Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year from the All-Seeing Eye

 Well, Down Under they rang in the New Year under the watchful gaze of the All-Seeing Solar Eye (BBC story here). I'll be posting updates as they come. I have a feeling I'm going to be busy today...

UPDATE II: Greetings to Earth from the trinity of astronauts aboard ISiS!

 UPDATE III: Check out this report- it seems the Taipei Tower obelisk we looked at the other day had its own money shot for 2009. 

 UPDATE IV: Gee, is there a pattern emerging here?

New Year's Eve could prove to be something of a damp squib for some men in the Italian city of Naples.

Hundreds of Neapolitan women have pledged to go without sex unless their men promise to refrain from setting off dangerous illegal fireworks.

Local authorities are backing the women and have sent out text messages urging the men to "make love, not explosions". - BBC

UPDATE V: Well, well, well- London had a massive fireworks display around its giant Ferris Wheel. That came out of left field, huh?  

 UPDATE VI: A commenter points out that Yoko Ono put up her own Heavenly Beacon in Iceland tonight, called the Imagine Peace Tower.

UPDATE V: Aww, look at this sweet pic from Edinburgh.

UPDATE VII: The center of the All-Seeing Eye is a blue and gold star with eight points. Man, the same riffs, over and over and over again. 

 UPDATE VIII: Reader Angelo checks in with this fascinating factoid from
No less a fixture than the tolling bells that ring in the New Year, Sirius is truly the New Year’s Day star. Sirius celebrates its favorite holiday by reaching its highest point in the sky at the stroke of midnight, annually proclaiming the birth of the New Year, year after year.
UPDATE IX: Predictably, the Oannes Brothers "rocked" in Times Square before the, uh, ball dropped.