Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year from the All-Seeing Eye (UPDATES)

Well, Down Under they rang in the New Year under the watchful gaze of the All-Seeing Solar Eye (BBC story here). I'll be posting updates as they come. I have a feeling I'm going to be busy today...

UPDATE: Here's a raw feed with the best view so far of the All-Seeing Eye design.

Money shot...

UPDATE: Speaking of money shots, those obelisks aren't there just for show, you know. Full video here.

UPDATE II: Greetings to Earth from the trinity of astronauts aboard ISiS!

Definitely read the next post on the new pyramid power. We're only at the beginning of this new age, bet the farm on it.

UPDATE III: Check out this report- it seems the Taipei Tower obelisk we looked at the other day had its own money shot for 2009.

UPDATE IV: Gee, is there a pattern emerging here?

New Year's Eve could prove to be something of a damp squib for some men in the Italian city of Naples.

Hundreds of Neapolitan women have pledged to go without sex unless their men promise to refrain from setting off dangerous illegal fireworks.

Local authorities are backing the women and have sent out text messages urging the men to "make love, not explosions". - BBC

UPDATE V: Well, well, well- London had a massive fireworks display around its giant Ferris Wheel. That came out of left field, huh? SkyNews has a gallery here. BBC video here.

UPDATE VI: A commenter points out that Yoko Ono put up her own Heavenly Beacon in Iceland tonight, called the Imagine Peace Tower.

UPDATE V: Aww, look at this sweet pic from Edinburgh.

UPDATE VI: More obelisk money shot action in this CNN montage.

UPDATE VII: The center of the All-Seeing Eye is a blue and gold star with eight points. Man, the same riffs, over and over and over again.

UPDATE VIII: Reader Angelo checks in with this fascinating factoid from
No less a fixture than the tolling bells that ring in the New Year, Sirius is truly the New Year’s Day star. Sirius celebrates its favorite holiday by reaching its highest point in the sky at the stroke of midnight, annually proclaiming the birth of the New Year, year after year.
UPDATE IX: Predictably, the Oannes Brothers "rocked" in Times Square before the, uh, ball dropped.


  1. Hey Chris,

    For some reason I was thinking about New Years before Christmas this year. Here is something interesting I was thinking about around Thanksgiving:

    So we had a ball for the Bush Administration, and now we are getting a new ball. (There was a one year anniversary ball last year. I think I'm going to try and "understand" 2008 today on my blog.)
    --I personally think they, the new years balls, are apples because New York is the garden, Eve is there too.

    Have a great New Year!

  2. Well that display sure puts that Internet filtering idea of "The Great Aussie Firewall" in a whole new light.

    Those Pine Gap subterraners do like to find ways to keep themselves busy don't they?

  3. It's getting so I can't look at anything without seeing overt symbolism... these can't all be coincidences.

  4. Anony- coincidence doesn't necessarily mean "random," as the media would have us believe.

    Eunus, Hoagland did a lot of interesting work on the New Year's Ball here-

    Other anony- Indeed! Scientia est potentia, no?

  5. :O
    All the things you can't do at home - do in the

  6. I think "overt" is a great word to sum up those ejaculating obelisks. It staggers the mind.

  7. Does Yoko Ono's 'Imagine Peace Tower' qualify as a lit obelisk?


    Perhaps an imaginary lit obelisk?

  8. Happy New Year to the Secret Sun and Chris! I'm anxious to see more great thought-provoking, imagination-stimulating stuff from you in 2009. :)

  9. Pyramid Power everywhere I can see...which means what exactly? Are we recycling the old ways, or redoing it for "modern times"? Am a bit thrown off right now, and the mirror Pyramid in France, well that should boggle the mind--all done with mirrors? More smoke and mirrors? The power yes, I can understand that its a symbol of power and can harness energy from it, but does it go hand and hand with the raising of Dubai?

    Great scoops Chris, outstanding!
    Have a Great New Year bro.

  10. i looked in the mirror the other day and what did i see but two all-seeing eyes looking back at me. coincidence?

  11. Skaggsie, in Egyptian Mythology Atum "climaxed" the cosmos into existence, and ultimately came to be known as Atum-Ra, who is the original possessor of the All-Seeing Eye. Tonight in Asia we saw climaxing skyscrapers and the Eye of Ra appear on bridge, all rendered in fireworks.

    I've been trying to tell people for some time now that the real power is moving to Asia. And if nothing else- if nothing else at all, this display is a symbolic representation of these Egyptian space gods taking incarnation in the East. What do we see in New York? The dropping of the ball. Interesting symbolism there, no?

    What all of this means, or who is ultimately responsible, I have no idea. But all of this symbolism certainly seems to be more and more prevalent with each passing day. It's actually kind of blowing my mind lately.

  12. Happy Janus 1st - the two faced 'god'....two faced indeed!!

    I thought this line was interesting from Yoko's 'Peace Tower' webcam site - I spread the passage out for more clarity:

    "As we enter the New Year, we will be watching the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER and its warm light together.

    Know that our light will be sending the light of love to all planets of the Universe as well.
    On this day,

    I wish to express my love for all of us, INCLUDING OTHER BEINGS ON EARTH" (my emphasis - ss) - other beings??? if she meant animals she would have said that, right?

    It was often said that the arrival of Yoko helped accelerate the demise of The Beatles. I have longed suspected that Yoko wasn't as innocent as she was made out to be (oh no, not another conspiracy lol).

    Is she talking about the faux 'light of Lucifer' - and why would anyone need any kind of physical/light beacon to desire or invoke peace?? - unless they were manipulating energy in the 3D and consequently the minds of the 'believers' that is...or sending a collective message 'off planet' to Sirius maybe....or Aldebaran - ah Aldebaran, thereby hangs a new tale Chris - not sure if it's another diversionary trap???

    Peace lives in the very heart of those who desire it, as does love. Consciously living with real love and peace in one's heart creates compassion and empathy which denotes the birth of an authentic Human Being - imho, of course. How do I know?? It happened just like that to me....

    It brings a tear to my eye just to say that and this 'secret' is exactly what 'they' don't want us to do.....

    The fireworks aka giant ejaculation (Chris Knowles knows lol) reflected in the Thames (Isis) from the 'eye' (sigh) were truly amazing - and I'm not easily impressed by any works of 'man' any longer....

    Why would London spend so much money when long established businesses are going under daily and thousands are already losing their jobs, incomes and basic way of life? I would have preferred to have seen that money given to those who spent the run up to Christmas working hard selling off and winding down their employers businesses only to be told around Christmas Eve that they'd lost their jobs...

    Also, you are NOT allowed to have something positive happen in your lives - the propaganda mouthpiece of the 'red shield gang' aka BBC have two lead stories overnight, 50 killed in Thai club fire and...Gaza.
    Strange number of dead - 50, shouldn't it be some kind of 11 or multiple of?? - that's not to say that I don't respect those who tragically died in the incident - I obviously do but until everyone wakes up to see that whilst we remain spiritually unconscious we will continue to be used and abused against ourselves for the advantage of a relative few who want to rule the world.
    Oh and again - emphasis was put upon some of the deaths which were caused by people being trampled under foot....that's at least the fourth story reporting tramplings in the past 3 weeks or so. I believe 'they' are trying to tell us we're just 'the beast'/goyim which is why we need 'them' to farm us...could be wrong of course.

    Ordo ab Chao and 'divide to rule' aka 'divde and conquer' is their favourite tool.

    I'm going to concentrate much of my energy on becoming a 'Freeman on the Land' this year, or rather 'freewoman' lol!! Winston Shrout videos are highly recommended and I spent New Years Eve watching them. Also, the AntiTerrorist has some great insights into how we've been 'had' and Robert Arthur Menard of course.

    God bless you Chris and all who seek the knowledge of what it means to be a true human being and with that knowledge to help change the world for the better for everyone (not much to ask eh!!).

    Love and peace

  13. There was an entertaining news about totally different subject, but its looking worthy to mention

    quoted from:

    For all of you Zune 30 owners who woke up this morning to find your PMP frozen in despair at the thought of spending another year alone, Microsoft has finally acknowledged their boo-boo and explains it thusly: There is a bug in the internal clock driver causing the device to choke on the last day of a leap year. Rest assured, however -- although they may not be releasing an update for the device any time soon, the issue should resolve itself whenever January 1, 2009 rolls around. So have a safe and happy New Year, and let's hope they do something about this by 2012.

  14. Crazy. Yeah. So the Waterford crystal spokesman comes on the tele to say how each of 2700 facets on the new crystal ball that is being dropped is actually engraved with an angel. So the million on the streets and 10 million on TV are all projecting their intention and who knows what else onto a crystal ball with 2700 angels (can you say John Dee). I heard John Lennon's Imagine before the ball drop, and IZ's Somewhere Over the Rainbow after the drop. Sounds all sweet and positive to be sure, but the paranoid in me thinks about the nefarious calling of Chronzon via Enochian magick and could we have all been unwitting participants.

  15. "Peace lives in the very heart of those who desire it, as does love. Consciously living with real love and peace in one's heart creates compassion and empathy which denotes the birth of an authentic Human Being - imho, of course. How do I know?? It happened just like that to me...."

    Thank you, i love you...

  16. Look what you've done Christopher've spawned a race of conscious, compassionate, thinking human beings - thank goodness lol!!

    Spirit of Elvis - I've often wondered why John D Rockefeller was so named - could it be John Dee Rockefeller?? and I have to say I share the same conspiratorial thoughts regarding the occult messages in the lamesteam media. 'They' steal our emotions to create 'their' reality....for now.

    Anon 1:15 - I love you too....

  17. Suky, it's like Prometheus- by processing these symbols (which are actually very powerful neuro-psychic triggers) consciously you disarm them and divorce yourself from the controller/controlled/slave/master co-dependency paradigm. Which is something I became very much aware of when I was deeply immersed in studying Jung and Reich.

    And "John Dee" Rockefeller! Brilliant!

  18. "by processing these symbols (which are actually very powerful neuro-psychic triggers) consciously you disarm them and divorce yourself from the controller/controlled/slave/master co-dependency paradigm."

    Have been wanting to hear this for 5 years now. I couldn't explain why or how but i was doing just that. There's many people out there doing bad things, but either they don't realize it, or they do but they think they are doing it for a "just cause"? I really don't know what their motives are but at least i know i am not part of perpetuating the evil cycle, i just dodge the bullets and keep it moving as best i can.

    thank you,
    anon 1:15

  19. "consciously you disarm them and divorce yourself from the controller/controlled/slave/master co-dependency paradigm."

    I keep reading this over and over. Also realized i have been doing this since i am a small child, almost every day to this day, in different ways, for different reasons but the root of it is the same. There's just no compassion in this world for certain types of people.

  20. A heightened awareness doesn't always mean a heightened defense, but observing and interpreting symbols is extremely important (broken record noise). Even though I've been viewing these phenomena for over 2 years, ordinary life still throws every unpleasant mess it can at me (Thanks, Murphy's Law). I certainly don't expect this field of research to bring comforting thoughts at night but there is a deep comfort in our shared awareness.

    I get the horrible feeling that people (humans) definitely are in on applying the symbology of these structures and are happier than ever to support a totally corrupt system. They want us to think revolting against them would be as hard as revolting against "God", which it wouldn't, which is frustrating and makes me understand the importance of blogs like this one.

    Happy 2009

  21. "A heightened awareness doesn't always mean a heightened defense,"

    Anon 1:15

  22. Hello

    I was just reading this thing that says Sirius is the torchbearer of the new year, reaching its highest point in the sky on new years day at midnight.
    I'm confused. It couldn't be by coincidence could it? I thought maybe our calendar is designed to coincide with this. But to happen right at midnight? I been trying to find out about this, but I couldn't find anything about this on the internet, and I have seen Sirius mentioned many times here so I thought I could ask here.

    Happy new year

  23. Having spoken to someone who was present on New year's eve by the river viewing the London Eye fireworks, the REAL interesting story was what he mentioned about the security procedures implemented to control the revellers on the night.

    There were cordons and police at various sections of the riverside viewing areas, purportedly to prevent any overcrowding. However once you'd entered one of the areas, my friend found that he wasn't allowed to leave until some time after the fireworks display. Security staff were under strict orders to ensure that everyone that came to watch the display stayed to watch, whether they liked it or not!
    Nothing this guy said could make them let him out (he was trying to meet up with friends elsewhere). So from 11pm he was forced to hang around and 'party' - they'd laid on famous radio dj's and rave music and everyone else was dancing in the cordoned off streets waiting for midnight and the fireworks.
    Is it just me or is this ultra wierd?

  24. Why doesn't that story surprise me one bit, Astrie?

  25. Sometimes I see
    How the brave new world arrives
    And I see how it thrives
    In the ashes of our lives
    Oh yes, man is a fool
    And he thinks hell be okay
    Dragging on, feet of clay
    Never knowing hes astray
    Keeps on going anyway...

    Happy new year,
    Happy new year,

    May we all have a vision now and then.
    Of a world where every neighbour is a friend.

    Happy new year,
    Happy new year,

    May we all have our hopes, our will to try.
    If we dont we might as well lay down and die.
    You and I

    I think Benny and Björn realy hit the nail on the head with this one...

    LOVE is Infinite, never forget.

  26. The text above is from the song Happy New Year by ABBA for those who don't know...

    Benny and Björn are the two B's...

    I was quite besynched to hear it sung live on new years eve. This part was almost painfully appropriate.

  27. I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere as I only get a chance to quickly glance over some of these posts but I am Australian & in light of the Sydney New Year's Eve imagery, wanted to open a discussion on the movie 'AUSTRALIA' by Baz Luhrmann . It is heavily laced with Masonic imagery & lead me to do some quick searches. There were references to Baal & powers of invisibilty by the Aboriginal lead (which I don't think is a part of any Aboriginal myth telling), as well as many scenes around the central Tree Of Life. Ridiculously obvious, thinly veiled C.C.C references (you guys probably know better than me about this ancient order of Masons?) Amongst other things like a seemingly innoccuous scene 'swipe' that clearly depicts a tree of life in a barn's wooden construction beams. It's interesting to note that Australian Aboriginal folklore contends that their ancestors built the Pyramids. Also, Baz Luhrmann lived in Paris at the time of conceiving the project which he maintains was to create a 'Gone With the WInd' style Epic to leave future generations of Australians. So a lot of perception moulding stuff going on in this tale largely funded by the Australian Tourism body.


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