Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Very Sirius Election: Strange Shapes in the Sky

I was reading a post a while back on Spelunking thee Ideosphere when a comment pointed to the "Issues" section of Obama's campaign website. And that's where I found this:

Huh. Interesting. A glowing sun on the horizon. "Faith." Got it.

The commenter said that Obama was using the Lucis Trust logo, which itself is identical the kind of iconography we've seen being used across the country in Christian churches. Now, I actually went to one of the Lucis Trust's conferences, which was made up predominantly of elderly spinsters. The talk was all boilerplate New Age mush. It was all so unbearably tedious that I left during the coffee break.

I'm given to believe that the Trust is yet another discarded front group for another agenda altogether, one that keeps moving and changing form. And yet there are well-intentioned people continuing to rail against Alice Bailey (whose previous claim to fame was working in a Theosophical cafeteria), and the Illuminati and the Jesuits and any number of discarded or fading boogeymen.

As if following this agenda's path, the Lucis Trust's headquarters was once at the UN but is now on Wall Street. Both locations are part of the fading landscape of yesterday's nightmares, aren't they? That's the hell of it all; whenever you think you can point at this organization or this institution as the secret cause of all our problems, the true center of power picks up and goes somewhere else (like, I don't know, Dubai).

Four years ago, you were hearing whispers of dark conspiracies concerning Bush and the neocons and theocons on left/liberal websites. There were going to be book burnings and mass imprisonments and canceled elections. And almost immediately after the 2004 Election, the Republican Party began falling apart. And by the 2006 Elections, most of the yahoos and fratboys and self-hating closet cases were either on trial or out of office and a whole new game began.

Which brings us back to that rising sun...

What is that giant oval shape behind the clouds and behind the sunrise? Does it have anything to do with this or this? I don't rightly know.

All I know is that it can't possibly have anything to do with Alice Bailey's claim that she was not the sole author of her work, and that she was merely the stenographer of a mysterious "Tibetan," who in turn represented the interests of the super-Masonic "Great White Lodge" of the "Dog-Star" Sirius.

Certainly not after Barack Obama's well-publicized appearance yesterday at the Dodge Renaissance Academy, where that "major issue" of the pesky First Dog came up again:
A pool journalist traveling with Obama reported that when a student asked, "In 2009 are you going to the White House?" Obama affirmed and added that he'd also be getting a new dog for his daughters Malia and Sasha. But the president-elect went one step further and said:"I want to make sure my daughters take care of this dog, and if they do their business, and you've got some poop, you don't just leave it there."

Oh, that President-elect of ours, what a cut-up! That "poop" reference wouldn't be some sort of reference to the self-resurrecting Scarab, better known as the Egyptian Dung Beetle, would it? No, there's no "rising" or "rebirth" symbolism at work here, that's just crazy talk.

Not at the Dodge Renaissance Academy!

UPDATE: Goro Adachi adds some fascinating synchs in the comments section: "...yesterday was exactly 500 days from the launch of NASA's Phoenix (Aug 4, 2007). As you probably know, the phoenix is said to live for 500 years (this is how/why Phoenix's Mars landing coincided with Indy 500). So December 16 was the all-important, and Osirian, death/resurrection point..."

Goro notes that Aug 4, 2007 was Obama's birthday- his 46th birthday, to be exact. There are 46 chromsomes in human DNA, yet there are 48 in other primates. No, no one said "Annunaki." That must have been the wind outside your window.

UPDATE II: Here's an interesting Popular Mechanics story tying into recent memes: 5 Projects Ask if Life on Earth Began as Alien Life in Space.

UPDATE III: Timing is everything. Knowie points out in the comments from yesterday's post that we just got an announcement about possible alien life on one of Saturn's moons.

UPDATE III: Man, you gotta love this guy- Barack Obama names Hilda Solis to Cabinet as Labor Sec'y. Hilda means "battle," by the way.

UPDATE IV: Rick Warren invited to speak at Obama inauguration. Manufactured controversy ensues.