Saturday, December 13, 2008

Credit Where Credit is Due

A recent discussion on the Rigorous Intuition board had a few posters accusing Jake Kotze and myself of "plagiarizing" Goro Adachi of Etemenanki fame. Regrettably, Goro himself has had some unkind things to say about Jake Kotze on his site, accusing him of all sorts of nefarious acts, plagiarism the least of them. For his part, Jake has always been generous in citing Goro, at least in my observations. Jake has also been very gracious in supporting other researchers, and indeed, it was his support (and some eerie cross-over synching) that helped that put this site on the map in the first place.

But there is one crucial fact that is being overlooked in all of this: What is now called "Synchromysticism" is nothing new at all.

Conspiracy theorists like James Shelby Downard and Milton Willam Cooper had been looking at the collision and collusion of media memes and current (read: cultivated) events in the context of ritual symbolism since at least the mid-80s, and I'm sure they themselves were following even more obscure researchers. There was also a ton of it around in the old USENET days, on groups like alt.freemasonry and alt.illuminati, as well in the early web days with guys like Daniel Perez and David Flynn.

And the entire interpretation of symbolic meaning in the context of exterior events comes to us from Jung (and following him, Koestler), which is why I like to remind everyone who comes to The Secret Sun that it all ultimately stems from Uncle Carl (or at least the cogent approach to understanding coincidence does).

And though I enjoy Goro's site, what I'm doing doesn't really overlap much with what he's doing. And neither, I would argue, does Jake. The Blob is very much about subconscious triggers and their recurrance throughout pop culture, and Goro seems to be more interested in synching large-scale events with his "Super Torch Ritual" theory, which seems to coincide with solar alignments and the movements of the heavenly bodies.

Very interesting stuff and very well done, but it's nothing new at all. Richard Hoagland has been doing the exact same thing for many, many years. In fact, if there is a single father of "Synchromysticism" as it exists today, that man has to be Hoagland and no other.

From "The Age of Horus Dawns," November 2000

Anyone interested in Synchromysticism or deep semiotics will find a treasure trove in the Enterprise Mission archives, dating back to 1996.

Some may find fault with Hoagland's understanding of exogeology or astronomy, but his understanding of esoteric symbolism is immense. The links between secret societies and the space program (indeed, the links between secret societies and the power structure as a whole) are inarguable and well-documented, and Hoagland's understanding of their history and symbol systems is deep and meticulous.

As the space program is being ramped up to a scale never before seen in history (it's my belief that Obama could very well have been installed to transform America from an arms-based economy to a space-based one), I think everyone should at least familiarize themselves with Hoagland's work, which long predates us all in Synchromysticland.


  1. well said. keep up the great work.


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  3. Agreed Jim! Well put Chris.
    While I can appeciate the efforts of researchers like Goro I found him to be a little "commercial".

    What I mean by this, I was a subscriber to his Supertorch Ritual site but got the distinct feeling of always being "strung along".

    I felt that he was giving ONLY enough to keep people reading and keep people subscribing. Never really tying up the loose ends, so to speak, and never really giving enough detail of his theories to see his methods.

    All of which, of course, is good for business! And I certainly don't argue with him trying to make a living.

    I think perhaps he forgets from time to time that when the time does come for ideas to emerge, they will emerge from MANY heads at once, as we are all connected and part of the `continuum`.

    I see this effect daily in browsing the blogs. I read something somewhere, have what to me is an original thought that I`ve not seen anywhere before and then look on another blog and lo and behold there it is on the VERY SAME DAY recorded and transcribed from the global consciousness by some other blogger.

  4. Cheers, boys. Let me just add that this post is a defense of Jake and myself and NOT an attack on Goro.

  5. If you are true to the game it will return the favor.But this is a game weve all been allowed to play. The more one realizes this, the more gnosis walks his way.

  6. The greatest synch will be realized by all on judgment day.

  7. Chris-I am going to have to come back to this-I really appreciate your thoughts on Jake/Goro-I have heard of this argument before and did nor know what to make of it.
    Personally I think as time seems to be speeding up (dont know towards what) I think we should not be surprised at similar thoughts coming from the constellated unconscious/subconscious
    Best to you as always!

  8. In reference to Richard Hoagland...I'm in complete agreement with U Chris. Reading 'Dark Mission' was a definite turning point in my fervent obsession with Synchromysticism...!
    Synchromysticism is very much like an addiction...the closer I observe the more I see...(It's amazing that much of my life was spent looking at things through a very limited and narrow lens.)
    Though I don't subscribe to everything in Jake's philosophy...his blog & not to mention 'The secret sun' continues to heighten my awareness...or expand my consciousness...!
    Shine on

  9. I forgot to mention previously that Jake had this same conversation with Ben Fairhall (Battling the Behemoth)
    on Red Ice radio about this same time last year...!
    (must be something in the stars...)
    Here's the links if anyone's interested.
    part 2


  10. Hi there. Just wanted to come in here and possibly clear up some confusion. (This is 'Goro' mentioned in the post.)

    First, I personally enjoy reading Secret Sun/Christopher Knowles. No problem there as far as I'm concerned.

    Jake is a different matter. The tricky thing there is that it's (unlike the 'Koncrete Junkyard' guy) not too easy to really see what he's doing in terms of his habitual and disturbingly calculated idea 'hijacking', unless you've been carefully following it for 2 years or so. Those times you see him citing me/Etemenanki as a source (though still usually misleadingly) is largely due to my conversations with him behind the scenes. To most readers, it looks like he's been doing the right/normal thing voluntarily, but that's actually not the case. BELIEVE ME, he really wants to hide as much as he can where he's getting his key ideas that were 'borrowed' (probably because he doesn't want it exposed that his own knowledge is actually quite limited and that he's relying excessively on a single source for inspiration). Again, it may not be so easy to see, but I'm telling you, he IS both consciously and subconsciously manipulative, disrespectful, and self-serving in how he 'borrows' those ideas.

    Now, do you think I would be saying this if it weren't true and excessive? (It was increasingly becoming a distraction.) Do you think I'm the sort of person - whose work requires a very balanced and disciplined (ego-free) thinking - who would be 'overreacting'? Which is more likely: I'm suddenly and inexplicably irrational in my attitude toward Jake, OR I'm telling the truth about the character of Jake. Someone I initially was very friendly to? Hopefully you can discern the answer. Your friendship with him may cloud your judgment but...

    As for Hoagland, I share your admiration for him. His work has been a great inspiration for me for sure. So much so, it was pretty surreal when he told me in email a couple of years ago that he was a 'distant fan' of mine (or something to that effect). Probably just being nice, but that was still awesome! :)

    I also feel like pointing out for no particular reason here that there is a big difference between those who come from the 'alternative history' background like you (I presume) and me, and those who come from the 'NWO conspiracy' background even though the two groups tend to meet each other in the same room. There is that 'paranoid' factor they possess that we don't get obsessed with and hence can think with more clarity and creativity.

    Well, anyway, hopefully I cleared up some confusion... nor not. :)

  11. Thanks for addressing this Chris. It's a dark shadow that has been slowly spreading itself over something that is truly exciting, and exceptional.

    Everyone comes at this from different angles, and different levels of education. Also we bring our own individual lenses to all of this information. Its important to recognize that no 2 people are going to see these connections exactly the same.

    This isn't a contest. It's a collaboration.

    Cheers to your hard work!

  12. Let Gorro eat cake. He does not have a true understanding about syncromysticism if he wants nothing but glory for his ideas. As I see it many of you syncromasters are telling it as you see it. The ground you cover is bound to overlap. It is not as if it is copywrighted brain food. The more you guys feed in the syncro bucket the better. Boo Hoo Goro. Shine forth brave souls. Dennis from Oregon.

    1. Dennis' response is typical of the level of respect, intelligence and courtesy that has come from Jake's followers for years. Goro has NEVER asked for any glory whatsoever. You notice he stays anonymous...does that imply a glory seeker to you? No, it doesn't. When everything was free and open with Etemenanki the blatant plagarism from Jake was plain to see. It's a fact. And indeed, the work Goro did was copyrighted intellectual material.

      Your last statements about Boo Hoo and Shine Forth Brave Souls do not reconcile to a person with any spiritual development that would enable you to actually understand anything about syncromysticism. Your snide manner identifies you (and others further down in this blog) and marks you clearly.

      Regards All,

  13. drama, I can't wait for Alan Watts to chime in, lol

    wosers, synchromysticism come from the 80's you say, I wonder if it goes further? Is it a product of ever increasing novelty or has it always been there?

    Hoglan, huh, I kinda filed that name away with Project Camelot, David Wilcocks phantasmagoria. So I'll bite.

    I'd love to hear more

  14. Guys, let's keep it civil. I'm not out to bash Goro at all. I'm a fan of his work. I just was kind of shocked to be accused of ripping him off -not by Goro himself, mind you, but by folks who aren't familiar with the history of the work he and I and Jake and others do.

    I'm not privvy to his personal dealings with Jake- I sincerely hope the two of them can come to an understanding. I think we need all hands on deck. I may not always agree with a lot of folks under the Synchromystic banner, but as far as I can tell everyone is contributing something to the new consciousness. I think its great that everyone looks at from different perspectives. And I'm very happy with the comments section since I rebooted the blog, so I think we're all starting to get somewhere.

  15. Interesting discussion over there. I must say I was more than a bit puzzled by Goro's outburst when I first heard of it. Jake must have mentioned Goro and his website as the inspiration for his ideas dozens of times (with links). I would have hoped that we could move past notions of ownership of ideas. A bizarre concept that I believe is quickly passing into obscurity more and more by the minute.

  16. Thanks for checking in, Goro, and addressing the issue head-on like a mensch. I wasn't out to bash you since I enjoy and appreciate your work. In fact, I very much appreciate you carrying on in the Hoagland tradition since he's moved on to other pursuits. And you've added so many of your own insights and intuitions as well.

    I'm sorry you and Jake are at odds and I hope that situation resolves itself. Again, the point of my post is to let people know we're working in a field of inquiry that has more of a history than others may be aware of.

  17. Since it's internet debut on October eighth a video of Shiba Inu Puppies has become the most watch video on the internet.

  18. Era of importance of original/copy distinction is clearly over, especially if the platform you all claim to share is that of synchronicity.

    What counts is a new insight produced by whoever is capable of making it. Plagiators without real skills will run out of fuel sooner or later although they may be able to make more noise, and true novelty bringers will never be forgotten.

  19. Wow, plagairism really? That was the last thing I expected.

    Can't we just all get along?

  20. And Goro, I see you have a serious grudge against Jake for some reason, but don't try to say he steals your stuff, He is genuinely showing his own take on what many people see, and he's doing something totally unique and don't try to claim his inspiration for your own.

    You're talking about HIS knowledge being limited, I find this a very Egotistical statement.


    Now let your EGO fight it and then DROP it and take it like ain't got no EGO.

    Jake has inspired many, you could also see him as a liason or whatever babylonian word you want to ascribe to him, HE DOES STUFF, don't whine about it.


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  22. I know some commenter made a joke about this being drama but this is serious. Very serious. Why are we here? Why are we expressing our thoughts in this way? Is it to score points and look clever and gain prestige? Or is it to share and learn and grow? I'm sorry, but you're wrong on this one, Goro, in a very fundamental way. I hope you can see that and grow from it. We're all works in progress.

  23. Goro,

    (same Nony as earlier)

    (Bravo MH!)

    I really do appreciate your work - whether commercial or not ! :)

    I think you are at the stage in your researches where you understand that NO ONE PERSON CAN hold copyright on these ideas (except maybe ENKI himself ;) the only thing individual about them is the way in which they are expressed.
    So We must suffer all types alike.

    One thing I am sure of,
    the easiest way to lose the eyes and voice is to let ego and discord get in the way!(And we have enough discord about us these day - Let's let the harmonies of consciousness sing together)

    So Jake, Goro, and all -

    The golden apple is there for all to bite and feast upon - not a treasure for our mantles.

    No need to feud over it. Through the feud you lose it.

    If you're going to say something that came from another, take a moment give them their lauds where do - we won't think any less of you for it.

    And for those who share their thoughts and see another run with it without credit
    - SO BE IT -
    put the egos in check and let it sort itself out.
    It always does eventually.


    Don't share if you don't want someone else to try to take your ideas further.

    (which would be a very sad state for all of us)...

  24. My humble opinion is that Love, Forgiveness and Humility are the the pillars of gnosis, not Synchronicity.

    Lets all work together and see how deep we can all go. Exciting times indeed...

  25. awesome placement of reverence for the Hoag...

    I have something interesting to show ya, too, regarding my last blog: New York or no New York (because the location does not change what sign the sun rises and sets in -- only the horizon and the manmade "time zone")...

    I snagged some screenshots of the sun in it's sign, once in 1612 and once in 2012, to exemplify both Biblical and Mayan prophecy. (144,000 "saved" = the amount of days in one Mayan "Bak'tun" = 400 years = one revolution of Earth's core = etc, etc, etc)


    Thanks for your hard work, Chris.

  26. What an outburst of commenting, and what's it about - ownership. I see the point of it as it starts to align people with people and thus creates a new tribe. I see the diplomatic way we get commenters aligning bloggers on the side of ' original thinker' versus 'plagiarist'
    The subtle art of friendly , pseudo-intellectual divisiveness.
    Well done Twits

  27. i read part of that thread on Rigorous Intuition, and had interpreted the term "plagiarist" in reference to Chris Knowles, our host here (alongside Google, that is), as being tongue-in-cheek. It's not like you're stealing other people's articles here, and it's not plagiarism to use someone else's idea, even unattributed (it's certainly not nice, but I wouldn't call it plagiarism and neither would the courts, see the 2006 Holy Blood, Holy Grail/Dan Brown case). As far as I can tell, this is all original work... but who knows, maybe Mr. Knowles is lying in wait and copying & paste-ing someone's MySpace blog (that's a joke)

    anyway I find it curious that this comes up here... a few days ago there was discussion of Prince & Picknett vs. John Anthony West and Graham Hancock. I suppose these disputes are part of any field, but in something this speculative it gets very messy very quickly.

  28. I must agree with Anonymous' last post in full, but particularly with the snip about J.A.W. . His work has been shoddy, to say the least, concerning actual scientific methodology. Even he, the self-aggrandized epitome of {bunk} Egyptology, will admit that his "research" with a geologist friend was based upon photographic speculation rather than field work or instrumental metering. Achem? Not somebody to believe in, and certainly not an intellectual agent of self criticism and punctual logic. Oh well; some are shepherds, whilst some are merchants... and we must SEE.

  29. saying kotze stole material is just retarded, that kid is a sync messiah, hes truly the head of the class, and i see christopher as a teacher. willner and jake are both prophets in the sync universe, ive been reading bot of their stuff and chistophers for over 2 years now, goro, this isnt high school sync musical 4.

  30. If Jake Kotze is a sync messiah, then look at his messianic message, as did some people on that discussion. I personally find it dangerous (as any philosophy praising Oneness above all) no matter how technically good his work is.

    What's the point of looking for synchs if it's not to help us see what's going on in order to guide our ACTIONS?

    Let's masses believe that everything is One and let a few chosen take care of shaping the reality!!!

  31. great discussion over there at rigorous. some of the posters sum up my reservations about kotze, which have nothing to do with plagiarism, quite well.

  32. Ahhh, the great spiral of viral message boards and threads of argument...a wonderful way to spend the day ripping one another to shreds...

    And just quickly to comment on the individual who was hoping for Alan WATT (not WATTS, he's DEAD)to chime in...don't count on it, he knows the pitfall of falling down that hole.

    Yes Christopher! It was Hoagland that I myself looked to back in '96 when the world was already quite an odd place. His work lives on without a doubt.

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