Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Rollover to See the Power of the Sun"

No, that's not a line from the Contendings of Horus and Set. Or even from the 11th Degree ritual. It's a tagline for a new online ad campaign for Sharp Electronics. But in this walking fever dream we are all sharing, its invocation of the solar energies seems to point to a distant sun, one whose influence we can't seem to escape as the Symbolsphere continues its assault on consensus reality.

Intentionally or not, the language is loaded with double-entendre; "rollover" could refer to a mouse-click, or it could refer to a physical surrender to the sun. But which? The copywriting here is very strange, florid even. Why not simply say, "click here, idiot?"

Well, let's "rollover," then:


I'm not exactly sure what sure what terrific power we're supposed to be seeing. What this animation (this is a screen capture) shows is that strange sun formation wander from the horizon up into the sky, which what apparently is supposed to be a lens flare moving in tandem. We also see what looks very much like Teletubbyland (a whole post in itself), solar panels and a Ferris Wheel. Hmm, it looks kind of familiar, that sun and Ferris Wheel...oh yeah, I know...

There it is.

Now, I can't look at a Ferris Wheel anymore without thinking of the point-with-circle Masonic icon. I realized the other day that Saraswati Palin was speaking in front of a sunset when we saw a Ferris Wheel behind her at the RNC. Very interesting, in contrast to Obama's point-in-circle sunrise. There's also the Millennium Eye in London to consider as well.


The more I read up on it, the more I believe that the point-in-circle is actually yet another symbol of Sirius. One New Age site informed me that the Dog Star was seen to disappear into Sol's light with its heliacal rising:
The Dog Star, Sirius is also known as our Spiritual Sun, esoterically the heart of our physical Sun. During the Dog Days when Sirius disappears into the Sun's glowing light, it could be said that our physical Sun is embracing our Spiritual Sun! After such a celestial union a rebirth or resurrection can be expected.
This is the period of time Sirius disappears from the sky — sequenced in the myth when Isis is hiding until the birth of her son, Horus — eventually the star reappears after Horus is born — resurrection. It is time! -
That's one way of looking at it- the other is the fact that Sirius is a binary star system, with a giant and a dwarf. The binary motif brings me back to that strange "lens flare" in the Sharp ad...

If you watch the animation you will see the strange motion of the sphere forms working in tandem, which you wouldn't see as a flare travels across the surface of a lens. Looking at it, one might see a large star, accompanied by a dwarf with two satellites.

I don't believe we've seen satellites around Sirius, but we do see that alignment of the giant and the dwarf. Do the Sharp people know something that we don't?


The more I see this Sirian symbolism running rampant , the more I keep going back to the "Why?" conundrum. Why go to all of this trouble? Yes, Astrotheology is very interesting and wonderful and was the backbone of primitive cultures dependent of the heavenly bodies to keep time. Yes, yes, wonderful. Nobody cares. The powerful only care about the perpetuation of their power.

On the other hand, there's a whole corpus of esoteric lore from the Masons to the Theosophists to the Solar Temple that puts a special emphasis on Sirius as being a place of power, a place from where celestial beings descend to our happy little world from and give their chums a helping hand. There's your "Why" if ever there was one.

Now, where's my pillow? All of this Synchromysticism is wiping me out.

Note: I first saw the ad following yet another link from Goro's news ticker, this time a story about water on Mars.

* That inverted red triangle didn't escape my attention. Commenters can fill us in on it's meaning. My brain hurts right now.


  1. Chris,
    seems you didn't listen to C2C on Tuesday Night

    Topic: the Second Sun


    The Second Sun

    Appearing during the middle two hours, researcher Walter Cruttenden - - discussed ancient ideas about how our solar system could be tied to another star which may have influenced the rise and fall of civilizations here on Earth. A number of ancient cultures, such as the Greeks, were aware of the precession of the equinox, or the "Great Year," a vast 26,000 year cycle, which was said to alternate between Dark and Golden Ages.

    Cruttenden has concluded that another sun, well outside our solar system, but much closer than what is believed to be our nearest star, influences the precession cycle. Our solar system, he said, moves around this great star, and over long periods of time, our ionosphere, magnetosphere and consciousness itself are altered from the interactions.

  2. Chris,

    First of all thanks a lot for doing all this work consistently, its helping me get along quite nicely. While I do not have any specific answers about the inverted red triangle, I did want to throw something your way that I thought would be of interest considering everything you've been writing about for the past little stretch.

    You alluded to Energy City, Qatar a little bit ago, and I am wondering if you have viewed their promotional video.

    A few things I've noticed: in the Atlantis Rising, Phoenix WTC Construction, and now this Energy City video there is some type of "psytrance" "electronic" music theme. Energy City takes the cake however, with the designing the city based on principles of fractal geometry.

    You obviously have taken into consideration the work of Graham Hancock - if you have not yet seen Nassim Haramein talk - I think now would be a perfect time. He more or less ties together much of the study of ancient astronauts, crop circles, ancient technology, etc...into a unified field view of physics. Not easily explained, if you have some time soon check out the ones on Google Video @ Rogue Valley Metaphysical library...2 parts, 8 hours total.

    I wrote briefly an article that I plan on cleaning up which can be seen at

    Applying new fundamental principles of mathematics and physics in my mind is an essential thing and the people you have been following on this blog may or may not be tuned to that. Note that Microsoft is one of the leading supporters of Energy City so we can imagine an incredible technological infrastructure. But we must keep in mind Bill Gates' doomsday vault, mosquito vaccinators, and general interest in monopolization.

    Atlantis Rising for instance could have been in the shape of a crop circle if we were truly explicating reverence and understanding of our current situation, but as it stood - it appeared more like a massive ritual, something a perhaps sour-hearted pharoah would try to pull, one who was interested in manipulating a vast power or achieving some immortal state without a truly consciousness based foundation.

    Nassim posits the idea that the old testament has encoded the messages of the ancient technology, whereas the new testament provides the guidelines for the pure heartedness that is required to handle this thing properly, and that this past 6k years of much destruction has hopefully helped us mature to this point where we can understand it - and perhaps it will return.

    It is as if christ consciousness is to harmonize the three-dimensional, fractal nature of the human spirit so proper consciousness is present when diving deeper into the mysteries of the cosmos.

    Cheers...thanks again for your efforts :)


    i try to avoid mainstream media but this popped up randomly today.

  4. Another example of the A-with-a-circle can be found over at The Bapstist's Head site.

    Check this out, and see what you make of Tempe's predictions from a Synchromystic standpoint...

  5. I've been trying to figure out all the damn ferriswheels for some time.... Jake couldn't really tell me. However I think you just clinched it for me..... They kinda look like the picture of the dog star you keep showing... Like the flares are the spokes in the wheel. Maybe, I must muLL it over.


  6. For best results use an 'odically-sterilized' pillow a la psychic detective Moris Klaw, father of the excellent Isis Klaw.

  7. In simplicity, just for the sake of the stunning and fascinating beauty of Nature I'd like to share this photo of the Sun (No photo "manipulations") taken with low exposure:

  8. Wow, guys- excellent comments and several interesting new avenues of inquiry. Cheers.

  9. Hi Chris

    been following your work for a while - just listened to Vyzygoth interview from 11/11. An interesting question was raised but never really answered, regarding the Masonic Sorcerer Elite's apparently deferring to a Higher Power (Sirian Command?), and the obvious paradox this presents - that all the machinations of control be leading to an inevitable act of obeisance?

    I thought you might be willing to discuss this and other stuff at the Stormy Weather podcast some time? I would have emailed this privately, but I didn't find a way to do so at your blog.

    Keep on stripping away the spandex


  10. Stating "nobody cares" about astrotheology is wrong. I was surprised you even used the term in your blog, seems like you've avoided it on the grounds it would justify it's importance/existence. A lot of what you do is an offshoot of astrotheology, btw. I love your blog and am curious as to why you would bash a field of study that you are seemingly a part of?

  11. Aeolus- the symbolism seems to suit your diagnosis. But isn't that all religion throughout history? Kings have always had their king of kings. I'll check out your site.

    Anony: Sure, you and I and a lot of other weirdos like us care about astrotheology, but I doubt too many polticians or soldiers out there bother much with it. I had written something to the effect that power only cares about power, but took it out. Maybe I should put it back in, but I thought the next paragraph sort of covered that.

  12. Halo Chris,

    I seem to keep synch'ing with Sirius also..

    Just had a thought.. to mention.. Sirius being a contender, as your "Secret Sun". :)


  13. Cheesepleas, thanks for the Rogue Valley Metaphysical library video. It's amazing! Rocked my day, It's so strong that I can feel chemichal transformation in my body. Thanks again.

    Ferriswheel... All I can share is my synchromystical moment...

    Did you notice a ferriswheel in the movie Dark Knight?

    Here it is:

    It says: "Slaughter is the best medicine."

    And this is the sky view from the date March 9, 2011

    It seems like all the media forms are like esoteric communication mediums.

    Oh, I noticed something strange in the advertisement visual. When we "rollover" we see the panels facing somewhere else not facing to the sun!

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  15. congrats CK. it somehow seems you're hurtling faster and closer and allowing us to share the ride.

    hitler and the third reich also worshipped the same black or hidden sun from which the esoteric swastika originates. more of us are now familiar with the christianity solar cult. the horned/winged disk car emblems are everywhere (check out the honda horns and the toyota winged halo) and you've done plenty of insightful work with the obama logo. the evidence clearly shows "they killed the s-o-n/so we could worship the s-u-n"..but why?

    it can't all be just a coincidence - or even "synchromystic" - can it? are we simply looking for a mystery to solve? or is it us telling us something?

  16. I was in London this summer and kept my synchromystic eye out for clues. I noticed that the London Eye (with 32 capsules) is right across the Thames/Isis from Cleopatra's Needle.

    The needle is just up the street from the City of London and Temple Church (which was built by and for the Templars). Weirdly, the City of London is not one of London's 32 buroughs, but is its own sovereign area.

    I also noticed that directly behind the London Eye is the Shell Center (the headquarters of Shell Oil), which flies the Shell emblem proudly. Of course the shell ties into the Templars and Isis.

  17. One other thing-- I just noticed that, if you look at the map of London's boroughs, you'll notice that the City of London sits directly in the center... surrounded by 32 boroughs... just as the point at the center of the London eye is surrounded by 32 capsules. Food for thought.

  18. Greetings,
    Just wanted to say first off, thanks so much for all of your hard work. It is very helpful in my newbie status; with the whole piecing together of the puzzle.

    I also saw the ad and wondered, are those poppies on the path leading to the ferris wheel? just a thought. Again, thanks so much...will keep coming back often as there is so much to learn.

  19. "Oh, I noticed something strange in the advertisement visual. When we "rollover" we see the panels facing somewhere else not facing to the sun!"

    Or perhaps solar panels facing the sun :) So the star we see is not the sun.

  20. Not sure exactly, but the inverted red triangle makes me think of the Chalice (yoni) from DaVinci Code. Especially it being blood-red and all.

    Weren't you talking about extra-terrestrial insemination in media images just a few months ago, or was that someone else?

    Anyway, seems to fit.

  21. I'm always talking about extra-terrestrial insemination in media images!

  22. I'm a Christian who just recently "discovered" the phenomenon of Synchronicity and all of this symbolism for myself.

    In any event, I've been following this thread of yours closely since stumbling upon your site a few weeks back, and personally believe that it all meshes quite nicely with end times prophecy.

    In any event, the purpose for leaving this comment today is to simply point out something I came across in my own research in "watching" for signs that "they" may be returning soon.

    The link is:

    Apparently, there's an article published today that says the world's navies are preparing for imminent battle with the gods who are set to return. I just found this story quite timely given everything you've been looking at for some time now, and the similar subjects I've explored (but from a different perspective) with regularity recently.

    Keep up the great work!


    Jeff (JRed)

  23. The "dogs days" of summer begin 20 days before and last until 20 days after Sirius' union with the sun. As you point out, following this celestial union, a rebirth or or resurrection can be expected. It is during this time that Isis goes into hiding until the birth of her son which would be signified by the star's reappearance.

    Relating this to pop culture, isn't it curious that "star" Angelina Jolie gave birth to her possibly artifically conceived "twins" during these dog days of summer, and that she went into seclusion for weeks prior to their birth. Much more to that story, I suspect. Another example of this mystery playing out ritually?

  24. Another thing I noticed in the screen capture of the Ferris Wheel shot was what looks to be an ET's face just above the telephone poles (or crucifix.-)
    ,a roundish triangular type face, with two eyes and a mouth (sort of like a cross between a grey and the ET movie character)
    The Ferris Wheel also has red and white stripped legs,which is England's (St.George) colours (where most of the world's financial power is).
    So,it may be a reference to the Millennium Eye in London?