Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 in Review: The Stairway to Sirius

A year ago, any mention of any kind of extraterrestrial activity here -Sirius, UFOs, AAT- would be purely in the context of pop culture. I had no idea so many of these symbols would begin to bleed (allegedly) into the political sphere. Which, of course, is merely theater of a different kind.

There's a whole corpus of material looking at the Sirius phenomenon out there, going back many, many years. I first became aware of it all when indie publisher Sirius Entertainment contracted me for my first comic book series (which I previously wrote about here). The publisher dabbled in pop occulture, and was a fan of The Sirius Mystery by Robert Temple. And of course, Richard Hoagland has done a lot of interesting work on the Sirius Enigma as well, which I was reading in the 90s.

Two years ago, Raiders News Update editor Tom Horn went on PID Radio with Derek and Sharon Gilbert to ask the question, "Is there a Sirius Cult in the Government?" You can listen to this two-part interview here and here. Just be aware that the information is given a heavy Christian Evangelical spin, which may not be to everyone's taste. But Tom Horn really does his homework, and offers up some interesting data. As always, look for questions, not answers.

So, are we looking at Astrotheology or Astronaut Theology? A few years back I was solely focused on the former, and mainly interested in ancient mystery cults and their symbology. The major turning point in all of this may have been the absolutely mind-boggling imagery on the Masonic First Degree Tracing Board.

My research into Masonic history was initially predicated on plain old sun worship, and eventually brought me back to the priests of Helipolis, the Shemsu Hor. Not only were they the royal astronomers, but they were also the architects, responsible for designing all of the massive stonework temples. Which is another way of saying they were Egypt's Masons. And they did it in dedication to the last god-king of Egypt, Horus, who followed his father Osiris (who died on 3/17 and was later raised) back to the Orion constellation. Not a small matter for those folks.

Given this lineage, I guess we shouldn't be surprised to learn that the next manned mission to the Moon will be called the Orion 17, part of Project Constellation, whose mission patch encodes that magic 3/17. There's some Astronaut Theology for you.

Finally, lest any of think that AAT started with Von Daniken or Sitchin, you might want to take a gander at Charles Fort's Book of the Damned. This seminal UFO study was written in 1918 and online in its entirety on Sacred Texts.

The record is clear- UFOology and AAT are old as mankind. What it all means, I'm still unsure. But it's a fascinating mythos at the very least, one that seems to be re-emerging despite the best efforts of the gatekeepers in the media (and that's both mainstream and alternative, mind you) to laugh it all away. I have no doubt Dogstar symbolism will pop up in the Memestream on a regular basis in the weeks and months ahead. I'm working up a megapost on Obama's deep connections to all of this weirdness that I hope to have up in time for the in-augur-ation.


  1. Off-topic, I don't wanted to toot my horn with you but I wanted to share something with you about my blog on whose teams are going to the Super Bowl XLIII.

    By the way, check out the Super Bowl XLIII logo - make you go hmmm, also, you can count the yards.


  2. Giants vs Titans, eh? Interesting. And may not be as off-topic as you think.

  3. Giants vs. Titans? Really? And will we get a "surprise" literally last-minute play this year? On my block (in Brooklyn) the only time I've heard more noise was when O-Roc won the selection... Warm them up in the winter and prepare them for the Feast of the Dead? hmm...

    Anyway, thanks, Christopher, for all the focus on the 1-degree tracing board. Before you highlighted it, I had never really considered that for hundreds or thousands of years we've used the same shorthand for "star" that looks nothing like one and has more to do with nautical maps than astrophysics. It's mind-boggling how much of a symbolic blueprint, even if unintentional, it is.

    Big Strangeness Soon Come.

  4. Dont overlook the Ravens. And the Panthers have DeAngelo Williams. In my opinion he is the best back, pound for pound, in the NFL.

  5. Ravens? Odin, of course. Maybe we need a semiotic deconstruction of all of the gladiatorial legions in the NFL.

  6. Last year's Super Bowl was Patriots losing to the Giants, bear this in mind below:

    Patriots = Human freedom fighters?
    Giants = children of the Fallen Ones that ruled ancient Earth and enslaved humanity?
    Titans = Guess who they actually were and where they came from?

  7. Christopher this is a fantastic and thought provoking post as so many of yours are! Giants and Titans are synching nicely in my mind with reference to some ancient cosmologies-thinking Asuras, Devas, the old Persian cosmologies and things of that nature-As we are getting very close to 2009 i wanted to wish you and your family a beautiful and awe inspiring 2009-methinks we are in for some surprises this year:-)
    thanks also for your knowledge of the White Stag symbolization in the comments section of another blog-great and wonderful things I learn by studying the work of synchro -folk-thanks also so much for keeping Jung and others in the spotlight!

  8. Thank you, Devin, for being such a wonderful guest here!

  9. I listened to some of Tom Horn's stuff on PID Radio. I'm not a Christian myself, but I was impressed with him as an honest Christian intellectual who is willing to poke into dark corners of even his own ideological camp. I was particularly impressed with his show on dominion theology as a dangerous heresy, something that even myself with an amateur understanding of Christian theology instantly grasped the first time I heard of dominionism.

    However, in his talk on a Sirius cult I have to point out that he lists Richard Doty as a source. Doty is known in the UFO field as a guy who has made claims of being a disinformation agent and a psy-war specialist. That means he's either an amateur crank or a professional crank. Either way, nothing he says can be taken at face value. If Doty is the source for the notion of a Sirius cult in the military, I find that dubious. That being said however, I am certain there are powerful people who believe weird things.

    I'm also very alarmed by Horn's pushing of the aliens-as-demons/aliens-as-angels line. It's an idea that I find really dangerous as it lends itself to those who might like to militarize any potential alien encounter or use such an encounter (or even a discovery of non-sentient ET life) as a fear-mongering tool. While Horn has distanced himself from dominionism, I don't think he's fully removed it or its propaganda from his thought processes.

  10. Excellent information and points well taken. Thank you, Adam.

  11. The Philip Glass coincidence above... now that's something. Not to be mistaken, of course, with Phillip Klass.

    I will say, I jokingly started thinking years ago about Richard Strauss' Salome as a kind of alien-related yarn, with Jochanaan/John the Baptist in the role of the alien. The beam of light business near the end (from the Moon, not a spacecraft) must have triggered it. But then, Wilde's original play has all kinds of Moon imagery.

    Upon finding this blog, however, maybe the "alien Jochanaan" concept isn't as much of a joke as I had imagined. Despite its (apparent) absence of aliens, the new X-Files movie and its severed head imagery left me with chills for that very reason. It has made me wonder why Salome is my favorite opera, and why X-Files is one of my favorite TV shows. Until recently, I had never made serious connections between the two.

    I won't even mention 2001 here...