Friday, December 19, 2008

Seen From Space: Drip, Drip, Drip (UPDATED)

I rented Mission to Mars and Red Planet tonight (I'm watching them again so you don't have to), and sure enough, here come more "revelations" from NAZCA NASA about our future home:

Nasa's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has finally spotted rocks on the Red Planet that bear carbonate minerals.

The ingredients needed to make the rocks are very evident, so their absence had been a major puzzle.

The rocks' identification now shows these harsh waters have not dominated all parts of Mars - and that is good news for the search for life.
It turns out that this crucial mineral was discovered at the Nili Fossae, named for - you guessed it - The Nile River:

The results were presented Thursday at an American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco and will appear Friday in the journal Science.

Scientists planning the next Mars landing — the Mars Science Laboratory — initially considered Nili Fossae as a potential landing site, but it did not make the final cut.- AP
So this was announced on Thursday the 18th, which is the 388th anniversary of the landing of the Mayflower at Plymouth, in which the rugged shores of Massachusetts were made safe for European corporate power. And how were the sacrifices of those brave and dedicated Christian pilgrims commemorated?

Why, with an obelisk, of course!

Bonus factoid: Nova Caesarea achieved statehood on December 18th.

UPDATE: Correction- two obelisks! One in England and one in Provincetown, Mass. The Pilgrim Monument was, um, erected by the Freemasons and the cornerstone was, um, laid by none other than Teddy Roosevelt.

“In the name of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts I now proclaim that the corner stone of the structure to be here erected has this day been found square, level, and plumb, true and trusty, and laid according to the old customs by the Grand Master of Masons,” with these words on August 20, 1907 Grand Marshal Melvin M. Johnson declared the formal ceremony to lay the cornerstone for the Pilgrim Monument was complete.

The carefully planned ceremony had begun early in the morning of August 20, 1907 when the presidential yacht Mayflower, with President Theodore Roosevelt aboard, sailed into Provincetown Harbor around 10 o’clock. As it rounded Long Point and entered the harbor, it passed down a passage created by eight battleships composed of two squadrons. The president received a twenty-one-gun salute from each battleship as he passed.

Eight battleships and the Presidential yacht showing up for an explicitly Masonic ritual? Pretty impressive, even by today's standards. Why exactly this was done in the Dog Days of August when the Mayflower landed in Provincetown in November 1620 is a mystery to me.

And guess what else happened on August 2o? Well, in 1975 the Viking Mars Probe was launched. And in 1977 the Voyager was sent on its way to Saturn and the outer planets. The Viking was the probe that first photographed the plains of Cydonia, and the Voyager went on to star in the first Star Trek movie. Voyager would later lend its name to Star Trek: Voyager, which featured the voluptuous Jeri Ryan, whose 1999 divorce complaint would help put Barack Obama in the US Senate.

Is anyone sensing a pattern here?

Now, any reason why August 20 should be so significant? Well, in the Ancient Egyptian Festival Calendar, it was the day the 3rd day of the month sacred to Ptah, god of craftsmen (who later became the "Oscar" statuette). It was also the day the Eye of Horus was healed by Thoth, so a fairly significant day in the Egyptian ritual calendar.

So I guess we shouldn't be too surprised it's also significant to the Freemasons and to NASA.

UPDATE II: For more on the Mars/Egypt/NASA connection, click here.

PS - Maybe NASA can rename the Nili Fossae the "Fossett Fossae" in honor of the late daredevil aviator Steve Fossett, who was also a member of the (Masonic) Order of the Arrow while he was in the (Masonic) Eagle Scouts. Fosett was also a brother in the powerful Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. SAE's pledge manual is called The Phoenix.


  1. Just watched the dicey but thoroughly
    Hoagland-esque Mission to Mars. What a handful of intense symbolism for a such a crummy Disney film. the acting & the dialog was terrible of course, a few scenes heavy handed, & the ever-present soundtrack (despite it being Morricone, it was just too much). But still I enjoyed the heck out of it & glad I saw it. Enjoy the stew when you throw in Red Planet.

  2. It's truly wretched, Gnostie. I really try to be liberal with these kinds of movies, but it's just teeth-gnashingly stupid. How did DePalma get so many good actors (Cheedle/ Robbins/Sinise) to act so badly? Does anyone on Earth buy Jerry O'Connell as an astronaut?

    And that whole Face sequence at the end looked like a display at a children's museum. What a missed opportunity.

    Red Planet isn't great, but it's a hell of a lot better than M2M. No wonder NASA tried to distance themselves from it.

  3. As for Mars flicks, I have to stick with PKD's "We can Remember it for you Wholesale" aka Total Recall...Arnold & Alien terra-forming of the Red Planet...

  4. Theres that Disney-flavor stamped all over M2M, the dialog is so terrible, predictible & the "comic relief" computer scientist astronaut of Jerry O'Connell is cringe-worth indeed. The flash back sequences were particularly bad as well.

  5. Like 10 or twelve years ago a Popular Science Magazine said the US would be travelling to Mars in 15 years. I remember because I considered it as a career path. I watched Apacalypto last night instead of a Mars movies. Funny as I saw the arrival of Colonists in that movie and there are really some good parts, like the alien looking priests atop the ziggurat. So I read most of your links this time, is the Nine some CIA thing?

  6. Did you 'get' this one Chris:

    "yes we can....yes wi can....yes wiccan....yes wiccan....."

    This is a great mp3 which talks about wicca which is the 'new age' title for witchcraft.

    Radio Liberty/Dr Stan Monteith with Pastor Billy Crone: The Final Countdown Nov 18 08:

    Radio Liberty Pastor Billy Crone - final Countdown

    You should also know what the 'garter' is as in the 'Knights of the Order of the Garter'......more witchcraft is all...and it's all over so called 'Crown' documents which comprise the 'law' of the United Kingdom.

  7. "Yes Wiccan!" That's hilarious!

    Well, you know what those dastardly Wiccans say, today the Ren Faire, tomorrow the world....

    I gotta say I'm a little irked with Dr Stan for banning Barry Chamish from his show, though. Barry did some great stuff on the Israel UFO sightings and the Nephilim on there.

    Thanks Suky! =)


    look into

    the Order of the Golden Centurion

  9. I've been catching up with some recent mp3 downloads from Radio Liberty - here's Barry's latest mp3 from 15th Dec 08:
    so maybe Dr Stan and Barry shook hands and made-up (hopefully).

    On the subject of the 'Order of the Arrows':

    ...on the 'Five Arrows' of the Rothschilds:

    And of course - from Genesis 10:8-10 (KJV):

    8And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth.

    9He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD.

    Nimrod aka Baal aka Osiris aka Orion - the 'mighty hunter' - just like Robin Hood in his Lincoln Green - Osiris is also depicted as being green. And of course, the real 'Al Khidr' - 'the green' is St George - the 'mythical' Green Man aka Pan/Saturn/Satan. The Order of the Garter meets at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. Geo means 'of the earth'.....get my drift??

    IMHO, St George killing the dragon is a representation of the ouroboros - death from life/order out of chaos.

    What does this have to do with 'Barky'?? It's all part of the ongoing ritual towards total takeover of the planet by satan's little helpers aka 'globalization' for their master. I don't think Barky is 'the antichrist' but one of his forerunners maybe?
    I'm sirius about this lol!

  10. I picked up Kingdom of the Ark by Lorraine Evans the other day at a used bookshop. She talks about how the ancient Britons allied themselves with Akhenaten through Princess Scota, who lend her name to Scotland. Haven't read it yet so I can't rightly comment on it, but you can read more here. But it may well explian all of the strange goings on in the UK and Ireland vis a vis these ancient mysteries. And Celtic music is very highly influenced by Egyptian and middle eastern music, so there's a link there. Of when I hear the name Akhenaten I immediately think "alien" but that's just me. Well, Jake does too.

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  13. Thank you for the heads up on the Lorraine Evans 'Ark' book Chris - I'll check it out. Ralph Ellis is also 'big' on Egypt/Scotland as is Michael Tsarion as you probably already know.

    I checked out your link to the 3rd day of the month being sacred to Ptah and even though I was given that very chart as a random gift a couple of years ago I didn't - until now - connect the hippo/pole at the centre of the Denderah chart with the strange BBC TV ident using cgi hippos which began tx'ing about 2 years ago.

    I always thought the hippo a very odd 'subject' for a Beeb ident - now knowing more about the occult in plain sight I know differently:

    BBC Hippo Ident:

    Curiouser and curiouser.

  14. Michael, I've always toyed with the idea of putting a Sync Blog/database, but I don't have the time. That would be a cool project- a place where readers could post their daily personal synchs. I bet some very interesting patterns might emerge over time.

    Anyone have the time to put something like that up for January?

  15. I'll give some thought to a sync/blog/database for the new year - new - that word again. So full of hope but so often laden with negativity in recent years - if that's what we allow to manifest through us as desired by 'them', that is.

    I've been contemplating setting up a website for several years....don't know what's stopping me - only myself!


  16. I always start with anything electronic. Time I wake up or go to sleep. Time I leave my driveway....First songs on the radio and so on. Then license plates are huge for me. And the combination of those moments. Say a song is on, it cues you in....from there you scan a stop light.....and voila theres your old buddy Mulder from school as youre going to pick up X-Files....I want to believe. Although the doobie brothers china grove was playing when I saw him, lol! I then go to the dreams if I can remember em. There's alot of them that freak me out though to be honest. I think it's the same for everyone. I dont buy into the reality that one person can have a deeper insight because I feel if anything it's more a discipline. And I think this is the beginning or baby steps into a realm where communication happens differently. It's not a good evil thing to me. Or, to me it is the flow between the poles and or oscillation of the mind body projection out into space.So for me Its not inscription but rather reflection, electronically speaking. As of today I do not buy that it is an illuminated manuscript of the new age but rather an interplay of forces. And so goes man, moving through his day between good and evil. Whatever those mean you know. The sad thing for me is that the more you know, the more you can see and sometimes that means the less you feel. And or the texts meaning can be lost in the abundance of seen symbology. That is why, I am starting a log, to see if there is a through a line per se that is in accordance of a lager scope. Or if it is repeating some. But once again what am I repeating? What I see? What I am told to see? Or what I am reflecting?And so on into infinity. The log may just further ensnare me to the reality of illusions. Once again Bravo to you Chris for providing a written log of these things here with TSS.

  17. Hi Chris, here's a question for you. Could all this obssessive freemasonic/egyptian ritual behaviour simply be some sort of modern day Cargo cult?

    You know, maybe in ancient times aliens landed from some far off star system with their advanced technology, got friendly with the natives, helped them out a bit and then buggered off again, leaving humans (or rather some group with a very long memory) longing for the cosmic equivalent of canned food, radios, tents and rifles!

    Seen in the light of this theory, the whole Atlantis rising ritual in Dubai makes a lot of sense.

  18. Well, that's what the Astronaut Theology series is about. Richard Hoagland seems to think so. Everything I research I keep an open question. I don't like to come to conclusions without dead-bang compelling evidence. There is certainly a lot of smoke, but I still really trying to find that fire.

  19. I have just one thing to add. It seems Jeri Ryan wasn't the only Voyager cast member to affect national polotics. Kate Mulgrew's husband Tim Hagan ran for govorner of Ohio in 2002. He had no campaign commercials, and it was almost as if he was trying to lose. The winner of that election was Bob Taft, who's leiutenant governer in 2004 was Kenneth Blackwell, without whom some say Bush would not have won Ohio in 2004. Bob Taft is the great-great grandson of Skull & Bones founder Alphonso Taft.