Thursday, April 30, 2009

Alien Dreaming and the Widening Gyre, pt. III

So many strands of inquiry have been coming together...

Like Chris Carter, Jack Kirby intuitively linked visionary experience to alien contact. In his astro-Gnostic opus in Devil Dinosaur, contact with interventionist aliens is preceded by a hallucinatory vision of a great beast swallowing the Moon, and of a great reptile whose body is made of pure energy and giant eyes flying in the sky.

There's also this eerie foreshadowing of the Stargate sequence in 2001:A Space Odyssey, drawn in 1958, but not published until after production had begun on the film. Contact with an alien artifact on the Moon transforms human astronauts into pure energy and takes them for the trip of their lives. Note the mushroom aliens in the bottom left panel.

When Kirby drew the comic adaptation of 2001, he subtitled this story, "The Ultimate Trip."

Way back in the dark ages of 2007, I looked at my first Kirby Komik, the immortal Kamandi #30. Quite a place to start, with this symbolically-charged Stargate image. I'm sure there were other stories at the time imagining inter-dimensional portals, but no one did it quite like Jack.

I suppose this is a good time to mention that Art Spiegelman called Kirby "an idiot savant obsessed with orgasm."

And, of course, that Kamandi story was entitled "UFO: The Wildest Trip Ever."

How appropriate then that The X-Files used the Kirby Kreation named "The Silver Surfer" to identify the young Gibson Praise as the missing link between humans and our ancient alien progenitors- the "young Karnak" who held the "secrets to the pyramids" and was "the key to everything in the X-Files" until Mulder had his own alien transformation into the psychedelic Osiris.

And it was all centered in the brain, the skull, the crown chakra. The veneration of John, Baphomet, Leto Atreides, and the "one who was lost," all pointing us to the (alien?) biocomputer residing in us all.

Are these are just random scraps from pop culture, or are they breadcrumbs forming a subconscious trail to a greater revelation?


  1. Kinda off-topic (unless one can channel aliens), but I thought you'd like to see...

    Obama has been linked to 'channeling' twice in one day...

    "Obama channels FDR amid crises";_ylt=AljqrYcTw7A4xgfhjIsx3zIuQE4F;_ylu=X3oDMTJvZGltNDl2BGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMDkwNDMwL29iYW1hX25ld3Nlcl9hbmFseXNpcwRjcG9zAzIEcG9zAzIEc2VjA3luX3RvcF9zdG9yaWVzBHNsawNhbmFseXNpc29iYW0-


    in a photo caption
    "...the president looks at a picture of John F Kennedy. He and wife Michelle have channelled the Kennedys many times."

    Oh, and BTW, Bo, the dog with 'star quality'...Did you happen to notice that his name is Barack Obama's initials?

    Still enjoying the blogs, keep up the good work.


  2. I suppose this is a good time to mention that Art Spiegelman called Kirby "an idiot savant obsessed with orgasm."
    As a fan of The Stooges, Joy Division & Wilhelm Reich....that sentence delights & just plain cracks me up!

  3. I left out the fault!

  4. First dog bo has also been described as crazy, but getting a trainer. Hilarious! I wonder if he gets a treat when he bails out cabals of elites.
    Also did you guys see the pictures of Barack and Caroline Kennedy playing "Kennedy" in the oval? These folks are not subtle, but I still happen to like the new magus-in-chief. But it seems like only the banks have gotten their dross turned to gold so far.

    Oh and chris: I've spotted the connect between baphomet and leto before, but who is john? Do you have a previous post on that? Thanks.
    Baphomet and I used to be tight but we haven't hung out in a while...

  5. Art, Art, Art. When I was first getting on the 'Net in '99, a huge feud was on between Danny Hellman of the rightwing NEW YORK PRESS and Ted Rall of the leftwing VILLAGE VOICE about Spiegelman's role as 'Gatekeeper' to comics folk trying to trade up into the realm of the intelligentsia. I'm a friend of Danny's, whose style is QUITE Kirbyesque... and yet it was the PRESS that was on the attack about Rall's VOICE article that Art, as husband of Francoise Mouly of the NEW YORKER, had a bottleneck stranglehold on who got a career... Danny's art is beautiful whereas Rall's art is ugly, but I gradually came to love Rall's writing. Circa '68 Art had drawn a one-page strip, possibly for the EAST VILLAGE OTHER, "Jolly Jack Jackoff, the Masturbating Fiend". I think I posted last week about The Manhattan Institute's handiwork in evicting thousands of Downtown artists in the mid'90s... the NY PRESS was precisely a tool of that handiwork, I'm now realizing. 'Nuff said for now...

  6. No one did it quite like Kirby. It's a shame DC Comics is killing off all the New Gods. (Symbollically bringing an end to the "Fourth World")

  7. again ill reiterate my belief that the alien distraction is meant to hide the shamanistic and pyscedelic root of religion and spritualism- there are shrooms that are nicknamed ufo's- if intelligent life is in our immediate surroundings it is merely the remnants of men that acquired high technology long ago and has since used it to enslave and confuse the masses

  8. Imagie- Wow, I guess the White House is some kind of power vortex- we have the Obamas, the Reagans and the Clintons all channeling these dead ancestors. Thanks!

    Orgonie- Yeah, Spiegelman says obsessed with orgasm like its a bad thing.

    Truebie- John is Da Bapismus. The headless wonder, scourge of palace dancing girls everywhere.

    Neddie- Yeah, Hellman is awesome. Rall is very funny and Spiegelman did Wacky Packages. Can't we all get along?

    Ed- Sadly, not even Kirby really knew what to do with the characters. He had all these amazing ideas, but there were so many other issues -business issues- messing him up at the time he couldn't really flesh them out. This is where a Stan Lee would have been helpful.

    Anony- Wow, sounds pretty fundamentalist there.

  9. Aieeee don't remind me-- Art had some deal to do Garbage Pail Kids as a comicbook and he wanted me to artdirect it; then Cabbage Patch Kids sued... end of that gig...

  10. By obsession with orgasm, I assume we're talking about it in a mystical/cosmic sense (as in the Fifth Element discussion). If that's the case, it seems apt for me to wheel out Strauss' Salome as another example.

    Roughly a minute-and-a half before the opera's conclusion, what I can only describe as a cosmic orgasm occurs in the encounter between Salome and Jochanaan's head. In this performance, it becomes very clear around 7:17 that "something's" going to happen. Salome gets herself worked up, and the orchestra tenses up with her before achieving "release" around 7:43. Of course, it's obvious from a terrestrial perspective what's happening, but this is no ordinary climactic moment; at least, that's not what Strauss' masterful orchestration tells us. For years, I've been convinced that it's really portraying the convergence of the erotic and the holy (or, for that matter, the terrestrial and the celestial). Tantra. Sex magick. Whatever you wish to call it. Just hear for yourself as the orchestra shimmers and writhes with the singer in a sustained paroxysm of ecstasy.

    Granted, the sound quality in the aforementioned version is a little gamey, but it lends the performance an otherworldly air. For better sound quality, check out this version with the same singer at the Met last year. (I prefer the former a bit better overall, though.)


  11. Jason, how about that giant solar eclipse on the wall? Fascinating in relation to the Baptist, no?

  12. For starters, I kept thinking the eclipse looked like a large eye. It's all making sense, but for whom might this production have been staged?

    At the beginning of the final scene, there is no eclipse. It actually comes to completion when Salome receives Jochanaan's head... a process that occurs more quickly than any eclipse I've ever seen.

    The Moon, of course, is very important to the story. It even takes on a life of its own, usually appearing much larger than it actually would in real life, like on this CD box set cover with a photograph from a production in Salzburg; the moon is barely visible, but the it is towards the top center. The original 1978 album offers the best resolution, mainly due to its size.

    In this production, the Moon looks very large and hovers very close to the palace terrace. It changes appearance and even color (to red, of course) throughout, almost it as if it is commenting on the proceedings, or perhaps even manipulating them.