about CCTV cameras in the UK.

    And despite numerous enquiries as to what his problem was with that, and most of the other (many) comments since, he's failed entirely to explain.