Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ritual Androgyny: Stargate Edition

The choice of Jaye Davidson to portray the ancient astronaut Ra in the movie Stargate may have been derided as stunt casting at the time, but it speaks to a recurring motif in Ancient Egyptian history and iconography. The work of Stargate synchromystics like Jake Kotze and Goro Adachi has often focused on the bizarre career of Pharaoh Akhnaten, whose hermaphrodism was recently in the news, appropos of nothing.

And of course, the hermaphroditic heirophant brought recorded history's first monotheistic religion, based around the worship of the Sun. Art also took a strange turn during his reign, depicting the royal family looking more like aliens than Egyptians. Artists didn't shrink from depicting Akhnaten's womanly figure, perhaps since androgyny was well familiar to them already.

There are any number of paintings or sculptures where Egyptian men and women are distinguishable only by the smallest details- small breasts, fake beards, somewhat longer skirts. Men and women- at least of the upper classes- were both portrayed wearing wigs, skirts, jewelry and makeup. We take this for granted, but the fact remains that in Egypt as well as other high civilizations highborn men tend to feminize themselves as a mark of status.

We saw the same exact practice among the (Masonic) Founding Fathers, who wore their hair long (or wore wigs) and frilly accoutrements to their garments. Dandyism was even more prevalent in Europe and was very much part of the vigorous pursuit of heterosexual relations. The same motif repeated itself with Rock bands like Motley Crue and Poison. There surely is a psychological and evolutionary dimension to this, but there's also a strong ritual dimension, since Rock and Roll is merely the unconscious revival of the Ancient Mystery cults, with their loud music, drugs and screwing.

This well-known image of Hathor and Pharaoh Seti almost gives the impression of a mirror image. Their accessories are different and Seti's shoulders are wider, but the artist seems to be conveying a unity of the two genders. This of course ties back to the hermaphroditic creator god, Atum, whom we'll be looking at in the context of modern ritual drama in the future.

This image of Horus leading a nobleman to the Afterlife almost seems like a groom leading a blushing bride to the altar. This has echoes in Jesus' parables about the Church being the bride of Christ. Of course, homosexuality itself was officially frowned upon in Egyptian religion and there is very little record of its practice, but we all know that means nothing.

It seems that androgyny in Egypt- as well as other cultures- largely had a non-sexual ritual connotation. This would emerge in Gnostic sects that preached abstinence as well as androgyny. Of course, many of these sects would emerge in Greek Egypt.
"When Salome inquired when the things concerning which she asked should be known, the Lord said: When ye have trampled on the garment of shame, and when the two become one and the male with the female is neither male nor female." Clement adds, "In the first place, then, we have not this saying in the four Gospels that have been delivered to us, but in that according to the Egyptians."- Clement of Alexandria
The more we look at the concept of androgyny the more we will see it linked to spiritual development and more accurately, spiritual evolution. And go ahead and mock, but it's my belief that there is some connection to the Stargate in another way- that it could very well be an occult metaphor for the duality of mankind- half-god and half-beast, as Jaz Coleman would put it.


  1. The Secret of Secrets is: We all secretly want to be lesbians. Hot lipstick lesbians. With long red fingernails and petite asian lovers. Yeah baby. ;)

  2. lol, so what's stopping you then (from being a lesbian)?
    I guess being a man might make it difficult; just dress up then, loads of women like that.

    Something occured to me while reading through the article:

    the 'his story' type of history we're expected to put up with (ie - references to cultures older than a certain amount aren't allowed, no paranormal anything is allowed, etc) doesn't like any mention of the real ancient Egypt at all, prefering to claim that the ancient Greeks entirely invented many mathematical concepts and proofs, despite there being plenty of evidence that the ancient Egyptian culture knew all about that sacred geometry and Earth measure and so forth.

    And - there's an association between ancient Greece and homosexuality. It always shows up in popular culture.


    Also worth mentioning (though not about the exact same topic as here) are the various evidences and suspicions that Akhenaten and Moses were contemporaries. When Moses was told to make a Monotheist religion and go out into the desert - well, it matches exactly with what Akhenaten did.
    It's not just say Ralph Ellis' book that connects the two (the one about Jesus' lineage going back to the Pharoahs, which puts the idea of Jews building the pyramids in a very different light to what we're told about it by his story..), there's other sources, like an investigation into the interpretation of Moses escaping Seti (I mean the Pharoah who would have sent his army out to chase Moses and his people, and the ensuing famous Red Sea parting that let them escape), discovered discrepencies in there being proof that Moses and Seti were contemporary at all.

    btw, the two mummies found in Tut's tomb, that are said to be unborn children, look just like small grey aliens. Ok so, fetuses do end up looking like greys at later stages, and prior to that look exactly like fish, then reptiles.
    But it's still a lot more striking, the resemblance of the mummies from the tomb to every description of a grey - the large almond-shaped eyes being the most obvious link, than it usually is looking at images taken of fetuses.

  3. Does anyone else ever think that representations don't actually prove anything though? Like today, there's often portraits done of leaders and they are made to either look way better than they really do, or made to look much worse.

    I suppose I just don't wholly trust records in general, ever since I was about 3 and was drinking from a Muppet mug, and I thought - if everyone died, but this mug was recovered, and the people that recovered it interpreted it the same way we interpret what we find from the past, they'd conclude we all worshipped cartoon animals.

    (obviously I didn't think that using those words at that age, but I thought of the concept. It took so long to be able to translate such thoughts into words.)

  4. Yeah, but maybe they'd be right in assuming we 'worship' cartoon animals - in a way.

    Most toddlers are aware of Mickey, Scooby, Donald, Big Bad Wolf, Three Little Pigs, Cat in the Hat, Kermit, BATman and SPIDERman long before they have any idea of who Jesus, Mohammed or Jehovah are (especially if you consider how long 'baby years' seem). Most of us in the west learn to read through these kinds of characters - only 'wackos' make sure they put the bible etc. as primary reading material.

    Their parents spend billions a year to keep babies aware of these critters, and that their images are far more prevalent (and less likely to cause offense) than any gods. Unlike the gods, they're also more open about what they represent.

    Cartoon animals are the prophets of the age of media and capital - they make brands 'live'!

  5. That's true. I'm not sure people see it that way though, while they are partaking in the corporate figure appreciation. Usually it's just that those things are available more freely (to watch, buy, and so forth), it gives them something to shut the kids up with, etc.

    I don't have anything against cartoon creatures at all, but I don't think also that anyone actually thinks fictional characters will save their souls or anthing like that*. It just passes the time, here on Prison Earth.

    *well alright, some people do think things like that - but they're all the subject of documentaries / studies, so others can laugh at them for it

  6. My take on androgyny is a tad more utilitarian. If you ever saw video on YouTube of Rudy Giuliani in drag trying to seduce Donald Trump, you would understand that the mores of the ruling elite are very different from those they chose to impose upon the rest of us. And it serves two distinct purposes - first to create a new criminal class upon which the state can justify itself to the hopelessly brainwashed, and secondly it serves to further demarcate the boundaries between master and servant, even if those boundaries are largely mental in nature.

  7. Homoerotic imagery used to criticise Blair and Bush's relationship only seemd to make them stronger (until recently). Interesting that here in the UK they were regarded as the 'ape' and his 'poodle' - no prizes for seeing the ancient symbolism in that!

    Blair got a lot of publicity for impregnating his wife as a guest at the Queen's residence, just after he was first elected (and it's now making the papers again just as his successor is being pilloried in the press). Can't help but see it as some fertility ritual to assert a 'new order' - especially as it happened around the time of Diana's car crash/sacrifice.

  8. Yes, it's the way there's these folks in positions (not entitlements by any means, remember) of power who are obviously bi, transgender, use drugs, etc etc - but they think that for everyone else those things should be restricted and / or seen as wrong.
    Not fit to rule at all, in other words.
    They are right about being different to good people though, in that good people wouldn't impose their submissive role desire in an S&M relationship upon anyone else; the 'elite' however think that we're all into being punished like most of them are.

    About long hair:

    apparently the Merovingian males wore their hair long, and there's the Samson and Deliliah story about how she cuts his hair off and that reduces his power.

    The point of human hair being able to grow out at all is that it doesn't happen in nature.
    Animals fur grows to a certain length (like human body hair) and it stays that length.
    However - human head hair needs to be cut if it's wanted at a specific length.
    One of the main clues that people are not evolved directly from any animals or nature.

  9. Zuppie- long hair was also associated with the rays of the Sun, especially with all those blonds and redheads who came south during the Ice Age and impressed all the locals with their size and strength. Guys like Ramses and what not. The Samson story may have been based on one of these characters.

  10. In the Bible it states that Samson was a Nazirite, meaning someone who pledged his life to the service of the Lord. His long hair was even described for all its weight, and was meant as a sign of his religious devotion. Interestingly enough, another Nazirite makes a bit of a splash in his own way later on the road...

  11. Yes, and it's the male lion (Leo, the Sun) that has the mane.

    Speaking of weighty hair - Saddhus and Rastas both wear dreadlocks. It's likely, given the natural distribution and use historically of cannabis, that those faiths will have been linked....from deepest India to deepest Africa, right through the Mid East.

  12. The enlightened person is bi-sexual in nature because they have eliminated both the ego and preference. Indeed the ego is ultimately nothing but preference. Such a person has absolute compassion for all of creation and being free of preference does not love the male any less than the female. Odd as it may seem it is the male ego that prevents homosexual tendencies. This is why straight males tend to find gay pornography unattractive but find lesbian pornography very attractive.The femininity of lesbian pornography does not challenge the male ego.

    The fact that the enlightened person is bi-sexual in nature does not mean that they are sexually promiscuous. Such a person understands what the senses are and is therefore far more likely to be celibate than the average person. If such a person were to indulge in sex it would be motivated purely by love and be gentle in nature.

    The militaristic overtly sexual imagery that is propagated in the mainstream media these days and which is the subject of discussion on blogs such as The Secret Sun is the antithesis of real spiritual development. It is an orgy of bacchanalian sex and violence and speaks of contempt for the masses not love. The people behind it are unlikely to be enlightened . They may have occult knowledge but occult knowledge is not the same thing as gnosis. Perhaps they misunderstand the ancient teachings and have developed a religion that is erroneous in nature. I have always viewed people like Aleister Crowely as idiots essentially and most 33rd degree freemasons do not give the impression of being enlightened people. On the contrary they are often rather unsavory individuals.

    I believe that Neil Armstrong made a comment sometime ago along the lines of "We have to move away from blind belief". Who was he talking about? and what beliefs exactly?