Saturday, December 13, 2008

Credit Where Synchromystic Credit is Due

From "The Age of Horus Dawns," November 2000

A recent discussion on the Rigorous Intuition board had a few posters accusing Jake Kotze and myself of "plagiarizing" Goro Adachi of Etemenanki fame. Regrettably, Goro himself has had some unkind things to say about Jake Kotze on his site, accusing him of all sorts of nefarious acts, plagiarism the least of them.

For his part, Jake has always been generous in citing Goro, at least in my observations. Jake has also been very gracious in supporting other researchers, and indeed, it was his support (and some eerie cross-over synching) that helped that put this site on the map in the first place. 

 But there is one crucial fact that is being overlooked in all of this: What is now called "Synchromysticism" is nothing new at all. Conspiracy theorists like James Shelby Downard and Milton Willam Cooper had been looking at the collision and collusion of media memes and current (read: cultivated) events in the context of ritual symbolism since at least the mid-80s, and I'm sure they themselves were following even more obscure researchers. There was also a ton of it around in the old USENET days, on groups like alt.freemasonry and alt.illuminati, as well in the early web days with guys like Daniel Perez and David Flynn

 And the entire interpretation of symbolic meaning in the context of exterior events comes to us from Jung (and following him, Koestler), which is why I like to remind everyone who comes to The Secret Sun that it all ultimately stems from Uncle Carl (or at least the cogent approach to understanding coincidence does). 
And though I enjoy Goro's site, what I'm doing doesn't really overlap much with what he's doing. And neither, I would argue, does Jake. The Blob is very much about subconscious triggers and their recurrance throughout pop culture, and Goro seems to be more interested in synching large-scale events with his "Super Torch Ritual" theory, which seems to coincide with solar alignments and the movements of the heavenly bodies. 

 Very interesting stuff and very well done, but it's nothing new at all. 

Richard Hoagland has been doing the exact same thing for many, many years. In fact, if there is a single father of "Synchromysticism" as it exists today, that man has to be Hoagland and no other.

Anyone interested in Synchromysticism or deep semiotics will find a treasure trove in the Enterprise Mission archives, dating back to 1996. Some may find fault with Hoagland's understanding of exogeology or astronomy, but his understanding of esoteric symbolism is immense. The links between secret societies and the space program (indeed, the links between secret societies and the power structure as a whole) are inarguable and well-documented, and Hoagland's understanding of their history and symbol systems is deep and meticulous. 

 As the space program is being ramped up to a scale never before seen in history (it's my belief that Obama could very well have been installed to transform America from an arms-based economy to a space-based one), I think everyone should at least familiarize themselves with Hoagland's work, which long predates us all in Synchromysticland.