Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Stairway to Sirius: Death and Restoration III

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As we saw, the Monolith Hotel brings a strange twist of Hollywood and Astronaut Theology to the Stairway to Sirius drama. However, 2001: A Space Odyssey isn't the only semiotically loaded film that has left a footprint on lower Manhattan. The Masonic recruitment film, National Treasure, reaches its climax just a few blocks from the World Financial Center at Trinity Episcopal Church. However, Trinity also has a chapel, St. Paul's, which sits right next to the Monolith Hotel.

Here Ben (Star-)Gates discovers the Knights Templar treasure, hidden by Colonial Masons beneath a crypt. We'll be going to great detail with this film in the future, which has deeper levels of meaning beneath the obvious Masonic narrative. But how fascinating to see this "treasure" within a stone's throw of the Stairway and the Monolith. Note the statues of Sekhmet guarding the door. Many critics assailed the film as an Indiana Jones knockoff...

...which is ironic since Lucas and Spielberg stole the treasure room scene back for their AAT propaganda film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Note that Indy specifies early Egyptian, reminding us of Egypt's early Golden Age, when the gods ruled.

That Golden Age is explicitly addressed in the narrative with the Templar-like adoration of the severed head of one of the ancient "gods," a transdimensional astronaut who came to Earth and helped create civilization. Crystal Skull directly rebufffs the materialism of National Treasure by declaring that the true treasure is "knowledge"- the knowledge of the alien genesis of humanity and civilization.

But we see a hint of the same knowledge in Treasure, when Riley Poole and and Abigal Chase study the cyclopean, hidden architecture of lower Manhattan and make the only plausible conclusion.

Even more fascinating is the fact that the threesome in National Treasure corresponds to the protagonists in the Jupiter sequence of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Riley Poole links us to (Masonic) astronaut Frank Poole, Abigal's last name, "Chase," is a tradename referring to a "huntsman," which is roughly analogous to "Bowman," the other (Masonic) astronaut's last name. And Ben Gates reminds of the Stargate of the Monolith, or perhaps even the Starchild himself. Consider that when you see the chapel of the "National Treasure" church sitting side by side with the Monolith Hotel.

Note also that the inferior Treasure sequel dealt with Mesoamerican artifacts as does Crystal Skull, and features Ed Harris, who played the 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Masonic astronaut John Glenn in The Right Stuff.

And let me also say with absolute certainty that so much of what we are looking at
is not always the result of conscious human intent- in fact I'm not sure if the truly powerful synchs ever are. As comforting as it is to believe in the Illuminati or whomever, the actual truth of what is happening around us is much more complicated -and much more deeply disturbing.

Sadly, I can report that with utter conviction.


  1. "Crystal Skull directly rebufffs the materialism of National Treasure by declaring that the true treasure is "knowledge"- the knowledge of the alien genesis of humanity and civilization."

    There's the trap, though. That "knowledge" is just as materialistic as having a load of cash--it's still a material phenomenon. "Knowledge wears the false crown"--some dead 15th Century Jewish guy

    That's what's most salient about so many of these "hidden in plain sight" rituals, like the deconstruction of 9/11 as a "ritual." It's that it's so blatantly materialistic: it's not "use the symbol of the 'Stairway to Sirius' to achieve the spiritual attainment(for lack of a better phrase)"; it's "kill 3000 people and a few years later use a bunch of fireworks to make a palm tree visible from space (to unveil an actual Stairway (to call down physical extraterrestrials))".

    Which is what's so concerning. It's almost as though the "ritual" element is secondary to the simple acts of power needed to blow up/move/place buildings in a meaningful manner; it's Mergers & Acquisitions with a spiritual gloss.

  2. Anony, I'm not sure if you're addressing my work or someone else's, as regards the 9/11 ritual theory. In point of fact, we see in Masonic tracing boards that the Stairway and the Jachin and Boaz will be linked and/or co-dependent symbolically. So I don't necessarily subscribe to the ritual theorizing on 9/11, but see the outcome as a strange byproduct, for lack of compelling evidence otherwise. See Hoagland's analysis for informed symbolic deconstruction of the events. However, your point about acts of power gets to the core of what I am writing about- powerful people are not motivated by metaphysical abstraction, they are motivated by the further acquisition of power.

  3. Just came across your blog last November, great stuff!

    I catch myself looking for the symbolism in the MSM, and low and behold, there it was all throughout the History Channel's Universe programs this weekend.


  4. Chris!

    Well done bro, that opening photo was pretty symbolic!! ouch.

    The acquisition of power are indeed motives of the societies in charge, the Committee of 300 [Club of Rome] if not the top global power, have their stake in it all...BUT

    like you stated, the actual truth happening all around us IS much more complicated. I don't know if you've read Gregg Braden's "The Divine Matrix", but it might be worth your while in understanding that complicated, disturbing mess.

    Hollywood has its hands in creating chaotic releases of unfocused emotions of the masses--thusly adding to the collective high weirdness and complications.

    Be well bro!
    Love the reality tunnel your on.

  5. Skaggsie, here's how I see it- a lot of these occult systems are like a list of phone numbers with no names. People will dial these numbers at random, not sure who's going to pick up or what they have to say- sometimes even the other line is disconnected. It's what the comes through the receiver that interests me.

  6. Yo, where you get that movie with closed caption?

    btw, I really enjoyed reading your blog. keep it up!

  7. Howdy, not sure if you are familiar with this guy but his name is Thomas Campbell. This guy wrote a book about the Theory of Everything it's called My Big T.O.E.

    The information contained within researching this guy might provied what you are "sluthing" (as I call it) a different perspective. I think most of us out there have sensed that "somethig" is afoot and I agree it's not totally conscious. However going back to Campbell he discusses consicousness as a larger entity that we are all a part of and resides outside of the physical realm.

    I really think this might connect some dots for you.... just a hunch though..

  8. The constellation of ORION
    is both a huntsman and a bowman and is mythologically and astrotheologically related to the star Sirius - part of one of his hunting dogs (and also the Nebuchadnezzar era name 'Cyrus')

  9. I work in the old AT&T Building (195 Broadway), which is connected to the Monolith, so I'm hoping to be one of the first to get the DNA upgrade!

    Anyway, on my way to work this morning, I noticed that the company in charge of the WTC construction is called Phoenix Constructors.

  10. "Crystal Skull directly rebufffs the materialism of National Treasure by declaring that the true treasure is 'knowledge'- the knowledge of the alien genesis of humanity and civilization."

    Hey so how many points do I score for spotting the Freudian slip in the typo on your post?

    In your scorn of materialism you spell 'rebufffs' with three F's, 6th letter in the alphabet.


    (Actually you're safe because 666 is itself an ancient typo -- the real #/beast is 616, which proves my theory that fafblog! is the True Blog of the Beast-- but I digress).

    On another note, did you know that Maya Angelou recited her poem "Still I Rise" on CBS the day after Election Day? Here it is, at at about the 6:20 mark.

  11. Ha! What makes you think it was a typo! (insert shifty eyes here)

  12. The real 666 is not a person, it is a thing - more precisely something of man - a desire.

    The greek word EUPORIA is 666.

    EUPORIA roughly translates to greed at another's expense, the lust for wealth or possession.

    The greek text plus some isopsephy (written greek equivalent of gematria) is required to get John of Patmos's Revelation.

  13. the kurt vonnegut classic SF book "sirens of titan" is partially about how a distant civilization engineered humanity so that it would eventually build a part a traveler who had crashed on titan need to repair its ship. the creature waited sometime like 100000years or so (if my memory serves me well).. chances are someone might have an idea about how all this fits together but Hilton, Calatrava, etc are probably not so much up on all the details..

    but whos to really say unless you are an insider. in which case your lips are sealed.

  14. I very much agree with your last paragraph in this segment!! If we knew the whole truth we might go running screaming through the streets -no joke-and I agree so much about synchs happening without conscious human intent-best to you as always!!