Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yahooccultism: Speaking of Ferris Wheels

Just the other day we were looking at the Ferris Wheel symbolism that has been popping up in strange contexts. Now comes this story on Yahoo News: 
Trapped passengers evacuate Singapore ferris wheel

The Singapore Flyer stopped working after a short circuit in one of the wheel's motor drivers cut its power supply, a company spokeswoman said. There were 173 people, including many tourists, trapped inside the huge tourist attraction Standing at a height of 165 metres (541 feet), the Flyer started operations in the city state in February and is 30 metres (98 feet) taller than the London Eye,
Note that the wheel sits in front of yet another illuminated obelisk (check out the earlier collection here), one that had escaped my attention previously. The 173 reminds us that 3/17 is 17/3 written in British notation. Fascinating times we are living in. Absolutely fascinating. 

UPDATE: For some inexplicable reason, there seems to be a race to build enormous Ferris Wheels all over the world. Check out the Wiki for a breakdown of the projects, many of which are in Asia, but two of which- surprise, surprise- are being built in Dubai and Baghdad. 

Reader Suky commented that there may be a double-entendre at work with Ferris meaning "Fire of Isis." The name Ferris means "steel," coming from ferrous, the Latin for iron. So "The Iron of Isis" may be a better double-entendre, considering that Isis means "throne" and Ferris Wheels originally had seats rather than capsules. 

The original Ferris Wheel was built in our President-elect's hometown of Chicago. 

 There may be an astrological connection here, since there was a two-armed Ferris Wheel called "The Zodiac." One was placed at King's Island in Mason, Ohio and the other in Hershey, PA (also home to FA&M Lodge #666!)