Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What Did I Just Say?: Oba-Mars

What did I just say? I said: "it's my belief that Obama could very well have been installed to transform America from an arms-based economy to a space-based one."

Well, how about this news item?

Obama should make timetable for human mission to Mars, says report
Back in November, the Planetary Society, a space advocacy group, released a report called Beyond the Moon, which called for delaying new missions to the Moon and channelling more resources into paving the way for human missions to Mars instead.

Now, an independent group of space experts, led by David Mindell of MIT, is calling for a timeline for human Mars missions, and urging that any Moon hardware be designed with other destinations in mind as well.- New Post Online

I caught wind of the story on Goro's news tracker, which is interesting because I made that Obama quote in a post about Richard Hoagland and Goro and Synchromysticism. Hoagland was all over Disney's Mission to Mars film, given that it was the first film that NASA had lent its name and logo to and it was basically a knockoff of Hoagland's Mars work.

In the (not-great) film, the great Don Cheadle captains the first flight to Mars, and his first mate is played by none than Peter Outerbridge (pictured above, left), who also was one of the stars of the third season of Millennium (another of Hoagland's obsessions), which we just looked at in relation to Project Grillflame. We first looked at Millennium in the context of Baptist symbolism and we previously looked at M2M in a post concerning John the Baptist symbolism in scifi films.

Bonus factoid: What was Outerbridge's character's name in Millennium? Barry!


  1. A scant couple of days after being kissed off as a dog..
    ..more dogs.

  2. I know this one is entirely out of place in this article (sorry)
    but I've been re-reading some Hindu writings on sacred-texts.com lately
    and is there any one else that can see the Hindu god SHIVA as a deific religio-obfuscated representation of the chemical knowledge of HYDROGEN?

    Such as the 1008 names of SHIVA = Atomic Mass of HYDROGEN (1.008)?

    Shiva as the Destroyer = chemical properties of Hydrogen (not just as 'the bomb' but in chemical reactions, acids/bases, etc)

    Is it possible that some great scientific knowledge was encoded (symbolic chemistry) into these various religious stories (not just Hindu but perhaps others as well?) as a way to preserve and perpetuate and hide from the "profane"?

    Any other readers done some work in this area before or read work in this area? (links?)

    A good month to review in light of your recent postings Chris:

  3. its interesting to note that accomplished-journalist-turned-schizophrenic-and/or-psyop-plant ben fulford makes the exact same claim in this recent interview:


  4. Hi Chris, Thought I'd send these links your way, seems to tie in nicely with what you've been working on. You may have seen them already for that matter.




  5. narrow = bârik (#) باریک

    Fr.: étroit

    Of little breadth or width.

    M.E., from O.E. nearu; cf. O.S. naru "narrow," Du. naar "unpleasant;" akin to Ger. Narbe "scar," literally, "narrow mark."

    Bârik, from Mid.Pers. bârîk "narrow," from O.Iranian *bāra-ya-ka-, from stem *bāra- "to cut;" cf. Av. bāra- "edge, blade," in tiži-bāra- "sharp-edged," from brī- "to cut, shave, shear;" cf. Skt. bhrī- "to hurt, injure," bhrinanti "they hurt;" O.C.S. briti "to shave;" PIE base *bhrē- "to cut, pierce."

    narrow band = bând-e bârik, bârik bând (#) باند ِ باریک، باریک‌باند

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