Thursday, May 22, 2008

Now, More than Ever

There has never been - or will there ever be - anything as great as The X-Files.

Go watch the latest trailer. The whole thing is blowing my mind, for reasons I can never say.


  1. Oh my! X-Files is my favorite TV series of all time. Millennium & Twin Peaks are high up on the list as well.

    Hearing the theme gave me chills. Boy I can't wait to see this one.

    Thanks for posting this.

  2. I challenge anyone to watch the "Anasazi/The Blessing Way/Paperclip" three parter and tell me there was anything more intense ever on television. And that's just the very tip of the iceberg. I remember watching "Sein Und Zeit/Closure" and thinking I couldn't even imagine anything could ever be this great, never mind imagine making it.

    Just so everyone realizes- the alien UFO metaphor on TXF represents the post-war Nazification of America.

  3. I *really* want to see this movie. While I've read that this "episode" does not follow the conspiracy arc (disappointing to this fan), I always did love the classic mythic themes such as the hero rescuing the maiden from the underworld as in the last movie. I was always amazed that for all of the work the characters did and for everything they were put through, how little the major story lines advanced. Yet I awaited each episode breathlessly and visited the spoiler sites to see if I could learn enough about the upcoming story to step back and evaluate the symbolism when the episode aired.

    Those were the days...

  4. This was being repeated on a channel here at a decent 10pm slot about three times a week, until Virgin 1 launched, replacing it, and started only repeating X-Files erratically at 3 - 4 am.

    What's the new film even about? I watched a load of episodes, they were always based on what all the UFO mags & journals etc had published as real reports.

  5. Is there more reading material i may look at for the UFO/Nazification...

    Also of interest - I noticed Soros came out with a denazification statement/book - but he wants to use "liberalism" instead.

    Everything going on now reminds me of a video game: Dues Ex: The Invisible war.

    'the order', the WTO, & Illuminati are fighting for control of a post apocalyptic world. The maker of the game... Eidos

    Oh, and you guys don't know - but today is my Birthday...

    FNORD! ;o)

  6. Happy B'Day Alkie!

    Zuppie- I have no idea what it's about but it looks dark as hell. I see a lot of evil looking doctors in that trailer...

  7. alkemical:

    Deus Ex Invisible War is fantastic, one of my all-time favorite games.

    P.S. I chose collective consciousness with J.C.

  8. Alkie - it's not very invisible though is it, otherwise no-one would know about it, and there then wouldn't be so many games, books, films, comics etc all about it & using all the exact same historical references.

    Now there are some who fictionalise these things because they are - on the wrong side let's say, & they believe that in fictionalising it then they can trick people into thinking that the reality of these kinds of things is not true.
    However, the best way out of the problem, whilst retaining current structure in a good way, is to relegate it to fiction so that life itself becomes free from the '4D emo drama'.
    Put all the strife into fiction, not into your actual life.

    Planet Gamesmaster, Planet Art Network....less work, more play, no environmental altering required.
    You want to mine, there's plenty of planets that can spare all kinds of minerals. Or there's always those alchemy machines themselves.

    =we have the technology=

    unfortunately, we also have this problem where if released it'd be put towards things that should not be. Now how could that happen *cough* time-travel abuse *cough* technology that existed as-normal all along being stolen and used only by evil *cough*