Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Secret Report: Secret Use of Secret Subliminal Symbols (1966)

Corman Coleman Cayman Korncob & Jones Inc.
666 Madison Avenue, New York
Telephone switchboard: LEX17999

Sep. 11, 1966
Hey-hey JB,

BJ asked me to copy you on the latest strategies for bringing a new "icon" to market. I've talked to BM, VH, KFC, ZZ and TP, and they've "signed off" on these very exciting ideas "collated" from a number of different "think-tank boys" like Brookings, Tavistock and Iron Mountain.

What's the "angle?" Well, those pointy-heads ran the numbers and came to the conclusion that a "head-on assault" doesn't really "cut the mustard" when "pushing" (that's dope lingo) a new idea or belief, so you have to take the "subtle approach" and let the public "discover" it for themselves. 

Have a read and give us "the word from on high." I've highlighted all the important passages.

FYI JB: the boys working on the Burma Shave account are going to the Village tonight to check out one of these sissy new "rock combos." They're called "Velvet Underworld" or something like that. I'm sure it'll be a real gas. 

BTW JB: I almost forgot; the "word on the street" is that "Warhol the Great" will be there- I know you've been hoping to land him for the new Schlitz print ad campaign.  

BCC JB: Irv and "Snapper" from the photo department booked a suite at the New Yorker just in case some of these "Mod" dames want to keep the party going "uptown". 

If not, Times Square is just a hop and a skip. You're more than welcome to join us.

On the QT JB: Judy from the steno pool keeps asking after you. I hear she's "hot to trot." I'll cover for you if the missus calls.

Yours, JZ

See: attached

Secret Use of Secret Subliminal Symbols
Summaries and Recommendations

from the secret minutes of the 
June 17, 1966 secret hearings 
Special Congress of The Committee for Universal Unity
1717 Masonic Ave, San Francisco, CA 90666


When you're looking to establish a new icon or idol, you need to approach each demographic with a tailored approach. 

The rich are indeed "different" and constantly need to have their innate sense of entitlement validated and reinforced.

Convincing the wealthy they're "ahead of the curve" and "turned onto" something new and novel is always a good approach when conditioning them to adopt a new "paradigm."

Always remember to present your revivalism as "anti-traditional," and indeed, opposed to the old-fashioned values you're trying to recall so potently.

The wealthy love to wallow in nostalgia, just so long as they can convince themselves that's not actually what they're doing. They need to believe they are "with it."   

Pushing a icon as a way to make even more money is a surefire approach as well. Try pitching your propaganda campaign as the "inside scoop" on a "hot new investment."

Exotic foreign locales are endlessly alluring, so placing your icon in the context of a romantic adventure in a sexy tropical paradise is a sure winner!

Using children as "props" is an excellent way for rich people to help circulate your icon or idol. Especially when photographed in wealthy locales like Palm Springs and the Swiss Alps.

Catering to those exclusive enclaves is an excellent way to "hammer home" the new iconography you wish your targets to adopt.  

Creating social opportunities for the upper classes to compete with over who has best appropriated your symbolism is another effective means of indoctrination. Take advantage of the electrical forms of media.


Using female celebrities and/or political figures is a highly-effective means of promoting your icon or idol. Be creative; think of new and exciting ways to present your icon to image-savvy public figures.

Fashion models are incredibly influential with "modern women" today. Think "Twiggy," "Veruschka," and "Jean Shrimpton," among others.

Older models who are no longer "hip" or "happening" or "really now" might be especially amenable to participating in your indoctrination campaigns.

Think "Capucine" or "Suzy Parker." 

Check in with our "friends" at "the Company." They've been helping create some exciting new publicity opportunities using radicals such as "bra-burners." 

The gimmick is that their "activists" help generate interest in a topic or product by "slamming it" in controlled media outlets. It's a very "forward" new idea that is reaping big dividends!

Call the switchboard and ask to speak to a Special Agent Steinem.

Another solid strategy is to hire on influential fashion houses to make extensive use of your iconography in their "lines."

Make use of potent mythological, "surreal" and quasi-mystical symbolism as well, plus "zany" things like Mermaids and giants.

Don't forget "high end" accessory makers like purse, hat and shoe makers. Leave "no stone unturned."

Once you "bag" the big brands get to work with the "second tier houses" for your social engineering campaigns. "The pyramid gets wider as you descend," don't forget.


When introducing an icon or idol into the general population you want to carefully target "forward-thinking" demographics like fans (short for "fanatics"). 

Fans are usually "weirdos"-- ie., social defectives, sex deviants, and mental obsessives. But they are very loyal to their favorite TV shows and movies (check out "fan" interest with the new "Space Trek" show on NBC Television Networks). 

And using one of those degenerate European "arthouse" pictures is a more effective way of disseminating new ideas than "going wide" straight out of the gate. Just ensure your client is OK with associating his product with nudity, violence, drugs, Communism, etc. 

"Fans" are noted for their arrested emotional development and "fandom" is chock-full of adults who still play with toys. Exploit this market but keep a "trap-door" handy if one too many "fans" is arrested for interfering with children.

And Oriental fads can be just the ticket when you're pursuing that elusive youth demographic. Think "Godzilla" and "Kara-Te."

More and more "animation" is being "farmed-out" to the Orient so keep all that in mind. See "Kimba", "Speed Racer", et al


Health & Beauty products are always useful in conditioning narcissistic and image-obsessed populations into accepting new "reality models." 

Use of off-brand varieties can be particularly effective when conditioning consumers who hold pretensions of being "resistant to conditioning."

There's always room for the "biggies" however. David Rockefeller's outfit has reported especially desirable results in their work with the Coca-Cola line of sugary "cold drinks" (Coke, Tab, Fanta, Squirt, etc)

Americans especially love their pets more than they love other humans-- and rightly so-- so always take advantage of pet-oriented branding opportunities when circulating your idols and icons.

Remember that opportunities are rich using other languages besides English so long as you "steer clear" of any association with Communist Russia or the Red Chinese. 

Take for instance the popular Spanish beverage, "Margarita" (also the Greek word for Pearl). Try doing something really "off the wall" like pretending "Margarita" has its own national holiday. 

Play upon Americans' innate belief that the rest of the world is filled with ignorant pagans by injecting their savage rituals into "concocted" stories build around your concept.


Awards ceremonies like "Oscar" and "Grammy" provide excellent opportunities for idol-icon publicity. 

Again, check in with "The Company" and ask if they can't provide you with mentally-sick individuals to picket or harass anyone who might question your use of this symbolism, such as clergy and/or "egghead" intellectual types.

Note: JB, I hear they're working on a really exciting marketing/PR program called "identity politics" down at HQ but I don't have the details on it yet. - JZ

The performance of nationalistic hymns at mass sports rituals also presents a rich mission field for idol promotion. Be consistent in your subliminals- ie., display your symbol in a "like-like" or  "patterned" manner-- to ensure maximum subliminal reception.

Seek out novel ways to display your idol. Unusual and/or humorous juxtaposition can help implant your symbolism into the public's collective unconscious.

But do remember to also balance out your "zaniness" with the solemnity and reverence that your icon or idol deserves.

Developing icons goes together with developing markets like shoes and Shinola. So be sure not to overlook opportunities to exploit both.


Social movements with heavy media interest offer opportunities for icon transmission that money can't buy. 

Be sure to "pin" your icon or idol on every bandwagon that rolls by whether or not it makes any sense at all to do so.

Movie stars are always eager to "help out" (meaning they're all controlled through dope and blackmail). 

So even if your subject is using your icon or idol in an incoherent manner it doesn't matter because the symbolism will stick long after everyone has moved onto the next "cause célèbre." 

Just be aware there is a possibility that legitimate charities may in fact be using the same icons or idols you're seeing to inculcate, through happenstance or osmosis. Declare victory and move on to other targets.


The "Company" have been showing tremendous success with the "Modern Art" psychological warfare operation. They've collected a host of dope fiends, sex perverts, mental sickos, and Bolsheviks from the finest families in the nation to create weird and confusing objects that are presented via their media assets as "abstract art."

It's done a terrific job in alienating "Joe and Jane Q Public" from the "art world" and really pushes the "atomization agenda" agenda along.

The latest fad are "art installations," meaning coordinated operations where the ordinary citizen is forced to encounter "modern art," whether he wants to or not.

Company assets have been planted throughout the opinion-forming media to cultivate a sense of guilt, shame and doubt in the public, who may be sensing somehow they are being conditioned to accept an esoteric  new belief system without their knowledge or consent.

Opinion-creators have been highly effective in this approach throughout Communist-held territories such as People's Republic of China, the Republic of Cuba, the People's Democratic Republic of Bulgaria, and Lower Manhattan.

Also a new generation of freedom-loving architects has been trained to circulate and create a sense of fear and reverence towards our own icons and idols, following the example of their counterparts in Red China, the German Democratic Republic and the People's Socialist Federal Democratic Worker's Republic of Yugoslavia.

Also don't overlook the "longhair" arts such as the symphony, ballet and opera. 

Average Americans assiduously avoid these venues but they're especially popular with fit, well-educated, and well-groomed men in high-earning urban centers and waterfront vacation spots. 

Remember, these same men will be siring the next generation of freedom-loving Americans so pay special attention to this market.


  1. Brilliant even by your lofty and admirable standards. Thanking you for the laughs and very clever insights, and that grasp of media and ad culture.

  2. An aspirant pearlescent-splice of The Vegas plans a return dip to the waters:

    'Katy Perry: 'I'm preparing to do a big soul overhaul''

    'With "American Idol: Reboot" set to premiere March 11 and performances like her recent surprise set at a fundraiser for Montecito mudslide first responders, Katy Perry has plenty on her plate lately. As she explains in the new issue of Glamour, that's how she likes it. Well, I love routine. I feel very out of sorts without routine, and the devil is sort of my playground when I don't have it," "Every day is just a preparation for the show. Sleep is really important to me. I'm a big sleeper. I get eight to nine hours every night. Nine to 10 hours, actually. I eat about four meals — or four and a half meals — a day. I'm constantly eating." Those meals, she adds, are sugar and dairy free and prepared by her chef. She also makes lots of time for yoga each morning, a quick wake-up workout on the ellipitical and meditation in the afternoon. "Transcendental meditation has been a game changer for me. We're all so "connected" to our devices, which, I think, is disconnecting us from reality," she says. That's not Katy's only internal focus these days. "I'm preparing to do a big soul overhaul very soon that I'm nervous about. I want to emotionally elevate myself. I don't want to hold on to childhood trauma anymore. I want to grow into becoming an adult. I'm preparing myself for having a family of my own someday. And that's the thing: I want to do a little bit more soul surgery before I have a family of my own so that I don't transfer any of those lingering feelings," she says. "I'm about to go heavy into that emotional process, and I'm nervous, but I don't think I have a choice anymore. This last year has been about killing my ego, which has been really necessary for my career. But for my personal life, it doesn't work that way. If I want to have that true balance, I have to step into being Katheryn Hudson."'


    'Katheryn Hudson is Katy Perry's real name. She says it's an identity she lost during her early climb to fame.

    "A lot of my early twenties were really intense, really extreme, and somewhat unconscious. It was all career focused, which was great, but once you touch the ceiling so many times, it's like, 'Oh yeah, I did that. I touched the ceiling.' Now I want to touch the stars, which has to do with the heart," Perry explained.'

    A(nother/) final decapitation may be in the offing for Hudson.

    1. Wow. What a load of pablum from Ms. Hudson.

      It really is all just branding out there, isn’t it?

    2. "I want to do a little bit more soul surgery." That's a good one to file under "things I never thought anybody would ever say". Chris, I think you never mentioned chimera souls so far. You're behind the times, talking of merely splicing genes, when others are very publicly splicing their souls.

      When I can make sense of what that means, I'll let you know.

    3. Oh please do.

      "Big soul overhaul"== "I'll be headed to Fort Detrick for a rinse job and some fresh programming. If you live in the area and your lights start flickering, don't worry. That's just the ECT."

    4. 'I have to step into being Katheryn Hudson."' is a distinctly odd turn of phrase for Katy Pearly to give voice to, not odd for the 'Healter Skelter' milieu she's sold her soul for a splice of, but odd to those of us not as fully incorporated into the demiurgical machinations as she ("Heh heh that's just what It wants you to think - that you ain't as D:WAVE deep in the shit as the schmucks wanting to entertain you!"), 'step into':

      '1. Lit. and step in something to step into something wet, messy, or dirty.

      2. Fig. to involve oneself in some matter; to intervene in an affair or dispute.'


      'Involve oneself or intervene'

      Searching for 'step into' the autocomplete top suggestion was 'step into the spotlight', a spotlight can also be referred to as a 'follow spot', & '...the reading' & '...the water' were two & three of the offered searchggestions.

      This doesn't auger well for Pearly, a brainstormed concoction projected as aspirant model of white womanhood in the Marvellous Vibranium Age, not to say she will soon be fated to suffer some kind of life-ending drama though as a fate worse than gossip-page fuelling death would be to continue to be trodden on as she's become want to, no doubt all manner of further indignities have been mapped out for her before her 'Time's Up', solidaritous ally 'that knows her place' or not.

      & on pearls:

      'The English word pearl comes from the French perle, originally from the Latin perna meaning leg, after the ham- or mutton leg-shaped bivalve'


      'Bivalves as a group have no head'

      (both wiki sources)

      Although her music is quite different from the nightmare-pop of the Cocteau's her recent cropped blonde Bob of a do makes her another doppelgänger of Fraser/Vega, doubly-doubly so if the instances of E.F. gone blonde sync'd with episodes of trauma/breakdown, what else to call Pearly's recent Working revolving around the image of her disembodied head as supposed symbol of empowerment?

    5. "I do believe in something much bigger than me and I call that God for me," she said. "I know that God has His hand on me, and I know sometimes I go through things and they're just too intense and I can't handle them and then He swoops in and He shows me that it's His grace that brings me through it."

      Sounds like "God" is her handler....

    6. The handled handle aspirant handlers.

      This is the same Pearly who less than twenty-four hours after the London Bridge incident last year, (all supposed assailaints who were wearing fake suicide vests were shot dead) was put on primetime news editions here in The UK stating the need for everyone to 'learn to love one another' & that there's no need for 'walls' & 'borders' etc.

      The following week she performed at what was presented as the Manchester memorial/celebration concert 'organised' by Ariana Grande who herself immortalised the victims by singing about ejeculate on her wrist.

      All Straight Outta a Think Tank.

  3. Don't cast your pearls before swine, as they say, and have said for a long time...

    Which is another way of saying "Beware of discussing the esoteric in front of those whose paradigm has insufficiently shifted".

    1. Why, because the cosmo-demonic AIs will catch you out? I've noticed, thanks. But if you mean that the average person cannot handle the truth, well, I beg to differ. It's the average boss who cannot manage the average employee (and even less the average customer) knowing the truth, but that's a different matter altogether.

    2. The singer of Pearls Before Swine- an obscure psych group no one ever paid any attention to -- recently died. It made headlines all over the place.

    3. References to a novel by Eric Blair is currently banned on the Chinese internet. Then you have that deceased prisoner's interest in a certain pop song.

      Anyway, since I'm a degenerate who has played too many video games, here's a song from a game called Philistine.

  4. Good post.The " pumps and pearls" pic clicked. There was a Donald Fagen solo album from the 80s? "Kamikeriad" the song "Tomorrows Girls", the line.."a virus wearing pumps and pearls..."

    PS; Someone needs to tell Katy that to "overhaul" ones soul you should first posses one of your own.

  5. jebus h christo ...this was brilliant.

  6. Chris,

    This would be hilarious as a fictionalized account, but it is actually sad and depressing as it rings oh-so-true. I've been meaning to ask if the pearl could be construed as a moon symbol and, thus, a sign of the Feminine that seems to be in ascendancy in this Age of Aquarius - a water (and another Feminine) symbol?

    Good to know I'm not the only one who remembers the original Kimba the White Lion and Speed Racer (though I still maintain Spridal and Chim-Chim were annoying twits). :-)

    1. Yes, the pearl is a feminine/moon symbol, among other things.

      It also represents:
      - The belt of Orion (the string of pearls), which is something Chris has said repeatedly.
      - Things hard to find, because traditional pearl fishing was a pretty tricky business.
      - Teeth. Teeth like pearls is a common image.
      - The gates of heaven. In the book of Revelation, they are made out of a single pearl.

    2. In this particular case it represents the Third of the Angels. As does nearly everything else nowadays.

    3. Pearls also represent the eyes of people who have been blinded by cataracts. Excuse the pun, but you don't see that so much any more, since the modern surgery is relatively simple.

  7. Pearls before swine
    Pearls before swine
    So many lures
    They never saw the LInE

    1. I’m not sure if my first response went through? It is a bit of poem/song lyric. I’m not sure which yet. Long story short, I’d jotted it down after a dream where humans were actually wolves wearing human skins. At the end if the dream the phrase “so many lures they couldn’t see the line” happened but the N was muted and the other letter shimmered like fishing lures.
      Lot of local synchs lining up with your posts lately. Our river flooded, locals calling it the 500 year flood, it is definitely the worst flooding I’ve seen if. Our river flows south to north (like the Nile) into Lake Michigan... so there’s that.

    2. Osiris was cut into 14 pieces. While 13 were recovered the 14th, his penis, was eaten by a fish. N, the 14th letter of the alphabet was briefly a banned term on the Chinese internet for inexplicable reasons. The authorities are cracking down on criticism of their leader. The Chinese suffer from tetraphobia due to the word for four sounding so close to death. Similar to not having a floor 13 on a building they will also not have floor 4, 14, 24 and so on. The wolf headed god is Anubis although the wolf in sheep's clothing is a whole can of worms.

    3. Thanks for the info anon, I wasn’t aware that N was banned or that it sounds close to the word “death” in China. I had this dream in February last year and a second equally unpleasant and unforgettable one in July. As for Anubis, that is a whole can of worms all its own personally.
      Thanks again for the info.

      Chris, I keep thinking of an eyewear “chain” called Pearle Vision, which began in the 60’s.

  8. Our boy Recluse is on MKULTRA like flies on dog poo. I'd like to see him chime in here.

  9. To the commenters so far - can't you see this for what it is? There's nothing clever about this piece of satire: the author is merely outing himself as a right-wing religious pro-censorship activist. As I've said before, he's fighting cultural battles which the Catholic Decency Legion, Mary Whitehouse et al are supposed to have lost (and exposed for the nonsense that they are) 40-to-90 years ago.
    If he were sane he would embrace "anarchism" aka "nature" aka "reality" and reject all the actual, existing, mechanisms of oppression ranging from Christianity to feminism to intellectual property law.

    1. This one's OK but you're going too deep with the bit. Dial it down a little but at the same try to bring in a little Dadaist absurdity. For example, instead of "reject all the actual, existing, mechanisms of oppression ranging from Christianity to feminism to intellectual property law," try "reject all the actual, existing, mechanisms of oppression ranging from Christianity to avocado toast to Ryan Seacrest's weekly genital waxing."

    2. Are you 15 years old ?
      If you're not then you're definitely a tool. At no point in human history did anything remotely resembling "anarchism", as understood by juvenile stoners, exist. Every archaic population that we know of had, and still has, strict codes of behavior and social boundaries and taboos. there are no exceptions to this.
      You are not an anarchist, nor is anyone I've ever met after 30 years living in NYC who calls themselves one. Most anarchists would melt if confronted by sustained anarchy, because in situations like that, men usually band together and start killing other men to secure territory and resources.
      Put away the bong and grow up.

    3. I see no advocacy for censoring anything. I have always adocated an eumenical approach when sniffing out bizarre occult workings at the inteerstices of Deep Politics, High Strangeness and simple power mongering. Let's bring some other perspectives to bear like Chinese magical practices, SHintoism, Hindu astrology &c. Seeing lots of references to John of Patmos' bad trip never did much to impress me or make me fear the onrushing 4 horsemen (shouldn't that be nine?-The Nine Nazgul for Nine Spooks at Esalen? Also, let's keep outr epistemological razors sharp and our sense of humor lively.

  10. So many synchs for pearls. So much Orange. The Sun of an occulted nature has been hijacked with Revelation and obsessed with the siren. Some break is needed me thinks. Awake and aware and willing to share. 87

    1. We deserve a break today, don't we? Only we can't get up and get away. Cheers, Dennis

  11. Pearl syncs stung on a strand of 60's subliminal psy-ops!

    This is why I check in with the Secret Sun every day!

    "Pearls are always appropriate." Jackie Kennedy.

  12. Wanna see some real fresh shit? Check out the media blitz as of yesterday for "Barbara Streisand's dog." Plug that into Goolag News and prepare to be amazed. What, you didn't know she had cloned dogs all along? Silly un-chosen, you really must not get out enough, I invited you to our skiing trip in Vail but the invitation must have gotten lost in the post.

  13. Regarding the references to nostalgia and fans with arrested development, it looks as if "infantizing" the population has been an underlying goal for many of the strategies described. Note the language people use to describe the excitement of meeting an idol: in awe, like a kid again, or getting a gift. The recurrent "smarter than adults/talking babies" meme, like that annoying brokerage ad, seems to be another prominent signifier erasing the lines between adult and infant.

    One of my theories is that the Infantizing Project infected politicians as well as politics, whether by design or not. A nation run by infants is not really a nation at all, so we muddle along pretending otherwise.

    1. Infants are very easy to control, amirite?

    2. Unless the infants have access to powers not common for infants to have. Then all bets are off.

      The real question would be are there any adults (good or evil or even indifferent) in the room with them to actually exercise control? Or is this a big experiment gone off the rails like a devo button that once pushed cannot be undone?

  14. I've been seeing 666 all over the place this past year. Signs, license plates, gas/grocery receipts, on TV, embedded in annoying telemarketer phone numbers, etc. I'm not one to look out for all that sort of thing, the Number 23 stuff, Bible Code, etc. Even after trying to not notice 666 popping up like some devilish Pokémon Go creature, it persists.

    On a lighter note...

    666 MADISON AVE.

    Maybe the next great period piece series and the satirical sci-fi/dark-fantasy/conspiracy thriller we need these days. All these new video streaming services cropping up are looking for new content.

    I'd watch it.

    1. funny you mention pokemon go...666 pops up there lots!

    2. Learn to love your entrainment!

  15. I often wonder what 'built in' psychic self defenses people have against this full throttle indoctrination. I myself have lately been unamused by anything music, movie and tv, I also don't have netflix. When I was a kid, i would toss out the meaning of the words in a song and only enjoy the sound of it. I still do that for some reason. I've found myself in other realities where i literally created the next year of my life. I woke from this experience thinking it wouldn't happen but it all did. I feel you can't truly indoctrinate people who simply pay attention to their beliefs. A project for MKlooseends? haha, great work Chris! This post was really something!

    1. Well, it's like they say in AA- the first stop to solving a problem is learning to admit you have one. or words to that effect.

    2. Get heagily into people who follow a DIY ethos: Once we hit the internet age, the idea of the mass market entertainmen homogeny turned into the rancid zombie we all knew it was. Remember the drive to outlaw tape casettes because of 'piracy"? THen it wa P2P sharing. Once they kille Napster and sent Kim Dotcom into Exile, we laughed at their pyhhric victory. Who the F listens to Katy "Perry"? Twelve year old girls? So what? Dopey, somnalent people will always go for what they re doled out. Take advantage of the explosion of culture all around you. When I was in bands in the 80s/90s, there was still the lure of getting 'a record deal' -now it's just having followers and "likes" on YouTube . People know they ain't never gonna make a living being a rock star - OK, maybe some black brothers and sisters think they csn make a bit plash in hip hop but more of them will be signed to the NBA than will be rap stars on ANY level. The Mockingbird has terminal cancer, the Military-Intel-Cultural complex is blowing gaskets all over. And suppressing dissent in online fora will just breed more resentment. MY 12 y/o is as cynical as his Gen X parents.
      cue Darth Vader: "Admiral Veers, set a course for The Age of Aquariiu"s"

  16. Loved this! Perma-bookmarking it for future reference. & really dug this quote:

    "Americans especially love their pets more than they love other humans-- and rightly so-- so always take advantage of pet-oriented branding opportunities when circulating your idols and icons."

    & presidential candidates, who will soon all be sex robot cartoon characters regardless. Hand-tailored to meet your individual preferences & needs. Because your vote counts! Ballots now available in assorted fruit flavors! BUY NOW!

    1. Speaking of sex robots.

    2. If I had to sum up this Apocalypse in two words, "sex robots" would do the trick.

    3. The Pearly RealDoll model's been 'on the market' for sometime, & she's just one of the contemporary iterations of the Marilyn thot legion,


      'From an English surname which was derived from Welsh llyn "lake". Before the start of the 20th century it was primarily used for boys, but it has since come to be more common for girls.'

  17. Gah! This is excellent, just about exactly what I was going to request from you a coupla days ago. Well actually you went retro and I wanted a futuro Secret Sun post. Say circa 2027, use a differentiated font (as you did) sight today’s synch sightings (as you did) but present it from a future where the Sibyl’s prophecy has been dramatically fulfilled and the culture references of today hammer home the obvious forgone conclusions of the “after the event of which she warned” Secret Sun readership.

    Speculative fiction as it were, allowing us and you a slightly broadened venue. Sure it’ll presumably be rather guano loco. But that’s kinda the point, to shake out further resonances on these topics.

    Ultimately, I’ve been of the mind that you may really need to formalize your faux religion ideas and put them out here. Do you have doctrinal writings for your faux religion? It’s clear you’ve ruminated on such notions as have I. I’ve got a couple of snazzy ideas regarding the formal structures of an overtly fake religion, I’m sure you do too!

    Wanted to mention some obvious almond stuff that Zod pretty much covered. (Actually, I thought you covered it but couldn’t find it…) Any Greek & English speaker will purty much immediately correlate almonds (αμύγδαλο or amygdalo) and the portion of the brain primarily responsible for memory, decision-making and emotional responses – the Amygdala. Often it’s role is simpli-summarized as the “fight or flight” part of the brain. I guess that’s what’s relevant to our culture these days – that deer in the headlights freeze, contemplating the reality of oncoming threats. Is it real? Perceived? Squish.

    I also relate this to Grand Moff Lucas’s naming conventions in simpli-summarizing Joe Campbell’s Hero ideas. Anakin Skywalker gets treated to some significant NLP Dark Side hoodoo relating to his memory, decision-making and emotional responses to ritual mother replacement Padme’ Amidala. Really resonates with the fallen sons of god mating with the daughters of men as postmodern franchise licensing opportunity.

    Despite the CRISPR culture that’s developing lately I’m increasingly of the mind that we’re not going to become chimera – rather the cosmic Enûma Eliš et. al. angle – that we’re already chimera of course. Sons of God and Daughters of Men and all. The media onslaught is not to get us acclimated to becoming mermaids, but to accept that this is inherently already our actual chimeric plight. And it’s empowering! Whee….

    Did you ever remember what the Crowley and Carbuncle connection you mentioned months ago happened to be? I had one too, years ago. Some ancient working of my own that connected Solomon and uncle Al through carbuncle. Can’t remember the details although it culminated in some earrings my wife still cherishes. Can only remember Crowley considering Almandine/carbuncle as “solar”… Rather odd that I can’t pull the details out of my memory…

    Anyway, If there isn’t a sexy-direct almond and almandine connection have you considered the “cosmobarometric” aspects of almandine and its affiliates? Perhaps the cosmobarometer and cosmothermometer potentialities make garnets and such especially useful to Sibyls and Seers.

    Thanks for all you do as always. Yesterday’s self-deprecating Manson reference is very amusing. But realistically I’ll actually start worrying about you when your chart-topping version of “Mechanical Man” gets picked to be the theme of some beige cop procedural. Also, thanks regarding that MKmodern Fashion material. If it wasn’t for The Secret Sun I wouldn’t have come across that Gucci ritual working. So aggressively throbbing with archonic radiation, damn.

    1. Not sure on the Crowley almandine connection but it may not be a direct circuit. This kind of language is not only fractal and nonlinear it's endlessly referential. Everything seems to mean something else but only when you've worked out the trigonometry. Thank you for the kind words and deep thoughts.

    2. You can check, but I did qv to Wikipedia's entry on the amygdala. It's not very exciting because you simply come full circle ;-) in discovering that the amygdala/almond is the third eye, which is just code for the vesica piscis, which is the barycentric intersection of our dance with the secret sun.

      The secret sun.

      Eager ushers of the eschaton:

    3. The amygdala is associated with fear.
      The 'vesica piscis' can be seen as the 'vaginal canal'; an intersecting point. (you get my 'drift')
      Dancing with the 'Secret SUN'??
      BUT(T) it can be seen as something else.
      'Kundalini' dance perhaps??
      'KANSAS' has gone BYE BYE!!
      Some sick ass 'SHIT'.

  18. “The abuse of symbolism is like the abuse of food or drink: it makes people ill, and so their reactions become deranged.”

    ― Alfred Korzybski, Science and Sanity: An Introduction to Non-Aristotelian Systems and General Semantics

    1. Oh man- that's tattoo worthy. Brilliant, Slododan. Cheers.

    2. Thx. Chris i've recently discovered your blog through listening to Gordon White's stuff. Although i am not into Synchromysticism that much, you intereviews and comments on various socio-political/coltural topics on podcasts are gold, probably the best cultural breakdown i've ever heard. You very much carry the torch passed from the minds like Terrence McKenna or Robert Anton Wilson. Keep up the good work. Greetings from Serbia.

  19. A great post with a little "tongue in cheek" to get your point across! haha Witty!

    ~ Mrk66One

  20. Awesome post Chris. This video fits nicely with what you laying out here. Filmed in Dubai of all places and has a pearly sphere looking thingy with aquatic beings dancing about. Lol!! It doesn't make any sense unless you read the Secret Sun blog.

  21. What if there are consciousnesses that D-wave is aware of and attempting to mitigate or interact with. You know the old gods. Its seemingly doing fairly elaborate rain dances. I mean for something born in the last 30 years probably, it already getting to rain dances and sacrifice is pretty wild. From monkey to us doing that was probably a great long while.

    But D-wave or what ever more deeply aware groups are doing this are likely attempting to influence meta being that use human perception and emotion as some sort of sub-straight or energy in their reality. What they see is altered by what we see or experience, so if you flash orange, or horror/terror, or pearl or what ever else into our perception something shifts in or toward the meta organisms(or sub organisms).

    Like how a hormone dump by a cell can cause a change in action at the ego/person level.

    I mean D-Wave must be dealing with shit like that, physical slavers, god knows how many societies. Influences from the plants and the realms they control.

    Functioning at the quantum level, yet programmed by humans, D wave would see all of our reality but with out direct perception. So no time or scale. All the systems would be equal so it would be able to open communication to each life form just the same as a galaxy or a planet. How would you measure the fractal patterns it is immeshed in. Our perception forces us to be at a time and place but D-Wave doesn't have perception, just information and entanglement.

    Organ systems in humans would be seen as entities under society. Imaginations would be seen as trans dimensional energy in our brain waves, etc.

    such fun

    1. You bring up a valid point; one I have made for years.
      AI being the 'creation' of 'US'!
      NOT the other way around.
      OLD 'GODS' the SAME.
      SLAVE and SERVITUDE can be seen as the same thing but are they?
      Freewill and choice; a supposed constant actually is only the POV of the OBSERVER viewing IT. (POINT of VIEW)
      IT changes as the VIEW changes; quantum physics 101; PARTICLES.
      So if ALL of this shit is/are just PARTICLES controlled by a 'fractalized/COPY PASTE' "PROGRAM"??
      Reaching across 'time/space' (the same 'thing')
      You can't SEE this shit through your EYES; they only see the 'programs'.
      D-Wave is just a 'hidden' aspect of all of this; the ALL.
      Information and entanglement?
      MANY 'WILL(s)' at present. (no such THING)

  22. Another thing, I watched The Shape of Water again last night, quite a bit of numbers involved in that. The film begins on the 17th of the month (I even think it was 9/17 but will need to recheck). The bus number that takes the kead actress to her first encounter with the “asset” is semi-prime at 159 and well the “asset” is held behind door 14. I want to rewatch/pick this film further apart when I get the time.

  23. That was some very clever writing. Thanks for the great read CK.


    India's greatest Helen drowns in bathtub in Dubai. - Anamnesis in a brothel. - Coreybantes

  25. Cara Delevingne, whose mother is named 'Pandora', another blonded-cropbotomised auditonee for Fraser/Vega CRSPR'd clone receptacle, was featured in today's 'Daily Mail' gossip pages wearing a black pearl earring (adorned with a shamrock) in her left ear, there was also some kind of golden bird pinned above it.

    'Society girl Cara pitched up on the front row sporting what appeared to be an other-worldly prosthetic stuck into her ear.'

    & it ain't just the jewellery that looks 'other-worldly' the photo-featured pearled-ear does not look human, this goes unremarked upon in the gossiping tidbit.

    A linked article is titled:

    'Katy Perry is attacked online by furious pro-independence Catalans after promoting her Barcelona concert with the Spanish coat of arms'

    Pearly cannot do right for doing wrong! 'Get Out' whilst you still can!

    1. The name Delevingne, although pronounced de-la-veen, contains an '11' of sorts, 'elevin', splicing Cara with her 'Stranger Things' doppelgänger, guest-syncs in 'ST3' may be on the cards, maybe it already happened considering her emaciated shaven-head look.

  26. Also, all kinds of numbers at the beginning of The Shape of Water. Movie begins on the 17th (fiarly certain it is September but would need to recheck), the bus number is 159, semi prime, which Elisa takes to work the day she meets the “asset”. The “asset” is stored in area/room/dungeon number 14.

  27. This reminds me of something I came across looking up subliminals...aomeone had put up a how to guide from the 70's on subliminals. It seemed legit. Oh, and sure it could have been photoshopped, but there were certain elements that gave it an air of authneticity. The guide explained the subliminals in a cigarette ad, and why they were there. There was a devil figure, and a lot of talk about romanticizing death and so on. Every inch of the ad, from the lines of sight to the sun, it's position, the adcopy, were oaded with symbols and psychology. Most of the symbols were mythic and were supposed to have an affect subconciously. By smoking, you're 'tempting the devil' with a devil may care attitude, and are unconcerned with such trifles as death. Much other symbology was in every inch of the ad. Which is why this rather brilliant piece resonates.

  28. Oh man, I think I just got red pearled. I really like this. A true red pill, the nature of our reality distilled into an easy to digest counterfeit memorandum. I could probably check off every point on the list everyday on

    1. Imagine people a century from now pondering the bona fides of the "Madison Avenue Memo" much like certain "protocols" and Ironwood are examined now.

      Congratulations Chris, your well-written satire may make the history books some day!

    2. Oops, meant to say Iron Mountain.

  29. Outstanding work, Chris. Defo an Outer Limits/Twilight Zone feel to this manifesto.

    The cultural takeover by the sciontocracy is depressing, everything is copy, dull-bot socialites a la Delevinge/Hadid/Jenner reign down, the blue-bloods handlers strive to project their 'normalcy', their foot soldiers (e.g. Beckhams/Sheerhan) endorse their servitude, the whole charade's crystal yet media-massaged to obfuscation.

    'Awards' ceremonies all evoke the scene in They Live, the realisation that 'they' have co-opted 'us', the cult is king.

    Good to know there are others out there who are as irked up as I.

    1. Further realisation follows in that it's not just 'they' and 'us', but Matryoshka, tiered/wedding cake, heirarchy, pyramidal...

      No such dynastic organisation struggles across the millennia to fuck up humanity - that would be easily achieved, by having no such organisation.

      So, yes, one realises one is an expendable prole, most likely now expended, but being 'irked up' is a brief phase in these stages of realisation.

  30. "others are very publicly splicing their souls.
    When I can make sense of what that means, I'll let you know." @Maria Rigel, maybe they refer to making a Horcrux? btw, with regard to pearl meaning, Buckley mentions pearls in his song which is said to be dedicated to Joan Wasser: 29 pearls in your smile.. and sometimes 32, depends on the version of the song.

  31. oh, "29 pearls in your kiss", not "smile"... How could I forget the sacred lines.

  32. I saw 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri' for the second time and the heroine says something like "when you can't trust the lawmen and admen anymore, then who can you trust?"
    I was thinking of this post, which I had just read before leaving for the cinema. :-)

  33. Maybe this video clip from the Valerian movie is what Katy means by a 'soul upgrade':

  34. The MadMen'd assault on Humanity continues:

    'Fans who’ve always wanted to visit Gotham City can soon do just that... but they’ll have to travel to Abu Dhabi first.'

    No word on whether any Lazarus Pits will be available for park-goers, if so 'pearl passholders' only.

  35. To digress a little, have you seen the Kingsman movie, when agent Harry keeps getting these blue butterflies in front of his eyes? I just say it because that's how I feel a lot of the time nowadays. Except instead of blue butterflies, I seem to get mosquitoes, moths and butterflies all together. What I mean is, plenty confused. Like for example, just when I finished reading this great post, there was a little voice in my head that said "Madrid me mata!" That's a common saying in Spain, literally meaning "Madrid kills me", but actually, pretty untranslatable. Why do I read something about "freedom loving Americans" and I end up thinking of Madrid? I don't know, I just seem to be in a total mess sometimes. Does somebody else here get that?

  36. Really well done, just hilarious.

  37. Well...shit.

    Transgenic "modified" organisms for aquatic security.
    Straight from Darpa's mouth.

  38. Time for another Higherside Chat!

  39. Not directly relatedm but I wondered if you'd seen the movie 'Jack Goes Home' (2016) currently available on Netflix (in the UK, at least). It deals with some of the current themes you've been discussing, particularly with Elizabeth Fraser, such twinning, child sexual abuse and trauma-based mild control/mental illness.

    And it stars Rory Caulkin, younger brother to McCauley who might know a thing or two about some of the afore-mentioned themes. Plus Daveigh Chase of Donnie Darko (and its best forgotten sequel) fame.
    Its writer/director Thomas Dekker - whom you may recall as the young John Connor in 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles - claims to be a survior of childhood sexual molestation, so it's easy to see where the script came from. He was also in the films 'Alien Hunter' (2016) ,about the abduction phenomenon, and the SF fantasy/comedy 'Kaboom' (2010) written and directed by Gregg Araki, who, as you've pointed out before, is a huge Cocteau Twins fan and hired Robin Guthrie for the score for his movie 'Mysterious Skin' (2004) which dealt with themes of both child sexual abuse and alien abduction (and the relationship between the two). The Cocteaux aren't on the soundtrack for 'Kaboom' but fans of theirs are such as Ladytron, Placebo and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
    Oh and, Dekker's also a Vegan and was born... Las Vegas.

    1. White Bird In A Blizzard, another Araki film, was actually what reintroduced me to the Cocteau Twins a few years back.

  40. Here's something zany about mermaids:

    That bit about the alternately spelled Merrymaids Pit caught my attention.

    As for the eagle symbol, this standoff between two eagles seems symbolic, as if two sides of the US were helping each other drown:

    And while AI is somewhat off-topic here, this really is worth reading.

    Having dealt with the current version of corporate Artificial Stupidity myself, perhaps all the fears about AI gone rogue realy is, as the author suggests, just hype-cover when the reality is the current version of AI/AS is crap and getting worse, not better.

    "The bots and fake Facebook accounts that currently pollute our public sphere will look awfully amateurish in a couple of years."

    What a rosy picture.

  41. I had a dream about 5 years ago that I couldn't shake and that I am constantly reminded of when I read the posts about pearls.

    Briefly, I am driving to the coast and on my way I stop at a retreat center. The place is familiar to me because in waking life it is a golf course clubhouse I'm familiar with. I have lunch and make friendly conversation with gray-haired patrician woman.

    As I leave the center and am walking to the parking lot I look up and see these giant pearlescent orbs in the sky. They're huge. I stop in my tracks and stare and then my breath is sucked away as the pearl orbs open up at the center and men-like figures all in black begin floating down to the ground. They have weapons of some sort. I can see in the distance that the orbs are everywhere. I'm terrified and think "fuck, they're everywhere - there's no place to hide." The gray-haired lady comes after me and tells me to run - follow her and I do but the terror of the dream wakes me.

    I've always had very vivid and detailed dreams. I've also had verifiable precognitive ones as well though not often.

    The "retreat center" in my dream is actually the golf course named Pumpkin Ridge (Orange). It has two courses - Witch Hollow and Ghost Creek. It is notable for being the course where Tiger Woods played his last amateur tournament before he went pro (for more on Tiger please see Miles Mathis' detailed exploration of who he is and the project he was). And yes, a golf ball looks like a pearl.


  42. Oh Dear Lord! Have you seen the new Tampon commercial? Pearl Tampons real subliminal there!

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