Friday, December 05, 2008

"I Want to Believe" (in the Sirius-Oannes Connection)

Note saucer-eye view

A lot of fans were disappointed that the new X-Files film didn't feature the alien colonization mythology storyline. Perhaps they simply weren't looking hard enough.

The major story we've been looking at here is the emerging Sirius symbolism, in the election and the aftermath of 9/11 as well as the Dubai Atlantis ritual. I am still working out the details, but it seems whatever unearthly force has been using Chris Carter as a conduit for the past 15 years is still very hard at work. As the Dogstar rises once again in the public conscious, the new X-Files film is centered on dogs, as well as water and decapitation symbolism.

In an election cycle that saw the unexpected emergence of an Alaskan governor with a fake Dakotan accent and a black man ascending to the Oval Office, we saw "Dakota Whitney" and Mosely Drummy take Mulder and Scully's place in the FBI.

Ice has been used in films like Eternal Sunshine and Serendipity as a cosmos metaphor, and he we see dogs walking across a frozen lake in search of pieces to the film's central mystery. A metaphor that the central mystery of the ages is to be found in the Canis Major constellation?

When we first meet the villain he is submersed in a pool, almost as if he is amphibious. This brings us to the amphibious Oannes, the god from Sirius who created human civilization by day and returned to his undersea abode at night.

And since it is the opinion of this blogger that there was a ceremonial office established by whoever Oannes actually was and eventually passed down to Ioannnes the Baptist, we see a nice depiction of him as well. There are a number of other scintillating semiotic hits in this film that tie directly into some of the major themes we have been looking at and will be looking at in the near future. Henrik and I will be talking about this tomorrow, to be sure.


  1. Is there any way to listen to your last interview with Vyzygoth? He hasn't updated his podcast since august.

  2. Christopher-please tell me that the show on Saturday will be archived! I don't think I will be back home by 2p est as it will just be noon here-I have wanted so badly to hear this-if it is not going to be in an archive-I might try to think of an excuse to do what I am supposed to later!
    Blessings to you from AZ!-Devin

  3. Red Ice has the best archive on the Internet, so you're in good hands.

  4. Yes, and Henrik has uncanny interviewing skills. Can't wait to see what's in store for tomorrow.

  5. Obama's nickname is 'Barky'

    Anubis is sometimes known as
    'The Barker'.....

  6. I recall that Tim Robbins' Jacob is thrown in ice just after hallucinating his girlfriend's evisceration by an alien having sex with her on the dance floor.

  7. Ah, one of my favorite all time movies. Elizabeth Pena circa 1991? Grrrr....

  8. It's too bad IWTB wasn't released on disc one week later. December 9th is the anniversary of the premiere of Richard Strauss' Salome (1905), as well as the anniversary of the Kecksburg Incident (1965), also known as the "Pennsylvania Roswell."

    Before the film itself came out, I had heard that there was a Father Joe. I was half-expecting his last name to be Cannon. (Joe Cannon = Jochanaan = well, you know), but I was a little disappointed that it wasn't the case. Or, maybe I should have been relieved...


  9. I had to dig back into your archives for this entry Chris. I've just watched the X-Files film now. Very interesting about the Frankensteinian androgyny theme going on in there, allied to the gay married couple who were hunting for compatible female host bodies for a complete gender transformation.

    That film is a bizarro wonderland of intense semiotics.
    So much in there I have to watch it again. I found it of note that the film closed with the women gathering to "not give up" in the closing operating room scene, with the nuns as well, whilst the obstructive patriarch held sway over the boy's parents offering the assurance that there was no hope in this life.

    I guess it was an obvious and fully intended undercurrent to the film of hate of the female, hate of the power of woman (and intense jealousy), and the key story of the gay/gender confused man who wanted to acquire that power through gaining a female body. That was the seething foundation to this movie for me. Men as death givers, women as life givers. Or rather that man is wholly inadequate to replace the woman's role in society. The church being a prime candidate for that usurpation.
    The two times that Mulder just burst into women only changing rooms was significant too. Scully's particularly strong reaction to the paedophile priest, the killing of the female FBI agent who basically seemed to be too male in character despite being so pretty (in an austere manner though) and then Scully calling for "someone with balls" when the male FBI guy couldn't do the job. It seemed to indicate that the woman (Scully) could "man up" when needed. But no so the other way round. Men can't really "woman up."

    This was a movie about Scully really. She was the one who wanted to believe.

    Yes, another viewing is required.

  10. Well, I've watched it about 40 times now and it's still revealing new layers of meaning to me. Not only is there all of these gender issues (note that the two abducted women seem to be lesbians) but there is some truly deep, deep, deep fertility symbolism all over the place. And tons and tons of classical mythology too.

    Note that Mulder and Scully are themselves androgynes (Chris Carter said from the very start he intentionally switched their roles), which you caught when Mulder goes into "the women's side." Billy Connolly describes the film as a love story between Father Joe and Mulder, which makes a lot of sense in many ways. Not the stuff of summer blockbusters.

    Yeah, how the X-Files ever became the phenomenon it was sometimes baffles me since it is so confrontational to people's core beliefs on so many levels. And as I've said recently, this film is absolutely about aliens and AAT- only this time it's metaphorical.

    Click the Chris Carter tag for more on this film.

  11. Casting Xzibit was a colossal mistake totally miscast.Just this fact ruined the movie.As a big fan of x files from early seasons on the movie was disappointing.