Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Knowing" Trailer (UPDATED)

Genocide and catastrophe coming to a theatre near you! Directed by Alex Proyas (The Crow/Dark City/I, Robot) and starring good ol' Nic "Ben Star-Gates" Cage. Bonus Synchronicity plot device! And don't forget Roland Emmerich's 2012 starring John "Superstar" Cusack. Man, we're getting wiped out on the silver screen!

Bonus factoid: Knowing was also the name of the third act of The Nines.

UPDATE: Folks in the comments section are mulling over what messages this latest wave of Apocalyptainment is supposed to be transmitting. Is all of this destruction some kind of precognitive warning, or worse, some public service announcement of the Coming Culling? Whatever the case may be, I think it's important that we keep an eye on these films and the semiotics loaded within them (and in the concurrent news media as well).

But there's also another, more Jungian interpretation of these films that I wanted to address. I think they also reflect our collective inner rage, our chafing at restriction and authority. I remember noticing way back in '91 while seeing T2 that we love to see cops and soldiers and businessmen and other figures of mundane authority get shredded to bits onscreen, preferably by a single heroic/messianic character. We also love to see buildings that represent the ruling structure get blown up, as in ID4, never stopping to identify with the regular schmoes cleaning the toilets or making photocopies inside them.

Are these films are some kind of Orwellian release for us, especially as our daily lives become more boring and controlled?

We saw something similar in the late 60s and early 70s, as the old Industrial Economy ran out of steam. There was a whole host of disaster and apocalypse films then as well: Planet of the Apes, Soylent Green, Omega Man, Earthquake, Towering Inferno, Poseidon Adventure, Where Have All the People Gone?, etc etc. It's interesting to note that a lot of these films were make-work opportunities for the old 50s generation of stars (of whom Charlton Heston was the exemplar) who were made irrelevant by the new wave of method actors like DeNiro and Pacino. There may be another strange wish-fulfillment there as well- people who line up to see disaster movies always identify themselves with the survivors, given a blank slate in which to begin life again.

They usually don't identify with the "corpse #5" prop in the burned out old Buick.


  1. I'm sort of dumbfounded at the moment, from the "world blowing to pieces" blockbusters, yet not completely surprised, as its been going on for a while now.

    The tone of these recent films, by all appearances, fall into the meta-programming category; I would like to believe (thats a loaded phrase now, isn't it?!)that this is indeed cultural mass programming, yet on the other hand the breakdown of mans psyche will always desire to see the negative fall out, whether it's in your living room or on the world stage. I wonder sincerely if this is simply a signpost to the "NWO" controller society, ever knowing, ever-programmed power ritual by the "archons" to extract as much material suffering & emotional fallout as possible from the lazy automatons, who'd rather sleepwalk than "know" the program. It doesn't get any more in your face than this does it? (maybe the Matrix would qualify)

    thanks for the great posting & letting me spill this late night incoherent rant.

  2. Maybe not appropriate for this thread - unless you can find a sync in it - but this just came in "The Mail":

  3. They're really laying the 'catostrophe' meme thickly on us at the moment - Nothing subtle about at it all.

    The question for me is - Is it all a psyop, or is it all going to happen. Although they are not mutually exclusive. Both could be true.

    I wonder who is more at risk of the psyop fucking with their mind.

    It could be argued that the unaware viewer, chewing bubblegum and munching popcorn, who just sees all this as good entertainment, may actually be less effected by all this, although the meme is inserted into their subconscious where it is effecting them nevertheless.

    But the aware viewer, who is aware of conspiracies, the all pervasiveness of esoteric/masonic symbolism, HAARP/enviromental modification technology and predictive programming - Is he more effected by this, because he can see all the signs around him, and is concerned for the future?

    I would conclude that the aware viewer is actually more at risk of being effected by all this. Because he sees it as the revelation of the method/predictive programming rather than just entertainment.


  4. I would say wait and watch before coming to a judgment. We've been seeing these kind of memes in film for a very long time- the run up to the millennium had a whole host of them, many with a Christian apocalyptic subtext. And back then everyone said it was all foreshadowing for y2k, and now we're looking at what I like to call y2012k.

    Personally speaking, I'm tired of all the carnage- I would really like to see something more positive and inspiring come out of Hollywood. We have enough death and destruction every night on the news. But then there's the problem of the pre-programmed public, who don't want anything challenging than "boy meets girl" or "shit done got messed up real good, har har"!

  5. Good Point.

    Aeolus Kephas of http://kephas.podomatic.com/ tuned me into the idea that what he calls Masonic Sorcerers may be manipulating our imagination for their own ends. And that we need to break free of this.

    I too have suspected that the conspiracy arena is a double edged sword. That at the same time that we are being informed, our thinking and imagination is being directed down a particular path. One that ends badly.

    Perhaps there is more to our imagination then we realise. The PTB seem to go to a lot of effort trying to shape it.


  6. I don't usually fall into the Illuminati abyss of subliminal info tech but....COME ON!! Are they engineering this stuff for conspiracy theorists to waste their limited time on? God damn Matrix(grumble grumble).


  7. I suppose it could be some metaphorical parable, given the Synchronistic angle. Perhaps the destruction is the old reality paradigm, which may account for the alien/angels in the trailer.

    Or maybe it's just another Nic Cage movie. All the boundary lines seem to collapsing these days. Cage can't help but radiate quantum semiotic pathways when he brushes his teeth in the morning.

  8. Im so sorry for posting something that does not belong here....but I really do not know where else to post this!

    Last night I was watching the Sarah Connor Chronicles : Terminator and at the very end SPOILER ALERT: she was looking up in to the sky and there was staring back at her but none other than Isaac Caret's drone space ship thingy!

    My jaw dropped! Either how cool was that to incorporate such a thing or .....

    Just wow. THAT was a great move for the show! I belted out "CARET!" when I saw that !!! My family was like wtf is mom talking about! lol So I showed everyone and soon they were all reminded of what the email link I sent SO LONG ago really was! That was just too cool.

    Sorry and please dont get mad for posting out of place....no one else has this posted to their blog or anything yet or maybe no one else caught that? I dont know...But DANG!


  9. Hmmm, I noticed the girl mention the "lucifer men". I assume that's what she said... In any case, it made me think of the "watchers" of the Enochian texts. In those texts it seems to imply it was some of the watchers who saw the beauty of the human women and lusted after them. The bible claims the same but calls them rather 'sons of god'.

    I've noticed an increase in the mention of these "watchers". The coming movie, the "lucifer men" (which makes perfect sense if they are indeed the same fallen angels)my mind is spinning right now, but I know there are more.

    Watch for the signs. Many belive the signs to watch for are the extraterrestrial signs but I'm becoming convinced that there are more signs than just those in the heavens. Curios.

  10. She actually calls them the "Whisper People."

  11. Ok, I need to listen better. I'm still intrigued.

    The last movie that really gave me the willies was The Devil's Advocate.

    I'm not watching many movies lately but seeing many with similar themes.

  12. You synchro guys had better watch out. The HollyWood sorcerers are running so low on new ideas that soon (already?) they'll be snooping around these blogs on the lookout for new ideas that they can feed to the unaware but easily programmed punters and then on to you to analyze and deconstruct all over again, LOL

    Round and round it goes...a little bit of Matrix tweaking.

  13. I think "apocalypse entertainment" has always been a popular option for moviemakers. Not sure that surprises me.

    However the sheer amount of blatant "shout-outs" to our elite/otherworldly overlords is noteworthy.

    I think the idea of societal cataclysm is appealing to so many people because intuituvely, we know there is a cycle at work that drives everything, even if our social conditioning seeks to convince us otherwise.

    I'm personally hopeful that an "apocalypse," if it happens, will allow the remains of humanity to dream better dreams into reality with much more success.

    We shall see who's still "alive and kicking" in this form when the lizard sheds it's tail.

  14. Christopher Knowles: "Man, we're getting wiped out on the silver screen!"

    Yes, you're so right and we see silver screen thorugh our inner mirror.

    Anonymous: "Sorcerers may be manipulating our imagination for their own ends. And that we need to break free of this."

    That's exactly what I feel. Please, please see this: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8813424220594533573#50m22s

    This is a lecture from Dr. Joe Marshalla. It's a long video and information density is a little bit low. So, I link to the exact point in the video: 50m 22s. Please see it.

    Negative thinking destroys our energy. Please see the video, you'll notice that it isn't important if you think negative about yourself, or me, or others, it's all same.

    We can keep learning about the negative and stay positive at the same time as long as we are aware of ourselves.

    Christopher Knowles: "Is all of this destruction some kind of precognitive warning, or worse, some public service announcement of the Coming Culling?", "But there's also another, more Jungian interpretation of these films that I wanted to address. I think they also reflect our collective inner rage, our chafing at restriction and authority."

    I'm with you.

    Films are magical mediums that open gates in the minds while cognitive focal point of the viewer is busy. Give the audience what they want to see, hear and feel then you're free as a movie producer to program the minds to match "the eye's" needs. A movie is the cheese in the mouse trap.

    Christopher Knowles: "Are these films are some kind of Orwellian release for us, especially as our daily lives become more boring and controlled?"

    No doubt, it is.

    Anonymous: "The question for me is - Is it all a psyop, or is it all going to happen. Although they are not mutually exclusive. Both could be true."

    Depopulation program is real in my opinion.

    Accidental Alchemist: "Are they engineering this stuff for conspiracy theorists to waste their limited time on?"

    No, so expensive way for achieving such a goal that you described. There're much cheaper ways to do it.

  15. I was being sarcastic Anono.

    I also agree with what I interpreted of Mr Knowle's opinion. Syncronicity....deep rooted, and obvious.


  16. I'm less interesting in inspiring, positive-based movies because they bore me to sleep. I like apocalyptic entertainment because they challenge conventional wisdom and my sense of imagination, plus you would really appreciate all the hard, creative works from these people involved in the film productions.

    If there are hidden reasons for these kind of films, as Mr. Knowles, Goro, and other synchromystics on the Web have variously pointed out, then these films' premises are, perhaps, serving the purpose of warning us, one way or another, on the subconscious levels to prepare for something terrible yet to come.

    Otherwise, we may keep up watching pointless entertainment movies just like those people in "Idiocracy" watching and laughing at a man's naked ass on the big screen. ;)

  17. I'm not talking about Pollyanna when I say positive or inspiring. But there's a whole chasm of possibility between that and worldwide genocide as entertainment. Then again I haven't seen any of those movies yet so maybe I'm just thinking about the trailers.

  18. If you haven't seen it, I would highly recommended "Idiocracy". Movie was very controversial from the start. It is based on a short sci-fi story from 1951: "The Marching Morons".

  19. Oh, yeah. I've seen it. Thats what I consider a horror movie, not any Freddie Krueger nonsense. Horrifying because it is so true.

  20. Im waiting for a Movie or TV special that focuses on archetypes and Hollywoods recurring Monomyths and *stars*(synchromysticism). I dont think its long before this stuff catches on, on a bigger scale. A 17 year old girl I work with is already being tought in 12th grade english that Hollywood incorporates Archetypes and Monomyths into its films. All we need is a catalouge of Heroes, Widows and dead fathers with evil brothers. Keep em comin Chris, be well

  21. Chris, "Idiocracy" is the only comedy movie to scare the hell out of me!

    I truly hope that the real human race isn't going to end up in the future like that!

  22. Just wow.

    Kid (looks just kid from The Shining) puts thumbs in upward triangle position. Cut to Summit Entrainment with rising sun peeking up to let you know who's running this show. Cut to glowing sun/eye (redundant). Cage speaks about coincidence, claps his hands (mind control tactic?) and holds them out in a limp christ-like fashion with his left hand beneath...is that a GREEN sun?? Pushes Darwinian superstition/random theory of existence on youth. A time capsule is opened inside an eight pointed star inside a magick circle. Blah blah blah then all hell breaks loose.

  23. You probably know this...but,Alex Proyas and Bruce Springsteen (as well as myself) share the same birth-date; September 23.