Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"Rollover to See the Power of the Sun"

No, that's not a line from the Contendings of Horus and Set. Or even from the 11th Degree ritual. It's a tagline for a new online ad campaign for Sharp Electronics.

  But in this walking fever dream we are all sharing, its invocation of the solar energies seems to point to a distant sun, one whose influence we can't seem to escape as the Symbolsphere continues its assault on consensus reality. Intentionally or not, the language is loaded with double-entendre; "rollover" could refer to a mouse-click, or it could refer to a physical surrender to the sun. But which? 

The copywriting here is very strange, florid even. Why not simply say, "click here, idiot?" 

 Well, let's "rollover," then:
  Huh. I'm not exactly sure what sure what terrific power we're supposed to be seeing. What this animation (this is a screen capture) shows is that strange sun formation wander from the horizon up into the sky, which what apparently is supposed to be a lens flare moving in tandem. We also see what looks very much like Teletubbyland (a whole post in itself), solar panels and a Ferris Wheel. 

Hmm, it looks kind of familiar, that sun and Ferris Wheel...oh yeah, I know...
  There it is. Now, I can't look at a Ferris Wheel anymore without thinking of the point-with-circle Masonic icon. I realized the other day that Saraswati Palin was speaking in front of a sunset when we saw a Ferris Wheel behind her at the RNC. Very interesting, in contrast to Obama's point-in-circle sunrise. There's also the Millennium Eye in London to consider as well.


 The more I read up on it, the more I believe that the point-in-circle is actually yet another symbol of Sirius. One New Age site informed me that the Dog Star was seen to disappear into Sol's light with its heliacal rising:
The Dog Star, Sirius is also known as our Spiritual Sun, esoterically the heart of our physical Sun. During the Dog Days when Sirius disappears into the Sun's glowing light, it could be said that our physical Sun is embracing our Spiritual Sun! After such a celestial union a rebirth or resurrection can be expected.
This is the period of time Sirius disappears from the sky — sequenced in the myth when Isis is hiding until the birth of her son, Horus — eventually the star reappears after Horus is born — resurrection. It is time! -
That's one way of looking at it- the other is the fact that Sirius is a binary star system, with a giant and a dwarf. The binary motif brings me back to that strange "lens flare" in the Sharp ad...

If you watch the animation you will see the strange motion of the sphere forms working in tandem, which you wouldn't see as a flare travels across the surface of a lens. Looking at it, one might see a large star, accompanied by a dwarf with two satellites.

I don't believe we've seen satellites around Sirius, but we do see that alignment of the giant and the dwarf. Do the Sharp people know something that we don't?


 The more I see this Sirian symbolism running rampant , the more I keep going back to the "Why?" conundrum. Why go to all of this trouble? Yes, Astrotheology is very interesting and wonderful and was the backbone of primitive cultures dependent of the heavenly bodies to keep time. Yes, yes, wonderful. Nobody cares. The powerful only care about the perpetuation of their power. 

 On the other hand, there's a whole corpus of esoteric lore from the Masons to the Theosophists to the Solar Temple that puts a special emphasis on Sirius as being a place of power, a place from where celestial beings descend to our happy little world from and give their chums a helping hand. 

There's your "Why" if ever there was one. Now, where's my pillow? All of this Synchromysticism is wiping me out.