Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Stairway to Sirius: Death and Restoration II

Anyone with a passing familiarity to esoteric symbolism is still reeling from the Atlantis Rising ceremony that was put on last week. The headline had it that the ritual could be "seen from space," and indeed it would have been incomprehensible to anyone less than two thousand feet or so in the air.

The elemental symbolism is telling. Atlantis "rises" after a massive display of fireworks, almost as if someone was looking to rewind a videotape of the volcanic eruptions that sent the continent under the waves. Indeed, the entire ritual took place on the northwest-oriented Palm Jumeirah, and the palm itself is in the genus Phoenix, the ultimate symbol of resurrection from the ashes. And I hope I don't need to remind regular readers which group is known for the reversal of time rituals...

Indeed, everything we are seeing now symbolizes a reversal, a restoration, a rising. Just as we saw in Chicago while Bruce Springsteen's 9/11 anthem, "The Rising," serenaded the massive crowd out to cheer Obama. And, of course, the last time Bruce Springsteen serenaded a crowd of Obama supporters with that song the event was indeed seen from space.

CRUCIAL UPDATE: As one sharp-eyed Manhattanite commented, the company in charge of the WTC hub rebuilding is called Phoenix Constructors. Check out their video here, starting with the requisite view from space.


We looked at the Winter Garden at the World Financial Center which changes the orientation of the buildings from west to northwest. But looking at the palms (again, Phoenixes) again I began to wonder if the Winter Garden is not oriented to northwest, but to southeast.

Because if you draw a straight line southeast from the Winter Garden you come right to the front door of one of Masonic Manhattan's most curious landmarks....

...the Millennium Hilton Hotel, which was modeled after the Monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Oh, you don't believe me? Too neat a coincidence? Too much of a smoking gun linking all of this global drama to the Stairway to Sirius to aliens and the Ancient Astronaut Theorizing I'm constantly droning on about here? It can't be what it looks like, right?

Actually, it can. This is straight from the Hilton Family website:
The hotel is a high-rise black glass building which pays homage to Arthur C. Clarke's vision of the Monolith in "2001: A Space Odyssey" - complete with canopy, flags and ornamental trees at the entrance.
What is of the utmost importance to remember in light of the very same "rising" imagery we are looking at (rising sun in corporate logos, "Atlantis Rising," Obama's use of Springsteen's "The Rising") is the fact that Kubrick repeatedly identified the Monolith- a symbol of man's first contact with alien technology- with the rising sun in 2001: A Space Odyssey. (see examples here).

Now, with that in mind, look at that alignment. It takes your breath away. Just as 9/11 cleared the skyline for the Stairway to Sirius, it also revealed that the palm-lined Winter Garden is aligned to the Monolith, almost as if it's a portal. But a portal to what?

On an earlier post, a reader commented how Ground Zero and the construction on the oft-delayed Freedom Tower reminded them of the excavation of the pit at Tycho from 2001. Here we are facing west, facing the Stairway to Sirius. The Monolith to the extreme left of the photo.

And here we see an establishing shot from 2001, as the astronauts (led by government hush-up artist Heywood Floyd) face the Monolith.* Remember, what this is film is really about is a cover-up of contact with extraterrestrial technology. One of the things that that extraterrestrial technology does is create Stargates, which help breach the vast distances between solar systems.

And a lot of people believe that the 17-mile long super-collider of the CERN project is meant to do that very same thing. Sometimes I wonder if what this is is actually a kind of interdimensional welcome center. Note the octagonal shape..

...which we also saw onstage at the Atlantis in Dubai, which brings us back to the whole idea of communicating with beings in space.

Now, do I believe that 9/11 was carried out simply to reveal the Stairway to Sirius and to align the Winter Garden to the Millennium Hotel? Seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through when you could simply build it all somewhere else (Dubai, for example).

What's more, the WFC/Stairway and the Millennium/Monolith were built at different times by different companies for different owners. And it will be all obscured once again when the Freedom Tower finally goes up, anyway. Or should I say, if the Freedom Tower goes up.

The WTC attacks were definitely symbolic, but I still believe that whoever was responsible, their goal was ultimately political and economic. All of this was an unintended effect, on their part at least. Which is not to say there isn't some conscious agenda at work in all of this.

However, at this stage of the game, that consciousness - and its ultimate agenda - is unknowable.

* Note that in this shot the Tycho pit is oriented to pictorial northwest.


  1. Hey Chris buddy!

    The fire's brewing here at S.Sun isn't it? Nice post!

    A.C.Clarke is surrounded by high weirdness himself--like his supposed "sci fi" books coming to pass [i.e. some of the technologies he wrote about, etc] and I see he was also fascinated with "fractals" investigations too. I saw earlier today yahoo did a story on exploring Europa some more, synch to Clarke/Monolith/ and now you and your post!

    I did a "fractal post" with Hubble space photos and the one of Jupiter has some nice "little alien men" Hollywood-esque heads and some heart-shapes in it. Love emanating from Europa? I'm sure they didn't send the "sugar molecule" just to get out attention. LOL

    Makes me wonder about the 9/11 sacrificial ritual now, sure it was meant to be a global economic nail in the coffin so to speak, but could that alignment also been a gateway for "sacrificed souls". I shudder at that thought, might even be sorry I brought it up, but you know me, always the "other idea" in mind than the obvious. Perhaps it was an invoking/unlocking of an Enochian Tower? Whatever the event represented, it has a bigger feel to it than just NWO agenda.

    And CERN definitely has to be some sort of Stargate machine, why else would we not have sent a man to Mars already? We cannot break through the Van Allen belt without killing living organisms I bet. Stargate to Mars? Has sort of a "DOOM" sort of feel to it does it not? Lets hope not!

    Be well bro, love the current musings! And Gillian Anderson is definitely a red-haired goddess! Damn lucky Mulder!

  2. And bringing it back to 2001...


    Compare to image of CERN.

  3. Can you do a blog about the films "After Alice" and "The Arrival" and their combined relevance on your work and current history?

  4. Arrival, I saw as kind of a strange anti-immigrant allegory, but will definitely watch again. After Alice I will check out, haven't heard of it.


  5. "However, at this stage of the game, that consciousness - and its ultimate agenda - is unknowable."
    That's the best take on all this stuff I've heard yet. Something is telling us to get ready for something.

    In regards to CERN, looks like it's out of commission until 2010 or later...
    LHC Mess Continues With Restart Date Pushed Even Further Back

  6. Maybe you've already mentioned it, but the owner of the Atlantis properties name is SOL Kirchner.

    Another sun reference...

  7. Yes, Henrik Palmgren pointed that out to me. Kirschner means "furrier" which reminds me of the lion's mane as the Sun's rays, which we see in the Crypto-Mithraic propaganda of the Narnia stories.

  8. "All of this was an unintended effect, on their part at least. Which is not to say there isn't some conscious agenda at work in all of this.

    However, at this stage of the game, that consciousness - and its ultimate agenda - is unknowable."

    But that's the point. The consciousness that does these things isn't accessible to us anymore than the consciousness I have is accessible to a nerve cell, or even a nerve fiber. That was why Jung called it the "constellation" of the archetype: pieces that didn't know they were connected. Or why C.S. Lewis, crypto-Traditionalist and pseudo-Christian apologist, called them "macrobes": because it's too big for middling creatures like ourselves to see.

  9. Fascinating point, Anony. Food for thought there, for sure.

  10. Christopher, as usual a brilliant post! this is another one (i now have a list of 14 in sychro blogs to get back to. I found 'the rising' images and 'theology' that is out there in regards to Obama very intersting. I live in the Phoenix Metro area and have always wondered if our city is to play a part in some future 'ritual'
    My thoughts (for whatever they are worth regarding CERN) are that once again-what we are being told about the project is not the whole story-call it a Rigorous Intuition (wink) the discoveries in Physics and Astronomy have floored me in the last few years-and I would not be surprised at all if it is some kind of time travel device-however crude-or a device to open doorways to other dimensions and alternate timelines-Peace and be well!-Devin

  11. To Christopher, and all synchromystic bloggers, read this Spanish Blog, this guy is on fire.
    LooK the photos, and if you need use a google translation.
    Bon appetit....enjoy this brainfood!
    Be wise and be well.

  12. WOW-That shot of the Winter Garden and the Monolith could be a Sci Fi book cover itself! Thanks for all this great work, youve indeed proven yourself to be the proof of the pudding, and at an increasing rate, its all leadin somewhere keep it up! be well man- kev

  13. You've mentioned A.C. Clarke several times in the last few posts, but to my knowledge, you've never brought up Childhood's End. In regard to the mystifying agenda behind all the high and low weirdness of late, I wonder if it might not be something like that.

  14. Actually, I have brought CE!


  15. So you did! My mistake.

  16. Black Friday: As the Christmas(Amanita/Phoenix) shopping season begins in the United States, two are shot at a Toys R Us store in Palm Desert, California(The area was first known as the Old MacDonald Ranch, but the name changed to Palm Village in the 1920s when date palms(The Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera) is a palm in the genus Phoenix, extensively cultivated for its edible fruit. ) were planted.) and a Wal-Mart employee is crushed in a stampede after shoppers broke down a front door in Valley Stream, New York.

  17. Chris,

    Check this out if you have time, on Abovetopsecret.com:

    9/11 - The American Continent as Monolithic Grimoire of the CryptocracyI've used quite a bit of information of yours from your "Stairway to Sirius" posts, but I've credited and linked to them. I hope you don't mind me using quite a bit of your info, and I've combined it with the ritual psychodrama detective investigation angle too, so it's not totally synchro. This post is on my blog too. A member on Above Top Secret, Eleleth, has made a very interesting post on the David Bowie/David Bowman/2001: A Space Odyssey connection in my thread:

    David Bowman/David Bowie/Horus/Heroes/2001: A Space OdysseyMay be of interest.

  18. Thanks so much for this Christopher-this was yet a new kind of take on the sept 11 event for me-I am also convinced that it was carried out for political and economic reasons-but what indeed are the subconscious entities/archetypes guiding this whole thing?? I am also fascinated by the references to CERN being a kind of portal -altho if that is the case god only knows what might appear through it!!! best to you and thanks again for all of your hard work!!!

  19. This for me is the most pofound post that I've seen here...this takes it to another level.

    Can I ask if you've come across any research that relates to 2001 (movie and books) and the phases/orbit of the moon around this planet?

    Other shows such as XFiles & Lonegunman appear to relate to 911 and the orbit of the moon too...as do birth dates of the shows stars Anderson & Duchovny.

    I know that it might sound 'off the wall' but it can be verified.

    Perhaps I'll share some of it...when I get the opportunity.

    Just for openers...there is a span of exactly 3333 days between the first bombing of the WTC 1993 to the lights going out on the WTC memorial...those lights were on for a span of 33 days.

    Why are the premiere of "X-Files" and September 11, 2001, the same number of days apart as the birth dates of the two lead actors, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson? Why was Gillian Anderson 33 years and 33 days old on September 11, 2001? Why were there 33 years and 33 days between David Duchovny's birth and the premiere of "X-Files"?

    Perhaps you are already aware of this.

    I could go on but don't want to bore you...answers on a postcard please..usual address! lol

  20. That's awesome, Horsey. I never even thought of that before! The X-Files is the key to everything- I've been saying that for years!

  21. your blog blows me away Chris...I'm literally dumbfounded by the connections.

    I got a great connection between Working Girl (duchovs first movie) and 2001 etc...it relates in some part to 'birthdays' etc...but I imagine not just your typical 'birthdays'...Working Girl (alludes to whore/babylon revelations etc)seems to reference 2001 deliberately...(Gotta check out the Dewey Stone monoliths and the 11/09 printer etc) and to 911 obviously due in part, to the setting and 'New Jerusalem' gets in on the act thru the theme tune...even got a Joan Cusack link too...just for you! :-)

    Happy Birth-Day...See You Next Wednesday.

    What's this a 'birth' of a new age etc?

    Which leads to Landis, which connects with King Kong and back to Working Girl again!!!



    This all started for me...when I synched Kubricks 'stargate scene' with metallica's appropriately named 'Orion' track, way back in the late 80's...just playing about with 2 vcrs etc!

  22. btw 1988 Working Girl released...the WFC Sirius Complex was completed in 1988.

    Opening line Working Girl...(after you've seen the Isis-Liberty/WTC intro)

    Happy Birth-Day.

    Even Mel Griffiths and G Anderson are seperated by exactly 11 years in their birthdates.

    Catch up wiv ya later.

  23. Just thought I'd leave a little something visual for ya!

    The Lunar named Cyn or phonetics Sin, if you prefer...'cleopatra eyed' Joan Cusack...whose brother you've covered in sublime detail...presents Mel Griffiths/the 'working girl/prostitue/lady in red (ost)/whore of babylon' with a little 'Birthday' treat...somewhere in the vicinity of New Jerusalem/Manhattan Island/Primordial Mound/Ben-Ben.


    Chris, your astounding work has inspired me...I owe you a debt of gratitude...so much of what you've covered has filled in, so much of what I've been missing...This is only the beginning...I really can't tell you how blown away I was and still am...with the ground zero/tycho/sirius/monolith connection, words fail me...I'm such a massive Kubrick follower too...I'll have to work out how to set up my own blog or something so I can share what I've got and some of my musings etc.

  24. Awesome Horsey- check out the front page- I put your XF syncs up.

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  27. This is fifty percent entertaining. But then again I'm very high right now

  28. Chris, I've come back to this many times and it always remains as a fresh and balanced perspective. There is so much to learn and the cognitive complexity so great, you deserve credit for revealing the depth of the unknown axis. Stanley Kubrick and AC Clarke were contrasts in style and substance, but from the very beginning, their collaboration redefined Utopic ideology and empowered a level of public and professional cooperation rarely seen in a competitive endeavour. The story is still far from being known, but I can add a brick... https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.419059461504139.97482.100002002650029&type=1&l=ebfc60c114